Serial (Ongoing)

The Awakening: Chapter 1

I lived in Chicago for a year in 1986 and had a great time. As a matter of fact, that was the first time I ever had anonymous sex. It was during the Christmas season and I was walking down Michigan Avenue at about 6:00 or so in the evening. If you’ve never been to Chicago, it’s a beautiful town, especially Michigan “Ave” (they call it “the miracle mile”) during the holidays.

Anyway, it was a rare day. There was a light snow falling and it wasn’t very cold; just barely below freezing, which is warm for a “Chi-town” winter. I was looking at an intricate window display in Marshalls, Chicago’s largest department store and all of a sudden there was an audible “sigh” uttered next to me. I looked over into the eyes of this attractive young lady in her mid-20’s. She had sandy-blonde hair, pale skin, a beautiful “crest” smile and a smaller, but pleasing bust. Just as a side note, not all men care for buxom ladies. I feel I have some experience in this subject and it has also been my experience that smaller-breasted women have more sensitive nipples.

I knew this, and must have been staring at her chest when she blushed. She didn’t say anything, but I knew — that she knew I was staring. We both quickly looked away and returned to the window display. I felt a little guilty and decided to offer an apology. I turned to her and was about to say something and at the same time she had turned to me and was beginning to talk. We both stumbled out immediate apologies for interrupting the other and then… very spontaneously… started laughing out loud. I remember she placed her hand on my winter-covered coat sleeve when we were laughing.

It’s funny how memories can be so vivid once you begin to think about them; but, I remember I said laughingly: “It must be the Christmas season” and introduced myself. “I’m Tom Adair”, I said and she replied: “I’m Kristen Bowen.” – “Boeing?” I asked. And she giggled and spelled it out for me “B-o-w-e-n, it’s Scottish.

We stood there a few more minutes, laughing and commenting on how beautiful the display was. I suggested we move on down the street to see some more. I have to tell the truth, that was one of the more enchanting hours of my life. We were like kids; I, a 56 year old man and she, a lovely 25 year old “almost-child” to me. We looked, and laughed, and pointed our way down Michigan Avenue. Toward the end we were getting a little chilly and I suggested we go into the Drake Hotel (an elegant, old, “grand” hotel on Michigan Avenue that looks out onto the lake) and get something to warm us up.

It was purely coincidental that I suggested the Drake, it was handy and I had had dinner there (The Palms), before. We chose a table that was next to the windows which gave an absolute perfect view of Lake Michigan in the winter-time. We laughed (I’m a pretty funny guy, I used to do a little stand-up comedy) and talked about many things. She told me she was a Civil Engineer and this was her second job. She said she was going home for Christmas and was looking for a Christmas present for her boyfriend before she left the next day. I told her she was a very beautiful woman and that her boyfriend was a lucky guy. She replied: “Why, thank you, sir” and imitated a seated curtsy.

I admit that I was becoming aroused by her beauty and charm and said: “Well, if I was his age, I’d sure give him a run for his money”. She blushed a little and told me I needn’t worry, that I was a very sexy man. That was when I blushed a little. She saw it and began to laugh again. I reached over the table and took her hand and said: “That’s the first time anyone has ever said that to me.” She replied that she didn’t believe it and that a lot of women had fantasies about older men. I looked blank and said, rather astonished: “You’re kidding”; then, after a too long pause, I said: “Do you?”

She didn’t take her hand away and didn’t reply immediately, she just looked right into my eyes, and with her breath a little short and said in a low voice: “Yes, I think I do,” and pulled her hand away. We both looked away and gazed out the window for what seemed a long time. Without looking at her, I said in a low voice: “Would you like for me to see if they have a room available?” She didn’t say anything for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, after what had to be several minutes, she said: “Yes, why don’t you”. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and I shakily went to the front desk and got a room and two keys.

When she came back, one was on my side of the table and one was on hers. I said: “I want you to have one so you can go up separately if you want.” She said we could go up together and took my hand and we walked to the elevators. There were other people in the elevators and as we rode up I reached over and held her hand. It was extremely erotic to me to be holding this lovely woman’s hand and riding up to a room in a strange hotel. I had an erection almost immediately from the touch of her hand and I turned toward her and pulled our hand to my covered erection. She actually inhaled audibly and turned red. The elevator was kind of crowded and we immediately turned away.

