The Audition…

When I was in college, I ran around with a great guy named Burnie. We chased a lot of pussy together, drank a whiskey, dreamed a lot; and made plans for the future. Burnie was a phenome on campus, a ‘prince’, you might say. He was the son of rich parents, good looking, well-built, even well-hung. And.. he was a genuinely nice guy. Everybody liked him.

We shared our plans for the future frequently. I wanted to go into the military, the active part, not just for the glory either. I had grown up ‘rough’, and like the “rock ‘n roll” aspect of a ‘rowdy’ life that one can get in military service. I went on to be a Command Sergeant, active-duty, and led a “fire-team” into many ‘live-fire’ skirmishes.

Burnie, on the other hand, was already making plans to go to “Hollywood.” He was totally enthralled with the entertainment industry, at large. In his case, he was interested in the ‘production’ end, as opposed to the acting end. We were sitting around our rented house one day, having and beer, and talking about girls. It was pretty heady stuff; we were both groping our dicks through our jeans, just thinking about the sexy aspects of our future lives. There was a point of intensity, and Burnie said, right out of the blue, “Can you fucking imagine the pussy walking around in Hollywood? – Teenagers, young women, sexy forty-year-olds; hell, even the guys out there are good looking.”

Burnie and I had already progressed out of ‘high school’ sex; and had learned to appreciate sexy people of either gender, and most age groups. It turned out that our favorite group in college was those ravenous 40-year old women, whose husbands had lost interest in. It wasn’t unusual for one or the other of us, to go out looking for a sexy “married-lady”, (oddly enough, usually at a grocery store), and bring her back to the house, and fuck her all afternoon long.

Those older women were sex-starved, insatiable fuck-holes, who couldn’t get enough young cock. More than once, one would have to go home and make supper for ‘the old man’; then come back over to our place for some more sex. Almost every time, we would invite a couple of our friends over to enjoy ‘the feast’. We never told the lady in advance there was going to be more than just the two of us, and when she came in and saw 4 or 5 horny guys… the look on their face was spectacular. We ‘tag-teamed’ most of them into the wee hours of the night; and to our astonishment, most, always came back for more.

Too soon, graduation day came and Burnie and I went our separate ways. We really were “best-buds” and vowed to ‘stay in touch’ with each other. More than once, when I was in the military, and Burnie was in Hollywood, we got in touch with each other and arranged to meet at some exotic place, somewhere between the two of us. Burnie had progressed in the movie industry to where he had moderate power, and had a “say” in who got into various movies he was involved in. Because of his growing influence, he often brought a budding ‘starlet’, (or an equally appealing young guy,) with him. He “shared, and shared alike”; most of our get-togethers involved fucking whoever he brought along as many times as we wanted to… in private, or in groups.

After my military days were over, I moved to “the big city” and started my own career. One of the great “non-secrets” of any large city is that they are frequently a “stepping-stone” to Hollywood. It wasn’t unusual for Burnie to come out to ‘where I lived, and he and I would ‘sample’ the local talent; and enjoy the rest of what the city had to offer: whisky, gambling, entertainment… and let’s face it… the THE SEX. In the ‘big-apple’, whatever you could dream up, was usually available.

During the course of one of our conversations, he mentioned that if I ever saw anyone I’d like to recommend… I should make a short video, and send it over to him. He reminded me that the fabled, “Hollywood Casting Couch” was a real thing, and no one got into any of his movies without sucking him off, or fucking him. He said it didn’t make any difference which gender, that he liked guys as much as he liked girls. – Then he added, if you want to be my “Agent”, he would get me some business cards made up, and I could legitimately represent him, and then he grinned at me and said, “That ol’ Hollywood Casting Couch extends down to you, buddy.” He added, “Make them pay the price, if they can’t give you a blowjob for a valid Hollywood introduction, then ‘fuck ‘em’ I don’t want to consider them.”

