I had a sexy situation with a school teacher I dated one time. Her name was Ginger, and she lived in a small town in the middle of Nebraska, about a hundred miles from Omaha. She was a little plump, VERY sexy, and I would go to see her every other weekend, (she would come to see me on the weekends I didn’t see her.)

One time, when I was at her place, we were having sex in the middle of the night. What was actually happening was she was giving me a very enthusiastic blowjob (her favorite thing was sucking dick,) and I was relishing every wet motion she put into sucking me off. – The bedroom was dark, except for some ambient light, and when I looked over at the partially opened bedroom door, I saw her 11 year old son, Ethan, peeking through the four-inch gap, and watching his mom suck my dick.


That made it even sexier for me, and I decided to make sure he got a super sex-show. I started pressing down on Ginger’s head, making sure I got ALL my dick as far up into her mouth as I could get it, (with no complaint from her.) Then I would pull slowly out and use my hand to rub the wet head of my dick all around her lips and mouth. I moved the two of us around a bit on the bed to make sure Ethan got the best view possible. I didn’t want to cum too quick, so I pulled her head off my dick, pulled her forward and rubbed the wet head of my dick all over her (ample) tits and nipples. THEN… I got behind her doggy-style, and at first started fucking just her pussy. I knew Ginger really liked getting fucked in the ass… (I definitely liked giving it to her that way, too), so I moved her ass a bit, to make SURE Ethan could see the head of my dick ease into her ass, and then watch the pistoning action as I fucked in and out of her. I pounded her fat ass good and proper, and even reached around to grab either her dangling tits, or finger her wet, hot pussy. – When I started getting ready to cum, I was wild with sexual energy and pounded her ass like she was some kind of a street whore, giving her everything I had. I came deep in her guts, while pulling back on her shoulders, wedging her jiggly ass onto my dick, and she had a deep convulsing climax while I did it, equally fucking back on my dick to get all I was giving her.


To top everything off, when I pulled my slimy cock out of her ass, I turned sideways slightly to make sure Ethan had a full view of my thick, wet cock, and his mother’s gaping asshole, with some of my cum dripping out. If he was still looking, it was a small bedroom, and he got a pretty good close up shot of his mom’s thoroughly fucked ass, and the dick that did it. Satisfied that I had given Ginger’s son a great sex show, I slumped down on the bed and Ginger and I snuggled, enjoying our lingering sexuality. It wasn’t long before I told Ginger I needed to go to the bathroom, and as I was getting up from the bed (still nude) she told me to ‘look in’ on Ethan while I was up.

I did, indeed, go to the bathroom, and even wiped my dick down a bit, but didn’t wash it. (I like the thought in my head that the next person to suck my dick might taste or smell the scent of the previous person; if it has been in somebody’s ass… so much the better.) I had already regained a semi-hard-on just thinking about ‘checking on Ethan’, so I eased into his bedroom and really wasn’t going to disturb him if he was asleep. The ambient light revealed that Ethan’s eyes were open, and he even had his hands folded behind his head. I said, “Ethan, what are you doing still awake?” – He replied with, “I couldn’t sleep.” I leaned down a little closer to his face, and said in a low voice, “Is that because you were too turned on from watching me fuck your mother?” As I said it, I reached under the covers and put my hand right on Ethan’s cloth-covered crotch. Just as I expected, he had a full hard on, and I moved the covers back and put my hand inside his briefs, alternating between slowly jacking his rigid cock, and massaging his churning balls.

As I played with his cock, I leaned a little closer to his ear and whispered, “Did you like watching me fuck your mom in the ass?” I was jacking his cock a little more vigorously when I said it, and all he could do was nod his head. Then I said, “How’d you like watching her suck my dick?” – He didn’t answer me, and I just smiled down at him. As I continued to jack his cock, I used my other hand to pull his head over to the edge of the bed, to my waiting, brick hard cock. The musky head of my dick was only an inch or two away from his mouth, and I pulled his head the last small distance so his puffy lips were literally resting on the wet tip of my dick. I knew it was a ‘make or break’ moment, so I pushed my hips forward slightly, and felt his lips encircle the head of my dick. I pushed a little further and the whole head of my dick was inside his mouth. “Suck it, Ethan” I said… and he did. I knew I couldn’t linger, so I pushed my dick a little deeper inside his mouth, and fucked his face like that, several times. Even though I didn’t want to, I pulled out and then in an inspired moment, leaned down and kissed him full on the mouth, vaguely tasting some of his mom’s ‘flavor’ lingering there. I explored his mouth thoroughly with my tongue, then pulled away and leaned over to his ear, saying, “You want to suck my dick for me after your mom leaves for school this morning?” – He didn’t say anything at all in reply, just nodded his head ‘yes’.