We continued to hold hands as we walked to the room. When I got there, I unlocked the door and said: “This is your last chance, ‘Little Missy’ you can still change you mind if you want to”. She looked up at me and gave me a moist kiss on my lips. We didn’t even turn on the lights. We started kissing each other immediately with deep, long, soulful, wet kisses. My breathing grew raspy and I began touching her breasts through her blouse. Her nipples were erect and hard. She moaned as I fumbled to open her blouse. When I couldn’t get her bra undone, she unbuckled it herself from the front. I remember distinctly her reaction as I greedily pressed my mouth to her nipple and began to lightly (but roughly) bite it and suck it alternatively — she gave a moan and her knees buckled slightly. I held her a moment as she regained her stance and then I dropped to my knees.

I was kissing the “V” of her legs through her skirt and I too, was audibly moaning. I was like a drugged animal. All I could think of was tasting her wet pussy and I pushed her legs apart so I could get further into the folds of her skirt. We both started swaying. I began to run my hands upward along the outside of her legs in the attempt to raise her skirt. She sensed what I was trying to accomplish and caught the hem of her skirt and raised it for me.

It is no exaggeration, that I actually saw colors in my mind as I pressed my nose to her crotch and smelled her fragrant pussy. She began to press her hips to my face and pull the back of my head to her pelvis. She spread her feet wider at my urging and I began to eat her pussy THROUGH her panties. She was moaning louder now and I reached up to the top of her panty-band and gently and slowly pulled her panties down while I ate her. When the elastic got to the level of the top of her pubic hair she had her first little spasm of an orgasm! I held her pelvis close to me and pulled her panties fully down and she stepped out of them with her right foot.

I could contain my animal lust no longer; I put my face up under her dripping wet slit and entered her with my tongue. I buried my face in the “V” of her legs. I put my hands on the twin globes of her ass and pulled her pussy into my mouth. I ate her as if she were the last living morsel of womanhood on the planet. I took her flowing juices and spread them on my face, I enveloped her vulva, I ravished her crotch till she gave out a loud moan and her legs began to shake. Still I didn’t stop, I pushed my tongue in to the hilt and began to swirl it around. She forcefully grabbed my head and thrust her pussy forward into my mouth and let out a shuddering scream and shook.

We stayed in that locked position until she had her last shudder. I began to kiss and lick her weak, trembling thighs and slowly raise myself back to a standing position. And then… I kissed her. I wanted her to taste herself on my tongue. I wanted her to smell her erotic aroma and explore the mouth that had just explored her pussy. I wanted kiss her to the bottom of her soul. I stuck my tongue down her mouth so far I thought it was in her throat. When I took mine out, her urgently found my mouth and probed. She found every inner crevice and stuck her tongue in my mouth as if she was trying to fuck me.

I had just gotten through with taking Ellen to a shattering orgasm by eating her pussy till she came about a ton in my mouth. I remember that we sank to the floor in sexual exhaustion and she was resting her head on my still slightly heaving chest and was stroking my wet dick. She had her face turned away from me and I remember that I was caressing her hair and thinking that — that was probably THE BEST sex I had ever had. Little did I know that, like ol’ Blue-eyes used to say, “The best is yet to come.”

All of a sudden she turned around to face me and said: “That was incredible. Do you always pick up strange women and seduce them like that?” I didn’t answer immediately, my eyes had become accustomed to the dark room and I could see her beautiful face. All I wanted to do at that moment was kiss her as hard and as deeply as I knew how.

I took her face in my two hands and pulled her mouth toward mine. I began by kissing her once, lightly and then nibbling around her mouth and tracing my tongue over her sensitive wet lips. She parted them slightly and my tongue explored a little bit further. I could taste her wet saliva and it had a faint, sweet, sexy taste to it that was making my dick rigid again. I kissed her more intensely and she began to respond. I started exploring her mouth in earnest and my hand reached down and began to caress her breast. I lightly pinched and “toyed” with her nipple while I was kissing her and she began to moan softly into my mouth. By now my cock was brick-hard and I took her hand and placed it on me. She shuddered slightly as she felt the soft skin of my fully aroused member.

