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Most writers have a good mind. I enjoy the stuff that I write. I like the feeling of being ‘sexy’ – the mental aspect is actually more important than the physical aspect. – My wife and I have a sexual ‘air’ about us. It’s not uncommon for either one of us to find the other one and start doing something sexy. I’ve (politely) trained my wife in what I like. I like for her to wear sexy clothes around the house. If we go out, she knows to put on her crotch-less panties, in case I want to finger her, or show her off to someone; like a stranger, from out of town… – On occasion, if I find the right ‘out-of-town’ female tourist, like the proverbial “school-marm” from Des Moines… I’ll get her to position herself so the ‘school-marm’ can see up her short skirt.

One time, we were at a major hotel, on a Saturday afternoon, and sure enough, there was your proverbial “Aunt Grace”, who had just come in from Wichita, KS. – It’s easy to spot the out-of-towners, they always have too many souvenirs and too many “looks-around” at all the spectacular-ness. – She was a little plump, and that’s a good thing. Number one, I kinda like women with a little body fat, and they’re also more easily seduced, probably because they don’t get as much attention as their skinnier sisters. It turned out that she had just turned 46 and was treating herself to a birthday present by going out of town, and seeing the sights.

I approached her cautiously, because I didn’t want to offend her, nor scare her away. – All I did was tell her my wife was shopping, and asked her if I could sit down while I waited for her to join us. (This was actually true, by the way.) My wife knows when we’re out “on the hunt”… and when she came looking for me, she knew something was up when I was sitting with the school teacher.

I introduced them both, the teacher’s name was Jill, and the three of us got along great. It was late in the afternoon, and I told my wife and Jill, “Why don’t I take you two beautiful women to dinner.” – Jill said she was staying at the hotel where we were sitting in front of, “at the teacher’s rate,” she added; and wanted to go up to her room and freshen up first before we went anywhere. I told her I had always wanted to see what the rooms looked like, and would she mind if we came up with her, while she changed. She had no problem – I snagged a cold bottle of champagne on the way up, to celebrate her birthday. When we got up to her room, I poured us all a glass, and we started loosening up. As she had indicated, she really DID want to get more “evening-like” and was about to go into the bathroom. Right before she did, I re-filled her glass, and said, “Here, take some with you.” – She giggled, and did.

When she came out of the bathroom, she looked ‘breathy’ and the tinniest bit giddy. She got her evening duds out of the closet, and went into the bedroom to change. When she came out, she sat down on a chair, in front of the couch, where my wife and I were sitting. I refilled her glass, and she actually said, “Don’t mind if I do”… I knew the party was ready to get started. So I said, “Do you mind if I order one more bottle of champagne, before we go out, one for the road, you might say?” – She nodded eagerly and I ordered one up.

After the champagne was delivered, and the guy left… we were getting more and more comfortable (the champagne helped) – and I put my hand over on the inside of my wife’s thigh, about halfway up and told Jill that my wife gets a little horny when she’s been drinking; (which is DEFINITELY true.) I noticed that ol’ Jill caught where my hand was, and while she watched, I started inching it up a little further. My wife knows I like for her to act a little coy, and she was pushing down on my hand as I kept inching up to her panties. Jill was staring by now, and I pushed my wife’s legs apart a little, and started rubbing her panties, right on her pussy mound. My wife’s name is Vicki, and she really is close to being a polite nympho… and when she felt my hand on her crotch, WITH an audience watching, she started getting really turned on. Vicki pushed her hips out to the edge of the couch, spread her legs out wide, and gave me full access to her pussy.

Jill’s eyeballs were glued to the sight in front of her, and while she watched, I fingered Vicki every way I could think of… she likes being finger-fucked a lot, and the more she got into it, the more Jill was watching. So, I got up from where I had been sitting, and walked over to Jill, and took her hand, and led her back over to the couch. When she sat down, I put her hand right on my wife’s pussy, and Vicki held onto it, fucking her pussy onto Jill’s hand. It really WAS a sexy sight. I’m pretty sure that was the first time Jill had ever touched another pussy, other than her own. My wife’s a big kisser, and when Jill started fingering her on her own, she turned sideways and gave Jill a big sloppy kiss, right on her open mouth. Jill responded in kind, and it wasn’t much longer before Vicki had her own blouse open to the waist, and the top of Jill’s off too. – They were busy kissing and playing with each other’s tits when I went over to Jill, and sat down beside her on the other side. I unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out, and took Jill’s spare hand and put it on my cock, and started jacking myself with it. – The whole scene was too sexy for words, and while they were kissing, I took my pants all the way off and Jill’s eager hand jacked my cock while she kissed my wife.

