I used to have an older, male friend I used to go riding around with, back before my wife and I moved to Las Vegas. The guy and his wife were friends of ours and we frequently had dinner together, or met (as couples) at various functions in the community.

One time, we were riding in a big old, Chevy Suburban I had. We were out in the country, it was getting toward twilight, and I started telling him about some of the sexy adventures I had had in the past. I could tell he was WAY turned on at hearing the details, so I asked him about what he had done in his past. He told me the only person he had ever had sex with was his wife, and even that stopped several years ago.

As we drove, (I typically wear shorts a lot), I took a chance and pulled the leg of my shorts over and pulled out my aching, hard dick (balls and all.) From the look on his face, he was shocked and didn’t know what to say. I knew there was a secluded park close by, so I drove over and parked behind some over-hanging trees. When I stopped, I pushed the Chevy’s seat back all the way, and pushed my shorts and underwear down and then completely off. I spread my legs out as wide as I could get them, and started jacking my cock, nice and slow, while he unconsciously watched.

He watched me jack my cock, and pull on my balls a minute or two, then finally said, “Look, I don’t know what you’ve got in mind here, but I don’t want any part of it.” — I kept slowly jacking my dick and said, “Look at it this way, you’re not getting any pussy at home, here’s your chance to at least get some dick, you might even like it.” – He immediately shook his head ‘no’ and said there was “no way” he was going to do “that.” – In return, I said, “Look, here’s the deal, Jim… I want you to suck me off; it’s as simple as that. You’re going to do it, one way or the other. Now, we can do it the easy way, or we can do it the hard way, but make no mistake about it, you’re going to suck my dick — you dig?” — He caught my ‘tone’, and knew that I meant it. Then, I put my hand behind his head, and eased him down to my leaking cock. I used my other hand to rub the wet head of my dick all around his lips and mouth, then I said in a quiet voice, “Open your mouth up a little, Jim; I want to feel your lips around my cock.” And he did.


My swollen cock oozed into his wet mouth and I started fucking up into the back of his mouth. I was VERY horny from the sexy talk we had been having, (AND the naked display I had put on for him) and I came pretty quickly, way back in the back of his mouth.

When I was through pumping, Jim raised up and turned his head to the side, wiping his mouth on his shirtsleeve. Then he said, “I can’t believe you just made me do that.” In reply I said, “Hey, you seemed to like it, I didn’t have to hold your head on my dick or anything.” – I could tell from the look on his face he knew that was the case. Then he said, “Well, I STILL wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t made me.” – I still had a hard-on, and I reached over to his hand and put it on my wet dick and started jacking myself with it. Then I said, “How about sucking me off one more time before we go… I promise I won’t cum so quick this time.” – He had an angry look on his face and said, “Alright, but this is the last time, I’ve GOT to get back home before Susan (his wife) starts to worry.” – “No sweat”, I said and then I pulled him down to my dick.

My ‘edge’ was off, and I took my time and made him suck my dick nice and slow for about twenty minutes… before I finally came way back in his mouth. He raised up when I was through, and wiped his mouth the way he had done before. I started putting my underwear and shorts back on, and then I cranked up the truck and drove out of the park. As we drove, I told him he really was a great cocksucker, and I really appreciated him giving me some head. He said nothing in reply, and when I dropped him off in front of his house, right before he got out I said, “What are you doing this coming Thursday, you want to go for a ride with me again Thursday afternoon?” – He said, “Am I going to have to do ‘that’ again?” – I said, “Sure, we both liked it.” He said, “Let me think about it, I’m not sure I want to do that anymore.” – That following Thursday, I pulled up in his driveway at about 4:00 in the afternoon. I honked the truck’s horn, and in about a minute, Jim stuck his head out the door and said, “Give me just a minute.” – I relaxed in the Suburban and waited for Jim to come out. It wasn’t but a minute or two before he came out, and Susan, his wife, came out too. Jim walked around the passenger side, and got in. Susan looked up at my window and said, “What are you boys up to, are you two out looking for some women?” she giggled. I put the truck in reverse, and just before I started to back away, I said, “Nah… we’re just going for a ride out in the country, get some fresh air.” – “Have fun…” she said… and I drove away.

