Everybody Sucks Somebody’s Dick…

A lot of you have written me… asking me where my ‘sense of eroticism’ comes from; in essence asking me:  “Was there a base, an origin, a beginning of your sexual philosophy?” – Well, ‘yes’, there was… it started in my hometown, (which I’m not going to tell you.) – Suffice to say, my hometown APPEARED like a lot of other hometowns you see depicted on TV, or in the movies. Think of the old TV-show, “Father Knows Best”, and you’ll get the idea. (I’ll tell you a little secret about that show sometime; – if I forget… remind me.)

Anyway, I’ve told a bunch of people over the years about how sexy my hometown was. I’ve actually talked to many other folks along the course of my life; asking them if their hometown was sexually “aware.” I never talked to even one (male OR female), who said their hometown was remarkable in any way in the sex department.

Well mine was. Period. — AND… I’m pretty sure my hometown, my upbringing, my early exposure to “sexuality” in BOTH genders set the tone for my sexual expression and enjoyment over the years. Let me give you an example, – I sucked my first dick when I was nine; not “childhood-play”, either. He was an older guy, I’m guessing in his mid-40’s, and he took me fishing a lot. I really DID enjoy the fishing part, but then, one afternoon we were through fishing for the day, and we went into his small cabin to reflect on the day’s success. He was sitting on a smallish couch, and I was sitting on a smaller, sliding chair, off to the side.

After we chatted a bit, he patted the spot next to him on the couch, and told me to ‘come sit beside me’, and he’d show me something. Well, when I got comfortable beside him, he reached down and unzipped his pants, then reached in the opening and fished out his hardening cock. I was TOTALLY mesmerized by what I was seeing. When he started slowly jacking it, – it was even better. He slouched back, spread his legs out wider, then reached over and got MY hand, and used it, to jack his cock. I immediately liked the ‘satiny’, steel hardness of his cock. I liked the way my hand fit around it. He showed me how he liked his balls played with, and that was just as good.

When he eased my head down to his lap and told me to, “Suck it,” – I had no problem at all. I WANTED to suck it. It didn’t take him long to cum, and when he did…. It was spectacular, all over the place… kinda seemed like a ‘quart’ to me. AND… it was great! When he said, “eat it”, “swallow it”, “there’s some, get that too”, I did… and I loved it from the start. From then on, it was ME who bugged HIM to let me suck his cock again. That was my beginning on the ‘guy’ side of the street.

On the OTHER side of the street… when I was eleven, I got my first taste of pussy; from an aunt… no less. My mother sent me to the big city for a couple of weeks every summer to “get some culture” from her more sophisticated sister. Her thinking was that her “citified” sister could expose me to plays, “the theata”, museums, and other ‘high-bred’ and ‘cultural’ people who would help expand my knowledge and education. – To be honest, my aunt DID take me to plays, concerts, museums, and the like. But then…  on my first Friday night there, I asked my well-traveled aunt what we were going to do that night. She pointed to a chair across from where she was sitting on the couch, and told me to have a seat.

Then she said, “Houlden, have you discovered girls yet?” – Hey, I was aware of girls… I went to school with them every day, saw them in church, knew they had special parts that were different from guys… blah-blah-blah… and I told my aunt what I knew. My aunt listened patiently and then said, “Houlden, have you seen any actual pussy yet?” – I was familiar with the word already, and knew what she was talking about. But… I hadn’t actually SEEN the real ‘McCoy’… only pictures of it. And, that’s what I told her: “Well, I’ve seen pictures of it.” –

With that revelation, my aunt leaned back on the couch and said, “Well, tonight… you’re going to see the real thing.” And with that… she started pulling up the edge of her silk dress. I could tell she was watching my face as she eased it up over her knees…  on past her mid-thighs…, and finally above the flair of her hips. Then, she spread her legs out comfortably wide, totally revealing her panty-clad pussy mound. Her panties were pale blue, and very sheer. I could practically see through them, even though I was sitting across the room.

She grinned at me and said, “You like what you see, Houlden?” All I could do was just nod my head, ‘yes’. While I stared intently at the delicate finger tracing the dampening ‘vee’ of her crotch; she used her other hand to start unbuttoning the top buttons of her dress. In almost no time at all, she had her dress open to the waist, her bra unsnapped, and she was delicately playing with her pale breasts and rosy-red nipples. Her other hand pulled the damp crotch-band of her sheer panties over, totally revealing her moist, pink slit. – Then, as I sat glued to the twin hand-actions going on in front of me, she began to ‘play’ with her pussy and her breasts.

This was not only the first time I had ever seen an actual vagina, it was ALSO the first time I had ever  seen any real breasts. The show she was beginning to put on for me was so far above anything that I could have ever imagine, that it was just beyond description. She raised her hips and slipped her panties off, throwing them over to me. I held them up close to my nose and watched her put both heels up on the edge of the couch, and spread her legs as wide as they would go. Then, she said, “Come over here, Houlden… I’m going to show you how to eat my pussy.”

That phrase alone, was like a witch’s magic command; almost like a ‘spell’ had come over me. I couldn’t have resisted even if I had tried. I dropped the panties, got up off the chair, and walked over between her legs. Her complete crotch was available to me. She said, “Get down on your knees, Houlden,” and I did. “Come a little closer,” she whispered. I was only a foot or so from her spread-open gash when she said, “Touch me, Houlden; touch my pussy; make me feel good.” As my hand reached out, she took it, and placed it against her damp petals. Then, she used my hand to rub out one of the hottest orgasms I’ve ever seen.

She was breathless from the erotic notion of using a boy’s hand to get herself off. She was still practically in a sexual stupor, and her second orgasm came from using my face and mouth as her own personal dildo. AND YET… she was STILL not through. She got me down on the floor, and straddled my face. The ‘smells’, the fluids, the ‘flesh’… all of it was focused on my face as she held onto her tits and rode my face. I was like a horse and she was like a practiced ‘rider’. She rode my face over and over, shrilly screaming sexy commands: “Eat me, eat my fucking pussy… eat it… you fucking cunt-lapper… eat my cunt!!!!!”; she screamed, as she went over the edge one more time.

After her last climax, she swung around so that we were in a hot “69” position. She practically ripped my pants and underwear off, trying to get at my dick. When I felt her mouth cover both my cock and balls, – this time, *I* was a goner… and I ate her out even more furiously than I had before. My own orgasms seemed like they were continuous, as I ate her pussy and ass… over and over and over. The two of us… grown woman, and young boy… had created our own, private ‘fucking/sucking sex-machine’. And that’s what we did the rest of the time I was there…

During the day, we went to plays, movies, museums, and parks… but during the night… “Ah, the nights”, – during the nights, we practically invented sex. The last night I was there, she invited one of her ‘lady-friends’ (and her boyfriend) to join us. That night was spectacular. There was nothing, and I mean NOTHING that the four of us didn’t do. – I hated to leave my aunt that summer; but she promised me that I could come back next year, and she would introduce me to even more of her friends. – She winked at me when she said it, and the deal was made.

My point in sharing these two experiences with you is to let you understand where my eroticism originated. It certainly started with my fishing buddy, and my aunt. But the more important part was that those two twin-beginnings set the foundation to a hedonistic life that has provided sexual gratification and fulfillment over several decades.

So what’s up with the title of this blog-post right? – “Everybody Sucks Somebody’s Dick” – Well, last winter I was having a discussion with a younger friend of mine, who had just finished sucking me off. He was the son of one of my lady-friends, and he and I had established a private friendship with each other. He knew I was fucking his mom because I didn’t even attempt to keep it a secret. The mom had asked me from time to time to “Let’s go into the bedroom.” I replied with, “What’s wrong with right here on the couch?” – I knew the son kept secret watch on us from time to time, and I wanted him to see his mom lose control in an erotic orgasm. — *I* thought it was sexy, the mom (secretly) thought it was sexy, and the son thought it was “out of sight” sexy. So one day, when his mom wasn’t around… I showed him why she enjoyed sucking my cock so much.

About three months after our first get-together, and after I had dropped a thick wad of cum deep into the back of his mouth, he asked me: “Do you ever suck anybody’s dick?” – I leaned back on the sofa, spread my legs out wide, and said (while I was playing with my hardening cock), ‘Son, EVERYBODY sucks somebody’s dick. And you know what?” I added, “That’s a good thing.” – He wanted to know about whose dick I sucked, so I told him to hide in the closet tomorrow afternoon, and he could watch.

I had met this guy at a local casino one time. He was the ‘big’ pit-boss of the floor, overseeing the whole gambling operation. I had had some unusual luck one time, and he moseyed by to check everything out. He was about 6’2”, had a natural ‘vee-formation’ to himself, and an easy, but commanding manner. I offered to buy him a drink, and he accepted. Because I frequented the casino fairly often, we became casual friends. One time, he came by my table just to say ‘hello’. I was the only one there, the dealer needed to make a quick pit-stop, so the pit-boss offered to take his place for a hand or two. When the dealer was fully out of earshot, I leaned a tiny bit closer, and said in a whispered voice, “You know, you’re a pretty sexy guy, I’d love to suck you off sometime, if you’re interested.” As I finished my short statement, I slid my business card over to him, and told him to give me a buzz sometime.

Our ‘play’ continued, the dealer came back and resumed his place, and started dealing. About a week went by when my cell-phone buzzed, and it was the pit-boss. All he said was that he would like to come by and see me sometime. I told him my address was on the card I gave him, and he said, “How about tomorrow around 3:00 in the afternoon?” – I said that would be perfect. When he got there, we didn’t say much, (really, there wasn’t much to say), and I got down on my knees, on the carpeted floor, and unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out, and sucked him off while he stood there. He told me later it was his favorite position, that he liked the ‘position of dominance’ it gave him. I told him I liked it too… in fact, it was my favorite. We became a ‘regular’ for each other, and he remains to this day, one of the guys I go down on…

After I finished telling my young bud about my friend, (and he sucked me off one more time), we agreed on how we would conceal him for my “appointment” the next day. Everything was set, the son had a secret view of my living room, and we both waited for the doorbell to ring. And ring it did a little before 3:00 the following day. The pit-boss came in, we made the slightest bit of small talk, then he spread his legs out comfortably, and I knew that was my cue. I got down on my knees, unzipped his pants, reached in and fished out his big, thick cock, (balls and all), and proceeded to suck him off. The part I like best is when I feel his hands behind my head, pulling my mouth harder onto his cock. I know that he’s not too far from cumming, and I speed up my efforts to get his cum. It only took a couple of minutes more before he held onto my head, and filled me up good.