Sure enough, several days later a box of cards arrived, with “Good luck” written on the outside. It wasn’t but about a week later that I saw a likely prospect, a young lady, wandering around shopping, on the strip. I decided to approach her, give her my talent-scout card, and ask her if I could buy her a cup of coffee. She was intrigued, we had a conversation about how great a career in the movie business would be, and I invited her over to my house to do a “test-video” the following week.

Now at that time, I had zero professional looking equipment, so I went out and bought a fairly expensive rig, two video cameras (one large, and one small,) some tripods, some lighting, and I got a video friend to show me how to use them. Then, on the appropriate day, she came over, and we talked. The cameras were already set up, and I started shooting her. When I asked her to unbutton a couple of buttons on her blouse, she refused, and actually seemed insulted. So, I tuned the cameras off and just told her: — “Look, you need to get a new understanding here if you’re going to get into the movie business. There are a lot of other girls who will show some skin; if you won’t, – then you won’t have any chance at all. Maybe you should take a couple of days and think it over.”

Well, she stood up, said she would take my advice and think about it for a while. Before she left I told her, “Don’t take too long, introductions like this don’t happen all the time; if you don’t do it…  ‘trust me’, I’ll find someone who will.” With that, she got in her car and left. I thought it would only take a couple of days, but it took two weeks.

I told her I was surprised to hear her voice when she called, and she said she’d like to come over and “re-do” her video. We determined a convenient time, and sure enough, she showed up and we had a pleasant, upbeat conversation. Finally, I switched on the lights, set the cameras and started shooting her. I wasn’t too far away from her when I said, “Honey, how about unbuttoning your blouse a little, let’s show ol’ Burnie what you’ve got.”  With that, she unbuttoned her top two buttons and moved her chest forward a little. I could tell she was getting into it a bit, so I told her to ‘poof’ up her hair some. She reached up with both hands and fluffed out her hair. Then, I decided to see if she had had a real change of heart, and told her, “You know, that blouse is actually in the way; what about taking it off and let’s get some shots of you in your bra.”

I knew that was a ‘make it, or break it moment’, and the camera still continued to roll as she faced her decision. She was still hesitant, so I said, “Tell you what, why don’t we finish the screen test, and I’ll give you the disk. Then you can decide what you want me to do with it, I can either send it to Burnie, or you can keep it, – your call.” – That seemed to satisfy her; and with that, she started unbuttoning the rest of her buttons. When she slipped it off, she folded it neatly and put it on the arm of the leather couch. I started shooting her again, zooming  in, here and there, different angles, different poses. Then I said, “Ok, let’s get your bra off and see what your breasts look like.”

I knew she would hesitate, and she did. So I said, “Look, this is no big deal, it’s just between you and me; let’s see your tits, if you decide you don’t want to send the vid, it’s yours to keep.” I made a little promise to myself that this was the last time I was going to try to talk her into doing anything. Either she was into it, or she wasn’t, period. I was pleased that she reached around behind her back and undid her bra. She held her cups onto her breasts for several seconds, and I filmed her face as she made her decision. Then, decision made, she took her bra-cups, set them on top of her blouse, and let her ample breasts swing freely.

To be honest, they WERE magnificent. She was a young girl, in her early 20s, and her pale breasts were plump, firm, with nice crinkly, rosy aureoles, and firm pink nipples about the size of a pencil eraser. I knew from past experience that most women’s nipples were practically wired to their pussy, and I hoped it was true in her case. So as I got a little closer with the cam, I told her to ‘pinch your nipples a little; tweak ‘em a bit, and make them hard.” – She did, I actually caught the slight intake of breath she gave, and the beginning of a rosier glow in her face. I backed up quite a bit, and told her to ‘stand up’. She did, then I said, “Move around for me a little, make those hooters you got, swing a little.” I could tell she liked the irreverent reference to her breasts, and then she started to dance. I knew a little lite rock music would help, so I went over to my stereo, and put a little of the saxophone of “Kenny-G” on. Sure enough, when she heard his sexy music, she started to ‘swing ‘em’. I’m guessing it was the first time in her life she had ever put on a show, and she was beginning to like it. Her breasts swung more freely, she put her hands over her head to emphasize her breasts, and when I said, “Shake ‘em”, she did. Gawd, what a sight. She went from an almost demure, timid young woman to a confident floor dancer who was proud of her breasts.