Vicki LOVES to have her pussy eaten, especially by another woman… and she pulled away from kissing Jill, and swung a leg up and over the low back of the couch, so that her soppy pussy was right in front of Jill’s face. Then, she started hunching her wet crotch all over Jill’s mouth. Jill went ‘all-in’ at that point, and started eating her out. – I got down between Jill’s legs, reached up under her skirt, and pulled her panties down and off. Then I spread her fleshy legs out wide, and started eating her. There was an audible moan from Jill when she felt my mouth on her pussy… and when I stuck my tongue way up inside her, she actually shivered. – My wife was sexually gone from humping Jill’s face, and Jill was gone from getting eaten out royally… so I raised up, knee-walked closer to her, and started running the head of my engorged dick up and down her labia. I wanted her to know what was going to happen, so I took her hand, and put it on the shaft of my dick, and let her feel in sliding in.

Her hips gave an involuntary quiver as she started fucking me back. I love it when I can get a woman to fuck my dick (as opposed to me fucking them) and when Jill started hunching on my dick, it was like heaven. Vicki was beginning to go into one of her colossal orgasms… Jill was more turned on than she ever had been in her ‘school-teacher’ life, and I started ramming into her like a high school quarterback getting his first piece of pussy.

My wife looked over her shoulder lustily as I power-fucked Jill… She likes to eat cummy pussy as much as I do, and when I was through with my last shot, she scrambled down between her legs and started eating her out. I got up on the couch with Jill and kissed her deeply as Vicki ate her pussy. We were all turned on to the max, and my dick was hard again in no time. So while Vicki ate her out, I straddled Jill’s hips, and pulled her head onto my dick. I held on to her head and face-fucked her deep… while my wife ate her pussy… This time, it was Jill who went way over the edge…. She had a fist full of my wife’s hair, and was yanking her head all over her pussy, and even put her heels around her shoulders, pulling her harder into her steamy cunt… She had uncontrolled orgasms as Vicki ate her out, and I jammed into her mouth.

The whole situation was still very hot, and I wanted to take advantage of it, so I moved Vicki out of the way, and got Jill down on the floor, on her back. I was pretty sure Jill had never eaten any pussy, so I got Vicki to straddle her face, and let ol’ Jill get a taste. – Vicki was pulling and pinching on her nipples as she rubbed her liquid pussy all over Jill’s face. It added to Jill’s pleasure that I was frantically thumb-fucking her pussy while she ate my wife out. I wanted to see if Jill had any anal response, (not every woman does), so while she was engorged on my wife, I eased the tip of my thumb just into the outside of her anal ring. There was a noticeable response, so I knew just the way I wanted to finish this off.

I pushed Vicki forward, and she knew instinctively to position her pussy so Jill could continue to eat her. I flipped Jill over so she was on her hands and knees, with her face buried in Vicki’s crotch. I got close, right behind her, and started rubbing the wet head of my dick up and down the crack of her ass… I put the tip of my thumb in her pink rosebud, just to loosen her up a bit, and she somehow knew what I was going to do… She was about to raise up in protest, when my wife held on to her head and started fucking her face with her pussy. I knew it was now or never, so I positioned the head of my dick right in the middle of her asshole, and started easing in. She tried to move her ass out of the way, but Vicki had her in practically a death grip, and was fucking her face frantically, and I was definitely not going to be denied fucking her fat virgin ass… So, I held onto her hip bones and let all of my meat slide in… She gave the slightest bit of a moan, and then I started fucking her. I reached around and played with her pussy and tits, while I fucked nice and slow, in and out of her ass.