Jim and I said practically nothing as we drove over to the park. When I got to our spot, I pushed the seat back and immediately started pushing my shorts and underwear off. Jim said just as immediately, “I’ve changed my mind, and I really don’t think I want to do that anymore.” – I ignored him, and got over in front of him, pushed him down in the seat a little, and shoved my dick in his mouth. My balls were actually slapping on his chin when I came practically in his throat… When I pulled out, I was trembling and I wiped the cummy head of my dick all around his lips and mouth; then I plopped back down on my side of the seat. “Wow, Jim… you give the best head I’ve ever had, no shit.” – Jim said, “Thanks, I guess” and looked around to make sure we were still alone. I said, “Hey, did you give any hints to your wife about what we’re doing?” – “God, no” he quickly said. “She’d divorce me if she knew what I was doing.”

“Well, no worries, I’m sure not going to tell her.” – “I’ve got an idea, though, why don’t you push your pants down, and I’ll jerk you off, it’s the least I can do to thank you.” – He made no move at all, so I reached over and started rubbing his hard cock through the thin fabric of his pants. “Push ‘em down, Jim” I said… – He looked around one more time and then unbuckled his pants and pushed everything down past his knees. True to my word, I started jacking his cock. He was right about not having any sex in a while, and sure enough, he shot off spectacularly, I aimed it on his chest, practically covering his shirt in his own sticky cum. I had quite a bit of his cum on my hand, and I moved it up and let him get a taste of some of his own jism. When he had calmed down a little, he said “Look at this shirt, what if Susan sees it.” – I chuckled and said, “Tell her I gave you a handjob” – He looked disgustedly at me as I pulled him back down to my hard cock.

From then on, I got Jim to suck me off pretty frequently. He always complained that he didn’t want to do it anymore, but when I pulled up in my truck, he always got in. One time, I had a friend of mine, from out of town, in the back seat. Jim was totally red from blushing when he saw him. I drove straight out to the park and pulled my dick out when we got there. Jim was protesting wildly when I pulled him down onto my dick. After I came, I got in the back seat, and my friend got in the front seat. Jim immediately said he wasn’t doing ‘anything’, my bud pulled his dick out, and that was all it took. That afternoon, Jim sucked us both off several times (bitching about it every time.) — He was actually a great friend, I actually miss him, and it’s more than just the terrific head he gave; he was good company too.


 The scene was – Mary Jo, my steady girlfriend, and I were on her patio (it was also a screened porch, was surrounded by lush trees that gave it a lot of shade), and her parents weren’t home, and weren’t going to be home till late that night. I had pushed Mary Jo back on this chaise lounge and had her short-shorts off (actually they were still on her left ankle, I believe.) I know I had been eating her pussy for at least ten minutes, when I looked to my right and saw Claudia, her best friend, standing in the doorway of the patio. I had no idea how long she had been standing there. Mary Jo had her eyes closed and was kind of moving her head back and forth enjoying the sensation of me wallowing in her extremely wet gash and had no idea Claudia was there either.

Also, I have no idea how this came about either. It wasn’t planned or anything, but as I was eating Mary Jo, Claudia started taking her halter top off. She had beautiful, 34-C, teenage breasts with hard pink nipples. When that was gone, she pulled her shorts and panties off at the same time and just stood there, watching me eat Mary Jo out. She started playing with her pussy and then started pinching and pulling her extended nipples. It was incredibly erotic eating Mary Jo’s pussy and watching Claudia masturbate. (Even today, one of my favorite things to do is watch a woman finger herself to an uninhibited climax.)  Back to the scene, I was still eating Mary Jo when, all of a sudden Claudia eased quietly down to the floor and crawled on her hands and knees over to where I was. I didn’t say a thing, and when she got there, I moved quietly out of the way and motioned my hand in a welcoming gesture, as if to say – “Take my place, by all means.”