I went back to Ginger’s bedroom and crawled into to bed with her. She snuggled up close, and asked groggily if I had checked on Ethan. I assured her he was fast asleep, and then we nodded off. I couldn’t wait till she left the next morning. I had agreed to babysit Ethan the whole day.


I used to date a lady named Nancy, years ago; and she had a young daughter by the name of Katie… I babysat Katie from time to time, and one evening, we were watching television. I was on the couch, and Katie was on the floor, on her tummy. She was wearing a loose-fitting tee-shirt on top and baggy stretch-shorts on the bottom. Katie had seen me massage her mom’s back many times before, so I figured she might be ok with some skin-to-skin touching. So, I got down on the floor beside her, kind of up on one elbow, and asked her if she wanted me to rub her back, the way I did her mother’s. She nodded an ‘uh-huh’, and I started rubbing her back through her t-shirt. It wasn’t long before I had my hand up under her shirt and was massaging her back, ‘skin-to-skin.’ – I leaned down to her ear and asked her if it felt good, she smiled and nodded a ‘yes.’ Then, I started letting my hand slip lower until I was massaging her plump ass-cheeks through her shorts. I asked her if she was ok with me rubbing her butt, and she just nodded her approval.

Everything was swinging my way, so I moved my hand down a little lower to her bare legs, and rubbed and kneaded the backs of her upper thighs; still no protest from Katie. In a few more rubs, I let my fingers ease in past the edge of her shorts just to see what she’d do. I figured if she jumped or anything, I could tell her it was an ‘accident’, and I would let it go at that. I had a huge hard-on from all the physical (and mental) stimulation, so I pushed a little further, until my hand was up inside her shorts-leg and I was rubbing her cotton panties. I actually like the feel of a young girl’s cotton panties, so I cupped her ass cheeks a couple of times, as best I could, but there really wasn’t enough room to do much ‘fooling-around.’ – I knew there was one sure-fire test to see if she was ok with what I was doing, and that was to see what she’d do if I touched her pussy, at least through her panties. So, I took a little breath of encouragement and let a couple of fingers ease up and down her cloth-covered crease. It felt exquisite to be lightly rubbing her pussy through her cotton ‘little-girl’ panties and I was delighted that she made zero protest; in fact, I was a little surprised that she said nothing at all as such an intimate contact.

So, I kept lightly rubbing her crease, and could feel her beginning to get the slightest bit damp down there. I kept on lightly fingering her pussy through her panties, then leaned down to her ear and asked her if she liked what I was doing. She had her eyes closed and nodded her head ‘yes.’ I told her I’d keep doing it if she wouldn’t tell anybody about it. She just issued a soft ‘ok’. So, I said, “You promise?” – And she replied with, “I promise.” With that secret between us, I felt more comfortable in going a little further, so I eased my fingers inside her panty-leg and started circling her hairless pussy with my fingertips. It was awesome to be touching her bare pussy in such an intimate way. After a brief amount of rubbing, I let my middle finger go in, just the slightest amount, right between the puffy mounds of her cunt. Gawd, it was heaven… “You like this, Katie?” I said softly in her ear. Just a head-nod was all she gave as I alternated moving my slick finger up and down her pussy with pushing it slightly in. Katie seemed to be practically in bliss… and I was about to cum in my pants. The one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to see her naked pussy… and I mean, right now. So I pulled my hands out of her shorts and told her to raise her hips as I grabbed her waist band and stated easing her shorts off.

