People have asked me “How do you write your stories? ” – The process when I’m writing is to write a ‘sexually aggressive’ story that will ‘stimulate’. – I feel if my reader doesn’t jerk off (or rub one out, in the case of females), then I didn’t do a very good job of writing.

Selfishly, – the writing ‘process’ is also for me. When I’m in the mindset of ‘writing’ (i.e., preparing to write / writing / editing / post-production,) I FEEL sexy… That doesn’t mean I walk around with a full-blown hard-on, but it DOES mean that I maintain a slight hard-on in the course of my writing/working day. That further means that I LIKE the sexy way I feel. – Consequently, I feel my wife up, fuck her if I want to… — I’ve also got a ‘portfolio’ of friends I can call (not bragging, just sharing) if I want to. — I like mature pussy a lot, and I’ve got a mature lady in her mid-60s I can call and she’ll come over. I also like male-to-male contact, and have several male friends I can call, who will either suck me off, or let me suck them off. I even have a couple of younger buds I can get together with, if the mood strikes.

What I’m getting at is that I’m sexually focused when I’m in the process of writing… I think about sex, I write about sex, I participate in sex, and I also orient myself in a sexual manner. When I’m writing, I’m always on the “hunt” outside of my writing library. MANY times, because I’m revved up from my writing, with a sort of ‘sexual intensity’, I approach people about having sex in some way. Frequently, I’ve asked younger guys if I can jerk them off (which I LIKE a lot), — If they’re reluctant, I offer them increasing amounts of money till they agree. (Fortunately, I’ve made a lot of money in my life, and have retained a good bit of it) – I actually like “paying for my pleasure”; it seems to give me an erotic thrill to progress the price to the point where they agree. – I think we are ALL whores to some degree, for some amount of money, or some amount of attention, or action. So, when I’m paying a young paperboy to let me jack him off, or suck him off… I like the point that he’s acquiescing to price (like the rest of society, of course.)

I’ve been sexually active since I was nine years old, I’ve met a lot of people who I fucked, sucked, and had conversations with. I never met even one who didn’t have some kind of explicit sexual experience in their youth. I dated one lady who was a high-level corporate executive. Her favorite way to have sex was to stand by the side of the bed, naked, lean over, placing her hands on the bed, and then have her ass whipped (good) with my belt. When I was whipping her ass, she would actually have a climax. I didn’t touch her pussy at all, with anything, yet she would have a roaring orgasm. I asked her about it several times, and I finally got her to tell me the story that went with it… It seems her dad would punish her when she was naughty by making her stand next to the bed and pull her panties down, exposing her ass. After he whipped her butt, he would get down behind her and kiss her red welts. He also kissed her ass and pussy. She said it progressed to where he was fucking her “lightly” (her words) – I’m not sure what it means to fuck someone ‘lightly’… and she said he didn’t go all the way in… I asked her if he came inside her, and she said “Only when he was doing it in my butt.” – You’ve got to admit, when it comes to sex, people are VERY interesting.

That’s what I’m getting at, my writing throughout my life, has been a ‘catalyst’ to sexual adventure. In my freshman year of college, I took a creative writing class. The professor was likable and he had several students he took an interest in, and tutored them on the side. What he would do is invite them over on a Saturday afternoon to explain the finer points of writing. To his credit, he DID do a good job of tutoring, and some of the technique he taught me, I still use to this day. We wrote at an elevated, antique desk (he said it was the writing style in the 1800s), and in the course of his instruction, he would get behind me, then reach around and unbuckle my belt, unsnap my pants, and let them fall to the floor. Then, he would kneel down behind me, pull my underwear down, and kiss all over my ass. When I felt his tongue licking up and down the crack of my ass, and then tongue-fucking me, I knew what was next. I heard him unzip his pants, and I felt the spongy head of his dick slide up and down my ass-crack. When it went in, it actually felt ‘delicious’. I LOVED the feel of his dick deep inside me, fucking up into me… almost savoring me from the inside.

He showed me how to fuck back on his dick so that *I* was fucking him, instead of the other way around, THAT… was pretty sexy. Then, when he started speeding up, holding onto my shoulders, and pounding up into my ass, I actually shook from the raw sexual pleasure… He was a big cummer, and he would fill me up with his hot sticky cum… I relished it, longed for it, craved it… and he knew it. He was a fantastic teacher, he taught me a lot, and he was a fantastic fuck. When he wasn’t fucking me, I was on my knees blowing him. It was an actual toss as to which one I liked best…. (the fucking, I think.)