Vicki was already going into her latest climax as I started fucking Jill harder and harder. – When Vicki went over her edge, she moved out of the way to watch the ass-fucking that Jill was about to get. I love fucking a hot woman in the ass… and the fact that Jill had never done it before only made it better. So while Vicki sat in a chair, legs up on either arm, playing with her pussy… I started taking Jill for an old-fashioned Las Vegas ride. I fucked her long and deep… fast and hard… I held on to her shoulders and fucked up into her ass… trying to make my hot cock come out her fucking mouth… I grabbed her hair and jerked her head back, fucking deep into her ass while I did it. I was way, DEEP into her guts when I felt my climax start to build… I started jack-hammering in an out of her stretched asshole… I wanted to punish her ass with my dick…. I slammed into her, over and over… and actually felt my cum being sucked out of my dick by Jill’s vacuuming ass… Then, I nailed her good!! — Wham, wham, wham, ‘thank you ma’am’ — and dropped a huge load of hot sticky cum up inside her ass as far as I could get it… Jill was as far gone as I was and she fucked her fat ass back onto my dick as she felt my hot jism scalding her liquid guts…

That was the beginning of one of the sexiest evenings my wife and I ever had… Jill definitely had a “memorable experience” I even let the pizza guy fuck her when we ordered out for a late-nite pizza…


My wife, Vicki told me one time that she was disappointed that she didn’t get a full turn at the plate, sexually speaking, when she was a teenager, and a young woman. It wasn’t JUST that she had missed various sex-partners in her life… she said she had also missed some of the sexual ‘things’ she wanted to do. Things like “risky-sex”, meaning she may get caught in public doing something…

So far, she’s ‘exposed’ herself, like down at a café of a hotel. – What she did was wear a very short skirt, without any panties, and purposely made it easy for various people she spotted to see between her legs… — another time, we were at an out-of-the-way park, (in northern California,) and we were in our car. We were sitting in a small park with no one around except on older teenager, probably 17, or so. Anyway, he had a skateboard with him, and it was just him, and the two of us. – I asked Vicki if she would be interested in maybe blowing him, or at least giving him a hand job. (It helps the visual here, to know that I had been fingering her pussy while we sat in the car.) – She was all for it. (Big surprise, huh…)

So, I waved the guy over, (Vicki still had her skirt hiked up…just b-a-r-e-l-y below the lips of her pussy)… When he came over to my side of the car, as you might expect, he was pretty suspicious. So, I could see he was looking past me, at Vicki (she pulled the edge of her skirt up a little bit further…) – So I said, “Hey, there’s no one around, are you interested in a blowjob from my wife here?” – All he could do was just stare, so I said, “Why don’t you go around to the other side, and I’ll keep watch.” – So he did… This time, he figured we must be real, so he opened her door, looked around to make sure no one was watching us, stepped forward a bit, and pulled his baggy pants down.

Vicki immediately started jacking his hardening cock.. and very quickly, had his dick in her mouth. – She gets WAY off on giving blowjobs, (kinda goofy, as a matter of fact; sort of like she’s drugged) and it wasn’t very long till the kid had his hands holding on to the back of her head, and was feeding her some serious hot cock, literally, ‘face-fucking’ her, with his nuts bouncing off her chin. — When he came, Vicki had some involuntary hip-jerking movements of her own… kind of like a mini-climax, you might say. – She didn’t even let go of his dick and kept on sucking. I fingered her pussy, while she gave him one more (slower) blowjob… After his second cum, he pulled up his pants, looked around, and just moseyed on off, carrying his skateboard. I love the taste of cum, and I immediately started kissing her, – tonguing all around to get some of the cum he had left in her mouth. (Then we drove back to the motel, and practically fucked ourselves to death.)

Vicki had never been fucked in the ass, in her life. I was doing some ‘anal-play’ with her one day, like reaching up under her skirt and probing her ass a little with my middle finger. (This was the first time she had ever let me get anything even partway inside; always before, it had been “too painful”,) as she loosened up a bit, I took my finger out, put my thumb in my mouth to make it nice and wet, and then, I reached back between her legs, and pushed my thumb up into her ass, and started ‘thumb-fucking’ her with it. Well, with her new attitude/outlook on sex, she started getting into it. It wasn’t too long before she had a serious, hip-jerking climax, fucking down on my thumb, as a jabbed it up into her ass.