I am uncircumcised and consequently my foreskin is very sensitive and erotic. It also collects pre-seminal fluid into a kind of a pool at the head of my penis and can act as a reservoir. I took Ellen’s thumb and showed her how to move it around on the crown of my dick in all that lovely sex-lotion. She moved it around and said: “It’s so smooth, it feels like velvet.” I didn’t reply and kissed her mouth more deeply. I love to REALLY kiss passionately and I was becoming extremely turned on, with Ellen circling the tip of my dick, and me kissing her wantonly while my hand squeezed and caressed her breasts and nipples.

All of a sudden I wanted to see if she was as aroused as I was and needed desperately to touch her pussy. I stopped kissing her and reached further down to her mound. She was sort of across me, on my left shoulder as I reached down and found her “place.” I felt her. She was extremely wet and I loved it. There’s NOTHING I like more than to feel my lover’s wetness, it’s an extreme turn on for me. I like the slick feel and the heady aroma. While I was fingering her, I started kissing her again in long “soul-kisses” and she unconsciously splayed her legs wide so I could gain a greater access.

I put two fingers in her dripping wet gash and she started to moan again and move her hips involuntarily. I took my fingers out and lightly stroked her wet labia as if it were a guitar. I can hear that song in my mind as I think of this. It’s by Roberta Flack and the lines are: “Strumming my face with his fingers, strumming my face with his hands; feeling me softly with his song, killing me softly with his words, killing me softly with his song…” I slightly inserted my thumb into the base of her vagina and rotated in a circular motion there. I could tell Ellen like it because there was a noticeable increase in her vaginal secretions. I stopped kissing her and put my mouth next to her ear and licked it. I then asked her if she liked that (my thumb’s circular motion) and she could hardly speak as she issued a guttural “yessss!”

I continued to stroke and play with her pussy like that for quite a long time. I kissed her often while playing with her crotch and took her hand and placed it on my slowly, stroking hand. She tried to pull my hand further into her wet pussy and she got into a better position for her and spread her lovely, pale legs to the max. I knew what she wanted and began to finger her in earnest. She now had her back resting on my chest and her head tilted back on my shoulder and I was kissing her while my hand moved furiously in her twat. I had my thumb in her opening and my other fingers began to lightly “feather” her exposed anus. She was in absolute ecstasy. I continued this for a while and moved my hand back up to her pussy. She was drenched, which I loved. I put four of my fingers together and moved them slowly through the outer folds of her wet labia. She was ecstatic and beginning to get into the throes of a climax…

There’s nothing quite as exciting as being with a full-grown woman who is on the verge of an orgasm. One of the nice things about it is that it can be controlled. I knew as I was fingering Ellen that I could take her over the edge and let her explode or make her walk a tightrope of sensuality. I’ve had women literally beg me with mist in their eyes to… “Please, don’t stop”, I remember one woman in particular who shoved my hand away and began to writhe and squirm with her hand buried in her pussy as she wantonly took herself over the edge. I have to admit, it’s an extreme “turn-on” to watch her loose sexual control; to see her lose all sense of modesty and lean back, spread her legs as far as they will go and wetly plunge her hand desperately into her own wet, seething pussy and look up at me with an embarrassed facial expression that reads “Please don’t look at me at this critical moment”.

As I was fingering Ellen, I knew I could take her there, I knew I could make her lose control but, I also knew something else. I knew that this child-woman didn’t know about herself. I knew she was a wanton, sexual, multi-orgasmic, “responder”; who, up until her encounter with me, had only had “high school-sex” where her partner was more interested in his delights than hers. I KNEW, from a deep sexual instinct that she could cum all night.

So I decided to take her, at that very moment, over the brink and let her have an “electric-light” climax. I knew she would like the next part even better. I started kissing her mouth eagerly, hungrily. I began to finger her for real now. I removed my thumb and reached in her pussy with my middle finger and found the thing she hadn’t ever known was there, I reached in between her folds and found her “special” area on the ceiling of her vaginal cavity. I can’t find every woman’s, but I was desperately hoping I could find hers. I knew if I touched it she would react, I made intense, small, circular, motions till I finally found that one spot that was her most intimate, that one spot that she had never found herself, that one spot that I could use to bring her to a maddening climax – her “G” spot.