“Pinch your nipples, Kristen,” I said, and she reached up, cupped her full breasts and pinched her nipples hard. Immediately, her head flopped back, her mouth was open, and she started playing with her breasts on her own. It was erotic as hell to watch her move around the tile floor, fondling her own breasts, pinching and tweaking at her nipples, and my camera getting the whole thing. After I was satisfied she was into the full show, I said, “Kristen, unzip your skirt, let me see your panties.” – This time, she was actually eager to be free. She found her zipper, eased it down in a provocative manner, then used her thumbs to push her skirt over the flair of her hips. When it dropped to the floor, she stepped out of the skirt, reached down and picked it up, and put it on the arm of the chair with the rest of her clothes.

There she stood, practically a ‘Venus’, – firm breasts jutting out, nipples hard and distended, and a slight stain beginning to form on the vee of her pale blue panties… and she began to dance on her own. I said nothing… I just shot her from various angles as she danced around the floor. Then, I told her to turn her back to me; I wanted to ‘get a shot of your ass.’ – She turned around, looked over her shoulder at the camera, with a big, sexy ‘come-hither’ smile, and actually flexed her butt-muscles. It was incredibly sexy. “Bend over; Kristen… spread your legs a little.” She knew instinctively what I wanted, and bent from the waist, and spread her legs out at the same time. I zoomed in on her ass, and without even telling her, she brought a hand up between her legs and started playing with her pussy through the nylon of her panties; then… she started moving her ass around.

The more she moved her ass around… the more she played with her pussy… – the more she played with her pussy, the more she moved her ass around. It was like an erotic ‘vicious circle’… “Kristen,” I said, “Pull your panties to the side, let me see your pussy.” That was all it took, simple words if you think about it. Not an hour before, she was reluctant to unbutton two buttons on her blouse; now she was showing her pink pussy to the camera, and shaking her ass. “Play with it, Kristen, show me how hot your pussy is.” With that, Kristen plunged a finger deep in her vagina and started fucking herself with it. Her hips moved in time to the finger jabbing in and out of her hot cunt, and she knew the camera was focused on her. She could hear the faint whirr of the delicate motors as I zoomed in on her crotch.

The camera got an eyeful… the dew on her lips and hand was visible; the slight spasming of her hips as she fucked herself with her own fingers was obvious. “Go for it, Kristen… get yourself off, show the world what a hot pussy you’ve got.” And she did… She was in another world, fucking herself with slick fingers… stabbing them in and out of her liquid gash.

“Kristen, turn around, and push your pelvis forward; pull your pussy lips open, let me see how pink you are inside.” I said. – I knew this was another ‘make it or break it’ moment, but she didn’t hesitate at all. She pressed her pelvis toward the camera like it was an imaginary lover. Then, she pulled open her pink labia and showed the camera all she had. I walked over closer to her, and bent low, aiming the camera lens up to view what she definitely wanted to show. I turned the view-screen up toward my eyes so I could see what the camera was seeing. Kristen knew what I wanted, and she knew how to show it to me… I kept shooting while she hunched her cunt toward the camera. From the look on her face, it was obvious that if she could get the camera in her pussy, she would.