The sight of her panties almost made me shoot… they had little teddy-bears on them, and I thought I was going to die from the visual stimulation alone. I figured I had gotten this far, so I might as well ‘go for the gold’. So, I got up from where I had been lying beside her and got back down behind her, between her legs. Then, I lay down so my face was right in front of her cotton crotch. Then, I moved my hands and forearms up under her pelvis, and lifted her crotch up to the level of my mouth. Without saying anymore, I practically glued my mouth to her cloth-covered pussy, and started eating her little cunt through the fabric of her panties. The smell of her fresh pussy came through the panties. There was no way I was going to be satisfied till I got my tongue inside her gash; so I put her down on the floor, and pulled her panties all the way off.

Then, I lifted her bare pelvis back up into the air, and this time, I really DID glue my mouth to her crotch. My mouth completely covered her pussy mound; her legs were wiggling in the air as I thrust my tongue in and out of her tight passage. I could actually feel her little cunt-walls contracting on my tongue as I tongue-fucked her. I was a long way from being satisfied in the carnal lust department, and sat her down on her knees and started licking up and down the crack of her ass. I felt her shiver each time my tongue grazed her little pink rosebud. I was sure it was a ‘taboo’ area for her, but it sure wasn’t for me, so I zeroed in on her pink sphincter and started circling it with the tip of my tongue. She pushed her plump ass back at my face as I kissed, licked and tongued her asshole.

I brought my right hand up between her spread legs and started running my thumb all over her naked pussy as I continued to eat her ass. Her pussy was still wet from my saliva and her pussy juices as I eased the tip of my thumb in between her little girl labia and started an easy fucking motion, being careful to not go past her hymen. I was actually more interested in getting my tongue past the tight ring of her sphincter, so I pulled my thumb out till it was slowly circling her little clit. I began to lightly massage it as I licked her ass… I heard her moan at the touch of her little girl clit, and when she moaned the next time, I pushed hard with my tongue, and felt her anal ring relax a little, letting my wet tongue squeeze in. Then, as I tongue-fucked her ass, I massaged her clit. I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go, and she was almost impaled on the tongue sticking in her ass. Her little pussy was dripping onto my hand as I ‘thumbed’ her clit and ate her ass… in two or three minutes more… her puffy legs stiffened out straight, and she had her first little girl climax… legs shaking, ass twitching, moaning and groaning as her body writhed in lustful climax.

Finally, she was through, and I eased her back down to the floor and turned her over on her back so I could see her face. Her face was still blushing a deep red when I leaned down and kissed her hard on her open mouth. I stuck my slick tongue deep in her mouth and she sucked it almost automatically. When I pulled my tongue out, her own tongue entered my mouth and I sucked on it like it was a small dick. Absolutely delicious, as our two tongues thrashed with each other.. Finally, I pulled away, and just looked down at her. She was smiling up at me and giggled, “Your face is all wet.” I looked down at her and said, “Yeah, it’s all because of you”; and cuffed her gently under the chin.

Like her mother, Katie was a pretty hot piece of ass. We DID a little more that day, mostly some gentle stroking and touching. I didn’t want to go too much further because I wasn’t too sure when her mom might show up, and I certainly didn’t want to get caught. One of the things I DID discover was how much Katie liked to kiss. You wouldn’t think a seven-year-old girl would be too much into kissing, but she certainly was. It was pretty sexy to stick my tongue in her wet little mouth and in essence ‘tongue-fuck’ her while I fingered her pussy and ass. It was just as good sucking her tongue into my mouth and tasting all her little-girl saliva…mmm… I can almost taste it as I write this. (I’ve definitely got a big thick boner, just thinking about it.)

We were all straightened up when her mother came to pick her up. Just to be frank about it, it was incredibly sexy to me, to know that I had just eaten her little daughter’s ass and pussy… while we stood there talking. Just the knowledge of it gave me a slight woody, while her mother and I stood and chatted about ‘this ‘n that.’ They didn’t stay too much longer, and then Nancy looked down at Katie and said they had to get going. I leaned down and gave Katie a quick kiss on the cheek, and a friendly pat on her ‘behind’, and out the door they went.