She gave a start, her eyes opened in the darkened room and she peered into mine. I kissed her more intensely and continued my magical manipulations. I massaged her spot once more and she began to moan into my mouth, hips began to move uncontrollably, she issued a new wave of fluid around my already wet hand. I pulled my mouth away from hers and she made an “o” with her lips and unconsciously stuck her tongue in the middle of it. I knew she was there. I knew, as she leaned further away from me that she was beginning to climax. I pulled my hand away from her “G” spot and concentrated solely on her clitoris. It was swollen and extended. I began to rub it in earnest, I began to pinch and pull it as it rose to its max. THEN, suddenly she was there!! She let out a loud “back-of-the-throat” scream, that in an older person, might have caused a stroke. She took both of her hands and gripped the one that was ecstatically torturing her mound and shoved her pussy against it. She came… and came… and came…!

Finally, it was over. She opened her eyes, — embarrassed, and reached up with both her arms and put them around my neck. I hugged her back and we rolled effortlessly over onto the warm carpet and held each other. I pulled her close into the juncture of my shoulder and neck and stroked her hair and let her rest. We actually fell asleep in that position, her on my upper arm and me with my naked leg draped across her legs and my hand softly stroking the wet folds of her pussy. I don’t know how long we were like that but; but soon something stirred us, some outside noise or maybe some inside urging that said “One more time.”

She stirred, I stirred and she looked at me. I reached down and kissed her wetly on the mouth and she laughed and said: “I’ve got to go to the bathroom”, and she got up to find it. I was a little achy myself from being on the floor so long, so the king sized bed looked inviting and luxurious. I pulled the covers back and crawled in. When she came out, she smiled and came over to the bed. I raised the covers and she crawled in. She turned toward me and kissed me. Her mouth was fresh and I knew she had freshened herself in other areas too. She told me that it was getting late and that she still hadn’t bought her boyfriend a present yet and that maybe we should get going. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom myself and crawled over her.

While I was in the bathroom I freshened up as best I could and came back into the room and got in beside her. We began to talk. I wanted to ask her a million questions – where did she grow up, what was her first puppy’s name, did she have any brothers and sisters – the ordinary questions that most people know before they have carnal knowledge of each other. So I asked. I asked her everything I could think of. I wanted to know it all.

She was on her back during this conversation the covers had slipped back a bit and her breasts were exposed. I was propped up on one elbow and I began to casually move my fingers around her nipple and aureole. Her nipple became instantly erect and I knew she was ready for more. I moved my hand to the other breast and circled that one too. She moved a little in protest and said that she really should be going and I took her hand and placed it on my half-inflated cock. She didn’t say anything and I leaned in and kissed her. I kissed her some more and moved her hand down further to my scrotum. I could tell she liked my directing her hand, so I moved it all over my awakening phallus and I could tell she liked the sensation. By now I was very hard and erect. Her fingers made a fist around my shaft and I taught her how to play with the pre-seminal fluid that was leaking from the tip of my organ. I could tell she had never done this before and she seemed fascinated with it.

While I was guiding her hand on me, I began to play with her breasts. I said earlier that I don’t care for overly, large-breasted women and hers were a perfect “C”. I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and began to twist and tease them. I moved to the other breast and did the same. All the while her hand was massaging my hardness and smoothing the leaking fluid around the ever increasing crown of me dick. I knew secretly that this orgasm was not only going to be for her, I knew that this time I needed the same release I had given her such a short time ago. I began to moan slightly as she continued to manipulate me. She didn’t need my hand any more and was beginning to “get into” it on her own. I kissed her more passionately and started to trace my fingers around the outside edges of the hair around her pussy. She spread her legs a little to make it easier and I lingered at the nadir of her crotch. We call it the “taint” in the South, but I was sure this Philadelphia girl had never heard the expression.