I always keep a damp towel handy when I know he’s coming over, and I reached over to a small table, retrieved the towel, and cleaned him up. When he was back to normal, I walked him out to his car, and waved ‘good-by’ as he drove off.

When I went back in… I was unconsciously standing close to the same spot the pit-boss had been standing, when my own young friend came out of seclusion and, and without saying anything, he just dropped down to his knees, in the place I had been, only minutes before. This time it was he who unzipped MY pants, pulled my cock out, and sucked me off (Twice.)

That’s what I mean when I say that, “Everybody sucks somebody’s cock” – I really do believe it’s a natural law of sexuality.

Just curious, what do YOU think? Drop me a note; tell me about your experience in the area… Guy or Gal, get it off your chest.

I promise I’ll respect your confidence and wont share you experience with anyone. – Here’s my email address:

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The Casino Lady…

I’m a professional-traditional writer, but what I like to write about most, is ‘erotica’, mostly about my current and past sexual adventures over the years. I’m not an ‘egotist’ about it at all; I just find it VERY sexy to share what I like and what I’ve done. Most of the time, I get a hard-on from my erotic writing.

Anyway, currently… I get together with a lady who works at a casino every now and then. Her name is Ginger S. and she is in her early 40’s, probably about 43, when I met her. It was a pretty casual meeting; I sat down at her blackjack table because no one was there. We were almost immediately “at ease” with each other and talked casually and openly. I made a comment about her wedding ring when I saw it, something on the order of, “I bet your husband’s glad when you get home”; (she was pretty attractive for an older lady.) She smiled and said, “Usually…” –

The conversation progressed from there, nobody else sat down, and I’ve never been very shy, so as it got closer and closer to her shift change, I asked her if I could buy her a drink or a cup of coffee after she got off from work. She smiled, and said “That would be nice, but it would have to be at some other place other than where she worked.” We agreed on a different casino, and I went on over to wait for her to show up.

I wasn’t exactly sure she would show, but she did. We got to talking, and in the course of our conversation she asked me if I was ‘looking for company’. Like I said, I’m not shy, and said that I was. She asked me if I had a private place, and I gave her my address. I went on over ahead of her, and once again, she showed up. I actually LIKE to pay for pussy, somehow or other, it seems to increase the ‘sexiness’ of it to me. The fact that she was married… was even better. So, after we took care of the business end, we went to the bedroom, and I fucked her royally… She had her legs up in the air, and spread out wide; she had some of the best climaxes I’ve ever seen a woman have. I held off as long as I could, then fired a huge hot load of cum as deep into her pussy as I could get it.

One of my favorite things in the whole, wide world is “creampies.” So, when I pulled out, and saw the cum that was there, I couldn’t help myself and just dove between her legs and practically glued my mouth to her sloppy cunt. Well… you wouldn’t have believed her reaction… she went WAY over the edge when she felt my tongue deep in her pussy; and after I spread her legs out as wide as I could get them and shoved my tongue in even further, she started coming again, all over the bed, almost out of control. She even tried getting my mouth off her sensitive pussy; but to no avail. I like a good sexual challenge, and stayed with her… the more I ate her, the more she bucked… the more she bucked, the deeper I tongue-fucked her.

Finally, she was “orgasmed-out”, and just lay there on the bed, almost in a whimper. I raised up from her steamy cunt, and my face was covered with both of our sexy juices. I leaned down and started giving her a VERY sexy, sloppy, cummy kiss… She turned away at first, but I was already in a good position to ease my rock hard cock back into her cunt, and that’s what I did… She responded with a low guttural moan, from the steel rod in her pussy, and all the mixed fluids I was trying to shove in her mouth…

She got into her favorite position of legs up in the air, and spread out wide… and I fucked her hard, and practically slobbered into her fucking mouth while I did it. When I climaxed, she did too… AND… she sucked my slick tongue like it was a thick dick in her mouth… WHILE she bucked me all over the place. Like you might imagine, when I pulled out, I didn’t even wait, I got down between her legs and ate her up, cleaned her out… (and she came again, big time) – I was going to go again when she said, “Wait, I can’t take it anymore…” – So I relented on tag-teaming her with my mouth and dick, and we leaned back on the headboard of the bed to relax and recover.

After we both came off our ‘edge’ and got our composure back, we started talking about what had happened. She asked me about my ‘creampie’ interest, and I told her it started back in high school when I used to ‘service’ this older girl who wouldn’t let me fuck her, only eat her. She was interested in the story, so I told her.

“The way it happened was…” I started… and then I told her about Rita. – Rita was the head cheerleader for our high school football team, and was literally beautiful. A lot of people told her she looked like Marilyn Monroe, and ought to go into the movies. She was a sexy blond, with big tits, a narrow waist, and a classic ‘heart-shaped’ ass. Altogether, too… too much. She was a senior, and I was just a sophomore, and knew I didn’t have a chance with her. Plus, she could pretty much date anyone she wanted to, and her number-one boyfriend at the moment was a college guy, who played on our state’s championship football team.

Rita was kinky, and KNEW I had the hots for her. One time, she and her boyfriend showed up at our local “Mel’s-Diner”, (similar to the one in the movie, “American Graffiti.”) She saw me inside having a Coke and some fries, and waved at me to come out and say ‘hello’. Hey, “who knows, right?” – I’ve got news for you; when Rita waved ANYONE over, there was zero hesitancy. So when I got out to where they were parked, she introduced me to her college hot-rod… and… no shit… he really was a good looking guy. Kind of like a big Tom Cruise, in his prime. He had a great smile, and even reached over and shook my hand. We talked a bit, then Rita’s boyfriend whispered something in her ear, and Rita giggled. Then she turned to me and told me that she and Joe-College were going to take a ride “down by the river”, and she asked me if I wanted to go.

I already knew what going “down by the river” meant, and there was no question at all that I was eager to go. When we got down there, we parked in a secluded place, and Rita’s boyfriend got out and walked around to the trunk of the car and got a big, thick blanket out. Then, he helped Rita out of the car, and they started walking over to some soft grass, that had definitely been used before. As they walked away, Rita looked over her shoulder and said, “Well, come on… don’t be so shy.” – So, what the heck, I got out of the car and followed them over to their spot. They immediately started kissing, and while they kissed, the college guy started stripping Rita’s clothes off while they were kissing. In no time at all, she was totally naked, and he had her on the blanket with her legs up in the air, and spread wide. –

He fucked her for a long time, and in a lot of different ways. Rita had several small, mini-climaxes… but, toward the end… Ol ‘Biff’ got back into his favorite position, and became the proverbial bull. Rita was grunting from the ‘rutting’ she was getting. When Biff finally came, Rita was in a sexual frenzy from the rough fucking he had given her… Biff strained hard, arched his back, and roared out loud when he started filling Rita up… And fill her up he did… When he pulled out, her pussy looked raw in the pale moonlight, and it looked like there was a river of cum dripping out of her stretched labia.

Ol’ Biff looked over at me and said, “There ya go, kid… it’s all yours.” I knew in an instant what he was talking about and just dove between Rita’s legs and started eating her out. I got all his cum I could get. Rita had another big climax from the twin sensations of a frantic, sex-starved boy eating out her cummy pussy, and when I looked up… she had her boyfriend’s thick cock deep in the back of her mouth.

“That’s what we did the rest of the night,” I told Ginger… Every time Rita’s boyfriend filled her up, I’d eat her out.” She asked me if I ever got to fuck Rita. I told her “of course not”. “Rita wanted to be “true” to her boyfriend, and definitely wouldn’t let me fuck her. – The only thing she would do was… give me a quick hand-job toward the end of the night.” – “The good thing,” I told Ginger… “was that they let me tag along with them a lot. Not every time, of course… but I bet I ate Rita out 20 or 30 times before she graduated and went off to the same college Biff attended.”

After she heard it all… she asked me point blank, if I really DID like ‘creampies’ that much. I assured her I did. There was silence between us… then she asked me if I’d like to do it again after she had been with some other guys. I didn’t have to think about it at all, and assured her, I would even pay her to let me eat her out. We talked about it a bit, and I told her that naturally, I expected her to use some discretion and not fuck anybody who would give me any kind of disease. She said she was pretty careful about that because she didn’t want to take anything back to her hubby.

So, one night, about two weeks later, I got a call on my cell phone, and it was her. She told me she was going to go meet one of her married clients, and that she had been with him before. She added that he was a big cummer, and squeaky clean. Then, she asked me if I had any interest. I told her my dick was already hard. – About an hour and a half later, I heard her wheels crunch in my driveway. When she came in, neither one of us did any preliminary talking at all. We went straight to the bedroom; she stripped out of her clothes, being careful not to lose any of the cum in her pussy.

Then, she lay back on the bed, spread her legs out wide, and used her fingers to spread open her pussy. When I saw it… I lost all control and ate her out, practically licking the underside of her belly-button. She had the same response as before and climaxed all over the bed. While she was still breathing hard, I shoved my brick-hard cock deep into her hot cunt and started long-dicking her while I let her taste the mixed juices from her pussy… We ‘cycled’ one more time before she begged me to stop.

After we got into the “after-sex” mood, and were relaxing with each other… she confessed that she had NEVER done anything so sexy in her life. Then she added, that when she went home, her husband was going to want to fuck her too. I told her she shouldn’t bother to clean up at all… adding that most men actually LIKE ‘sloppy-seconds’ and got off on knowing their “whore” had just fucked somebody else. She asked me if I was sure, and I told her, the truth,… “In my opinion, absolutely.” — She giggled a little then said she would give it a try. I asked her to give me a call the next day and tell me how it went.

When she called the next day, she said “You’re not going to believe it; my husband was WILD (her words) from knowing I had fucked somebody else…”  and then she added that: “They had made love better than they had since they first got married.”

So, from then on, we did it a lot. Not every night by any means. But we became telephone/texting pals, and every so often she would call me or text me, telling me she had an appointment with a ‘biggie’. We both knew it meant a “big cummer”… I was ALWAYS interested. I liked eating somebody else’s cum out of her pussy, and I liked knowing that when she left my place, her hubby was going to get a little taste of my ‘flavor’… I even liked paying her, she tried to turn it down, but I reassured her I LIKED her being my personal whore. –

So that’s what we did, (and still do…) I STILL get an erection (like right now) when I think about it.

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Sexual Dominance…

I like to give the people I fuck a reason to remember me, like a sore ass, or a bruised throat, or a ‘heated up’ (with my belt) ass. I’m not too much of a ‘plain vanilla’ type of guy; and I actually believe most people are tired of the “same ol’, same ol’” when they’re in the bedroom. – I want them to look back from some future date and remember the smile I put on their face. I want them to be in the middle of fucking their old, bald husband, and pick up the pace a little when they remember what it was like when I fucked them against their will (or at least their STATED will.)