After her climax, she had to sit down, she was so weak. We started talking about it, and she said she had ZERO idea that she could have a climax from “getting it” in the ass. I assured her that there were plenty of women who preferred to get fucked in the ass. We actually had a pretty long discussion about it. (Obviously, after I fucked her in the ass) – As we calmed down and started talking even more about it, I told her she wouldn’t believe how sexy it is to have a 3-way, with her on her hands and knees, and one guy fucking her face, and another guy fucking her ass. I told her it was really one of the sexiest things a woman can do… to be the center of attention with two horny guys working her over. –

Well, from the verbal description alone, she was dripping on the couch… (and we fucked again) – This time when we were done, I asked her if she wanted me to see if I could arrange a three-way for her sometime. She left no doubt that she would love to do something like that. So, we actually planned a weekend, got a room down at a local hotel, from Friday to Sunday. The first night, I went ‘trolling’ down in the hotel and café, to see if I could find a couple of guys… no luck. So, the next night, we sat at one of those little café-tables, and Vicki was dressed a little more “sluttily”, with no panties. It took a while, but later on in the evening, I spied a couple of young guys who looked like they might have been “college-boys” from out of town, and looking for some hot pussy. – They were sitting at a table, gawking around, (looking at all the hostesses walking by, and making vulgar comments.) – So, I went over to their table and sat down; I’ve never been very shy. Before they could say much, I introduced myself, and pointed to where my wife was sitting… She gave a cute wave, and I asked them to join us. They were a ‘little’ apprehensive, but not an overly amount, and agreed to come over.

I ordered up some drinks, and the four of us started “visiting”. I had no intention of dragging it out too much, so after about fifteen minutes, I said, “You guys want to go upstairs and have a good time with my wife here?” – Well, the looks on their faces were incredulous. They didn’t even reply… So I stood up, and said, “Come on, it’s ok, you’ll like it.” Vicki and I stood up, they awkwardly did too… and we all four went over to the elevators, and up to our room.

When we got inside, Vicki sat on the couch, (in the middle) and I suggested to the two guys that they join her, (They figured out on their own, that they needed to be on either side of her.) We had some wine in the room, and I poured the three of them a healthy bathroom-glass full, and handed it to them. Vicki gets drunk pretty easily, and the two guys were already on their way before we even met them. So I said, “Hey Vicki, why don’t you unbutton your blouse a little, show these guys what nice tits you’ve got.” (Vicki really does have pretty attractive breasts, not saggy at all, almost a “C” cup, and VERY nice, taut nipples.)

Vicki was already liking all the attention; just from being in the same room with three horny guys leering at her; it was WAY sexy, (I could tell from the look on her face.) When her last button was undone, the guy on her right put a hand inside her open blouse and started feeling her tits… (Vicki is VERY nipple sensitive; I’ve told her more than once that her nipples are practically wired to her pussy.) When he noticed her response at the first nipple-twist; he leaned in and started kissing her… Then, the guy on her left wasted no time in reaching down and spreading her legs out nice and wide, and then fingering her wet pussy while he kissed and bit her other breast. It was a very sexy scene.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge ‘voyeur’ and LOVED watching all the hot action that was going on in front of me. I wasted no time it taking my pants and underwear completely off, – Then, I sat back, spread my knees out wide, and played with my dick and balls; and watched those two hot young studs paw all over my wife.

It wasn’t long before they both had their dicks out too… I’ve got to tell you, it’s sexy as hell to be sitting naked on a chair, playing with your own dick, and look over and see your wife being practically tongue-fucked by two hot guys, WITH a throbbing dick in each of her hands. – The guys were obviously horny as hell, and the one on the right stood up, put a foot on the couch, and pulled Vicki’s mouth right onto his dick, and started skull-fucking her. The guy on the other side, got down on his knees, between her legs, pushed them out wide, and glued his mouth to her cunt.

ALL guys (and most women) like to eat pussy. The guy with his dick in Vicki’s mouth couldn’t wait to change places with the guy eating her pussy. (vice versa, too.) So, they swapped places and mauled her over some more. Things were building nicely when the guy fucking her mouth, got her down on the floor, so the guy behind her had some easy access to her ass and pussy. Vicki was on her hands and knees, taking an easily seven inch cock into her mouth. The guy behind her was a little bit bigger, and when he used his knees to spread her legs out even further… Vicki actually shivered in anticipation. – THEN… BAM… he shoved his big cock home, all the way to the hilt… Vicki actually gave out a laud moan when she felt his big piece of meat go in.