I stopped kissing her mouth and moved to her ear and began to nibble at it. I like to tease and I whispered in her ear as I was circling inward on her mound that: “You’re right, maybe we should go.” At that precise moment, my two middle fingers found their way to the folds of her wet pussy and easily slid into her wet slit. She gasped a little and spread her legs a little bit more. I stayed at her ear and began to softly lick it and blow into it. I softly whispered to her that I was going to: “Stop this nonsense” and go shopping with her. I took my two fingers and opened her pussy now and there was a noticeable amount of fluid that seeped out. She held still. I whispered into her ear: “Come on, let’s go” and inserted my middle finger into her wet tunnel. Her hot, wet, moistness felt good on my hand. I pulled my finger out and cupped my hand over the whole of her pussy-mound, and then gently inserted my middle finger back in.

I whispered to her once more and…moved my thumb into her wet opening and began to make a circle. She moaned… I said again: “Come on, let’s get up” and she grabbed my hand to hold it in place. I leaned in to her ear and said: “If you don’t want to go, what do you want to do?” She turned toward me and said: “I want you to…”

The Awakening, Chapter 2

I stopped kissing her mouth and moved to her ear and began to nibble at it. I like to tease and I whispered in her ear as I was circling inward on her mound that: “You’re right, maybe we should go”. At that precise moment, my two middle fingers found their way to the folds of her wet pussy and easily slid into her wet slit. She gasped a little and spread her legs a little bit more. I stayed at her ear and began to softly lick it and blow into it. I softly whispered to her that I was going to: “Stop this nonsense” and go shopping with her. I took my two fingers and opened her pussy wider, and there was a noticeable amount of fluid that seeped out. She held still. I whispered into her ear: “Come on, let’s go” and inserted my middle finger into her wet tunnel. Her hot, wet, moistness felt good on my hand. I pulled my finger out and cupped my hand over the whole of her pussy-mound, and then gently inserted my middle finger back in.

I whispered to her once more and…moved my thumb into her wet opening and began to make a circle. She moaned… I said again: “Come on, let’s get up” and she grabbed my hand to hold it in place. I leaned in to her ear and said: “If you don’t want to go, what do you want to do?” She turned toward me and said in a breathy voice: “I want you to… fuck me like a whore!”

I didn’t understand at all. I leaned back from this beautiful woman and couldn’t imagine that those words had come out of her mouth. “What?” I said. — “All my life I have been treated like either a little angel when I was a kid, a little princess when I was a teen-ager, or now that I’m grown – people treat me like a Lady”, she said.

And then there was a look of earnestness in her eyes and she said: “Tom, you’ve already done more TO me and FOR me than any man I’ve ever met, I want to spend one night of complete abandonment with you”. “I want you to treat me like your concubine”, she said. She looked up at me with the prettiest, sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen and said: “Tom, I want you to make me your personal whore”. She then kissed me wetly and lightly stuck her tongue in my mouth.

She was still holding my hard shaft and she squeezed harder than was comfortable and said: “I’m yours tonight, I’m leaving tomorrow. You won’t be seeing me again. So tonight, I want you to give me some memories – make me your whore, make me do things I would never let my future husband do”. She kissed me to the “max” then. She rammed her tongue down my throat till I thought I would choke, then backed out and said: “Tom, fuck me! Fuck me any… and every way you can think of. Use me, make me scream”.

She paused and said: “I want to look back twenty years from now as an ol’ married woman and tell my best girlfriend about the time we had together”. “Tom, I want her to blush and silently moan in envy when I tell her the things you did to me”. She then leaned down to my raging, leaking dick and engulfed me. She took me into her mouth so far that her lips were touching my balls. She then pulled back and kissed me. I could taste my flavor on her tongue and in her mouth. She stopped, leaned around to my ear, stuck her tongue in it and said: “Tom, tell your whore what you want her to do. I’m yours for your bidding”

I was stunned. For one of the few times in my life, I didn’t know what to do. For the longest time I simply held her face in my two hands and looked into her eyes. I knew I was going to lose her, this beautiful child. I was already feeling the bitter-sweet pangs of “Remembrance Past” as I looked into her eyes. I silently cursed my fate as I thought how cruel and amused the “Gods” must be to place us in this situation. I… a fully mature man with his future somewhere in the middle — and her; a budding flower, waiting to bloom.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I leaned in to taste her lips. I kept my eyes open and looked into hers as we touched. I licked her lips softly as I traced the outline of her lips with my tongue. I was thinking as I licked her lips lightly – “What if” – I took her to the places that the Geishas had taught me. “What if” I dared show her the absolute magic I KNEW existed. Would I ruin her for any other man? Did I have an obligation to her future husband? These thoughts raced through my mind as I began to kiss her harder.