One of my favorite conquests was a married lady named Ellen C. I met her at a company picnic one time. She was a little plump (which I like), a matronly-blond (which I also like) a bit haughty (which I DEFINITELY like) and all together the typical plump, ‘country-club’ type of woman you see so frequently. I knew from the instant I saw her that I was going to fuck her.

Ellen and I started flirting with each other a bit, at one of the picnic tables. I sat on one side, she sat on the other. We got to talking, actually about ‘BS-things’ concerning the company, the city we lived in, vacation plans, etc. I wasn’t interested at all in any of that. So, I got up from my side of the picnic table and went over to her side, straddling the bench, and sitting directly to the side of her. She actually didn’t know what to say, since it was so quick and kind of ‘personal’.

After I sat down, I snuggled in a little closer till my cloth-covered crotch was actually touching the side of her thigh. I already had a hard-on, and moved around so she could feel it press against her thigh. Without saying anything at all, I reached over in front of her, took her hand, and brought it over to my brick hard cock. Then I started squeezing my dick, with her hand.  – I leaned in to her ear and whispered, “We need to get out of here; — you want to take a break from this stupid picnic?” as I said it, I took my hand off hers (she kept squeezing my dick) and reached in front of her and cupped her breast through her blouse, squeezing and tweaking her nipple in the process.

She was a little breathless and said, “My husband will know if I leave.” I replied, “Hey, it may do him some good;  when was the last time he spread you out wide and fucked you good?” She made no reply and I pulled one side of her blouse out of her picnic pants, and eased my hand up inside her blouse, and then, up inside her bra… I was squeezing her breast and tweaking her nipple when I said, “You want me to fuck you on this picnic table, or do you want to go to a motel I know about, not too far from here? –

Then, without waiting for her to answer, I got up from the bench and started walking to the park’s parking lot. I looked back over my shoulder, and sure enough, she was looking around seeing if anyone had spotted her, as she continued to follow a significant distance behind me. I was already in my car when she walked up to my window. She was about to say something when I interrupted her with, “Get in the car, we don’t have a lot of time.” – She looked around carefully one more time, and then, walked around to the other side, and got in.

We went over to the motel and I fucked her for several hours. She was worried about what her husband would say, so I told her to pull her panties down and show him the present I left for him. – She called me the next day saying she DID get into a little trouble with her hubby for leaving the picnic, but she said she “gave him some”, and that seemed to calm him down. I asked her if he ate her out, and she said he did. I asked her if she took a shower before she fucked him, and she reminded me that I told her not to. Then, I asked her if she thought he knew that we had fucked. She said, “I’m pretty sure he did.” – So, before we hung up, I told her to meet me at the motel the following Thursday, that I wanted to fuck her again. She said, “I’m not sure I can get away.” I said, “You want me to ask your husband for you?” She assured me it wouldn’t be necessary. –

Sure enough, I heard tires crunching outside the motel room door, and I knew for sure, it was her. I was already in the nude, and when she softly knocked, I snatched open the door, and jerked her inside. Then I pinned her up against the motel door, lifted her up, and pulled her legs around my waist. She was wearing panties, but I just ripped them up and off in one quick movement and shoved my hard dick right up her wet pussy. I fucked her hard against the door, even rattling it. If someone was walking by outside,  they would have heard. After I came hard in her cunt, I dropped her down to the floor, spread her legs out wide and ate my cum out of her… Then I turned her over and butt-fucked her on the natty carpet of the dingy motel.

I liked looking at her sexy fat ass a lot; so in a moment of inspiration, I reached over to my pants hanging on a chair, pulled my belt out of the loops, folded it in half, and started whipping her fleshy ass. It took her totally by surprise and she moved her hands back to try to block the blows. I told her to, “Move your fucking hands out of the way, I’m going to whip your ass good.” – She did, – then I whipped her ass till there were multiple rosy-red welts all over her ass.

She was moaning a little, so I leaned down and started kissing the rosy welts I had left. It wasn’t long before I was tonguing her fat ass and she was pushing back against my face… I fingered her fat pussy while I ate her ass. She had a HUGE climax from the tongue in her ass and the thumb jammed up her cunt. We stopped to take a break and finally got up on the bed. I noticed her ass before she sat down and lay back beside me. “I take it that’s the first time you’ve ever had your ass whipped, right?” I said.  She looked over at me and said no one would have dared to do that to her. Then I asked her if she liked it. She smiled a sexy smile and said she did. I told her I might do it again if she gave me any problems… she assured me I would NEVER touch her ass again. (Yeah, right.)

After we rested and refreshed ourselves, I stood her up, leaned her forward so her hands were flat on the bed, and started spanking her with my hand. She tried to squirm away, so I sat down on the bed, pulled her over my lap, and spanked her ass good. My hand was red before I stopped. Then I started stroking up and down her ass-crack and her pussy. She was quivering with anticipation when I asked her how she wanted it… her muffled reply was, “in both my holes, fuck me in both my holes.” – (and I did.)

When we took another break, she said she needed to be back at her house before her husband got home. I asked her what time that was.  – “About 6:00”, she said. (I fucked her till about 9 o’clock that night.)  Before she left, I told her to make sure her hubby saw her red ass. – She called me the next day and told me he did.

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The Audition…

When I was in college, I ran around with a great guy named Burnie. We chased a lot of pussy together, drank a whiskey, dreamed a lot; and made plans for the future. Burnie was a phenome on campus, a ‘prince’, you might say. He was the son of rich parents, good looking, well-built, even well-hung. And.. he was a genuinely nice guy. Everybody liked him.

We shared our plans for the future frequently. I wanted to go into the military, the active part, not just for the glory either. I had grown up ‘rough’, and like the “rock ‘n roll” aspect of a ‘rowdy’ life that one can get in military service. I went on to be a Command Sergeant, active-duty, and led a “fire-team” into many ‘live-fire’ skirmishes.

Burnie, on the other hand, was already making plans to go to “Hollywood.” He was totally enthralled with the entertainment industry, at large. In his case, he was interested in the ‘production’ end, as opposed to the acting end. We were sitting around our rented house one day, having and beer, and talking about girls. It was pretty heady stuff; we were both groping our dicks through our jeans, just thinking about the sexy aspects of our future lives. There was a point of intensity, and Burnie said, right out of the blue, “Can you fucking imagine the pussy walking around in Hollywood? – Teenagers, young women, sexy forty-year-olds; hell, even the guys out there are good looking.”

Burnie and I had already progressed out of ‘high school’ sex; and had learned to appreciate sexy people of either gender, and most age groups. It turned out that our favorite group in college was those ravenous 40-year old women, whose husbands had lost interest in. It wasn’t unusual for one or the other of us, to go out looking for a sexy “married-lady”, (oddly enough, usually at a grocery store), and bring her back to the house, and fuck her all afternoon long.

Those older women were sex-starved, insatiable fuck-holes, who couldn’t get enough young cock. More than once, one would have to go home and make supper for ‘the old man’; then come back over to our place for some more sex. Almost every time, we would invite a couple of our friends over to enjoy ‘the feast’. We never told the lady in advance there was going to be more than just the two of us, and when she came in and saw 4 or 5 horny guys… the look on their face was spectacular. We ‘tag-teamed’ most of them into the wee hours of the night; and to our astonishment, most, always came back for more.

Too soon, graduation day came and Burnie and I went our separate ways. We really were “best-buds” and vowed to ‘stay in touch’ with each other. More than once, when I was in the military, and Burnie was in Hollywood, we got in touch with each other and arranged to meet at some exotic place, somewhere between the two of us. Burnie had progressed in the movie industry to where he had moderate power, and had a “say” in who got into various movies he was involved in. Because of his growing influence, he often brought a budding ‘starlet’, (or an equally appealing young guy,) with him. He “shared, and shared alike”; most of our get-togethers involved fucking whoever he brought along as many times as we wanted to… in private, or in groups.

After my military days were over, I moved to “the big city” and started my own career. One of the great “non-secrets” of any large city is that they are frequently a “stepping-stone” to Hollywood. It wasn’t unusual for Burnie to come out to ‘where I lived, and he and I would ‘sample’ the local talent; and enjoy the rest of what the city had to offer: whisky, gambling, entertainment… and let’s face it… the THE SEX. In the ‘big-apple’, whatever you could dream up, was usually available.

During the course of one of our conversations, he mentioned that if I ever saw anyone I’d like to recommend… I should make a short video, and send it over to him. He reminded me that the fabled, “Hollywood Casting Couch” was a real thing, and no one got into any of his movies without sucking him off, or fucking him. He said it didn’t make any difference which gender, that he liked guys as much as he liked girls. – Then he added, if you want to be my “Agent”, he would get me some business cards made up, and I could legitimately represent him, and then he grinned at me and said, “That ol’ Hollywood Casting Couch extends down to you, buddy.” He added, “Make them pay the price, if they can’t give you a blowjob for a valid Hollywood introduction, then ‘fuck ‘em’ I don’t want to consider them.”

Sure enough, several days later a box of cards arrived, with “Good luck” written on the outside. It wasn’t but about a week later that I saw a likely prospect, a young lady, wandering around shopping, on the strip. I decided to approach her, give her my talent-scout card, and ask her if I could buy her a cup of coffee. She was intrigued, we had a conversation about how great a career in the movie business would be, and I invited her over to my house to do a “test-video” the following week.

Now at that time, I had zero professional looking equipment, so I went out and bought a fairly expensive rig, two video cameras (one large, and one small,) some tripods, some lighting, and I got a video friend to show me how to use them. Then, on the appropriate day, she came over, and we talked. The cameras were already set up, and I started shooting her. When I asked her to unbutton a couple of buttons on her blouse, she refused, and actually seemed insulted. So, I tuned the cameras off and just told her: — “Look, you need to get a new understanding here if you’re going to get into the movie business. There are a lot of other girls who will show some skin; if you won’t, – then you won’t have any chance at all. Maybe you should take a couple of days and think it over.”

Well, she stood up, said she would take my advice and think about it for a while. Before she left I told her, “Don’t take too long, introductions like this don’t happen all the time; if you don’t do it…  ‘trust me’, I’ll find someone who will.” With that, she got in her car and left. I thought it would only take a couple of days, but it took two weeks.

