Sexual “Force” thesis…

My my…. Thanks for all the nice comments about my previous story. I really appreciate it. – A LOT of you wrote me and wanted to know ‘where’ my concept of ‘sexual force’ originated. Thank you for wanting to know more, I appreciate it.

That previous “force” story was actually true. I got some hints toward the concept when I was growing up. I had a childhood friend named Charles. I was about 12 or so, at the time…. And he was maybe 9 or 10. We were both “latch-key” kids, our parents worked, and we were definitely okay with it. One time, we were “rasslin’” around, the way kids do sometimes… “rough-housing”, you might say, and I ended up on top of Charles, “pinning” him, in wrestling jargon. – So to me, there had to be some sort of ‘prize’… So, literally, right out of the blue, I pulled my loose-fitting shorts over, and said, “Here, suck my dick.” – (It helps to know that I was already sexually-aware at the time.)

Charles was pretty limited in his experiences at that point in his life… and just turned his head away, looking like he was disgusted. – I don’t mind admitting that I’m an ‘alpha’ today, and I was back then also. So, I used my hands and turned his face back and said, “You’re GOING to suck my dick, period.” Just like that. Then, I used my hand to press my already hard dick down to his face and rubbed it across his lips and mouth. He kept squirming around, so I said, “You’re either going to suck my dick, or I’m going to whip your ass.” When Charles heard that… he opened his mouth… I slid my dick in, and he started sucking. – I came pretty quickly, and didn’t pull out till I knew for sure he had it all and swallowed it; (to me… that’s the sexiest part; – both as ‘giver’ and as ‘receiver’.)

Then I got up off Charles and leaned back on the couch… (post-sexual gratification, you might say.) – Charles said, “I can’t believe you made me do that.” And, I said, “Well, you better get used to it, because you’re going to be doing it a lot” – Now, the thing is… from then on… he DID get used to it. Not only that, he LIKED it, and would frequently pester ME to do it again. It was the same way the first time I fucked him… I practically raped him… and after I came, WAY deep up in his ass… he was pissed. But, sure enough… that same week… it was HIM who bugged me about doing “that” again.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a theory on this… like I said, the first clue came from making (forcing) Charles suck me off, and then, fucking him. My theory is this… a lot (like MOST) people need an “excuse” to give themselves PERMISSION to do the things they SECRETLY want to do in the first place. You take that Linda-chick in the story I previously published… she was literally… a VERY ‘hot piece of ass’.  I told her she was frequently. – SHE told me, NOT to refer to her like “that”. I replied that it was a COMPLIMENT, not an insult.

Here’s the thing… she was raised in a pretty strict, religious household… no TV (WAY too worldly) – certainly no movies… baseball games DURING THE DAY (for crissakes)… blah-blah-blah. — When we first started dating, I practically had to hold her head still to kiss her. The first time I touched her breast (THROUGH her blouse, mind you…) she recoiled in horror (almost). – The first time I fucked her, I really DID (in no uncertain terms) rape her. It was definitely against her will… she kept telling me to “stop”, “Please don’t”… through the whole deal. –

BUT… when that second orgasm came…(I was eating her cummy pussy at the time), the look on her face was worth the fight… she went WAY over the edge… unconsciously screaming, hips bucking uncontrollably all over the place… pussy literally squirting… Her eyes practically rolled up into her head… “WHAM BAM, THANK YOU M’AM!!” – When I pulled away, (face totally wet) – I just watched her writhing on the bed and squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. She was totally sexually gone.

After a bit, she got up and went to the bathroom, and freshened up. She came back, fully clothed and sat down on the couch, with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Well, for one, you just raped me; and for two… I trusted you; I can’t believe you did that to me.” So I said, “Linda honey… that was probably the BEST climax I have ever seen a woman have. You were ‘gone’, – WAY over the edge… you were practically the original Eve.” – She said, “Well maybe, I guess… but just so you know… don’t get your hopes up… we are NOT going to be doing that again.”

When she said that… it pissed me off, and I went over to where she was sitting on the couch, and sat down beside her. Then, I turned sideways a bit, and put my hand forcefully up under her skirt and right onto her panty-clad pussy. In just a second or two, I was fingering her pussy and massaging her clit. She was like I tiger, trying to get my hand off of her, and out from under her skirt.– I just ‘bore-down’ more… making sure I “welded” my hand to her cunt. – It didn’t take very long at all… my hand started getting wet, I inserted my middle finger up into her pussy and started fucking her with it.

