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Thanks again for the continued requests and compliments; I really appreciate it. As you are already are aware, you’re getting this “heads-up” because you sent me your email address, — saying you wanted to know when I posted new stories.

This week’s story is called: “Mom’s Three-Way”.  The story concerns a mid-west, sensual mom, who explores lusty sex with her new boyfriend AND… her teenage son. All three are surprised at how pleasurable, erotic, and carnal their desires are. – As always, I look forward to your feedback.

So, with pride and pleasure, I give you…

Mom’s Three-Way” –

Chapter 1

Ellen and I started seeing each other in March of that year and we “hit it off”, almost immediately. Ellen was a very attractive forty-two year old woman, about five feet, six inches tall, and slightly on the plump side. She had fairly large breasts that kind of reminded me of melons. Her most attractive feature, in my opinion was her posterior. It leaned toward the plump size, and was heart-shaped. I’ve always been attracted to fuller women and when I saw her the first time, it wasn’t only my heart that skipped a beat, my dick did too.

The first afternoon we met, we did all the usual “getting-to-know-you” things like walking in the park, relating each other’s life-stories, etc. That evening, we went to dinner and I was unaccountably staring at her during the meal, when she said, “Would you like to spend the night rather than drive back?” Well, I got an instant erection at the mere prospect. Later, when we went home that evening, we made love like we invented it. Almost every weekend, I either drove down to see Ellen, or she came to Chicago to see me. One of the interesting aspects of our sexuality was that Ellen turned out to be masochistic. Interesting in that in our first sexual encounters we did the usual boy/girl sexual exercises of fellatio, cunnilingus, intercourse, etc. It was only later that I found out that she was a big fan of mild S&M.

Why am I telling you this you may ask? Well, the most interesting thing in our sexuality occurred one evening after we had been seeing each other for about three months. Before I go further, I need to digress and explain that Ellen has two sons, James the oldest, and Paul the youngest. Paul is a little on the hyper side and consequently, a little difficult to be around for long periods of time. James, on the other hand, was a real pleasure to be around. James was also an interesting guy in that he was curious.

In my visits to Ellen I had noticed she had a chessboard and some chess pieces. This particular evening it was raining and cold outside so there was not much to do and I asked James if he knew how to play chess. He said he didn’t, so I replied that I would teach him. Ellen had been outside doing some yard work and had come in a little on the chilly side and jumped in the shower to get clean and warm up. Her younger son, Paul, was spending the night with a friend. So, I got a piano bench and placed it between myself and James long-ways. We had gone through one mock game and were now beginning a “thinking” game where each player is a real adversary.

We were in the middle of the game, each concentrating on moves and strategy when Ellen came out of the bathroom. She walked around past the back of James and sat down beside me on the sofa. The surprising thing was that she was wearing a fairly short, silk piece of lingerie. It was bright red, thin, opaque and came to mid-thigh. Even though it was opaque, it caressed Ellen’s breasts tightly. After giving her more than just a sideways glance, I noticed that her nipples were taut and stuck out prominently in the fiery redness of her sexy outfit. I was a little embarrassed at the obvious display of sexuality and thought maybe I should take a peek at James just to make sure he wasn’t surprised at the actions of his mom.

When I glanced his way I noticed that his eyes weren’t on the chessboard at all; rather, they were in the same direction of where mine had been. He was blatantly staring at his mom and she knew he was looking at her. It was that exact moment that Ellen began to show another aspect of her sexuality. She looked over at me and moved her hands up to her big breasts and cupped them. I was stunned, I saw in my peripheral vision that James was taken aback also, and then we both just stared. Ellen turned sideways on the sofa and leaned back on the arm. Then, she did a remarkable thing. She put her left foot up on the sofa and kept her right foot on the floor. This position allowed James and I full view of her pussy and she knew that we both were looking at her. She then put her right hand down to the vee of her spread legs and began to lightly stroke the very outside of her pussy lips.

I was in awe. Ellen had always been an incredibly sexy woman, but at this particular moment, she was taking on the sexual personality of a vixen. I looked up at her face and there was the distinct look of wanton sex to her. Her eyes were half closed and she was using her tongue to wet her lips. At this point, she must have been getting deeper into her eroticism because her hips gave the faintest, unconscious jerk in response to her finger being dipped lazily into the wetness of her moist slit. I looked at James and he in turn looked at me and then dropped his head with what looked like embarrassment. But, apparently, the basic hormonal urges were too much, because in a few short seconds his head began to slowly rise. Part of the reason, I’m sure, was a new erotic sensation emanating from Ellen – the faint “slooshing” sound her hand was making as she frantically fingered her pussy.

