The Casino Lady…

I’m a professional-traditional writer, but what I like to write about most, is ‘erotica’, mostly about my current and past sexual adventures over the years. I’m not an ‘egotist’ about it at all; I just find it VERY sexy to share what I like and what I’ve done. Most of the time, I get a hard-on from my erotic writing.

Anyway, currently… I get together with a lady who works at a casino every now and then. Her name is Ginger S. and she is in her early 40’s, probably about 43, when I met her. It was a pretty casual meeting; I sat down at her blackjack table because no one was there. We were almost immediately “at ease” with each other and talked casually and openly. I made a comment about her wedding ring when I saw it, something on the order of, “I bet your husband’s glad when you get home”; (she was pretty attractive for an older lady.) She smiled and said, “Usually…” –

The conversation progressed from there, nobody else sat down, and I’ve never been very shy, so as it got closer and closer to her shift change, I asked her if I could buy her a drink or a cup of coffee after she got off from work. She smiled, and said “That would be nice, but it would have to be at some other place other than where she worked.” We agreed on a different casino, and I went on over to wait for her to show up.

I wasn’t exactly sure she would show, but she did. We got to talking, and in the course of our conversation she asked me if I was ‘looking for company’. Like I said, I’m not shy, and said that I was. She asked me if I had a private place, and I gave her my address. I went on over ahead of her, and once again, she showed up. I actually LIKE to pay for pussy, somehow or other, it seems to increase the ‘sexiness’ of it to me. The fact that she was married… was even better. So, after we took care of the business end, we went to the bedroom, and I fucked her royally… She had her legs up in the air, and spread out wide; she had some of the best climaxes I’ve ever seen a woman have. I held off as long as I could, then fired a huge hot load of cum as deep into her pussy as I could get it.

One of my favorite things in the whole, wide world is “creampies.” So, when I pulled out, and saw the cum that was there, I couldn’t help myself and just dove between her legs and practically glued my mouth to her sloppy cunt. Well… you wouldn’t have believed her reaction… she went WAY over the edge when she felt my tongue deep in her pussy; and after I spread her legs out as wide as I could get them and shoved my tongue in even further, she started coming again, all over the bed, almost out of control. She even tried getting my mouth off her sensitive pussy; but to no avail. I like a good sexual challenge, and stayed with her… the more I ate her, the more she bucked… the more she bucked, the deeper I tongue-fucked her.

Finally, she was “orgasmed-out”, and just lay there on the bed, almost in a whimper. I raised up from her steamy cunt, and my face was covered with both of our sexy juices. I leaned down and started giving her a VERY sexy, sloppy, cummy kiss… She turned away at first, but I was already in a good position to ease my rock hard cock back into her cunt, and that’s what I did… She responded with a low guttural moan, from the steel rod in her pussy, and all the mixed fluids I was trying to shove in her mouth…

She got into her favorite position of legs up in the air, and spread out wide… and I fucked her hard, and practically slobbered into her fucking mouth while I did it. When I climaxed, she did too… AND… she sucked my slick tongue like it was a thick dick in her mouth… WHILE she bucked me all over the place. Like you might imagine, when I pulled out, I didn’t even wait, I got down between her legs and ate her up, cleaned her out… (and she came again, big time) – I was going to go again when she said, “Wait, I can’t take it anymore…” – So I relented on tag-teaming her with my mouth and dick, and we leaned back on the headboard of the bed to relax and recover.

After we both came off our ‘edge’ and got our composure back, we started talking about what had happened. She asked me about my ‘creampie’ interest, and I told her it started back in high school when I used to ‘service’ this older girl who wouldn’t let me fuck her, only eat her. She was interested in the story, so I told her.

“The way it happened was…” I started… and then I told her about Rita. – Rita was the head cheerleader for our high school football team, and was literally beautiful. A lot of people told her she looked like Marilyn Monroe, and ought to go into the movies. She was a sexy blond, with big tits, a narrow waist, and a classic ‘heart-shaped’ ass. Altogether, too… too much. She was a senior, and I was just a sophomore, and knew I didn’t have a chance with her. Plus, she could pretty much date anyone she wanted to, and her number-one boyfriend at the moment was a college guy, who played on our state’s championship football team.

Rita was kinky, and KNEW I had the hots for her. One time, she and her boyfriend showed up at our local “Mel’s-Diner”, (similar to the one in the movie, “American Graffiti.”) She saw me inside having a Coke and some fries, and waved at me to come out and say ‘hello’. Hey, “who knows, right?” – I’ve got news for you; when Rita waved ANYONE over, there was zero hesitancy. So when I got out to where they were parked, she introduced me to her college hot-rod… and… no shit… he really was a good looking guy. Kind of like a big Tom Cruise, in his prime. He had a great smile, and even reached over and shook my hand. We talked a bit, then Rita’s boyfriend whispered something in her ear, and Rita giggled. Then she turned to me and told me that she and Joe-College were going to take a ride “down by the river”, and she asked me if I wanted to go.