The guy on the front knew what had just happened, and started deep-throating Vicki in time to the guy’s thrusts from behind. I believe those two had her skewered so tight, they could have probably lifted her off the floor with their dicks. In and out, over and over… When the guy in the back drove forward with his dick, he actually impaled her onto the guy’s dick in front. Then, when the guy in front shoved forward (I could actually see Vicki’s throat bulge a little from the hard thrust), he impaled her pussy onto his friend’s thick cock. Vicki was in “sex-heaven” getting fucked royally from both ends. All three of them were TOTALLY involved in their three-way, and were paying zero attention to me (Which was fine with me.)

Just like the “pussy-eating” thing…from a guy’s point of view, if you’re fucking the mouth, what you REALLY want is to fuck some pussy. Same with the guy in the back, I could tell from the look on his face, he wanted some raunchy head; so… without even saying anything to each other, they turned Vicki around and resumed what they had been doing, each with his now-preferred hole. One other thing, if a guy’s fucking you in your pussy, I GUARANTEE you; he wants to fuck you in your ass. I was hoping that would be the case with the guy behind Vicki.

Sure enough, in just a minute or two more, he pulled his slick dick out of her pussy, placed the wet head in the middle of her anal ring, and pushed into her. Vicki actually gave a VERY guttural moan when she felt the big cock sliding into her ass; we ALL heard her. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever heard. The moan, the raw “Need”… of getting a hot cock shoved up your ass, WHILE a different hot cock is shoved down your throat…

Vicki’s skin was actually turning a light red, from the twin fucking she was getting. She’s pretty loud when she’s in heat, and as the two guys kept fucking her, timing it… fucking deep, (I mean REALLY deep) in and out of her; Vicki started arching her back upward because her hips were unconsciously convulsing in a series of mini-climaxes, as the two guys pummeled her. The guy fucking her mouth reached under her and started twisting her nipples, hard… That did it… Vicki started practically screaming from the (too intense) sexual pressure. Her pussy started squirting, her pelvis looked like it had a mind of its own, and was fucking back hard on the dick speared in it. —Her scream was muffled somewhat by the big dick jammed down her throat… then… the guys came!! And I mean C-A-M-E!

Those guys had been horny before we even met them… they had “built-up” cum from just thinking about coming to Las Vegas. Now, both were practically ‘gang-raping’ a horny bitch, WITH her husband watching and jacking his cock. The hot steamy cum actually rolled out of Vicki’s mouth and dripped onto the floor… the guy behind was holding on to Vicki’s shoulders so he could cum up inside her ass, as far as he could get it… they all three climaxed like that, almost in slow-motion, trying to get every decadent, depraved feeling they could out of it.

Finally, and I mean FINALLY… they all started to slow down… they actually stopped fucking pretty much in unison. They guy behind, slumped backward, and his sloppy dick was still throbbing a bit, with my wife’s pussy juices glistening on it. – The guy in the front slumped backward the same way… Vicki had a big gob of cum in her mouth and was swirling it around to get all the enjoyment she could before she swallowed it down… “Vicki,” I said, “Turn around, I want to see your ass…” She knew what I wanted to see, and turned her ass toward me. Her asshole was gaped open wide, with copious amount of white, sticky cum dripping out… and running down her leg. I beat my meat even harder from the sexy sight of some stranger’s cum dripping out of my wife’s ass, and then, I too… had a roaring ejaculation. Vicki LOVES facials and I jumped up, and finished beating off all over her face. She looked practically ‘hypnoed’ from all the hot cum on her face, and took her hand and moved my cum over to her mouth, and swallowed it down… she likes to “clean me up” after I shoot, and she leaned over and started licking all over my cock, getting any cum-morsels that might be there.

The guy who had fucked her from behind was already recovering, and he got up on the couch and pulled Vicki up with him, so that she straddled his lap. She reached between her legs and guided his cock up into her sopping pussy… then, she started fucking him. Me and the other guy just watched as the two of them went at it. When he came, the guy who was watching, went over to the couch, and took his place… Vicki really IS a slut when she gets going, and can’t get enough cock. She fucked him royally till he dropped a nice load way deep into her sloppy pussy.

