The Entertainment Industry, – (True Story)

You would be surprised at how many people, (both genders, and most age groups) are interested in “exploring” some kind of a career in “Hollywood.” There are young “starlets” galore; budding “Brooke Shields’s” whose stage moms will do ANYTHING to boost their children’s careers (and I mean ANYTHING) – all the way down to the ‘plainer-folk’ of life who think they MAY have a chance, if the right “break” came their way.

Probably because of my hedonistic views and actions, I have made contact with a lot of people in the “entertainment-industry” at large. – My contacts are in movie production, (both traditional AND ‘adult’), TV, communications, and even in the music industry from time to time. I carry business cards with me that support my “entertainment-industry” status… PLUS, it’s absolutely true about my contacts there. (So… ‘dear reader’ get in touch with me if you’re interested; – guy or gal.)

Anyway, the way it got initiated was through an old college bud I’ve stayed friends with over the years. He came to ‘Vegas one time several years ago to ‘take a break’ from Hollywood, and relax. We spent some time together chasing “tail”, and reminiscing about our old ‘college-days.’ — He and I both chased a lot of pussy back in our college days, plus, I blew him every now and then, when we couldn’t get a date… and also because we both liked it. He went on in his career and became a reasonable factor in the movie-production end of the entertainment industry. He really IS one of the Hollywood people you hear about who actually does have the power to say “yea or nay” to someone’s career.

As we talked, he mentioned that he likes to see audition-vids every now and then – and he encouraged me to be his “non-paid” agent in Las Vegas. I told him I already had “plenty on my plate” and that adding one more obligation just wasn’t feasible at that time. He literally said, “I know you like to chase pussy and cock; — so, before you say ‘no’… let me assure you that the “Hollywood-Casting-Couch” is very real. I guarantee you that if YOU like them, so will I — and I’ll consider your recommendation as “gold”, and I’ll see them; just on your ‘say-so’ alone. Naturally, I’ll need some kind of video “screen-test” to show a couple of people on my production staff; but other than that… if you recommend them, I’ll fly them out.”

Then he added that: “The one thing I’m always looking for is ‘the plainer’ folk; – the people who can act in the background; like playing secretaries, waitresses, waiters, “third-tier” level people who fill in the background. That middle-age school teacher from Des Moines is a perfect example of what is in short supply,” he said for emphasis. – Then, he added, “You would think it was the other way around, right?” – “But to be honest, I get photo-portfolios of delicious young starlets every day. What I DON’T get, and NEED is a “Marion, the librarian from Omaha.” He smiled and said, “It takes the ‘Librarians” to make the “stars” stand out.”

He had a bit of a whimsical look on his face, then added, “Hey, I’ll probably fuck them, of course… but, that’s part of the Hollywood scene anyway”; it’s to be expected.” – He said, “You wouldn’t believe how many people fucked Brook Shields before she got her first high-level movie part.”

He smiled at me, and winked… assuring me the ol’ ‘casting-couch’ filtered on down to the agent-level, and that he was sure I would be able to ‘take advantage’ of it. So, after about an hour’s worth of conversation concerning the finer details, I agreed to do it. – About a week later I got the business cards he sent me, — then I went out and bought three higher-level video cams and corresponding sound equipment.

I always carry my entertainment cards with me. If I see a plainer/older prospect (male or female) in the course of my day, say… like at a restaurant or a shop somewhere, (even the grocery store,) I give them my card and tell them the entertainment industry is always looking for ‘interesting’ people, (which is actually true.) Remembering the emphasis my producer friend, put on the point that hot looking young chicks in Hollywood were a dime a dozen, and what they really needed was the “Midwestern” look to function in the background.

Now that you-all understand the concept… several auditions come to mind, but one in particular was a real stand out. She was a plumpish, blond, later-40s lady named Ellen C. who I met at my local gym. I thought she was kind of hot for an older lady, so I made up a ruse, of offering her some help in the gym equipment she was trying to tackle. It was one of those larger, complicated ‘universal’ machines, and she really didn’t have a clue as to how they operated.

After explaining / demonstrating the concept several times, I invited her to take a break and have a “fruit-smoothie” with me at the adjoining café of the gym club. We left the gym and settled in to the outside-patio level of the small café. As we talked, I found her even more attractive, (and appealing), so I handed her my agent-card and explained the situation to her. She asked me if it was “really real”, and I assured her it was. So, after an hour or so of conversation, it was obvious that we both liked each other enough to go to the next level, and we agreed on a time and date for her to come over for the audition, (which is a studio in my home.)