Several weeks later, Nancy called me and asked if I could babysit Katie overnight while she went to another out of town conference. I told her I’d be glad to (I remember my dick actually bulging as I said it.) Sure enough, about two weeks later, the specified Friday night arrived, and Nancy dropped Katie off. We all three bade each other fond ‘good-byes’ out in my driveway, and then Katie and I went back into the house and settled on the couch. I wanted to make sure Katie was ‘ok’ with anything we might do… so, I asked her if she had had a good time the last time she and I were together. She smiled a big old smile and told me it was great; and that’s all she thought about ever since we did it. I asked her if she had told anyone about it and she assured me she had not told anyone.

So, at that point, I felt pretty secure in my effort to ‘progress’ her a little and see where it went. The first thing I wanted to do was kiss her luscious cherry-mouth, so I pulled her over a little closer to me on the couch, so that she was sitting right beside me. Then, I turned sideways slightly and draped my arm over the back of the couch, and then, onto her shoulders. As we made a little small talk, I told her I had a surprise for her. She looked up and asked me what it was. I told her I had bought her an ‘outfit’. She was really pleased and gave me a bright, sunshiny smile.

I just couldn’t resist anymore and leaned my head down and kissed her lightly on the lips. We both gave a low ‘mmmm…’ when our lips touched, – and as I pulled away, I leaned over to her ear and whispered, “Do you remember the last time we kissed, did you like that?” All she could do was nod her head in response. So, I moved my mouth back around to hers, and eased my hand onto her chubby little leg and started a gentle squeeze. I began to brush my wet lips back and forth across hers; and in several seconds more, my hand was easing up her leg and resting on her inner thigh as I eased the very tip of my tongue in between her soft little-girl lips. She opened her mouth the slightest bit more, accepting more of my tongue, as I reached up further and cupped her pussy mound through her pink, little-girl shorts.

I was in heaven, I could have easily ripped my gym shorts off, right then and there, and wildly jerked my cock all over her face, I was so excited. But I knew I wanted this evening to last and resisted my carnal brain to get it over and have a quick climax. Besides, from tasting her tongue and mouth, I knew I wanted to drop a hot load of sticky cum as deep into her mouth as I could get it. I had a raging boner as I pushed my tongue a little deeper inside her mouth and rubbed her cloth-covered pussy a little more vigorously. I pulled my mouth away from hers, and whispered into her ear, “You’re a great kisser, you know…” she just smiled at my acknowledgement and nodded her head. Then I leaned in beside her ear and said in a low voice, “You want me to play with your pussy the way I did last time?” – ‘uh-huh’, she nodded… so, I said, “Scooch your butt out a little and spread your legs apart some, ok?’

Sure enough, she leaned back on the couch, and pushed her little bottom out to accommodate my sexy request. She spread her legs out about as wide as she could get them as I moved back to her mouth and kissed her deeply on the lips. To be honest, what I really wanted to do was shove my tongue as deep as I could get it into the back of her mouth, and ravaged her with it. But I resisted. Actually, what I REALLY wanted was to shove my dick as deep as I could get it, into the back of her throat, and feel my nuts bounce off her chin. I inherently knew I needed to keep everything nice and slow, sensing she might be a little scared of too much overt sexual activity. Besides, I thought, ‘anticipation’ really does enhance enjoyment, so I settled for exploring her sweet, saliva-coated mouth with my tongue, every way I could think of, while I massaged her puffy pussy with my hand.

I always wear gym shorts (with no underwear) when I’m at home, and that night was no exception. My dick was brick hard and standing up like a steel pole, as I kissed Katie’s soft lips and massaged her little cunt. I was dying to feel her naked pussy, but instead, I reached over and got her hand and put it on the top of my cloth-covered dick. Katie gave a low moan from the back of her throat as she felt the spongy head of my cock underneath her soft pudgy hand. I pulled away from her mouth and said, “You like that? You remember how good it felt the last time you were here?” She had her eyes slightly closed as she started squeezing the head of my dick. I leaned back to her mouth and started frenching her, as I pulled my shorts-leg to the side so Katie could feel my naked dick in her hand. I was already leaking copious amounts of pre-seminal fluid as she rubbed her little hand all around the top. My tongue was deep in the back of her mouth as I used her hand to jack my cock.