I told her I was surprised to hear her voice when she called, and she said she’d like to come over and “re-do” her video. We determined a convenient time, and sure enough, she showed up and we had a pleasant, upbeat conversation. Finally, I switched on the lights, set the cameras and started shooting her. I wasn’t too far away from her when I said, “Honey, how about unbuttoning your blouse a little, let’s show ol’ Burnie what you’ve got.”  With that, she unbuttoned her top two buttons and moved her chest forward a little. I could tell she was getting into it a bit, so I told her to ‘poof’ up her hair some. She reached up with both hands and fluffed out her hair. Then, I decided to see if she had had a real change of heart, and told her, “You know, that blouse is actually in the way; what about taking it off and let’s get some shots of you in your bra.”

I knew that was a ‘make it, or break it moment’, and the camera still continued to roll as she faced her decision. She was still hesitant, so I said, “Tell you what, why don’t we finish the screen test, and I’ll give you the disk. Then you can decide what you want me to do with it, I can either send it to Burnie, or you can keep it, – your call.” – That seemed to satisfy her; and with that, she started unbuttoning the rest of her buttons. When she slipped it off, she folded it neatly and put it on the arm of the leather couch. I started shooting her again, zooming  in, here and there, different angles, different poses. Then I said, “Ok, let’s get your bra off and see what your breasts look like.”

I knew she would hesitate, and she did. So I said, “Look, this is no big deal, it’s just between you and me; let’s see your tits, if you decide you don’t want to send the vid, it’s yours to keep.” I made a little promise to myself that this was the last time I was going to try to talk her into doing anything. Either she was into it, or she wasn’t, period. I was pleased that she reached around behind her back and undid her bra. She held her cups onto her breasts for several seconds, and I filmed her face as she made her decision. Then, decision made, she took her bra-cups, set them on top of her blouse, and let her ample breasts swing freely.

To be honest, they WERE magnificent. She was a young girl, in her early 20s, and her pale breasts were plump, firm, with nice crinkly, rosy aureoles, and firm pink nipples about the size of a pencil eraser. I knew from past experience that most women’s nipples were practically wired to their pussy, and I hoped it was true in her case. So as I got a little closer with the cam, I told her to ‘pinch your nipples a little; tweak ‘em a bit, and make them hard.” – She did, I actually caught the slight intake of breath she gave, and the beginning of a rosier glow in her face. I backed up quite a bit, and told her to ‘stand up’. She did, then I said, “Move around for me a little, make those hooters you got, swing a little.” I could tell she liked the irreverent reference to her breasts, and then she started to dance. I knew a little lite rock music would help, so I went over to my stereo, and put a little of the saxophone of “Kenny-G” on. Sure enough, when she heard his sexy music, she started to ‘swing ‘em’. I’m guessing it was the first time in her life she had ever put on a show, and she was beginning to like it. Her breasts swung more freely, she put her hands over her head to emphasize her breasts, and when I said, “Shake ‘em”, she did. Gawd, what a sight. She went from an almost demure, timid young woman to a confident floor dancer who was proud of her breasts.

“Pinch your nipples, Kristen,” I said, and she reached up, cupped her full breasts and pinched her nipples hard. Immediately, her head flopped back, her mouth was open, and she started playing with her breasts on her own. It was erotic as hell to watch her move around the tile floor, fondling her own breasts, pinching and tweaking at her nipples, and my camera getting the whole thing. After I was satisfied she was into the full show, I said, “Kristen, unzip your skirt, let me see your panties.” – This time, she was actually eager to be free. She found her zipper, eased it down in a provocative manner, then used her thumbs to push her skirt over the flair of her hips. When it dropped to the floor, she stepped out of the skirt, reached down and picked it up, and put it on the arm of the chair with the rest of her clothes.

There she stood, practically a ‘Venus’, – firm breasts jutting out, nipples hard and distended, and a slight stain beginning to form on the vee of her pale blue panties… and she began to dance on her own. I said nothing… I just shot her from various angles as she danced around the floor. Then, I told her to turn her back to me; I wanted to ‘get a shot of your ass.’ – She turned around, looked over her shoulder at the camera, with a big, sexy ‘come-hither’ smile, and actually flexed her butt-muscles. It was incredibly sexy. “Bend over; Kristen… spread your legs a little.” She knew instinctively what I wanted, and bent from the waist, and spread her legs out at the same time. I zoomed in on her ass, and without even telling her, she brought a hand up between her legs and started playing with her pussy through the nylon of her panties; then… she started moving her ass around.

The more she moved her ass around… the more she played with her pussy… – the more she played with her pussy, the more she moved her ass around. It was like an erotic ‘vicious circle’… “Kristen,” I said, “Pull your panties to the side, let me see your pussy.” That was all it took, simple words if you think about it. Not an hour before, she was reluctant to unbutton two buttons on her blouse; now she was showing her pink pussy to the camera, and shaking her ass. “Play with it, Kristen, show me how hot your pussy is.” With that, Kristen plunged a finger deep in her vagina and started fucking herself with it. Her hips moved in time to the finger jabbing in and out of her hot cunt, and she knew the camera was focused on her. She could hear the faint whirr of the delicate motors as I zoomed in on her crotch.

The camera got an eyeful… the dew on her lips and hand was visible; the slight spasming of her hips as she fucked herself with her own fingers was obvious. “Go for it, Kristen… get yourself off, show the world what a hot pussy you’ve got.” And she did… She was in another world, fucking herself with slick fingers… stabbing them in and out of her liquid gash.

“Kristen, turn around, and push your pelvis forward; pull your pussy lips open, let me see how pink you are inside.” I said. – I knew this was another ‘make it or break it’ moment, but she didn’t hesitate at all. She pressed her pelvis toward the camera like it was an imaginary lover. Then, she pulled open her pink labia and showed the camera all she had. I walked over closer to her, and bent low, aiming the camera lens up to view what she definitely wanted to show. I turned the view-screen up toward my eyes so I could see what the camera was seeing. Kristen knew what I wanted, and she knew how to show it to me… I kept shooting while she hunched her cunt toward the camera. From the look on her face, it was obvious that if she could get the camera in her pussy, she would.

The more she hunched, the more turned on she got… she started squealing, mewing, ‘fucking’ for the camera. She spread her legs out wide and bent her knees so she could get closer to the probing eye of the lens… She was only a few inches from the face of the lens, when she pulled her pussy lips even further apart and totally exposed the inside of her pink pussy. I remember looking at the screen and thinking, “I’ve never seen more of anybody’s pussy than I’m seeing right now.” – That was when she went WAY over the edge. It was an unconscious act on her part… her hips were humping uncontrollably as if they had a mind of their own. She hunched her pelvis so hard, she actually lost her balance. I quickly guided her to the edge of the couch, and pushed her back on it. Then, she spread her legs to the max… fucked her pussy hard with her hand, and vibrated violently on the edge of the couch. One hand was in and out of her pussy; the other was violently clawing, pinching, and squeezing at her reddening breasts.

I got the whole thing on tape… the sexy jerks of her hips, the involuntary contractions of her pussy as it struggled for release, the full ‘body-blush’ of a scalding-hot woman in heat, who had just gone uncontrollably WAY over the edge, maybe for the first time in her life. I sat back on my leather chair and just watched her begin the process of calming down. Her hands were between her legs and she was actually soothing her pussy, trying to get it to calm down. Much like you would pet and soothe a wild animal, she knew she had lost all control and she wanted to regain her composure.

I knew some kind of covering would help, so I tossed her a nearby, ‘throw’, so she could use it to cover herself. She was still breathing heavy, and having involuntary, small ‘hip-jerks’ as she used the small throw to cover herself up. It didn’t take too much longer till she got her breath back and she began to regain her composure. The first thing out of her mouth was, “I am SO embarrassed; I can’t believe I did that.” – “Don’t be,” I said… then I added that, “That was one of the best displays of raw sexuality I’ve ever seen. You should be proud of yourself” I said… “Not every woman in the world can let themselves go to that extent. I’m glad we got it on tape.” — “Oh GOD!!” she said. “I forgot about that, you promised you wouldn’t show it to anybody without my permission.” I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep my promise; but tell you what, why don’t you just relax and let me put the vid up on my TV so you can get a look at yourself.” – She brought her hands to her face and said, “No, I don’t think so, I’d be too embarrassed.”

With that, I sat down beside her, put my arm around her, and pressed the play button on the remote. I have a big 72 inch screen TV, and all of a sudden, she popped into life, full view. She was mesmerized by her twin on the screen. I didn’t say anything at all… I didn’t have to. As the interview unfolded, it progressed from one sexy scene to another. When it got to the point where she bared her breasts, there was a short intake of breath from her. I moved the throw over to expose her breasts. I didn’t need to tell her what to do; she used her own hands on her tits, imitating what she saw herself do on the screen. I could tell her breath was getting a little shorter as she watched herself bend over and shake her ass. “Oh god” was all she said, as her sexy fingers slid up into the folds of her pink pussy and she began to fuck herself with them.

This time, it was my hand that slid down to the vee of her crotch. As Kristen watched, her scenes continue to unfold; it was my hand that slid up and down her dripping wet gash. I moved the hand over her shoulder down a bit and started pinching and tweaking her nipple. Then, as I eased a big thumb deep into her steaming pussy, I grabbed her tit, and started mauling it. It was too much for her. She started humping my thumb, and grabbing at her own titties.

There’s nothing in the world more sexy than driving a hot woman over the edge; and this woman was hotter than a fire cracker on the fourth of July! – I started to really thumb-fuck her as she watched herself on the screen. She spread her legs out to the max on her own, and started humping my thumb as it went in and out. I could feel the walls of her pussy contract on my thumb, trying to hold on to it, encouraging it to give more, more… “fill me up,” was what her pussy seemed to be saying. I knew my thumb wasn’t enough, so I pulled it out and formed a cone with my fingers, then I shoved them back in… Now, she had a little more satisfaction, now she could feel the beginning of a fist easing into her stretched pussy.

Most women have never been ‘fisted’, but most women, once they have… always come back for more. Kristen was staring at the screen when I got my hand part way inside her pussy. From the look on her face, I knew she wanted more. While she humped my hand and stared at the screen, I pushed harder and then it went in, I was past the large knuckles on my hand and I had filled her up. Her eyes were closed; she fucked and squeezed on the hand in her pussy. We both knew what was next… Unconsciously, she knew and I knew she would lose control and go over the edge, there was nothing either one of us could do about it.