I was as turned on as a human could get. My brick-hard cock was actually hurting. I knew I had to at least release it from its cloth prison to gain some relief. I also knew in my heart that this was a “point of no return”, and the “taboo” aspect of Ellen’s son watching this – was not what established society considered correct. As a matter of fact, that aspect, turned out to be an erotic stimulant. The very prospect of watching a mother put on a sexual display for her own son was too erotic to be described. So, without looking at James; I leaned back on the sofa, kept my eyes glued to Ellen’s fingers as they swirled her clit deliciously around and eased my zipper down. James must have heard the different sound coming from my direction and, even though he had been leering intently at the ministrations Ellen was giving to herself; he turned his head in my direction and was looking at me as I reached in and pulled out my erect cock.

Ellen must have heard the slight sound of the zipper too, because as she continued to finger-fuck herself; she now had her eyes open to the slit level and was looking in my direction as I began to pull my cock out of my pants. When it was fully exposed, balls and all, Ellen spread her legs even further and inserted the middle finger of her right hand deep into her pussy and gave out a deep moan of lust as she did it. She then began the ancient movement that is best described as raw desire. Her finger plunged in and out of her cunt like a man’s dick. With each in and out piston, her hips involuntarily came up off the sofa a little in an effort to get more of her finger deeper into her hole. Her head was swinging back and forth gently and her eyes were closed. There was an erotic smile on her face as she enveloped herself in her sexual pleasure.

I knew from past experience that her climaxes were tumultuous sessions of her screaming and literally losing control of her senses, and quite frankly, I always got an erotic thrill from watching her go over the edge. I desperately wanted to see her do it again now. I didn’t want to get in front of her, so I was only mildly jerking off to her lewd display and had completely forgotten about young James. I could sense some motion in my peripheral vision and I looked in his direction and was almost shocked at seeing James’s hand inside his loose-fitting shorts. He was staring intently at his sexy mom’s performance and was obviously manipulating himself.

Ellen must have noticed the same motion and turned her head languorously to drink in the sexy sight of her son’s apparent masturbation. Their eyes locked and Ellen turned her pelvis in the direction of James to give him a maximum view of her now dripping cunt. James only jerked harder in response to a clearer view of his mom’s slit. It seemed like a sexual dance was about to begin. Ellen, in response to James’s gaping stare, was actually hunching her pelvis in the direction of James’s face; and James, had already moved his chair closer, to get a better view. Me, well, I was pulling and jacking on my cock because I was enthralled with the erotic sight of mother and son masturbating to each other.

One of Ellen’s favorite things is breast-play. Pinching and playing with her nipples are an extreme turn-on for her. I was pleased to see she already had her left hand up to her breast, cupping it, while she used her thumb and forefinger to pinch and pull on her already extended nipple. I’m a bit of a voyeur and wanted to see if Ellen was actually going to fuck her son, or what. I got the impression that this was not the first time this sort of thing had happened between these two, and I had no intention of interfering with the show I was about to see. So I just watched. I knew that once Ellen’s passion started to increase, it took off almost like an F-16 going straight up.

Ellen’s ministrations to herself were beginning to increase. She had pulled the lingerie off both shoulders and exposed both her beautiful breasts. Her fingers on her tit were now pulling her nipple out and twisting it hard. She was mashing her fingers into her clit and vaginal area, similar to the pounding a cock might do. Her face was already flushing red and her breathing was short and a bit frantic. James was now between the arc her extended feet made, about three feet from the apex of his mother’s widespread legs. I knew something had to happen here because, from my past experience with Ellen, I knew she was now at the point where – she wanted some kind of cock in her. To my surprise, it wasn’t Ellen who spoke, it was James. He said in a whisper, “mom, you want me to go get the thing?” Ellen looked up slightly, actually increased her tempo a bit, and nodded. James got up off the chair, and hastily left the room. When he came back, he had a medium-sized, ivory-colored vibrator with him.

He handed it to his mom and was getting ready to sit down, when he slid his baggy shorts down in one motion and took his seat in just his underwear. He looked over at me as I was jacking my cock for just a moment and stared at my movement. Ellen must have caught the glance because she smiled sexily at me and took the vibrator, twisted the base and started moving the vibrating tip around on her clit. When she did this, there was a guttural moan from her. James caught the tone and looked away from me and back at the vibrator as it swam around the outside of Ellen’s cunt. She knew she had recaptured him and, this time, instead of putting only the tip on her clitoris, she put the first inch in the moist opening of her pussy, and moaned again. She kept inserting it further into her opening until it was in her pussy about six inches; then she started fucking herself with it. In and out in a blur it went.