I thought further, this child had offered me a challenge. My Sensei had taught me to “Embrace the wind.” Did she not think I could do it? Because of her simplified “western” education, did she not realize that I HAD embraced the wind? Did she not realize that she had laid down a “gauntlet?” Did she not realize that my Japanese maidens whispered to each other when I walked by and called me “Shogun.”

It was at that exact instant that I decided – “Yesss”. I’ll show this little “wanton” a thing or two. She wants to go on a trip; I’ll save the best ones, but an electrified trip to the moon to enjoy its pale starkness might be in order. I had been there before, I knew the raw power of the mind. “OK, my little maiden”, I thought as I licked her neck. I leaned up to her ear and whispered in it: “My last free advice, dear one; if I were you I’d call my Mommy.”

She flinched at little at my advice and pulled away. We looked at each other silently. There I sat gazing at her as if she were the honorable enemy awaiting “The Warrior”. There she sat wanting so badly to be taken, nay –“engulfed”, yet afraid of what the remainder of the night might bring. I needed one signal, one small hint that the engagement should begin. Then she broke her beautiful smile and I used it. It had been her last chance, her last, best defense against a future memory that would tug at her heartstrings – and at her loins, for the rest of her life.

My nostrils flared a bit. Only my old Sensei knew my warrior secret. I heard his words in my mind as I leaned forward to kiss her; “Keep the secret”, he said. “Remember, Tom-San, never let them know that you have already won, when you engage the opponent; they lose their fight, they lose their “viga” and make you less honorable,” he silently declared as I cupped the fullness of her breast.

I remembered that Kristen had hinted to me that she had a slight distaste for oral sex as the performer. As I cupped her breast and lightly twisted her nipple, I thought the lesson should begin there. I knew she had only tasted my fluid so far, she had never “savored” my male nectar. We were still sitting on the bed; she and I. The pale city-lights from Chicago were illuminating the room just enough to enhance our vision of each other. I knew that our eyes had become accustomed to the dark and I knew she could see my shadowy outline. I raised to my knees so that my dick was parallel with her face. I leaned forward with my hands and grasped the base of her skull. Then, with my left hand pulling her forward and my right hand holding my cock, I began to close the distance between us.

She thought she knew what I wanted but she was surprised at my action. As I approached her with my huge erection, she unconsciously opened her mouth, reluctantly ready to accept my sex-tool. That’s what I wanted her to think. I wanted her to anticipate my desires and I would “feint” and lead her to the wrong conclusion. I had to teach her the method of “The Way”. I had to teach her to expect only the unexpected.

As I got closer with my maleness, I placed my fingers in the hair on the top of her head. I needed the advantage to move and manipulate her face as I taught her “The Way”. As I got closer, I took the engorged head of my dick and started to stroke her face starting at the upper left of her cheek. She had her mouth open and turned her head slightly to accommodate my dick in her mouth. I held her hair more firmly and said “hold still” and continued to bring my hard member down her jaw and UNDER her chin. I could feel her wet lips on my pubic hair as I continued the massage of her face. I brought my maleness up the opposite side of her face and up to her right cheek.

The Japanese had a name for this technique, loosely translated it meant: “Massage of Delight”. I knew she had never had her face actually massaged by a cock. Every man in the history of men couldn’t wait for the wet orifice of self-gratification. But the Japanese had taught me well – “Wait”, they echoed, “Wait, the pleasure is in the pursuit, not in the victory.” I had to teach her to wait, I had to teach her that she lived in a “Burger King” society of instant gratification, I had to teach her that “to wait”, – was “to savor”.