The more she hunched, the more turned on she got… she started squealing, mewing, ‘fucking’ for the camera. She spread her legs out wide and bent her knees so she could get closer to the probing eye of the lens… She was only a few inches from the face of the lens, when she pulled her pussy lips even further apart and totally exposed the inside of her pink pussy. I remember looking at the screen and thinking, “I’ve never seen more of anybody’s pussy than I’m seeing right now.” – That was when she went WAY over the edge. It was an unconscious act on her part… her hips were humping uncontrollably as if they had a mind of their own. She hunched her pelvis so hard, she actually lost her balance. I quickly guided her to the edge of the couch, and pushed her back on it. Then, she spread her legs to the max… fucked her pussy hard with her hand, and vibrated violently on the edge of the couch. One hand was in and out of her pussy; the other was violently clawing, pinching, and squeezing at her reddening breasts.

I got the whole thing on tape… the sexy jerks of her hips, the involuntary contractions of her pussy as it struggled for release, the full ‘body-blush’ of a scalding-hot woman in heat, who had just gone uncontrollably WAY over the edge, maybe for the first time in her life. I sat back on my leather chair and just watched her begin the process of calming down. Her hands were between her legs and she was actually soothing her pussy, trying to get it to calm down. Much like you would pet and soothe a wild animal, she knew she had lost all control and she wanted to regain her composure.

I knew some kind of covering would help, so I tossed her a nearby, ‘throw’, so she could use it to cover herself. She was still breathing heavy, and having involuntary, small ‘hip-jerks’ as she used the small throw to cover herself up. It didn’t take too much longer till she got her breath back and she began to regain her composure. The first thing out of her mouth was, “I am SO embarrassed; I can’t believe I did that.” – “Don’t be,” I said… then I added that, “That was one of the best displays of raw sexuality I’ve ever seen. You should be proud of yourself” I said… “Not every woman in the world can let themselves go to that extent. I’m glad we got it on tape.” — “Oh GOD!!” she said. “I forgot about that, you promised you wouldn’t show it to anybody without my permission.” I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep my promise; but tell you what, why don’t you just relax and let me put the vid up on my TV so you can get a look at yourself.” – She brought her hands to her face and said, “No, I don’t think so, I’d be too embarrassed.”

With that, I sat down beside her, put my arm around her, and pressed the play button on the remote. I have a big 72 inch screen TV, and all of a sudden, she popped into life, full view. She was mesmerized by her twin on the screen. I didn’t say anything at all… I didn’t have to. As the interview unfolded, it progressed from one sexy scene to another. When it got to the point where she bared her breasts, there was a short intake of breath from her. I moved the throw over to expose her breasts. I didn’t need to tell her what to do; she used her own hands on her tits, imitating what she saw herself do on the screen. I could tell her breath was getting a little shorter as she watched herself bend over and shake her ass. “Oh god” was all she said, as her sexy fingers slid up into the folds of her pink pussy and she began to fuck herself with them.

This time, it was my hand that slid down to the vee of her crotch. As Kristen watched, her scenes continue to unfold; it was my hand that slid up and down her dripping wet gash. I moved the hand over her shoulder down a bit and started pinching and tweaking her nipple. Then, as I eased a big thumb deep into her steaming pussy, I grabbed her tit, and started mauling it. It was too much for her. She started humping my thumb, and grabbing at her own titties.

There’s nothing in the world more sexy than driving a hot woman over the edge; and this woman was hotter than a fire cracker on the fourth of July! – I started to really thumb-fuck her as she watched herself on the screen. She spread her legs out to the max on her own, and started humping my thumb as it went in and out. I could feel the walls of her pussy contract on my thumb, trying to hold on to it, encouraging it to give more, more… “fill me up,” was what her pussy seemed to be saying. I knew my thumb wasn’t enough, so I pulled it out and formed a cone with my fingers, then I shoved them back in… Now, she had a little more satisfaction, now she could feel the beginning of a fist easing into her stretched pussy.

Most women have never been ‘fisted’, but most women, once they have… always come back for more. Kristen was staring at the screen when I got my hand part way inside her pussy. From the look on her face, I knew she wanted more. While she humped my hand and stared at the screen, I pushed harder and then it went in, I was past the large knuckles on my hand and I had filled her up. Her eyes were closed; she fucked and squeezed on the hand in her pussy. We both knew what was next… Unconsciously, she knew and I knew she would lose control and go over the edge, there was nothing either one of us could do about it.