So, much to my surprise, she did just that. She had shorter hair and it was no problem for her to get in the position I was in without Mary Jo being suspicious. I moved back to give her some more room (and to watch the action, of course), and Claudia at first just used her tongue to lick gently around the edges of Mary Jo’s pussy. Then, she started to get into it. That was the first time in my life I had ever seen a woman, (a girl really, we were all three juniors in high school, as I recall); eat another woman’s pussy. Claudia was no longer interested in just going around the edges of Mary Jo’s spread opening, she had now pressed her mouth fully onto her cunt so that her nose was resting on Mary Jo’s clit and I could see the muscles of her throat working and knew she must be sticking her tongue as far in Mary Jo’s pussy as she cold get it. Mary Jo was lost, to say the least. Her head was flying back and forth and I knew she was getting close to her climax. I really wanted to see this because in the past, at this point, she always reached down and grabbed my head and pulled my mouth hard onto her pussy while she hunched her crotch into my face. I was incredibly curious as to what she would do when she reached down to grab my head and discovered it was someone else, much less her best friend.

Just to make sure that Claudia didn’t stop, (and also because I couldn’t keep from stopping myself), I started fingering Claudia’s pussy from behind. It was hard for me to believe it, but Claudia’s pussy juices were actually dripping into my hand and some of it dripped onto the floor. I remember thinking that I had no idea a woman could get that turned on. I slipped my thumb into Claudia’s cunt and used it to thumb-fuck her. She started to move her ass to my fucking motion and she then pushed Mary Jo’s knees up a little and even further apart and started alternating between eating her pussy and rimming her ass. Mary Jo was absolutely delirious and she reached down and grabbed her legs so I (Claudia, of course), could have better access to her cunt and asshole. I was in heaven thumb-fucking Claudia and watching the erotic festival going on in front of me.

Finally, Mary Jo couldn’t take it anymore and was so near her climax that her knees were shaking. She pulled her legs back a little more and reached for the head between her legs and pulled the mouth attached to it further into her spread-open pussy. She hunched at the head for about fifteen seconds or so before she realized that something was different. That’s when she raised her head and opened her eyes to see what was going on. The look on her face was unbelievable. In about one second she comprehended that her best friend was eating her pussy, her boyfriend was watching, and she was in the middle of a climax – all at the same time.

The first words she spoke was: “oh, Goooooooddddddddddd!!” I wasn’t sure whether that was her climax or the realization that she was having a lesbian experience, or that it was Claudia she was having it with. Whatever it was, it caused Claudia to bear down to her fullest in Mary Jo’s pussy. The initial shock was over for Mary Jo, so she took Claudia’s head and began to fuck it with her cunt. I stuck my thumb in Claudia’s wet gash as far as it would go and watched the rest of the scene unfold. Mary Jo’s hips were moving from side to side in frantic ecstasy and Claudia stayed glued to her crotch.


Finally, when Mary Jo’s orgasm began to subside, she let go of Claudia’s head and let her hands fall to her side in sexual exhaustion. Claudia knew this was a stopping point and she removed her mouth from Mary Jo’s dripping, wet gash. I watched as she raised up and started crawling up Mary Jo’s torso. As she reached her face, she started kissing her passionately. Mary Jo resisted slightly, but gave in to the kissing almost immediately.

I was about to burst, so I just shoved my cock in Claudia’s pussy and started to hump away. I was a teenager, of course, and it didn’t take me more that a minute or so to cum. Claudia and Mary Jo were still passionately kissing, so I just moved my head back down and started eating Claudia’s now cum-filled pussy. Now, it was me who was in heaven. I alternated between eating both of them and delighted in getting some of my cum in Mary Jo’s cunt.

When we were all through. I sat back and rested against the wall. Claudia got up off of Mary Jo and sat on the end of the lounge. Her face was absolutely wet and she was smiling down at Mary Jo. I’ll never forget what she said next, she started toying with Mary Jo’s wet pussy, then she straddled her waist and started to inch her open pussy up to her face, and then she said: “Your turn.”    —  And it was.


One of my favorite things in the world is leaving a “creampie” for someone else. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s where a guy eats a woman’s pussy after another guy has just cum in her.