So, instead of plunging my dick impatiently into her mouth as she expected, I told her to relax. There were pillows propped behind her and I lifted her a bit with my hands so that she could lean back comfortably against the pillows. I straddled her pelvis and leaned in with my rock-hard cock and traced the outline of her eyebrows. I moved my dick to her eyes and gently stroked her closed lids. I moved to the side of her head and massaged her cheek muscles. I moved to her lips and left a trace of my nectar across her bottom lip. She sent out her tongue to retrieve it as I moved my dick to her chin. I moved the head to her throat and slowly moved my body back and forth across her lower jaw.

I could tell she was becoming mesmerized by the hip-sway of my movement. I wanted her totally relaxed, I wanted her “open” in her body and in her mind. I raised up on my knees a bit and began to rub my “eggs” against her cheek. I took the base of my shaft in my hand and guided my balls to her lips. I knew she was a smart woman, and she sensed that she didn’t need to bother opening her mouth in anticipation. She was beginning to realize that the “journey” was going to be far better than the destination. She kept her mouth closed because she had a faint inkling that she might be with someone – “special” – “UNIQUE” even.

As I was holding the top of her hair, I tilted her head back at an angle. I took my whole cock and rubbed the length of it across her face. I moved my hips back and forth and let her smell my “male-ness”. It was just one little secret the Japanese had taught me. The pheromones were my friend. I could tell she was becoming more aroused. I could tell there was a little insistence in her movements, so I decided to give her a little “taste”. She didn’t know it yet, and had no idea that it could be done, but I was going to make her hungry for my cock. I was going to make her ravenous for my seminal fluid. I was going to make her a veritable “junkie” in need of a “fix”.

I leaned in again and whispered to her: “Open your mouth, and wet your lips a little”. She did. I began to…

The Awakening: Chapter 3

I’m sure it hit the back of her mouth (throat?) because she gagged a little. I was spent then and starting to deflate. And… for no reason in the world, I relaxed forward a little and the still sticky-wet-dripping head of my dick eased into Ellen’s mouth. She didn’t object, in fact she opened her mouth to accommodate it. I stayed like that for what seemed like a full minute. Then I settled back and my semi-limp dick came out. It was beautiful- all covered with my semen and Ellen’s saliva.

All at once, Ellen smiled at me and reached up and took hold of my still-slick dick. She leaned out and gave it a soft kiss, leaned back and said, “was that as good as your girlfriend?” I fell sideways and pulled her with me. It wasn’t the most original thing in the world to say, but I said: “Ellen, honey, that was BETTER than my girlfriend”. We both laughed and I whispered in her ear that what we just did was a preliminary, that before this night is over, she would be a confirmed “cocksucker” for the rest of her life. I told her from now on, when she looked at a guy, her first reaction would be, to say to herself: “I wonder what he tastes like?”

She laughed at that remark and told me that her boyfriend hadn’t had any complaint about her before. I replied that – “therein lies the problem”. She asked me what I meant and I responded that with the knowledge she gained tonight, he would surely ask her about her newfound techniques. I could tell she was thinking about the ramifications of our actions as I dozed off. Ellen wasn’t aware that there is an actual physical response to male orgasm, in that there is a small, but powerful sleep-inducing hormone produced in the brain’s pituitary gland that causes the male gender to sleep after sex. As I was dozing off, I pulled her deep under the covers with me and was caressing the fullness of her breast as I drifted, blissfully into much needed, recuperative sleep.

My dreams were vivid re-enhancements of our couplings in the previous hours. I had surreal images of parted thighs — open, eager mouths – luscious breasts – and beautiful, dusky-blond-fringed, pussies, all mixing and mingling in swirling colors and hues. I could tell that the night was not over as I dreamed on and felt my libidinal and sexual batteries re-charge.

Something was happening as I was dreaming, something was causing my dreams to take on the texture of reality. I remember thinking that the dreams had “morphed” into a cross between regular, dream-like sex and the heavenly enhancement that marijuana produces. I was reluctantly becoming awake for there is a warrior side of me that always is a “protector” and has to investigate anything that is out of the ordinary. As I slowly opened my eyes in the dim room, I could see a form between my legs. I vaguely reminded me of Ellen and she was doing something at the end of the bed. In my dreamlike state, I couldn’t tell for sure. The only thing I knew for sure was the quality of my dream was brilliant. I felt like this dream was being directed by Steven Spielberg, with a John William’s score.