I KEPT finger-fucking her, over and over and over… while she squirmed, trying to get away. When I felt her start to go into orgasm, I bore down even harder and fucked her pussy with three of my fingers, while I jabbed at her clit with my thumb… All of a sudden, “Boom”… she was there… and she grabbed hold of my forearm and started fucking herself with my hand. She was breathless… wildly orgasmic… hips and pussy fucking my fist… moaning, screaming… sexually just fucking ‘gone’… I took a while, but she finally let go of my arm.

I pulled my hand out from under her skirt, brought it up to my face and took a LONG whiff of her sexy juices, even tasting the pussy-nectar she left on my fingers. She FINALLY got her composure back, pushed her skirt back down and ‘re-arranged’ herself to a comfortable composure. Neither one of us said a thing at first. Several minutes went by and she said, “I’d appreciate it if you’d take me home.” She said it in a “harrumph”, kind of like in a sulk.

So I said, “Hey, I’m not taking you anywhere till you suck me off.” (Just so you know, I LIKE vulgar sexual terminology, it seems to set a ‘tone’) Naturally, she was outraged… “NO WAY!” she said… “I want to go home RIGHT NOW!” – With that being firmly said, I got up from the couch, – then stood directly in front of her. — While she watched, (practically in horror), I unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled my hardening cock out. I was already leaking a fair amount of pre-cum… and the disgusted look on Linda’s face only INCREASED my desire; (sexual-rage, you could say) to shove my throbbing cock right down her fucking throat. –

I put a foot up on the edge of the couch, then reached behind her head with my left hand, and pulled her roughly forward. I then used my right hand to rub my wet cock ALL OVER her face; especially her lips and mouth. She kept trying to turn her head away, but I really am a pretty strong guy, and with a raging hard-on… well, there was NO WAY… she was NOT going to suck my dick. I kept forcing her head back in line with my cock…and pressing in on her lips to get her to open her mouth. To her credit, she kept her mouth practically clinched closed… so much so, that I had to maneuver my hand around to her jaw-hinge to force her mouth open. She struggled mightily to keep her mouth closed, but my strong hand was finally wedged into her jaw… and her mouth was open enough to shove my cock in. –

And ‘shove it in’, I did. I hoped she wouldn’t bite me (just so you know, no one ever has.) Once my dick was fully wedged into her mouth, I started using my hips to fuck my cock in and out of her mouth. All of a sudden, she stopped trying to move her head away, and instead of ME fucking her mouth… SHE started sucking my cock. I didn’t even have to tell her to play with my balls… out of the blue, I felt her hands  on my churning nuts, and she started squeezing them, massaging them… practically forcing them to produce some cum.

I was WAY turned on from the twin actions of previously finger-fucking her, and now, ‘mouth-fucking’ her… and we BOTH knew I was getting ready to cum. I started speeding up my cock-strokes in her mouth, she knew for sure what was about to happen, and then, she really DID start squeezing my nuts to get some of my cum. She was going “mmmfp-mmmfp-mmmfp” trying to get all the cock I had as deep into her mouth as she could get it.

When I looked down, her nostrils were flared open; her eyes were dilated and rolling back slightly… She had a death-grip on my steel cock, and was jacking my nuts, desperately trying to urge my cum out of my fucking cock. We were both ‘goners’. I felt my boiling cum start racing down my cockshaft like a sexual firehose… I started spraying her mouth down good…. The first shot went off deep in the back of her throat. I could feel her nose squashed into my pubic hair when I let go… The next ones, I pulled out a little so I could make sure she got a NICE mouthful… The last spurt came after I pulled out of her fucking mouth and shot it on her face… She had a mouthful of cum and her first “facial” all at the same time. It was glorious.

I looked down at her, and she was in sexual heaven. Her eyes were closed and she was savoring my cum with her tongue; almost like it was some heavenly mixture she had just received. I leaned forward a bit, and used my hand to rub the wet head of my cock all around her face. She literally “received” the dick-massage, relishing the sexy nature of a cummy dick roaming all over her face. —

That was it for me, after a violent cum, deep into the back of her throat, and the aftermath of the facial massage, I was through. I slumped down beside her. It took her a minute or two for her to get her composure back, and then, she got up off the couch and went to the bathroom. When she came back, her face was prim and proper, with fresh makeup on.  She sat down on a chair in the room, as far away from the couch I was sitting on (with my wet cock still out and displayed) – as she could get.