I was pretty highly sexed as a teenager and was in the 9th grade (15 years old), when I became friends with this younger girl in the 8th grade who was known to sleep around a little. Every now and then I would talk her into sucking my dick, or letting me fuck her. When we did it, I would always eat her pussy. Frequently, I got the distinct flavor of someone’s cum in her when I was going down on her. I finally asked her about it and she told me she had been with someone else and she seemed a little embarrassed about it. I assured her I didn’t mind and asked her who the guy was. She told me, and curiously enough, the guy she was fucking was a younger guy I had talked into sucking me off that summer. (Small world, huh?)

I had forgotten how much I liked leaving a cummy pussy (since I hadn’t done it since I was a kid); and then a former girlfriend of mine by the name of Nicole (where I used to live) got married. I hadn’t seen her for almost a year and one day she called me and inquired about all the things I had been doing since we were last together. I told her, (blah, blah, blah) and after an hour or so of reminiscing, I said I’d really like to get together with her again sexually. She replied (and kind of laughed a little) that it might be a good idea since her hubby wasn’t paying too much attention to her lately. She said, “I really don’t want to be unfaithful to him, but if you promise not to do anything but eat me, I might come over.” I have no idea why, but I got an instant hard-on and told her if she would come over to my place I’d eat her out and not try to fuck her. I had no idea if she’d do it, but sure enough, about 30 minutes later, she was there and I ate her out like some kind of a madman, and then, (of course) fucked her till she screamed in a wild orgasm. Well, we did that fairly frequently for about six months, then one day she asked casually, kind of out of the blue, if Larry, her husband, could watch. I hesitated a moment, and then asked her if he knew what we had been doing. She kind of laughed a little and said she had told him several months ago.

So that evening, she and her husband came over. Nicole sat down in her usual position on my couch and Larry sat down on a yellow wing chair that was close by. I wasn’t real sure of what to do, but I figured they both must have discussed this at length. So, just as natural as you please, I sat beside her, with my arm around her shoulders, and started circling her ear with my tongue. I pulled out my already hard cock, and put her hand on it. I glanced at Larry to make sure he was cool, then reached down to the hem of her summer dress and started pulling it up. I was delighted to see she wasn’t wearing any panties and I told her to spread her legs a little as I started fingering her already wet pussy.

I motioned to Larry to come over and get a taste of his wife’s wet cunt. He glanced at Nicole and then got down on his knees in front of her and put his whole mouth on her pussy, covering her mound. He stuck his tongue in her as far as he could get it, and started a deep, tongue-fucking motion, alternating with sucking and nibbling on her clit. Her eyes immediately closed and she reached down with her hands and put them on the back of his head and pulled his mouth hard onto her wide-spread cunt. Larry looked like he couldn’t breathe, but continued the tongue-fucking of his wife’s spread-open pussy. He ate her out for what had to be 15 minutes, at least. Finally, she had a staggering climax with both her legs extended outward and quivering. When she was finally through, her feet dropped to the floor and He gave her one more, long, deep tongue-fuck he pulled his wet face up and looked over to me, as if to see if it was ok with me that he had eaten his wife to such a roaring climax.

I already had my pants and underwear off and was jacking my cock pretty enthusiastically. I saw the look on his slimy face and could tell that he wanted my dick. I got up from the couch and stepped to where he was still kneeling between Nicole’s still mildly quivering thighs. He started to get up and I put my hand on his shoulder and pushed him gently back down. I was standing, and he was back in his favorite position, on his knees.


I stuck my cock in front of him and used my right hand to start rubbing my pre-cum all over his face. I looked over at Nicole and saw that she had a sexy smile on her face and was watching to see what he would do. Larry kept looking at her and leaned forward a little and put his mouth around my dick. He kept his eyes on Nicole and then started giving me what had to be – one of the best blowjobs I ever had in my life.

I have about a 7 inch dick, uncircumcised, and fairly thick. For starters, he sucked my big cock completely into the back of his throat. This must have surprised him a little because he could hear my intake of breath and he felt me quiver a little. He then pulled it out a little and started a polishing motion all around the head of my cock. He pulled my foreskin forward to make a fake nipple out of it and sucked on it just like it was on Nicole’s tit. After he sucked it a little, he stuck his tongue in between the skin and my dickhead, and started a swirling and slathering motion again. I put my right hand on the shaft of my cock and started jacking my meat into his mouth as he was sucking my cock. I did this (and other variations) for what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes. I’m sure it was less, but I wanted Nicole to get a full “show” of what her husband could do with my cock. I wanted to prove to her that he could suck cock as well as he could eat pussy. Larry was very, very good. In just the next few minutes, I pulled my cock out of his mouth and pointed it toward Nicole’s face. She knew what I wanted and leaned forward on the couch to accommodate me. Larry didn’t want to be left out of the picture, so he started fingering Nicole’s pussy as she was sucking my dick.

