“This Erotic Life” will present a ‘new-view’ to ‘sexuality’. – “Erotica”/ “Eroticism” has traditionally been an off-limits, taboo area for the reader who is interested in provocative content. No more does the ‘enquiring mind’ have to go to the local Adult-Bookstore, or the seedier side of the Internet to gain stimulating reading material.
“T-E-L” is the upscale version of what lower forms of pornography have always wanted to be. – True ‘erotica’ is artful, yet stimulating; buoyant, yet ‘readable’, and more importantly, true ‘erotica’ takes you to the secret places you’ve always had a yearning to go. The famous singer-songwriter, Billy Joel, (who was married to the beautiful, Christy Brinkley,) once said, (concerning his marriage): “After the first 90 days, it’s all just ‘friction’”. – What “This Erotic Life” attempts to do is put sexual spice back into your life.
‘T-E-L’ puts the ‘smile’ on your face, the ‘kick’ in your step, and the ‘zing’ back in your relationship(s?). “This Erotic Life” will cover controversial topics that are verboten in casual conversation… “Swinging”, “Taboo”, “Incest”, “Force” – ‘T-E-L’ will be a stimulating resource that will be available at the ‘whim’ of a thought, and the ‘touch’ of a fingertip.