I saw it first, the first uncontrollable jerk of her hips. She bit down on her bottom lip slightly as she felt the spasm. Then there was another… she started contracting. I could see the ripples in her abdomen as she started to uncontrollably fuck my fist. Her legs couldn’t have been any wider… she was literally fucking my fist like it was her own, private fucking machine, and she wanted to get all it had. Then… she was there, she was all over the couch, almost like she was trying to get my fist out of her pussy, and shove it up further into her at the same time. BOOM, BAM… Pow… she was popping… uncontrollably fucking my fist. She was the original Eve, in heat… fucking Adam’s fist… and I shoved it to her. I gave her all she wanted and then some. I made a fist inside her pussy, and fucked her with it. She held onto my wrist to get it all…. She went WAY over the edge this time… even further than she had on her own. She was a hot-whore, porn-star personified… she was all pussy and her pussy wanted to be FUCKED! – And she got it.

Afterward, I eased my hand out of her gaping hole and she gave a sigh of relief. In a few minutes more, she opened her eyes and smiled up at me. After catching her breath, she finally said, “That was THE BEST fuck I ever had in my life, ever.” I smiled down at her and told her I agreed with her, that I had never seen ANY woman as hot as she was.

We both regained our composure; she got her panties and bra back on, even her blouse and skirt. Then she sat on the couch and we talked. “What about the vid,” I said… “Do you want me to send it to Burnie?” She said, “Let me think about it first, I’ll let you know.” – Then she looked at her watch and said she had to get going.

As she was about to stand up, I said, “Do you want to see your vid of you fucking my fist?” – She looked astounded and sat back down. Then she said, “You filmed that??” I can’t believe you did that, I had no idea.” — I said, “Baby, I’ve got cameras all over this room,” – “You sure you don’t want to see it?” – She mumbled out, “I’ve really got to get going,” As she said it, I started rolling what I secretly shot. As Kristen watched the big TV, she saw her image again, this time she saw herself from a different angle, she saw a thumb in her cunt; the way an audience might see it. I eased her back on the couch and slid a hand up the inside of her bare thigh, and started stroking her nylon-covered pussy lightly with the knuckles of my hand. Then, as she watched…  her own legs spread further and further apart, I pushed her panties to the side and eased a couple of fingers in… “You sure you really have to go?” I asked. She made no reply at all as she watched the cone of my fingers on the screen, and felt the cone of my fingers starting to ease into her moist pussy.

She didn’t even bother to take any clothes off… I fucked her with my fist, or rather; she fucked my fist with her pussy, uncontrollably. This time every time she got close, I’d back off till she calmed down, then I’d resume fucking her. It was about an hour and a half later that I finally let her cum, and pulled my wrinkled hand out.

This time, after she calmed down, she got her clothes on and stood up. It was late in the afternoon, and she said she was supposed to meet her boyfriend almost an hour ago. I walked her out to her car, and she got in and rolled her window down. We smiled at each other, and I leaned down and gave her a peck on the lips, then I said, “Anytime, Kristen… anytime you want to get stretched out again, let me know.”

She smiled and waved as she drove away.

Sure enough, it was less than a week later when she called and asked if she could come over. I assured her it was ok, and I’d set the cameras up. When she got there, I started filming her. When I asked her to unbutton a couple of buttons, she smiled at the camera and said, “Glad to…” – that time, we took our time and I fist-fucked her, butt-fucked her, ate her ass, and she sucked me off… ALL… while the cameras whirred. She was still hotter than a fire cracker, and I lit her fuse and watched her explode.  – That time, I sent the tape to Burnie.

I hope you got off on that, I know I did…  Tell me what you think. Did that make any of my readers cum?


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Missing Out on Life…

I had a girlfriend one time whose biggest complaint was that she had missed out on a lot of sex. Her explanation was, she had been in school a lot, AND working a lot… AND… dating dumb guys… and just never did have much of an opportunity to “experiment”.

I don’t want to over-bore you here, but… – It wasn’t JUST that she had missed various sex-partners in her life… she said she had also missed some of the sexual ‘things’ she wanted to do. Things like “risky-sex”, meaning she may get caught in public doing something… So far, (with my guidance) she’s ‘exposed’ herself, like down at a major hotel, in the outside café they have there. –

What she did was wear a very short skirt, without any panties, and purposely made it easy for various people she spotted to see between her legs… — another time, we were at an out-of-the-way park, and we were in my car. We were sitting in a small park with no one around except on older teenager, probably 17, or so. Anyway, he had a skateboard with him, and it was just him, and the two of us. – I asked her if she would be interested in maybe blowing him, or at least giving him a hand job. (It helps the visual here, to know that I had been fingering her pussy while we sat in the car.) – She was all for it. (Big surprise, huh…)

So, I waved the guy over, (my GF still had her skirt hiked up…just b-a-r-e-l-y below the lips of her pussy)… When he came over to my side of the car, as you might expect, he was pretty suspicious. So, I could see he was looking past me, at her (she pulled the edge of her skirt up a little bit further…) – So I said, “Hey, there’s no one around, are you interested in a blowjob from my girlfriend here?” – All he could do was just stare, so I said, “Why don’t you go around to the other side, and I’ll keep watch.” – So he did… This time, he figured we must be real, so he opened her door, looked around to make sure no one was watching, stepped forward a bit, and pulled his baggy pants down.

My girlfriend immediately started jacking his hardening cock.. and very quickly, had his dick in her mouth. – She gets WAY off on giving blowjobs, (kinda goofy, as a matter of fact; sort of like she’s drugged) and it wasn’t very long till the kid had his hands holding on to the back of her head, and was feeding her some serious hot cock, literally, ‘face-fucking’ her, with his nuts bouncing off her chin. — When he came, my girlfriend had some involuntary hip-jerking movements of her own… kind of like a mini-climax, you might say.

She didn’t even let go of his dick and kept on sucking. I fingered her pussy, while she gave him one more (slower) blowjob… After his second cum, he pulled up his pants, looked around, and just moseyed on off, carrying his skateboard. — I love the taste of cum, and I immediately started kissing her, – tonguing all around to get some of the cum he had left in her mouth. (Then we drove back to the motel, and practically fucked ourselves to death.)

At that particular time, my girlfriend had never been fucked in the ass, in her life. I was doing some ‘anal-play’ with her one day, like reaching up under her skirt and probing her ass a little with my middle finger. (This was the first time she had ever let me get anything even partway inside; always before, it had been “too painful”,) as she loosened up a bit, I took my finger out, put my thumb in my mouth to make it nice and wet, and then, I reached back between her legs, and pushed my thumb up into her ass, and started ‘thumb-fucking’ her with it. Well, with her new attitude/outlook on sex, she started getting into it. It wasn’t too long before she had a serious, hip-jerking climax, fucking down on my thumb, as I jabbed it up into her ass.

After her climax, she had to sit down, she was so weak. We started talking about it, and she said she had ZERO idea that she could have a climax from “getting it” in the ass. I assured her that there were plenty of women, and men too… who preferred to get fucked in the ass. We actually had a pretty long discussion about it. (Obviously, after I fucked her in the ass) – As we calmed down and started talking even more about it, I told her she wouldn’t believe how sexy it is to have a 3-way, with her on her hands and knees, and one guy fucking her face, and another guy fucking her ass. I told her it was really one of the sexiest things a woman can do… to be the center of attention with two horny guys working her over.

Well, from the verbal description alone, she was dripping on the couch… (and we fucked again) – This time when we were done, I asked her if she wanted me to see if I could arrange a three-way for her sometime. She left no doubt that she would love to do something like that. So, we actually planned a weekend, got a room down at an upscale hotel, from Friday to Sunday. The first night, I went ‘trolling’ down in the hotel and café, to see if I could find a couple of guys… no luck.

So, the next night, we sat at one of those little café-tables, and my girlfriend was dressed a little more “sluttily”, with no panties. It took a while, but later on in the evening, I spied a couple of young guys who looked like they might have been “college-boys” from out of town, and looking for a “good-time” experience.

They were sitting at a table, gawking around, (looking at all the hostesses walking by, and making vulgar comments.) – So, I went over to their table and sat down. I’ve never been very shy, and before they could say much, I introduced myself, and pointed to where my chick was sitting… She gave a cute wave, and I asked them to join us. They were a ‘little’ apprehensive, but not an overly amount, and agreed to come over.

I ordered up some drinks, and the four of us started “visiting”. I had no intention of dragging it out too much, so after about fifteen minutes, I said, “You guys want to go upstairs and have a good time with my girlfriend here?” – Well, the looks on their faces were incredulous. They didn’t even reply… So I stood up, and said, “Come on, it’s ok, you’ll like it.” My “GF” (Ellen) and I stood up, they awkwardly did too… and we all four went over to the elevators, and up to our room.

When we got inside, Ellen sat on the couch, (in the middle) and I suggested to the two guys that they join her, (They figured out on their own, that they needed to be on either side of her.) We had some wine in the room, and I poured the three of them a healthy bathroom-glass full, and handed it to them. Ellen gets drunk pretty easily, and the two guys were already on their way before we even met them. So I said, “Hey Ellen, why don’t you unbutton your blouse a little, show these guys what nice tits you’ve got.” (Ellen really does have pretty attractive breasts, not saggy at all, almost a “C” cup, and VERY nice, taut nipples.)

Ellen was already liking all the attention; just from being in the same room with three horny guys leering at her; it was WAY sexy, (I could tell from the look on her face.) When her last button was undone, the guy on her right put a hand inside her open blouse and started feeling her tits… (Ellen is VERY nipple sensitive; I’ve told her more than once that her nipples are practically wired to her pussy.) When he noticed her response at the first nipple-twist; he leaned in and started kissing her… Then, the guy on her left wasted no time in reaching down and spreading her legs out nice and wide, and then fingering her wet pussy while he kissed and bit her other breast. It was a very sexy scene.

I’m a huge ‘voyeur’ and LOVED watching all the hot action that was going on in front of me. I wasted no time it taking my own pants and underwear completely off, – Then, I sat back, spread my knees out wide, and played with my cock and balls; and watched those two hot young studs paw all over Ellen.

It wasn’t long before they both had their dicks out too… I’ve got to tell you, it’s sexy as hell to be sitting naked on a chair, playing with your dick, and look over and see your girlfriend being practically tongue-fucked by two hot guys, WITH a throbbing dick in each of her hands. – The guys were obviously horny as hell, and the one on the right stood up, put a foot on the couch, and pulled Ellen’s mouth right onto his dick, and started skull-fucking her. The guy on the other side, got down on his knees, between her legs, pushed them out wide, and glued his mouth to her pussy.