We were all extremely turned on and Nicole wasn’t surprised at all when I pulled my cock out of her mouth and dropped to my knees in front of her. Larry moved out of the way, to the other side of her spread-open legs and watched as I roughly pulled her hips forward and impaled his wife on my rock hard cock. Larry saw Nicole give a moan at this and she started fucking me back as I thrust deep into her. We were fucking away, when all of a sudden; Larry got up beside me and started making hunching motions as if he was trying to get me to suck his cock. I looked at Nicole and she looked at me. Then with me wildly fucking the shit out of her, I leaned my mouth to within range of Larry’s dick and placed the shaft of his cock so that it was kind of on the slightly parted vee of my lips and started rocking back and forth there. I wanted to see what Nicole would do, and in one motion, she brought her hand up to the head of Larry’s cock and kind of pressed it into my mouth. I resisted the slightest bit, but Nicole kept her hand in place and all of a sudden, my resistance was gone and I started sucking Larry’s cock and he started feeding it to me.


We were all in sexual heaven. Nicole was getting a raw, sexual fucking and acted like she hadn’t had one in a long time. I was up to my nuts in Nicole’s pussy and was pounding on her for all I was worth. Larry was shoving his cock deep into the back of my throat and using his hands to pull my head onto him even deeper. Finally, we all came at almost the same time. Nicole started cumming first, and when I sensed that she was beginning to go into a climax, I started jack-hammering into her harder to speed up my own. Larry was in the same erotic situation. With the two of us speeding up and already into the beginning throes of orgasm, he speeded up his fucking movements in my mouth. All at once, Nicole went way over the edge and started screaming and bucking. I was right behind her and kept pounding and pounding — pumping load after load of my sticky, hot cum deep into her pussy. Larry was last. He knew he couldn’t hold it any more when Nicole and he locked eyes. As soon as they did, he shot a huge load deep into my mouth. Nicole was watching my reaction and could tell that I almost didn’t take it, but in just an instant, I saw her look and I swallowed everything Larry had.

When Larry was through he knew there was one more prize he intended to get. He fairly pushed me out of the way, and glued his mouth to Nicole’s seeping pussy. She still had an orgasmic spasm in her pelvis and as she kept staring at her husband, she rocked her cunt over and over into his mouth.


Larry must have loved it because he sucked every drop I had left there into his mouth and down into his gullet. He seemed to savor the heady aroma and slippery texture of her pussy juices mixed with my creamy cum. As Nicole and I looked on… one more time, Larry stuck his tongue in her as far as it would go and got the very last trace of her sweet nectar.

Finally, we were all spent and I dropped backward onto the carpeted floor. My glistening dick had fallen to the side and was resting on my leg. I seemed to be spent of all the energy I had ever possessed. I was in the blissful state of sexual intoxication. I stayed in that same position for at least 5 minutes I’m sure. I was about ready to open my eyes when I heard some movement and felt a warm, wet mouth on my limp cock. I had no idea of who it was; I was still so sexually groggy I didn’t want to open my eyes. I knew the warm mouth had to be either Nicole or Larry’s, and I actually couldn’t tell who it was. My answer came soon enough though. My dick started getting harder with the ministrations being performed on it. Then all of a sudden, I felt knees going to either side of my head. I still didn’t know who it was, and was about to open my eyes to see – and then, before I could make another move, I smelled the fragrant aroma of Nicole’s wet pussy lips tracing back and forth across my own lips. I had my answer for sure and eagerly sucked Nicole’s pussy deep into my mouth, and thrust my dick up into her husband’s hot mouth.

That experience was a memorable one, for the rest of the evening and into the wee hours of the morning we did everything two guys and a gal could do – and I mean everything!