As I became more awake I realized that Ellen was experimenting on her own. She was tasting the various nuances of my manhood and her ministrations were causing me to release my softness. Ellen had no way of knowing that most men find it incredibly sexy to be sucked while soft. The “play” she was doing was actually an “enhancer” that the Japanese Geishas had been doing for centuries. After the “guardian” in my brain realized that this was not “harm”, but indeed “pleasure”, he retreated into his cave and allowed me to become more involved in the image and movement. I unconsciously moaned and Ellen cast her beautiful hazel eyes upward into my half-slits. There is noting more beautiful and erotic than to see some attractive female at your pelvis. There’s something about the Freudian — “position of submission” that increases the eroticism tremendously. She smiled openly and said: “you must like that”. I replied in a low tone” “I’ll give you twenty minutes to stop”. She smiled a beam of satisfaction and placed her lovely, wet lips on my rapidly enlarging cock.

I reached down and placed my hand on the shaft of my penis so that I could feel my dick and her lips as they moved in harmony. This is a great sensation I thought, to feel yourself; and at the same time to feel another sexy human being’s warmth as she tingles your manhood. I decided that she needed a little guidance in the cocksucking department, but at this particular moment I wanted to kiss her. Most people don’t realize that kissing IS “oral sex” and in my case I love to kiss a wet mouth that is still flavored by my secretions and seminal fluid. As I raised my still tired torso and worked my way down to her face I could tell she was a little disappointed. She gave a look as if she had done something wrong. I kissed her openly and wetly. I did, indeed, taste myself on her. I swirled my tongue slowly in her mouth while I cupped her breast and tweaked her nipple. As I kissed her I could tell that both our “senses” were being aroused. I could even smell her. I knew she was beginning to secrete again and I had to find out as I sought the folds of her pussy. As my hand cupped her entire mound, I slid my middle finger into her. She was “gone”. She was absolutely wet with sexual anticipation. I knew immediately that she was “mine” and I was in control.

I had sensed from my first conversations with Ellen that she fashioned herself as a modern woman and as such, she had molded her own life and was indeed “captain of her ship”. I always find it amusing that women are so taken by surprise at how carnal they are. In their head they think that the “guy” is the one who is the “seducer”. In reality, the guy only responds to the female. It’s the female who says: “come, make me cum, make me scream”, and the guy just follows her implied instructions. I knew at this very instant that she wanted it all. I knew that she sexually craved the sensations that her youth had denied her. I knew that her boyfriend only thought about himself, “came” and got off her. I knew that she wanted to be sexually “possessed” and now that she had tasted the appetizer, she wanted all seven courses.

“Well”, I thought – “let’s see, let us just see if this fair maiden has the ability to move her American Puritanism to the side”. Most citizens of my fair country are ill-read and don’t have an understanding of their history, as in why “we” came here in the first place – we were Puritans when we arrived and we wanted to practice our religion. And… most Americans can’t spell psychology. So – I decided at that precise moment to take Ellen on a journey. I would be her sexual guide and see if she wanted to go to the mountaintop. I thought these things as I fingered her wet pussy and kissed her seminal mouth. I knew I could give her an orgasm like this but I also knew it was time to “go to school”. I wanted her to have an orgasm AS she was eating me. I wanted her to feel the mixed cravings of her own sexual, self-interest and the mad craving of tasting the gush of her lover as she went over the top. So I stopped kissing her and guided her head back down to my hard dick.

I positioned her body so that she was on my right side and I had easy access to her wet crotch. I pushed her left knee into the air and the aroma drifted into my nostrils. Her gash was wide open. I reached down with my left hand and slowly ran my finger around her wet lips as they were stretched around the head of my cock. While she was sucking me I traced the outline of her furry triangle with my finger. I could almost see her pussy trying to move it’s wet opening over in a futile attempt to gain satisfaction. But I would have none of it. This time – she was going to cum with my dick in her mouth. This time she was going to WANT, CRAVE, PLEAD – to have my dick in the back of her throat as she exploded into the heavens.

(To be continued)