I saw it first, the first uncontrollable jerk of her hips. She bit down on her bottom lip slightly as she felt the spasm. Then there was another… she started contracting. I could see the ripples in her abdomen as she started to uncontrollably fuck my fist. Her legs couldn’t have been any wider… she was literally fucking my fist like it was her own, private fucking machine, and she wanted to get all it had. Then… she was there, she was all over the couch, almost like she was trying to get my fist out of her pussy, and shove it up further into her at the same time. BOOM, BAM… Pow… she was popping… uncontrollably fucking my fist. She was the original Eve, in heat… fucking Adam’s fist… and I shoved it to her. I gave her all she wanted and then some. I made a fist inside her pussy, and fucked her with it. She held onto my wrist to get it all…. She went WAY over the edge this time… even further than she had on her own. She was a hot-whore, porn-star personified… she was all pussy and her pussy wanted to be FUCKED! – And she got it.

Afterward, I eased my hand out of her gaping hole and she gave a sigh of relief. In a few minutes more, she opened her eyes and smiled up at me. After catching her breath, she finally said, “That was THE BEST fuck I ever had in my life, ever.” I smiled down at her and told her I agreed with her, that I had never seen ANY woman as hot as she was.

We both regained our composure; she got her panties and bra back on, even her blouse and skirt. Then she sat on the couch and we talked. “What about the vid,” I said… “Do you want me to send it to Burnie?” She said, “Let me think about it first, I’ll let you know.” – Then she looked at her watch and said she had to get going.

As she was about to stand up, I said, “Do you want to see your vid of you fucking my fist?” – She looked astounded and sat back down. Then she said, “You filmed that??” I can’t believe you did that, I had no idea.” — I said, “Baby, I’ve got cameras all over this room,” – “You sure you don’t want to see it?” – She mumbled out, “I’ve really got to get going,” As she said it, I started rolling what I secretly shot. As Kristen watched the big TV, she saw her image again, this time she saw herself from a different angle, she saw a thumb in her cunt; the way an audience might see it. I eased her back on the couch and slid a hand up the inside of her bare thigh, and started stroking her nylon-covered pussy lightly with the knuckles of my hand. Then, as she watched…  her own legs spread further and further apart, I pushed her panties to the side and eased a couple of fingers in… “You sure you really have to go?” I asked. She made no reply at all as she watched the cone of my fingers on the screen, and felt the cone of my fingers starting to ease into her moist pussy.

She didn’t even bother to take any clothes off… I fucked her with my fist, or rather; she fucked my fist with her pussy, uncontrollably. This time every time she got close, I’d back off till she calmed down, then I’d resume fucking her. It was about an hour and a half later that I finally let her cum, and pulled my wrinkled hand out.

This time, after she calmed down, she got her clothes on and stood up. It was late in the afternoon, and she said she was supposed to meet her boyfriend almost an hour ago. I walked her out to her car, and she got in and rolled her window down. We smiled at each other, and I leaned down and gave her a peck on the lips, then I said, “Anytime, Kristen… anytime you want to get stretched out again, let me know.”

She smiled and waved as she drove away.

Sure enough, it was less than a week later when she called and asked if she could come over. I assured her it was ok, and I’d set the cameras up. When she got there, I started filming her. When I asked her to unbutton a couple of buttons, she smiled at the camera and said, “Glad to…” – that time, we took our time and I fist-fucked her, butt-fucked her, ate her ass, and she sucked me off… ALL… while the cameras whirred. She was still hotter than a fire cracker, and I lit her fuse and watched her explode.  – That time, I sent the tape to Burnie.

I hope you got off on that, I know I did…  Tell me what you think. Did that make any of my readers cum?


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