Then, she rolled off his lap and onto the couch. She spread her legs wide open so I could see all the sticky cum dripping out of her steamy slit. Her pussy actually looked sort of raw from all the fucking she had gotten. – It was an invitation, and we both knew it… I’m almost as much of a cum-whore as she is… and I went over, dropped down between her legs, pushed her back on the couch; then, I lifted her legs up and spread them out wide. I liked what I saw… her spread-open cunt, her clit still throbbing, practically begging for more attention… and all that hot, thick, sexy lingering cum… I was uncontrollable; I leaned in and ate her out like a cheap New Orleans whore… I got all those mixed juices all over my face. I glistened from the mixed, sexy fluids that were seeping out of my wife’s hot pussy.

I had her throbbing clit in my mouth and was sucking on it when she started climaxing again. When I looked up… I saw her head turned to the side, and a hot cock sliding in and out of her mouth. The other guy was on the opposite side, jacking his cock, and waiting his turn. Vicki alternated sucking each dick; while I was below, lustily eating all the cum I could find… I had my nose buried in her pubic hair, and my tongue stuck as far up inside her cunt as I could get it. I could feel her cunt-walls actually squeeze on my probing tongue, as I fucked her as deep as I possibly could.

It was a long, satisfying night… We did everything four people can do… The sexy smells in the room were fantastic. The sweaty bodies… the whore-like aroma of people perpetually fucking… the stale cum, the pussy-stained sheets… the “dropping” of all pretense, to enjoy ‘doing’ or ‘watching’… all of it was just too, too… sexy. “Bacchanal” was the best thing to call it. Roman orgy was a good description as well. We all ‘defined’ sex that night; and I really did feel like that must have been what it was like in ancient Rome… fucking, sucking, licking, kissing… all ‘decadent’ beyond our wildest dreams. As the night wore on, the four of us got drunker and drunker and sexier and sexier… We ‘tag-teamed’ Vicki, one rolling off, the other rolling on… in her ass… in her pussy… in her mouth… We ate… and fucked… any and every way we could think of till the wee hours of the morning.

No joke, it really WAS one of the sexiest evenings I’ve ever had. Vicki stayed in ‘sex / fuck / suck / horny / wanton’ heaven most of the night. – She told me the next day that her pussy, AND her ass was sore. (She told me with a nice smile on her face.)


One of the most productive ways I get pussy or dick is to talk someone into “doing an audition”. It’s actually worked well. I mean I haven’t fucked half in my city over it… but, you would be surprised at how many of the ‘plainer-folk’ or the ‘middle-years’ people are interested in advancing their career.

I carry business cards with me that support my “entertainment-industry” status… PLUS, it’s absolutely true about my contacts there. The way it got initiated was through an old college bud I’ve stayed friends with over the years. He came into Vegas to relax one time, and we spent some time together. He and I both chased a lot of pussy back in our college days, plus, I blew him every now and then because we both liked it. He’s become a reasonable factor in the production end of the entertainment industry; and really does have the power to say “yea or nay.” – As we talked, he mentioned that he likes to see audition-vids every now and then – and he encouraged me to be his ”non-paid” agent in Las Vegas. The one thing he stressed was that the “Hollywood-Casting-Couch” was very real, and that anyone I sent him, he would fuck, – guy or girl. Then he winked at me and told me the ol’ ‘casting-couch’ filtered down to the agent-level, and that he was sure I could take advantage of it. About a week later I got the business cards he sent me; then I went out and bought a couple of higher-level video cams.

I always carry my entertainment cards with me. If I see a plainer/older prospect (male or female) in the course of my day, say… like at a restaurant or a shop somewhere, I give them my card and tell them the entertainment industry is always looking for ‘interesting’ people, (which is actually true.) My producer friend, Burney, said that hot looking young chicks in Hollywood were a dime a dozen, and what they really needed was the “Midwestern” look to function in the background (thus making the star look even better.)

Several auditions come to mind, but one in particular was a real stand out. She was a plumpish, blond, later-40s lady named Ellen C. that I met at the grocery store. I thought she was kind of hot for an older lady, so I made up a ruse, asking her for some help in selecting some kind of produce. It was one of those larger supermarkets with a small food area, and I invited her to take a break and have a cup of coffee with me. As we talked, I found her even more attractive, so I handed her my card and explained the situation to her. She asked me if it was really real, and I assured her it was. So, we liked each other enough to go to the next level, and we agreed on a time and date for her to come over for the audition, (which is a studio in my home.)