Sure enough, she showed up right on time,  (about 1:00 in the afternoon.)  I fixed us a drink to relax, hers a good bit stronger than mine, and we began to chat. She was on one of my leather couches and was wearing a silver blouse that buttoned down the front, and a fuller skirt that kind of hid her ‘plumpness’. We talked for about 15 minutes and finally I asked her if it was ok, to turn my cameras on, (Two were on a tripod, and one was hand-held.)

She smiled a bright smile and agreed. I didn’t want to waste any time, (no sense in giving her an opportunity to change her mind)  – so, I started shooting her in various fully-clothed poses. After about ten minutes, we got to a point where… in order to go forward… she needed to unbutton a couple of buttons on her blouse. She immediately balked; so I sat the camera down, and said, “Look, Ellen… this is the real world here; you’re not 16 anymore, and if you want this vid to go out to my bud, you’re going to have to start revealing some skin.”

“PLUS…” I added, “if he likes it, and I’m pretty sure he will… you’re going to have to show him ‘what you’ve got’ — She responded with, “Is that the way it really works?” I nodded my head ‘yes’ and assured her it really was the way things actually worked. She asked me if I really thought she had a chance… and I said, “This is your one and only time to show what you’ve got. I guarantee you I will send what we shoot to Burney… if it’s good enough, he’ll fly you out.” – (As a side note, those movie producers are always using other people’s money and have no problem is splurging it around, ESPECIALLY for their own selfish purposes.)

So we just looked at each other, and I decided to take the initiative, and turned on the camera… She saw I was shooting, and then made her own decision. She smiled big for the camera, then reached up and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. From the look on her face, she was an adult, and knew what was expected, and continued to unfasten the rest of the buttons of her blouse.

With no buttons to keep it in place, her blouse slipped open easily, and she let it fall off her shoulders. That whole scene was hastily recorded by me, and it was gorgeous. There she was… in just her bra and skirt. — “Lean back, Ellen”, I said, “let me see some of your legs.” She kept smiling, then leaned back and pulled her skirt up quite a bit. I got down lower on the floor in front of her and started shooting upward toward her face with the cam. “Spread your legs a little, honey…” I said. She did… and pulled her skirt up further on her own. The cam could see her face, her bra, and the edge of her panties, underneath her skirt. “Lean forward a bit, Ellen…” I said… When she did, I held my breath and said, “Let’s go ahead and get that bra off.”

There was a significant hesitation from her. I could tell from the look on her face that she was considering the breadth of her next decision. I could almost look into her eyes and see… the pros and cons of the decision she was trying to make. It took several minutes, (while the cameras continued to roll) for her to make her decision.

Finally, she bit her lower lip and reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra… – but held her cups to her breasts. I could tell this was a big moment for her, so I said, “Ellen, make Burney want to fly you out.” – That was all she needed to hear. She took her bra away, and revealed luscious pink nipples, standing out firmly on a milky bed of pale, quivering flesh. “Pinch ‘em, Ellen,” I said, “Pinch your fucking nipples”… and she responded to the naughty words, – and did.

Like most women, Ellen’s nipples were practically hard-wired to her pussy, and when she started pinching and twisting her nips, she unconsciously arched her back, thrusting her tits further out. She didn’t have 16-year old tits or anything, but they were definitely fairly firm for an older lady. “Pull on ‘em, Ellen, pull your nipples out a little, pull ‘em and twist them some more,” I said. – God, that was all it took, that electric spark raced down to her crotch and fired off in her pussy. She actually squirmed a little as she pinched and pulled on her nips.

“Stand up and take your skirt off, Baby,” I said. And, when she heard those magic words, she got up off the couch, swirled around a couple of times, giving the camera a sexy swoosh. She smiled openly at the cam, then reached behind her back, and unsnapped and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor around her feet. God, she was sexy. I told her to sit back down on the edge of the couch and spread her knees a little. — When she did, I zoomed in on her panties and shot the damp stain that was beginning to spread across her crotch-band.

Me, the camera, hell… the whole fucking world… wanted to see what was underneath that damp piece of cloth.  “Ellen,” I said, “lean back and take your panties off; let’s see that hot pussy of yours.” Those were more magic words, and Ellen leaned back on the couch, hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her panties and shoved them down over the flair of her hips, and then off. She kept her legs together coyly; so I said, “Honey, put your heels up on the edge of the couch and spread your knees out wide. When she did, my camcorder zoomed in on the prettiest, pinkest pussy I had ever seen; especially on an older lady. There were no loose folds anywhere, just nice pink meat, as delicate as a girl scout’s.