I already knew what going “down by the river” meant, and there was no question at all that I was eager to go. When we got down there, we parked in a secluded place, and Rita’s boyfriend got out and walked around to the trunk of the car and got a big, thick blanket out. Then, he helped Rita out of the car, and they started walking over to some soft grass, that had definitely been used before. As they walked away, Rita looked over her shoulder and said, “Well, come on… don’t be so shy.” – So, what the heck, I got out of the car and followed them over to their spot. They immediately started kissing, and while they kissed, the college guy started stripping Rita’s clothes off while they were kissing. In no time at all, she was totally naked, and he had her on the blanket with her legs up in the air, and spread wide. –

He fucked her for a long time, and in a lot of different ways. Rita had several small, mini-climaxes… but, toward the end… Ol ‘Biff’ got back into his favorite position, and became the proverbial bull. Rita was grunting from the ‘rutting’ she was getting. When Biff finally came, Rita was in a sexual frenzy from the rough fucking he had given her… Biff strained hard, arched his back, and roared out loud when he started filling Rita up… And fill her up he did… When he pulled out, her pussy looked raw in the pale moonlight, and it looked like there was a river of cum dripping out of her stretched labia.

Ol’ Biff looked over at me and said, “There ya go, kid… it’s all yours.” I knew in an instant what he was talking about and just dove between Rita’s legs and started eating her out. I got all his cum I could get. Rita had another big climax from the twin sensations of a frantic, sex-starved boy eating out her cummy pussy, and when I looked up… she had her boyfriend’s thick cock deep in the back of her mouth.

“That’s what we did the rest of the night,” I told Ginger… Every time Rita’s boyfriend filled her up, I’d eat her out.” She asked me if I ever got to fuck Rita. I told her “of course not”. “Rita wanted to be “true” to her boyfriend, and definitely wouldn’t let me fuck her. – The only thing she would do was… give me a quick hand-job toward the end of the night.” – “The good thing,” I told Ginger… “was that they let me tag along with them a lot. Not every time, of course… but I bet I ate Rita out 20 or 30 times before she graduated and went off to the same college Biff attended.”

After she heard it all… she asked me point blank, if I really DID like ‘creampies’ that much. I assured her I did. There was silence between us… then she asked me if I’d like to do it again after she had been with some other guys. I didn’t have to think about it at all, and assured her, I would even pay her to let me eat her out. We talked about it a bit, and I told her that naturally, I expected her to use some discretion and not fuck anybody who would give me any kind of disease. She said she was pretty careful about that because she didn’t want to take anything back to her hubby.

So, one night, about two weeks later, I got a call on my cell phone, and it was her. She told me she was going to go meet one of her married clients, and that she had been with him before. She added that he was a big cummer, and squeaky clean. Then, she asked me if I had any interest. I told her my dick was already hard. – About an hour and a half later, I heard her wheels crunch in my driveway. When she came in, neither one of us did any preliminary talking at all. We went straight to the bedroom; she stripped out of her clothes, being careful not to lose any of the cum in her pussy.

Then, she lay back on the bed, spread her legs out wide, and used her fingers to spread open her pussy. When I saw it… I lost all control and ate her out, practically licking the underside of her belly-button. She had the same response as before and climaxed all over the bed. While she was still breathing hard, I shoved my brick-hard cock deep into her hot cunt and started long-dicking her while I let her taste the mixed juices from her pussy… We ‘cycled’ one more time before she begged me to stop.

After we got into the “after-sex” mood, and were relaxing with each other… she confessed that she had NEVER done anything so sexy in her life. Then she added, that when she went home, her husband was going to want to fuck her too. I told her she shouldn’t bother to clean up at all… adding that most men actually LIKE ‘sloppy-seconds’ and got off on knowing their “whore” had just fucked somebody else. She asked me if I was sure, and I told her, the truth,… “In my opinion, absolutely.” — She giggled a little then said she would give it a try. I asked her to give me a call the next day and tell me how it went.

When she called the next day, she said “You’re not going to believe it; my husband was WILD (her words) from knowing I had fucked somebody else…”  and then she added that: “They had made love better than they had since they first got married.”

So, from then on, we did it a lot. Not every night by any means. But we became telephone/texting pals, and every so often she would call me or text me, telling me she had an appointment with a ‘biggie’. We both knew it meant a “big cummer”… I was ALWAYS interested. I liked eating somebody else’s cum out of her pussy, and I liked knowing that when she left my place, her hubby was going to get a little taste of my ‘flavor’… I even liked paying her, she tried to turn it down, but I reassured her I LIKED her being my personal whore. –

So that’s what we did, (and still do…) I STILL get an erection (like right now) when I think about it.

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