Sure enough, she showed up right on time, (about 1:00 in the afternoon.) I fixed us a drink to relax, hers a good bit stronger than mine, and we began to chat. She was on one of my leather couches and was wearing a silver blouse that buttoned down the front, and a fuller skirt that kind of hid her ‘plumpness’. We talked for about 15 minutes and finally I asked her if it was ok, to turn my cameras on, (one was on a tripod, and one was hand-held.) – So, I started shooting her in various fully-clothed poses. We got to a point where… in order to go forward… she needed to take her blouse off. She immediately balked; so I sat the camera down, and said, “Look, Ellen… this is the real world here; you’re not 16 anymore, and if you want this vid to go out to my bud, you’re going to have to show some skin. PLUS, if he likes it, and I’m pretty sure he will… you’re going to have to show him some skin too.” — She said, “Is that the way it really works?” I nodded my head ‘yes’ and assured her it really was the way things actually worked. She asked me if I really thought she had a chance… and I said, “This is your one and only time to show what you’ve got. I guarantee you I will send what we shoot to Burney… if it’s good enough, he’ll fly you out.” – (As a side note, those movie producers are always using other people’s money and have no problem is splurging it around, ESPECIALLY for their own selfish purposes.)

So we just looked at each other, and I decided to take the initiative, and turned on the camera… She saw I was shooting, and then made her own decision. She smiled big for the camera, then reached up and started unbuttoning her blouse. It slipped off easily, and she was there in just her bra and skirt. “Lean back, Ellen; let me see some of your legs”, I said. She kept smiling, then leaned back and pulled her skirt up quite a bit. I got down lower on the floor in front of her and started shooting upward toward her face. “Spread your legs a little, honey…” I said. She did… and pulled her skirt up further on her own. The cam could see her face, her bra, and the edge of her panties, underneath her skirt. “Lean forward a bit, Ellen…” I said… When she did, I said, “Let’s go ahead and get that bra off.”

There was the slightest hesitance from her… then, she bit her lower lip and reached behind her and undid the clasp, but held her cups to her breasts. I could tell this was a big moment for her, so I said, “Ellen, make Burney want to fly you out.” – That was all she needed to hear. She took her bra away, and revealed luscious, pink nipples, standing out firmly on a milky bed of quivering flesh. “Pinch ‘em, Ellen,” I said, and she did.

Like most women, Ellen’s nipples were practically hard-wired to her pussy, and when she started pinching and twisting her nips, she unconsciously arched her back, thrusting her tits out further. She didn’t have 16-year old tits or anything, but they were fairly firm for an older lady. “Pull on ‘em, Ellen, pull your nipples out a little, pull ‘em and twist them some,” I said. God, that was all it took, that electric spark raced down to her crotch and fired off in her pussy. She actually squirmed a little as she pinched and pulled on her nips.

“Stand up and take your skirt off, Baby,” I said. And, when she heard those magic words, she got up off the couch, swirled around a couple of times, giving the camera a sexy swoosh. She stared openly at the cam, reached behind her back, and unsnapped/unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor around her feet. God, she was sexy. I told her to sit back down on the edge of the couch and spread her knees a little. When she did, I zoomed in on her panties and shot the damp stain that was spreading across her crotch-band.

Me, the camera… – hell… the whole world wanted to see what was underneath that damp piece of cloth. “Ellen,” I said, “lean back and take your panties off; let’s see that hot pussy of yours.” Those were more magic words, and Ellen leaned back on the couch, hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her panties and shoved them down over the flair of her hips, and then off. She kept her legs together coyly; so I said, “Honey, put your heels up on the edge of the couch and spread your knees out wide. When she did, my camcorder zoomed in on the prettiest, pinkest pussy I had ever seen; especially on an older lady. There were no loose folds anywhere, just nice pink meat, as delicate as a girl scouts’.

I was really lost; I actually didn’t know what to do. I kept shooting her, of course; but my brain, mouth, and cock were demanding attention. “Play with it, Ellen”, let’s see how wet you can get it. She had her eyes closed as a pale, white hand cupped her pussy mound, and her delicate middle finger began to worm its way into the middle of her hot gash. I don’t think she even knew what a hot piece of ass she was. As she finger-fucked herself with her middle finger, her other hand came up unconsciously to her breast. You could almost hear the fireworks going off in her head; twin sensations, deeper thrusts into her cunt, and almost frantic nipple-twisting above.