I was in actual danger of cumming as I pulled her hand away and removed my own from the vee of her crotch. She looked a little concerned at my reluctance to go any further, so I smiled and assured her everything was fine, and that I just wanted to give her the present  promised her before we went too much further. She looked happy at that, so I covered up my raging cock (also trying to calm down a little) then got off the couch and went into the bedroom to get her gift. When I came back, I handed it to her and she eagerly started taking off the gift-wrapping. I sat down beside her on the couch and watched as she tore through the wrapping. When she lifted the box-lid and pulled the tissue away, she really didn’t know what I had given her. She wrinkled her nose a little and said, “What is it?” I told her to hold them up so she could see them better. The first thing she held up was a black, lacy, little-girl training bra. She actually didn’t know what it was for, so I told her it was a bra, (as I leaned over and cupped her practically flat breasts.) She turned a deep red as she began to understand what she had in her hand. Then, she picked up the other black lacy garment and asked, “What’s this?” – This time I put my hand between her legs and squeezed her pussy mound, saying, “That’s what’s called a ‘thong’; your mother wears one of those when we have a date.” Katie blushed again, realizing the sexy nature of what she was holding in her two hands. Then, I said… “There’s more, look a little deeper.” When she started feeling around in the box, her hand felt something solid. She pulled out a shiny black, pair of little-girl, high heels.” “Wow”, she said…-  “I’m glad you like them,” I said in reply. “There’s some make-up in there too, you know.”

Then, while she was taking it all in, trying to decide what it was all about, I squeezed her pussy mound again and leaned into her ear and said, “Why don’t you take your box and go into the bathroom and try everything on, let’s see how everything looks on you.” She shivered a little at the idea I had put into her brain, and enjoyed the hand-massage at her crotch. After a moment or two of hesitation, she got off the couch, carrying the box with her. I heard the bathroom door close as I went over to my library shelf to get my digital camera. She was in the bathroom a little longer than it should have taken, so I raised my voice a little and said, “Katie, are you alright in there?” I heard a faint “I’m ok” as I settled on the couch, put my legs up on the coffee table, and held the camera on the arm of the couch.

In a minute or two more, I heard the bathroom door unlatch and could hear the awkward clicking of her high-heels as she exited. I looked to my left and could see just her head as she peaked around the door-facing. She said, “Are you ready?” – I said, “You bet.” Then, she stepped around the corner, with a hand on her hip, and her pelvis tilted slightly to the left. She looked absolutely sexy… her flimsy black thong just barely covered the triangle of her hairless pussy-mound, and I could see her pussy lips underneath the thin material. Her bra was of the same material, and the tiny triangles covered her nipples by about a half-inch, all the way around. She smiled a broad smile and it was exciting to see the bright red outline of the lipstick painted on her lips.

I picked up the camera and aimed it toward her as I said, “Smile”. She gave a beaming smile and posed for me. I kept the camera aimed toward her and said, “Walk toward me a little.” She did. Gawd, she was sexy. She inherently had the subtle sexiness her mother had, and she was only seven years old. I continued to keep the camera pointed toward her as I told her to, “Turn around, I want to see your sexy ass.” She did. The thong was wedged in between the cheeks of her plump ass and my dick actually ached as I thought about diving in with my mouth and eating her out. I took no action though; I wanted to get her into some more sexy poses before I strapped her crotch onto my face.

“Bend down and touch your toes, Katie” I said. And sure enough, she spread her legs a little and bent down and touched her toes revealing one of the sexiest asses I had ever seen. “Reach back between your legs and play with your pussy,” I said. And, as her hand reached back between her legs, I got up from the couch and sat on the edge of the coffee table and re-focused the camera. I used the zoom-feature and got a close up shot of Katie rubbing her bald pussy through the thin fabric of the sheer black panties. “Pull your panties to the side, Katie” I said… and I focused in as far as the camera would go, till her plump fingers filled the camera’s view-finder. Then, I held as steady as I could as her fingers pulled the material away, and found the delicate folds of her hairless pussy. I got even closer with the camera, and she knew what I wanted to see, so she used her fingers and spread her pink labia out wide, allowing the camera a full inner-view of her moist pink cunt.

I thought I was going to lose it right there as I gaped through the camera lens at Katie’s beautiful pink pussy. Her back must have gotten tired because she raised up and turned her pelvis around, back toward the camera. I didn’t have to tell her what to do this time; she pushed her hips out a little, toward the camera, and hunched them a little – like she was putting on a little-girl sex show. I pulled the leg of my shorts over to the side and rubbed my engorged cock as I continued to snap pictures of her cloth-covered pussy.