She looked over at me (with her legs and arms crossed protectively over her body) and said, “Well… I HOPE you’re satisfied… you raped me, you forced you penis into my mouth; you degraded me and made me respond to things I shouldn’t be doing… You’re disgusting. –If you don’t take me home right this minute, I’m going to call my father to come get me.” – Hey, I was kinda fucked out anyway, so I put my dwindling cock back in my pants, and zipped up.

“No problem,” I said… and I stood up,  then went over and got my car keys, and motioned for Linda to “Let’s go.” She stood up, and walked angrily toward the door. I opened it for her, and grabbed her ass as she went through. She said, “Stop that!” and squirmed away from my hand violently as she walked out to my car. Neither one of us said a thing as I cranked up and drove away. It was about a twenty minute drive over to Linda’s house, so I said, “Pull your skirt up, I want to finger your pussy while I drive.” – The astonished look on her face was immediate… “I will NOT!” she said.

So, I pulled her over closer to me, and lifted her skirt up, and pushed my hand down between her legs… THEN… I slipped my hand inside her panties and fingered her (wet) pussy while I drove. She said nothing at all. I pulled up in front of her house… parked, then bore down on her pussy a little while we sat in her driveway. – “Stop it,” she said, my father might look out and see us.” – I stuck my middle finger way up inside her pussy, and watched her spread her legs out to accept it. – “I hope he does.” I said. — THEN… I fingered Linda to one more roaring climax. When she finally calmed down, she ripped open the car door, vaulted herself out, and slammed it as hard as she could.

I didn’t call her for several days; then, on Sunday afternoon, I gave her a buzz. I said, “It’s me…” when she answered the phone. She immediately said… “What do you want?” – I said, “You KNOW what I want… What are you doing tonight? You want to go for a ride?” – She paused… there was actually silence on her end of the phone… maybe for 20 or 30 seconds… Finally, she said, “Well, only on one condition… You’ve got to promise me you won’t make me do any of those things we did the other night.” – I said, “No sweat, I promise, seriously.” – “Okay” she said; “Why don’t you pick me up around 6:00.” – I replied with….”Hey, that works for me… Oh, and do me a favor, don’t wear any panties, ok?” – She immediately slammed the phone down.

I wasn’t sure if I should go over, but… “what the heck…” – and did. I knocked on her door; she came to the door and invited me in. I noticed immediately that she was wearing a ‘button-down-the-front’, white blouse, and a pleated, full skirt. I sat down and made some small talk with her parents. They seemed friendly enough, even asking me what the two of us were going to do that particular night. I smiled pleasantly and told them we were going to have a nice dinner down at “Scribbles” (an out-door café, where one can write and ‘scribble’ on the paper table cloth.) —

“Then,” I said, “we’ll probably just walk around the “old-market” area a bit, and take in the sights. I’ll have her home by eleven, I promise.” With that, Linda and I got up… and started walking toward the door. I opened it for her (and noticed she kind of moved her ass the slightest bit, to make sure I didn’t grope her in front of her parents)… Then, we both walked out the door and down the sidewalk to my car. I opened the door “gentlemanly” for her and looked up to see if her parents were watching. Sure enough, they waved, and I waved back.

As we exited the end of Linda’s driveway, I said, “Did you leave your panties off, like I told you too?” She crossed her arms angrily over her chest and said, “YES… but it’s not going to do YOU any good. You’re not touching me anywhere; and I’m not going to do a THING!.” – I just reached over to her bare leg, and pushed my hand up under her loose skirt. Sure enough, she wasn’t wearing any panties… and I fingered her pussy as we drove over to my place. She said, “I thought we were going to ‘Scribbles’?” – I said, “I need some pussy; I want to fuck you first.” — She said, “Well, you’re not going to…” as she got out of my car.

Both dinners were good that night. ‘Scribbles’ was up to its usual fine fare… and Linda’s pussy was the perfect appetizer… (not to mention the ass-fuck she got when I took her back to my place.)

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