I couldn’t help myself; I had to have a taste. I got a smaller tripod and quickly attached the hand-held cam to it and aimed it past me, so it could get the whole scene. With twin camcorders rolling, and Ellen losing control fast, I got down in front of her spread legs, moved her hand out of the way, and glued my mouth to her slippery wet gash. She actually squealed when she felt my tongue start stabbing inside her cunt. She spread her legs even further apart and put her hands behind my head and started hunching her pussy all over my face. I pushed her legs up a bit and even further apart, and licked a sexy pathway down to her ass. As I tongued her puckered pink asshole, she used her own hand to pound out her pussy. She was WAY over the edge, and as the twin sensations roared at her loins… she started actually thrashing on her clit. It was almost as if she was doing battle with herself to literally knock the orgasm out of her. Then, she started squirting… she poured forth… sexy spews of hot pussy juice drenched my face. Ellen had lost all control and was unconsciously hunching an invisible dick, all over the couch. A loud guttural scream and a gigantic pelvic contraction marked the most physical female climax I had ever seen.

I fell away… Ellen flopped lifelessly back on the couch, and the cameras continued to roll. I only hoped they had gotten the close up of the violent climax Ellen had just put herself through. Neither of us said anything, we were too lost in fatigue and sexual satisfaction.

Several minutes passed before we both began to come back to our individual reality. I was the first to regain mobility when I went to the bathroom for a quick freshening up. When I returned, Ellen was back fully clothed and sitting primly on the couch. We acknowledged each other awkwardly and I assured her the audition was a success. I told her I would pass it on to Burney with a full recommendation from me. I walked her out to her car and we spoke a little more easily to each other. One more time, I assured her the vid was great, and I was sure Burney would contact her. Before she drove away, I asked her to give me a buzz when she got back in town so I could hear all about her adventure. She assured me she would.

Several weeks went by, and right out of the blue, my cell phone gave a jingle. I was hoping it might be Ellen, and it was. She sounded bubbly and said the multiple shoots went great. I listened to her exuberance with as much delight as she exhibited. I told her it would be great to see her, and suggested we have a celebratory lunch. She agreed, we set a time and place and I hung up the phone. I reflected on Ellen a bit, thinking that not every situation turns out as happily as hers seemed to be; and I was happy for her. The entertainment industry can crush some people, and for others, it seems to help them flourish.

We met for lunch the following week, and Ellen looked “fresh as a daisy” in a colorful summer dress that emphasized her curvy outline. I was pleased to notice she even looked slimmer. ‘What a change’, I thought to myself, as we gave each other a warm hug, and then sat down.

The first words out of my mouth were, “Well, tell me all about it, how did it go?” – She blushed the tiniest bit and told me it went great, underscoring the ‘great’ part. She said she had been in four different productions, two were commercials that would air nationally; one was an independent movie that Burney (I thought it was interesting that she referred to him by his first name,) was making about “old Las Vegas” and how it used to be. She paused a bit then said that the fourth was an upper-level adult film themed on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ life of an upscale American wife; “kind of like the “Real Housewives” episodes you see on cable TV, but with more sex added.” She saw my eyebrows go up, anticipating my question. She said, “No, I wasn’t the star, but I WAS part of the featured cast.” I caught the hint and asked her how she would rate the whole adventure. She giggled a bit and said in a hushed voice, “Well I had to fuck half the people on Burney’s production teams, but to be honest, I kind of enjoyed it.

I’ve always been ‘nosey’ so I asked her what kind of money she made. She smiled a big smile and said “That was the second best part”, she reached into her purse and pulled out a check for ten thousand dollars. There was the biggest smile on her face as she handed it over so I could take a look. As I smiled at the check, she added that not only had she been paid well, but Burney was going to use her in several other productions he was planning in the fall.

I handed the check back to her with a big congratulatory smile on my face, and asked her if she felt like she owed a special ‘thank you’ to the guy who introduced her to Burney. She smiled back and said, “I thought you’d never ask.” — We finished our meal, and then went back to my place for desert. I thought it was interesting that she asked me to turn my camcorders on. I guess everyone really does like to be in front of a camera.