I looked up from the camera, and she was staring openly at my brick-hard cock, as I gently stroked it. I kept the camera focused on her pussy with one hand, as I said, “Pull your panties over, Katie… show me you pussy.” Those seemed to be magic words to her and she continued to stare at my cock as she jutted her hips out a little further and then reached between her legs and pulled the flimsy thong over to the side. Her pussy gaped open a little from her stance. I moved the camera a little closer and focused on her pussy, nice and tight. Without taking my eye away from the camera, I said, “Spread you pussy lips, honey… let me see inside.” She kept her legs bent, and put both hands between her legs and spread her hairless pussy open.

Her pussy was absolutely gorgeous, and already moist from the sexy audition she was putting on. I could see her little hooded clit as it throbbed gently from being so free and open. “Play with your pussy, Katie.” I said. And, I kept her wet pussy in tight focus as her plump hand moved over a little and her little girl fingers stroked up and down her glistening slit. I was sexually thunder-struck as I watched her fingers slip up and down her glistening gash. “Play with your clit, Katie” I said; hoping she’d remember the word from the last time we had been together. Sure enough, her little fingers eased up her open slit and found the pink button at the top. I leaned in further and snapped picture after picture of her little girl fingers pressing and prodding on her pink little bud. “Go for it, Katie” I said…sensing she might be able to give me a quick climax… and she did… She actually shifted her pelvis forward a little, toward the camera and really started to play with her sensitive clit. It throbbed gently in response to her fingers. She pinched and rubbed it as her little slit got wetter and wetter… In almost no time at all, her hips were unconsciously hunching toward the camera as one of her hands pinched frantically on her love-bud, and the other managed to get two fingers up inside her tight, virginal canal.

Then, ‘boom’, she was there… she was uncontrollably plunging her hand all over her little girl pussy, not quite knowing what to do at the sexy stimulation going through her pussy. She hunched over and over at the camera, reaching her peak, as her little legs gave out, and I caught her before she stumbled backward onto the floor. As I picked her up and cradled her in my arms, I leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth. She kissed me back just as passionately, as I went back to the couch and sat down. We were still locked in a deep kiss as I pulled her hand away from her hot pussy and replaced it with my own. She was moaning into my mouth as I eased my middle finger deep into her pussy and felt her hymen. I almost thought about punching through with my finger; but I knew instantly that I wanted my dick to feel that sensation… I pushed and pulled my finger in and out in a fucking motion and was delighted to see she pushed back on my middle finger, trying to fuck her slick pussy on my wet hand.


I used to have some rental property back where I used to live… It wasn’t slum property of anything, but it was kind of low-rent, ‘budget” you might say. I had one young, kind of plain-looking, divorced lady who lived there with her young son. She was forever late in paying her rent, and I really was getting tired of it. So one time I went over to tell her she was going to have to move. She started crying when she heard the news, and in my ‘heart of hearts’ I’m kind of a softy. So I reached over to her, and pulled her over to my lap to comfort her.

I was actually (really) going to comfort her, but, I was also going to cop a feel, if you know what I mean; and after I got her sitting on my lap, literally saying the proverbial “there-there”, her young son (about 7 or 8) walked in on us, and was obviously wondering what his mommy was doing. His name was Robby, and she told him to go outside and play in the back. But, I told him to wait a minute, and then I put my hand up under her summer dress and cupped her pussy through her panties. I told her I had a better idea, and asked her if she wanted some help with her rent, and that maybe we could work something out.

She stammered a little at first, and asked me what I meant. So I whispered in her ear that I’d like a little pussy. She kinda caught her breath a little at first, when she heard my words… then, after a minute or two… (probably helped that I was massaging her pussy underneath her dress) she stopped sniffing and nodded her head ‘yes’ – I started rubbing he nylon crease in her panties, and she told Robby to go outside and play. I said, “Nope, Robby has to stay.” She really DID start crying at that point, and I pulled her panties over to the side and started fingering her wet slit nice and slow. Then I said, “Tell you what, I’ll give you three months of free rent if he stays in the room with us.”