James was rapt with the visual intensity of his mom’s wanton display and pushed his underwear off and kicked them away. His cock was about six inches and was about as big around as a medium cigar. He was uncircumcised and as he jacked his cock, he made the foreskin bunch up in a little tip from time to time. I’ll say this about his cock, it may not have been the biggest in the world, but it sure seemed like it was made of steel. Because, he pushed and pulled it every which way he could while he was watching his mom and it never flexed a bit. He had moved as close as he dared get and seemed to be beating his meat only about a foot away from where his mom was fucking herself with the vibrator. With all this uninhibited, raw sex going on, I had to get out of my clothes, so I stopped stroking my cock and pushed my pants and underwear down and off. There we all were, in essence, naked – and each in their own way, filled with erotic exhilaration and lost in masturbatory excitement.

Ellen loved her breasts and was always anxious for intense breast-play. She stopped fucking herself with the vibrator and brought both her hands up to her tits. The vibrator was still buried deep in her pussy and was softly humming. Ellen was fucking the vibrator with her pussy-muscles and fondling and squeezing her tits and nipples. She then hunched her hips out a little further until the base of the vibrator touched James’s hand. James stopped jacking his cock, looked over at me as if to see what I’d do. I nodded my head slightly and he took the vibrator and started fucking his mom with it. Ellen obviously knew who was fucking her with the vibrator and she started fucking her hips up to meet each thrust that James made.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and knew I had to get in on the action. I got up from my position at the end of the sofa and walked around James till I was standing where Ellen’s head was. I bent my knees a little and turned her face toward my raging cock. She opened her eyes slightly, enough to see my cock, and immediately engulfed it. Besides breast-play, her other favorite thing was sucking cock. She kept pulling and twisting her tits, and at the same time, started sucking voraciously on my dick. Not only was it her favorite thing, but I have to admit, her blowjobs were the best I had ever had. So I reveled in her technique. She alternated between sucking my cock and sucking my balls. She knew me well enough from past experience to tell when I was getting close to cumming, and whenever I was near, she’d ease off the head of my dick and start sucking my nuts.

I looked over at James and he was watching intently as his mom sucked my cock. He seemed a little mesmerized at the sight and I thought maybe he had never seen another guy’s cock before. I have to admit, I didn’t care what he saw, especially if his mom didn’t. So I let him ogle me. I even put on a little show in that I turned sideways slightly so he could get a better view, and then I shoved my cock into the back of his mother’s mouth, put my left hand behind her head and “face-fucked” her with long, deep strokes where I’d occasionally pull all the way out of her mouth and let James watch as her mouth “ovaled” as she frantically struggled to get my cock back in. It was also incredibly erotic, because James was unconsciously moving his mouth as if he was trying to help her.

James was having a little trouble. He was stroking his cock awkwardly with his left hand, while he used his right to fuck his mom with the vibrator. He was also trying to watch me give Ellen a throat massage at the same time. Consequently, he wasn’t doing any of it very well and I knew there had to be a better solution than this. Plus, I have to admit, the hedonistic side of me was absolutely enthralled with the forbidden idea of mother/son sex, particularly if it was going to be a threesome.

So, while Ellen was lost in her passion of sucking cock – I reached over and took the vibrator from James, turned it off, brought it up to my mouth and started sucking it to taste the sweet nectar of Ellen’s pussy juice that still lingered there. James watched and could tell I was enjoying the taste of his mom’s pussy. He looked down and her wet opening was staring him in the face. He looked up at me one more time, as if for re-assurance, and I nodded my head to indicate how much I liked it. James stuck his fingers out tentatively and slowly placed his first two fingers on Ellen’s engorged clit and started moving it around. Ellen could obviously sense this new sensation of her son playing with her pussy and actually moaned into my cock and hunched her pelvis back at his touch.

James could tell that this was cool with his mom and started massaging her clit a little more enthusiastically. I wanted to see this myself, plus I didn’t want to cum this soon, so I pulled my wet cock out of Ellen’s mouth. It was slick and wet, and dripped with her saliva and my pre-cum. Ellen rolled back so that she was reclining again and put her left foot up on the back of the couch this time, and kept her other foot on the floor. She used her new position to leverage her thighs to the widest position she could get them, then reached down and took her son’s hand and used it as if it was the vibrator that had been there before – to play with her steaming pussy. I was, of course, completely lost in this blatant display and simply stood there, slowly jacking my cock and watching in rapt awe as James’s mother used her son’s hand to bring herself off.

I thought I was going to cum spontaneously so I stopped what I was doing and started to…

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