You may not be aware of this… but, ALL guys (and most women) like to eat pussy. The guy with his dick in Ellen’s mouth couldn’t wait to change places with the guy eating her pussy; (vice versa, too.) So, they swapped places and mauled her over some more. Things were building nicely when the guy fucking her mouth, got her down on the floor, so the guy behind her had some easy access to her ass and pussy. Ellen was on her hands and knees, taking an easily seven inch cock into her mouth. The guy behind her was a little bit bigger, and when he used his knees to spread her legs out even further… Ellen actually shivered in anticipation. – THEN… BAM… he shoved his big cock home, all the way to the hilt… Ellen actually gave out a laud, sexual moan when she felt his big piece of meat go in.

The guy on the front knew what had just happened, and started deep-throating Ellen in time to the guy’s thrusts from behind. I believe those two had her skewered so tight, they could have probably lifted her off the floor with their dicks. In and out, over and over… When the guy in the back drove forward with his dick, he actually impaled her onto the guy’s dick in front. Then, when the guy in front shoved forward (I could actually see Ellen’s throat bulge a little from the hard thrust), he impaled her pussy onto his friend’s thick cock. Ellen was in “sex-heaven” getting fucked royally from both ends. All three of them were TOTALLY involved in their three-way, and were paying zero attention to me (Which was fine with me.)

Just like the “pussy-eating” thing I was telling you about above… from a guy’s point of view, if you’re fucking the mouth, what you REALLY want is to fuck some pussy. Same with the guy in the back, I could tell from the look on his face, he wanted some raunchy head; so… without even saying anything to each other, they turned Ellen around and resumed what they had been doing, each with his now-preferred hole. One other thing, if a guy’s fucking you in your pussy, I GUARANTEE you, he wants to fuck you in your ass. I was hoping that would be the case with the guy behind Ellen.

Sure enough, in just a minute or two more, he pulled his slick dick out of her pussy, placed the wet head in the middle of her anal ring, and pushed into her. Ellen actually gave a VERY guttural moan when she felt the big cock sliding into her ass; we ALL heard her. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever heard. The moan, the raw “Need”… of getting a hot cock shoved up your ass, WHILE a different hot cock is shoved down your throat…

Ellen’s skin was actually turning a light red, from the twin fucking she was getting. She’s pretty loud when she’s in heat, and as the two guys kept fucking her, timing it… fucking deep, (I mean REALLY deep) in and out of her; Ellen started arching her back upward because her hips were unconsciously convulsing in a series of mini-climaxes, as the two guys pummeled her. The guy fucking her mouth reached under her and started twisting and pulling on her nipples, hard… That did it… Ellen started practically screaming from the (too intense) sexual pressure. Her pussy started squirting, her pelvis looked like it had a mind of its own, and was fucking back hard on the dick speared in it. —Her scream was muffled somewhat by the big dick jammed down her throat… then… the guys came!! And I mean C-A-M-E!

Those guys had been horny before we even met them… they had “built-up” cum from just thinking about coming to the city. Now, both were practically ‘gang-raping’ a horny bitch, WITH her boyfriend watching and jacking his cock. The hot steamy cum actually rolled out of Ellen’s mouth and dripped onto the floor… the guy behind had reached up to Ellen’s shoulders so he could jerk her backward, and cum up inside her ass, as far as he could get it… they all three climaxed like that, almost in slow-motion, trying to get every decadent, depraved feeling they could out of it.

Finally, and I mean FINALLY… they all started to slow down… they actually stopped fucking pretty much in unison. They guy behind, slumped backward, and his sloppy dick was still throbbing a bit, with my girlfriend’s pussy juices glistening on it. – The guy in the front slumped backward the same way… Ellen had a big glob of cum in her mouth and was swirling it around to get all the enjoyment she could before she swallowed it down… “Ellen,” I said, “Turn around, I want to see your ass…” She knew what I wanted to see, and turned her ass toward me.

Her asshole was gaped open wide, with copious amount of white, sticky cum dripping out… and running down her leg.  I beat my meat even harder from the sexy sight of some stranger’s cum dripping out of her ass, and then, I too… had a roaring ejaculation. Ellen LOVES facials and I jumped up, and finished beating off all over her face. She looked practically ‘hypnoed’ from all the hot cum on her face, and took her hand and moved my cum over to her mouth, and swallowed it down… she likes to “clean me up” after I shoot, and she leaned over and started licking all over my cock, getting any cum-morsels that might be there.

The guy who had fucked her from behind was already recovering, and he got up on the couch and pulled Ellen up with him, so that she straddled his lap. She reached between her legs and guided his cock up into her sopping pussy… then, she started fucking him.  Me and the other guy just watched as the two of them went at it. When he came, the guy who was watching, went over to the couch, and took his place… Ellen really IS a slut when she gets going, and can’t get enough cock. She fucked him royally till he dropped a nice load way deep into her sloppy pussy.

Then, she rolled off his lap and onto the couch. She spread her legs wide open so I could see all the sticky cum dripping out of her steamy slit. Her pussy actually looked sort of raw from all the fucking she had gotten. – It was an invitation to me, and we both knew it… I’m almost as much of a cum-whore as she is… and I went over, dropped down between her legs, pushed her back on the couch; then, I lifted her legs up and spread them out wide. I liked what I saw… her spread-open cunt, her clit still throbbing, practically begging for more attention… and all that hot, thick, sexy lingering cum… I was uncontrollable; I leaned in and ate her out like a cheap New Orleans whore… I got all those mixed juices all over my face. I glistened from the mixed, sexy fluids that were seeping out of her hot pussy.

I had her throbbing clit in my mouth and was sucking on it when she started climaxing again. When I looked up… I saw her head turned to the side, and a hot cock sliding in and out of her mouth. The other guy was on the opposite side, jacking his cock, and waiting his turn. Ellen alternated sucking each dick; while I was below, lustily eating all the cum I could find… I had my nose buried in her pubic hair, and my tongue stuck as far up inside her cunt as I could get it. I could feel her cunt-walls actually squeeze on my probing tongue, as I tongue-fucked her as deep as I possibly could.

It was a long, satisfying night… We did everything four people can do… The sexy smells in the room were fantastic. The sweaty bodies… the whore-like aroma of people perpetually fucking… the stale cum, the pussy-stained sheets… the “dropping” of all pretense, to enjoy ‘doing’ or ‘watching’… all of it was just too, too… sexy.

“Bacchanal” was the best thing to call it. Roman orgy was a good description as well. We all ‘defined’ sex that night; and I really did feel like that was what it must  have been like in ancient Rome… Fucking, sucking, licking, kissing… all ‘decadent’ beyond our wildest dreams.

As the night wore on, the three of them got drunker and drunker and sexier and sexier… We ‘tag-teamed’ Ellen, one rolling off, the other rolling on… in her ass… in her pussy… in her mouth… We ate… and fucked… sucked any of us every way we could think of till the wee hours of the morning.

No joke, it really WAS one of the sexiest evenings I’ve ever had. Ellen stayed in ‘sex / fuck / suck / horny / wanton’ heaven most of the night. – She told me the next day that her pussy, AND her ass was sore. (She told me with a nice smile on her face.)

I hope you got off on that, I know I did…  Tell me what you think. Did that make any of my readers cum?


Oh by the way, here’s the link to some of my work:

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I’m ‘Baaaack…’

Hey, sorry about not communicating with you for a while, but here’s the deal… this REALLY IS an actual blog, and I really DO – do things all of you do. Things like: go on vacation, trips, have real-life, every-day experiences, and CERTAINLY have sexual experiences. Sometimes I write on my blog and sometimes I don’t.

Interestingly enough, I GOT a LOT of email from people asking to make my blog more like a diary; a ‘narrative’, you might say. So, I thought about that during my recent sabbatical and decided it was a good idea.

So here’s the deal, I’m going to do more “talking” to you in my blog, a ‘narrative’ you might say. I actually prefer it that way, and to be honest, I LOVE to share my adventures. The title of my blog, “This Erotic Life” really IS true. From my earliest days, (a sexual experience on one side of the street at nine, and a parallel sexual experience on the other side of the street at eleven) set the stage for the “pursuit” of pleasure. When people ask me about my personal philosophy, I tell them I’m a “hedonist”. I’ve got news for you, I think the pursuit of pleasure is a very good thing.

Being a ‘hedonist’ doesn’t mean that one has to ‘take advantage’ of other people. Actually, in my hedonistic pursuit, what I actually did was LIBERATE some people, (both genders) along the way. – I got them to think outside the box and “enjoy” the moment they were actually in.

To me, (as a hedonist) SEX is a very important topic. At the basic level, I think “sex”… and I mean “ALL” sex is fundamentally ‘good’. What that means is… the “friction” part of sex is good; i.e., it “feels” good. – Various women, over the years have told me how “good” it feels to have a hot cock ‘sliding’ in and out of their pussy, ass, or mouth. Guys on the ‘guy’ side of the street have said essentially the same thing. They LIKE the ‘friction’ aspect of a cock in their mouth, or a dick in their ass…

I’ve been a participating student of sex for a long time… and I know for SURE that I liked sucking a guy’s dick back when I was growing up. And, I like it JUST AS MUCH these days. When I was eleven, my aunt introduced me to “girl-sex” and I liked it equally well. I didn’t have much of a dick when I was eleven, so my aunt would positioned me down on my knees, between her legs and I would eat her out… (a LOT.) …. And, she ALSO used to straddle my face and use my face and mouth like her personal dildo… Hey, I LOVED it… I liked the ‘friction’ part, and especially all the ‘juiciness’ involved. Her climaxes while she sat on my face – were MEMORABLE.

I think I’ve been EXTREMELY lucky to have had such vivid experiences on both sides of the street, at such a young age… To me, there’s nothing sexier than eating out a hot pussy… EXCEPT sucking off a hot cock. – I could say it in reverse, and start with, “To me, there’s nothing sexier than sucking off a hot cock… EXCEPT eating out some hot pussy.” See what I mean?; they are almost interchangeable. It’s been that way (happily) all my life. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without pussy… any more than I would want to live in a world without cock.

Then; there’s the “cum” aspect… “CUM” is almost the “life-blood” of all existence. Think about it… the world wouldn’t actually exist if it wasn’t for cum. People have been giving and receiving cum for a LONG time. In the world of “sexuality” it’s not just the transference of genetic material to create another human being…It’s WAY more complicated and involved than that for we Homo-Sapiens. — (The word “homo-sapien” actually means: ‘thinking-man’) and “think” we do. — STAYING with the subject of “cum”… cum, is certainly the “transportation-system” of reproductive sex, for sure. But from a guy-to-guy point of view (since guys don’t reproduce) – cum must be WAY more important than just a conveyance.