I was really lost; I actually didn’t know what to do. I kept shooting her, of course; but my brain, mouth, and my cock were demanding attention. “Play with your pussy, Ellen”, let’s see how wet you can get. She had her eyes closed as a pale, white hand cupped her pussy mound, and her delicate middle finger began to worm its way into the middle of her pink gash. I don’t think she even knew what a hot piece of ass she actually was. As she finger-fucked herself with her middle finger, her other hand came up unconsciously to her breasts. You could almost hear the fireworks going off in her head; twin sensations, deeper thrusts into her cunt, and almost frantic nipple-twisting going on above.

I couldn’t help myself; I had to have a taste. I reached over and got a smaller tripod and quickly attached the hand-held cam to it and aimed it past me, so it could get the whole scene. With three camcorders rolling, and Ellen losing control fast, I got down in front of her spread legs, moved her hand out of the way, and glued my mouth to her slippery wet gash. She actually squealed when she felt my tongue start stabbing around inside her cunt. She spread her legs even further apart and put her hands behind my head and started hunching her pussy all over my face. I pushed her legs up a bit and even further apart, and licked a sexy pathway down to her ass.

As I tongued her puckered pink asshole, she used her own hand to pound out her pussy. She was WAY over the edge, and as the twin sensations roared at her loins… she started actually thrashing on her clit. It was almost as if she was doing battle with herself to literally knock the orgasm out of her. Then, she started squirting… she poured forth… sexy spews of hot pussy juice drenched my face. Ellen had lost all control and was unconsciously hunching an invisible dick, all over the couch. A loud guttural scream and gigantic, uncontrollable pelvic thrusts marked one of the most physical female climaxes I had ever seen.

I fell away… Ellen flopped lifelessly back on the couch, and the cameras continued to roll. I only hoped they had gotten the close up of the violent climax Ellen had just put herself through. Neither of us said anything, we were too lost in fatigue and sexual satisfaction.

Several minutes passed before we both began to come back to our individual reality. I was the first to regain mobility when I went to the bathroom for a quick freshening up. When I returned, Ellen was back fully clothed and sitting primly on the couch. We acknowledged each other awkwardly and I assured her the audition was a success. I told her I would pass it on to Burney with a full recommendation from me. I walked her out to her car and we spoke a little more easily to each other. One more time, I assured her the vid was great, and I was sure Burney would contact her. Before she drove away, I asked her to give me a buzz when she got back in town so I could hear all about her adventure. She assured me she would.

Several weeks went by, and then, right out of the blue, my cell phone gave a jingle. I was hoping it might be Ellen, and sure enough, it was. She sounded bubbly and said the multiple shoots went great. I listened to her exuberance with as much delight as she herself exhibited. I told her it would be great to see her, and suggested we have a celebratory lunch. She agreed, we set a time and place and I hung up the phone. I reflected on Ellen a bit, thinking that not every situation turns out as happily as hers seemed to be; and I was happy for her. The entertainment industry can crush some people, and for others, it seems to help them ‘self-flourish’.

We met for lunch the following week, and Ellen looked “fresh as a daisy” in a colorful summer dress that emphasized her curvy outline. I was pleased to notice she even looked slimmer. ‘What a change’, I thought to myself, as we gave each other a warm hug, and then sat down.

The first words out of my mouth were, “Well, tell me all about it, how did it go?” – She blushed the tiniest bit and told me it went great, underscoring the ‘great’ part. She said she had been in four different productions, two were commercials that would air nationally; one was an independent movie that Burney (I thought it was interesting that she now referred to him by his first name,) was making about “old Las Vegas” and how it used to be.

She paused a bit then said that the fourth was an upper-level adult film themed on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ life of an upscale American wife; “kind of like the “Real Housewives” episodes you see on cable TV, but with more sex added.” She saw my eyebrows go up, anticipating my question. She said, “No, I wasn’t the star, but I WAS part of the featured cast.” I caught the hint and asked her how she would rate the whole adventure. She giggled a bit and said in a hushed voice, “Well I had to fuck about half the people on Burney’s production teams, but to be honest, I kind of enjoyed it.

I’ve always been ‘nosey’ so I asked her what kind of money she made. She smiled a big smile and said “That was the second best part”, she reached into her purse and pulled out a check for fifteen thousand dollars. There was the biggest smile on her face as she handed it over so I could take a look. As I smiled at the check, she added that not only had she been paid well, but Burney was going to use her in several other productions he was planning in the fall.

I handed the check back to her with a big congratulatory smile on my face, and asked her if she felt like she owed a special ‘thank you’ to the guy who introduced her to Burney. She smiled back and said, “I thought you’d never ask.” — We finished our meal, and then went back to my place for desert. I thought it was interesting that she asked me to turn my camcorders on. I guess everyone really does like to be in front of a camera; especially when they’re naked and getting a thick cock shoved up their cunt.

As always… “Your thoughts?”

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