She took several deep breaths and then nodded her head ‘yes’. As I continued to finger her pussy, I told her she didn’t have to do anything at all on her part, that I’d do everything. That actually seemed better to her. The first thing I did was pull my hand out from under her dress and reach up and start unbuttoning the buttons on her summer dress. I had the dress open to her waist, and I unsnapped her bra in front. Her tits were kind of small, just over a B-cup… but her nipples were nice and firm. I kept an eye on Robby and watched his reaction as I leaned down and kissed and sucked his momma’s tits. He was definitely watching everything I did.


The next thing I did was pull her dress up in front and bunch it up at her waist. I told her to hold on to it and not let it fall. Then, I turned her around on my lap so she was facing Robby. Then, while he watched, I spread her legs out, and started rubbing the crease in her panties… He just stared. I pulled her panties over to the side and fingered her wet pussy. Her name was Sarah, and even ol’ Sarah was getting turned on. I don’t know whether it was from the fingers in her pussy, or the kinkiness of the situation… but her pussy was practically dripping.

I wanted Robby to see more, so I reached down and pulled her legs back and out. She was totally exposed. I then kept her that way, and reached down and spread her pussy lips out wide with my hand. I kept her like that as best I could and then ran my fingers up and down her pussy; even pushing my finger in all the way. The whole thing was too awkward, so I got her off my lap, stood her up and started stripping off her clothes. When I had her totally naked, I pushed her down on her knees, and then unzipped my zipper and pulled my dick out. While Robby watched, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it.

I didn’t want to cum in her mouth, I wanted to cum in her pussy. So I pushed my pants and underwear all the way off, and sat back down on the couch, and got her to straddle my lap, and shoved cock up as far as it would go. It was in her pussy to the max, and I looked over at Robby to make sure he had a clear view. Then, I started fucking her, or better yet, she started fucking me. I motioned for Robby to come closer, and when he got over to the side of the couch, I pushed Sarah up and then, put her back on the couch. Then, I pulled one of her legs up, put one of my feet up on the couch and started ‘power-fucking’ her, making sure Robby got a good view. I was very close to cumming, and when I got ready, I pulled all the way out and shot all over her face. She had a big shudder of a climax when I did it.


I was all fucked out and I sat down beside her to catch my breath. Sarah barely closed her legs and started wiping the cum off her face. Robby was still watching, and I told him to sit on the coffee table in front of us. While Robby watched, I pulled his mom’s leg over mine, totally exposing her soppy pussy to his view. Then I asked Sarah if she wanted to negotiate some more rent. She asked me what I had in mind. I asked her what she’d do for a full year of free rent. She thought for a minute, and said “Pretty much anything you want to do.” I said, “With Robby in the room?” She said, “Will you want to do anything with him?” I said, “No, but I might want him to do some things with you.” “Like what?” she said…”Well, somebody’s got to teach him how to eat pussy.”

She shivered and agreed to the rent deal, and I got down on the floor between her legs and started eating her out (I LOVE eating cum out of a hot pussy), WHILE Robby watched. Sarah was WAY turned on and I pulled Robby over between her legs and put his hand on her pussy. She moaned at the hot touch of her son’s hand. Then, I maneuvered his face down a little lower, until he was directly in front of Sarah’s leaking hole. Sarah knew instinctively what I wanted, and this time, she pulled her own legs up and back, and spread them out wide.

Her glistening pussy was only about an inch away from her son’s face, and she put a hand behind his head and pulled his face forward till it touched her cunt. Then, she eased her hips forward a little and started hunching her sopping wet pussy all over her son’s face. Robby must have learned something from watching me, because he had his tongue sticking out, apparently enjoying the sexy aroma from his mom’s fragrant gash. When she felt her son’s tongue in her pussy, Sarah went WAY over the edge in a roaring climax, and used her son’s face and tongue as her personal dildo… when she calmed down from her orgasm and opened her eyes; she looked up and saw my dick already buried in Robby’s mouth. She fingered her pussy while she watched me drop a hot load of cum deep inside her young son’s throat.


It was a very good year for both Sarah and Robby and me. I went over there a couple of times a week, and even gave her a nice tip when I left.