I’ve had sex with both girls and guys over a lot of years and RARELY has ANYBODY (from either gender) not expressed a HUGE interest in actual cum. I know for SURE that one of my younger GFs talks about how good it feels in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass… But, she isn’t the only one to tell me that… I dated a middle-age lady named Linda one time, and she said… “I would never tell anybody this, because I wouldn’t want it to get out… but really and truly…(she continued), I like cum so much, that I would suck anybody’s dick if they just simply asked me…” Then, she gave a soft chuckle, and continued, “Wow, if they only knew.”

It’s the same with guys… I seduced this guy named “Timothy” (he didn’t like to be called ‘Tim’) back when I lived in the midwest. He was engaged, a SERIOUS, CHURCH-GOING Christian, and told me FREQUENTLY he had ZERO interest in guys. We worked together at a large corporation, in the computer-area… and one night, we were in the computer-lab working on a major computer-server upgrade. We got to talking about sex (it wasn’t unusual), and I got so turned on, that I decided to “DO” something about “the situation”.

Timothy was sitting on a folding chair about five feet away from where I was standing. I already knew (for sure) that the only people in the building was just the two of us; so, “WTF”, I walked over and positioned myself so I was standing directly in front of Timothy.
I just stood there at first, because I knew that what I was about to do could get me in trouble, maybe fired, and heck, who knows… maybe even in trouble with the ‘law’.

Sex is a powerful thing… Timothy looked up at me, kind of surprised at what was ‘going on’, and when he looked up, I unzipped my pants and pulled (with some effort) my already hardening cock out. It hadn’t been out more than 10 seconds till it was TOTALLY rigid, throbbing, and already leaking some pre-cum, (I was that turned on.)

My cock was probably only six or seven inches from Timothy’s face. He was literally just staring at it. (He told me later it was the first erect cock, from another guy, he had ever seen in his life.) So, I put my left foot up on the edge of the folding chair he was sitting on… and my left hand behind his head… then I pulled his face forward so his mouth was literally directly in front of my leaking cock. Then I put my right hand around my thick dick, and started ‘massaging’ his lips and mouth with the wet end of my dick-head.

Timothy made no move to resist at all…. He didn’t turn his head sideways, or try to pull away… When I pressed my hips forward, he just opened his mouth and let my cock slide in. I fucked in and out of his mouth for maybe 10 thrusts… and then, Timothy started sucking on his own. All of a sudden, he couldn’t get enough cock. I was seriously turned on, maybe even too much, and it didn’t take me long at all to cum. Maybe like two minutes. When I came, it was like a ton, I mean maybe like half a cup. I held on to Timothy’s head to make sure he didn’t pull away. — But get this… it wasn’t necessary at all.

When that first taste of hot cum hit his mouth, he LIKED it… he started voraciously eating it. His nose flared, he started moaning, and he swallowed every hot drop of cum he could get to. He licked and sucked me clean in the process; “balls and all.” It was almost like he was “possessed.” He worked my cock and nutsack over like he had been sucking cock for years. When I pulled out, Timothy had his eyes closed and was actually savoring the last vestiges of my cum lingering in his mouth.

I zipped up, and went back over to where I had been, and sat down on the folding chair there. Neither one of us said anything at first, and in a minute or two, I said, “Well, Timothy… what do you think about giving your first blowjob?” (Hey, not too original, I admit… but I really didn’t know WHAT to say; I still wasn’t positive that he wouldn’t try to get me fired; (at least.)) He waited a minute or two before he said anything (he had always been “thoughtful” like that); and then he said, “I had no idea it would be like that. The sucking part was really good, I really liked it.” Then he added, “But the ‘cum-part’ was the best part. God that was good… no wonder girl’s like it so much.”

Whew, that was good news, and I told him so. He told me I didn’t have anything to worry about at all. I told him I was grateful, and really DID appreciate him giving me such good ‘head’. He said “You’re welcome, I guess…” – Hey, I had cum pretty quickly and was still horny; so I said, “You know, Timothy… no one is around at all, and won’t be coming in till in the morning; we can do it again, if you’re interested.” – He looked over at me; he still had a bit of a cummy-sheen on his lips and said, “Good point, let’s do.”

So this time, (I like ALL the visual aspects and “drama” of sex) I went over to where Timothy was still sitting, and just stood in front of him. He got the message almost instantly. Instead of me unzipping my pants, he reached up and pulled the zipper down. I wanted a leisurely, enjoyable blowjob the second time; so after Timothy unzipped my pants and got my hard cock out… I slipped my shoes off, unbuckled my pants and took everything off… Except for my socks, I was totally naked from the waist down.

We both seemed to like the sexy situation we were in… and I spread my legs out a little wider so my cock was more in line with Timothy’s mouth. Like before, I put a hand behind his head and eased his face forward. Then, this time, I really DID give him a dick-massage, all over his face. But, it was his mouth I wanted, (just as much as he wanted a cock in it) – So, with not too much more ‘foreplay’, I put my cock on Timothy’s lower lip, and he sucked it in.

We both took our time… to savor the situation. I wanted to take it nice and slow, and thankfully, so did Timothy. That second blowjob took about 20 minutes, and I came way back in the back of his mouth. In the process of showing Timothy the finer aspects of sucking a guy’s cock… I also showed him how to ‘deep-throat’. When I came, I was way back in his mouth, but not too far back; I didn’t want to gag him (but, for sure, that CAN be sexy as hell; a dick spurting off, almost as far in as it can go; “gagging” you… can be a huge turn on.” But, I knew for sure, that was too early for Timothy. So I settled’ (SETTLED??) for just a nice slow blowjob, (two more times.)

Finally, I told Timothy I couldn’t cum anymore… he actually looked a little disappointed. We went back to work on the server-upgrade, and finished the job. We went out to our separate cars at about 3:00 in the morning, and I asked Timothy if he would like to come over to my place the following Friday night. He said, he had a date with Dawn (who he later married), and couldn’t make it. So, I reached down and cupped my crotch suggestively, and said, “How about Saturday night?… in fact, that would even be better”.

“Come over Saturday night and I’ll show you what it feels like to have a dick in your ass,” I said. Timothy’s immediate reply was, “No thanks, I don’t think so.” So, I reached between his legs and started playing with his cloth-covered dick and nuts. I could feel him getting hard, so I said, “Timothy, you said the same thing about blowjobs, that you had no interest in it at all. Guess what; you sucked me off tonight till I couldn’t get it up anymore. Trust me on this… you’re going to like a dick in your ass as much as you like one in your mouth.” – He came over that following Saturday night, and I fucked him several times before he left… He agreed… He DID like a dick in his ass as much as he did in his mouth.

From then on (till he got married and had kids) he sucked me off a lot, and I fucked him a lot. I saw him when I was back in the Midwest not too long ago; and we went over to an out-of-the-way motel and renewed old memories. Timothy was a great fuck; (and a great suck.)

That’s kind of the point of the cum-angle… CUM is the lubricant of life. I don’t think any of us can live without it. Obviously, it’s true from a ‘biological’ point of view, for sure. But what I’m really getting at is the “sexual-elixir” of cum. I bet I’ve had sex with several hundred women over the course of my life (not bragging, just sharing.) I never met even one who didn’t have at least some appreciation of the finer aspects of cum… (To a greater of lesser degree, naturally.)

I haven’t had the same amount of sex with guys, because I naturally lean toward the ‘girl-side’ of life. But, I have had sex with guys (at least SOME kind of sex; like jacking off, blowjobs, or anal), probably about 50 times (I’m guessing of course) – I’m no “dick-whore’ for sure… but I DO like a sexy cock, AND…a sexy “cock-situation.”

Sucking off young guys, like ‘computer-nerds’ who barely have actual sex (mostly, they just beat off over some porn they’ve down-loaded) or married guys, (who strangely enough don’t get ‘enough’ pussy at home) are probably my favorite situations. You’d be surprised at how many times a horny married guy can cum. — Or the look on a computer-nerd’s face when he feels an actual mouth on his cock, or a dick in his ass… is incredible.

So what’s the “common-denominator” in all this?… for EVERYBODY… both ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’? – Well, it’s the cum, of course. Throughout my life from my first taste, I liked it. I’ve never met anybody of either gender who wasn’t a ‘cum-whore’ to “some” degree. And guess what? – I think that’s good.

I know for sure that ‘cum’ keeps me young. Sure, I go to the gym and eat right because exercise and nutrition are obviously important… But, I also go on ‘longish’ motorcycle rides every now and then, to get some strange pussy, and suck some ‘strange’ cock. The “ANTICIPATION” of the sex and cum I get on my trips is almost ‘magical’ and makes me fuck my girlfriend more. A significant plus is… she ALSO likes to hear about my sexy ‘adventures’.

More than once, I’ve called her up and told her all the gory little details of who I just fucked, sucked, or who sucked me off. Get this, she actually goes and relaxes in her favorite ‘sex-chair’, spreads her legs out wide and plays with her pussy while I tell her the intimate details. She ALWAYS has a serious climax when I tell her; – ESPECIALLY about the cum part.

To her own credit, She’s in her mid-40s and she lets two young, teenage guys (who work at a local food store) fuck her when I’m out of town. She says that: “Just like you guys, I like the “young-stuff” too. She also fucks another female friend of hers named Nicole. For sure, I like it just as much when she tells me all about fucking the guys (especially if it’s a three-way)…

She says being on her knees, with a cock in the back of her throat, (she LIKES the ‘gaggy’ part of giving head)… and a cock up her ass; is almost like heaven. She said that when both the guys cum, (sometimes at the same time), she almost has a “sexual-seizure” over it. She said she feels close to the same way when she’s got her face wedged up in Nicole’s pussy, eating her out. — She said that Nicole (who’s married) has “wild” climaxes like she does… (grabbing her hair, and face-fucking her with her pussy).

Over the years, I feel like I’ve learned a LOT about sex in general. From nine, to now, it’s all been good, and VERY educational. What do I think I’ve learned? Well…. There’s very little difference between the genders. Guys like sex with girls, but they almost all have some kind of secret sex with other guys. – Girls are the same way… they obviously like to have sex with guys, but they too… ‘get it on’ privately with various other women in their life.

The REAL ‘common-denominator’ is the actual cum… almost everybody I talked to over the years, used part of the conversation to tell me about ‘the cum’… It could be the amount, the taste, the ‘slipperiness’, the texture, even the ‘smell’; but one thing was obviously clear… It was THE CUM that made all the difference. And you know what, they’re all right… I agree… I’ve eaten a lot of cum, but I’ve also let a lot of other people have some of mine from fucking, sucking, or even jerking me off (which I like a LOT) –

NO ONE, was ever ‘repulsed’ or turned off… they/we… all like the cum part.

So, tell me what you think; – should I continue my narrative with you folks? Let me know.


PS – Oh by the way, here’s the link to some of my work:


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As Elvis Once Said: “Thankya, – Thankya Very Much”

Seriously, I really DO appreciate your many compliments and support. I have some more good news for you, – Amazon has accepted one of my books for publication; here’s the link:

This week’s new story is called: “Incest: How Much Actually Goes On.”  The story presents three, different ‘incest’ stories: a mother and her son, Ginger and her son, and Lisa and her daughter, Pam. All three are lusty, carnal, and of course, VERY provocative. – Once again, I look forward to your feedback.

So, with continued pride and pleasure, I give you…”Incest: How Much Actually Goes On” –

Chapter 1

Incest is one of the most talked about subjects in erotic sexuality. I’ve actually had 3 different incest experiences. I had several with my mother. Then, after I left home, I got together with Lisa, who was involved with her daughter, Pam… and also with Ginger, who was having sex with her son, Ethan.

To be honest, I obviously knew I shouldn’t be having sex with my mother; and thought it was pretty unusual to meet ANY other person who was having sex within their immediate family. THEN… to meet two others pretty quickly, well it got me to thinking; and wondering just how common inter-family sex is.

Concerning my own situation with my mom, here’s what happened. The first time we became sexually aware of each other, I was a 16 year old wrestler in high school. My mother and father lived in the same house, but they didn’t actually talk to each other very much. We were a ‘farm-family’ and my father kind of considered my mother ‘part of the farm’ you might say. He DID have sex with her; in fact, it happened every Saturday morning around 6:00am. My room was next to theirs, and I could hear the bed begin to make a light squeaking sound as the sun began to rise. It usually lasted about 3 minutes or so, then I’d hear the rustling of my dad getting dressed and he’d drive off to have breakfast with his buds at a local café.

My mom’s name was Carol and our first time was one Sunday afternoon in the fall. My dad had gone out of town on a fishing trip with some of his friends, so we had the house to ourselves. What happened was that my mother and I were sitting in the living room watching some boring football game. She was a pretty attractive woman, even though she was in her early 40’s, with a plumpish body, medium-sized breasts, and a bit of an ass on her. 

We were on the couch, watching the game. She was wearing a dark blue turtle-neck sweater that covered everything on her top; and tight-fitting farm-jeans from her waist down. I was in my usual tee-shirt and gym shorts (with no underwear.) I was a wrestler, and because of that, I had a pretty muscular body that stood out well. It was actually pretty innocent… starting out. My mom got up to get something off the floor, and when she bent over, I was impressed at what a good looking ass she had. We had always been on friendly terms, so I jokingly said, “Mom, do you know you’ve got a great ass?” She raised up, and even blushed a little. Then she turned toward me and said, “Well, in my day, I DID get a compliment or two…” then she sat back down on the couch to watch the game.

In a minute or two more, I was surprised to hear her say, “You know, you’ve filled out well yourself, wrestling has been good for you.” That was the first time my mother had ever said anything about my body. Then, she added, “I bet the girls are all over you.” Well, to be honest, it really wasn’t true, and I told her so. And I added, “I guess I’m too shy, they don’t pay too much attention to me.”  There was total silence between us. After a few minutes, I told her there was a homecoming dance coming up before long, and she asked me if I was going to take someone. I told her I didn’t think so, because I was too shy, plus I didn’t know how to dance. She perked up at hearing that, and said that she could teach me. 

Well, to be honest, I DID want to learn how, and I immediately liked the idea. So mom turned the TV off, moved the coffee table back out of the way, and pulled me up off the couch. Then, we started to move around together, in slow steps. She said it was easier to learn slow-dancing first, so we danced (more like, ‘moved around’) to several old songs. The thing was, I could feel my mom’s soft breasts through her thin sweater and my worn shirt. It was pretty sexy and I started getting a hard-on. I was embarrassed, (as you might imagine), and tried to move my hips back a little so she wouldn’t know what was happening. That put me in an awkward position and my mom said, “Straighten up” and then she put her hand around my waist to pull my hips in toward hers.

That’s when she felt the hardness of my dick pressing up against her body. I don’t have a giant dick or anything, but it IS a good solid seven inches, and was at full erection from the close dancing we were doing. My mother obviously knew what my situation was and said, “Maybe we had better sit down,” and we did. Both of us were in total silence as we sat on the couch; — then out of the blue, my mother said, “I think the girls are going to like you.” She blushed a little when she said it, and my dick actually throbbed a little at hearing her words. There was more silence between us and then, I surprised myself by saying, “I wish I could take you to the dance.” My mom turned toward me and said, “That’s a sweet thing to say.” Almost immediately, I straightened up from my slumped position on the couch and said, “No really, mom… you’re one of the sexiest girls I know.”

I said it a little too enthusiastically, and my mom and I both knew it.  I saw her eyes glance down toward my shorts and was horrified to see the head of my hard dick peeking out from under the leg of my gym shorts. She immediately stood up and started to walk away toward our kitchen. I couldn’t help myself and by now had a full blown hard on. I stood up and grabbed her hand just as she turned away and pulled her back toward me. She got a little closer and we started to dance again. “We really shouldn’t do this, you know,” my mom said; but I pulled her close to me so I could feel her breasts pressing against me again.

This time, we moved a little better with each other and neither one of us minded that my dick was steel-hard and pressing against my mom’s body. As we moved around the room slowly, I reached around her and cupped the cheeks of her ass in my hands. She took a big intake of breath when she felt my hands on her ass, and pressed her pelvis harder toward my body. We were both ‘letting our hair down’ with each other, and knew what we were doing. I was looking down at my mom’s face as we danced, and she was looking eagerly up at mine. Suddenly, to my surprise, I felt her hand on the thin fabric of my gym shorts. I was totally turned on by the realization that my own mother was feeling the outline of my hard dick through the thin nylon of my shorts. “Oh god,” was all I could say as she squeezed my dick, and I squeezed her ass-cheeks in return.

We danced around the room, a few more minutes that way, and then I felt the bare skin of my mother’s hand on the satiny steel hardness of my throbbing cock. I actually shivered from the sexy ‘skin-to-skin’ touch, and unconsciously thrust my pelvis forward a little, toward my mother as she gripped my dick. I… actually… well, we BOTH were gone, and probably couldn’t have stopped ourselves, even if we wanted to. I turned my face down toward my mom’s, and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth was slightly open, and I felt her wet tongue dart into my mouth. We danced a little more like that… my mom’s hand squeezing my cock, and my own hands caressing her ass.

I was practically ready to shoot off in her hand as we danced, and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to reach up and start playing with her breasts on the outside of her sweater. It was awkward at first, because even as she held on to my dick, she tried to move my roving hands away from her tits. It was almost like a contradiction, with her kissing me, (deeply), holding on to my dick like it was some kind of a ‘sex-rod’ or something, and then, fighting back to keep my hands away from her tits.

By this time, I was WAY turned on and had no intention of not going further. So, I let go of her ass and grabbed the bottom of her sweater and started pulling it up over her head. She struggled to keep my hands down, but, it was futile, and in one swift movement, I had her hands up, her sweater off, and her bra-covered tits pressed close to my chest. It was incredibly sexy to look down and see the tops of my mom’s breasts jiggle as they were caressed by her flimsy bra cups.

I put my arms around her and my hands found the clasp of her bra. I started trying to get it unsnapped when I heard her say softly, “Please don’t.” – But, I was too far gone to stop; and in a second or two more, I had her bra-snap unfastened and her bra-cups fell easily away from her luscious tits. I grabbed her bra and pulled it down and off. Then, I pulled her body close to me and felt her naked tits press against me. It wasn’t but a second more that I had my own shirt off and this time, I felt her naked breasts against my skin.

Gawdddd… I was turned on. My dick was pulsing in my mother’s hand, her sexy breasts were pressing up against me; we danced a very slow dance as if we were one. I reached a hand up between us and tweaked her hard nipples. She groaned when I did it. I cupped her breast and leaned down to take her nipple into my mouth. She put her hand on the back of my head and pressed my mouth hard onto her distended nipple. I could feel her thumb make soft circles on the pre-cum that was leaking out of the top of my dick. The whole scene was super sexy. I kissed and tweaked her nipples a few more times; then reached a little lower and started fumbling with the belt that was encircling her jeans. She knew instantly what I was trying to do and held onto my hands to keep me from doing it. But, I had no intention of stopping, and in a minute or two more, I had her pants undone, and was pushing them down her legs.

She was just standing there in nothing but her panties. She was still holding my dick as my hand cupped her pussy mound. My middle finger lightly stroked the moist crease in her panties as she started a slow jacking motion, up and down on my cock. I wanted more, and guided her over to the couch. We sat down on it, and she immediately put her head in my lap and started sucking on my dick. I was SO fucking horny from all the stimulation; I came almost instantly, and shot a huge load as far into the back of her mouth as I could get it. She lingered at my dick for quite a while, enjoying the slick stickiness of everything she could find there.

It wasn’t long before I was hard again, and this time I pushed her back on the couch and got down between her legs and started eating her pussy. I had her heels up on the edge of the couch and her knees out as far as they would go. I slavered her pussy; I stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as I could get it. I leaned lower and ate her ass… then I went back to where I had been… and ate her pussy for about 15 minutes. She had two quick climaxes, but I never stopped. After I ate her out to one more climax, where her legs were sticking out straight, and quivering, I raised up and shoved my dick forward, impaling it in her cunt. I leaned down and kissed her hard so she could taste my pussy-covered tongue. She sucked my tongue deep into her mouth as I plunged madly in and out of her cunt. I grabbed her legs behind the knees and was practically doing push-ups in and out of her gaping pussy. It was too much intensity for both of us and I let go of a scalding hot squirt of cum… hosing down the inside of her pussy as far as I could get it. I kept fucking in and out of her till my dick wouldn’t stay hard. Then, when it plopped out, I sat down beside her, and neither one of us said anything.

We both knew we had crossed some kind of a taboo-line, and we both knew we liked it. Finally, my mother snuggled up to me a little and whispered, “You know, we shouldn’t be doing this; if anyone finds out about it, we’re going to get in big trouble.” I replied, saying, “Yeah, I know… trust me, I’m not going to tell a soul.” We sat there in silence a few more minutes, and I started getting hard again, (duh, go figure.) My mom put her small fist around my hard cock and started slowly going up and down on it. She must have decided that it didn’t make much difference anymore at this point, and leaned over further,  looked down, and started…

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