Sexual Dominance…

I like to give the people I fuck a reason to remember me, like a sore ass, or a bruised throat, or a ‘heated up’ (with my belt) ass. I’m not too much of a ‘plain vanilla’ type of guy; and I actually believe most people are tired of the “same ol’, same ol’” when they’re in the bedroom. – I want them to look back from some future date and remember the smile I put on their face. I want them to be in the middle of fucking their old, bald husband, and pick up the pace a little when they remember what it was like when I fucked them against their will (or at least their STATED will.)

One of my favorite conquests was a married lady named Ellen C. I met her at a company picnic one time. She was a little plump (which I like), a matronly-blond (which I also like) a bit haughty (which I DEFINITELY like) and all together the typical plump, ‘country-club’ type of woman you see so frequently. I knew from the instant I saw her that I was going to fuck her.

Ellen and I started flirting with each other a bit, at one of the picnic tables. I sat on one side, she sat on the other. We got to talking, actually about ‘BS-things’ concerning the company, the city we lived in, vacation plans, etc. I wasn’t interested at all in any of that. So, I got up from my side of the picnic table and went over to her side, straddling the bench, and sitting directly to the side of her. She actually didn’t know what to say, since it was so quick and kind of ‘personal’.

After I sat down, I snuggled in a little closer till my cloth-covered crotch was actually touching the side of her thigh. I already had a hard-on, and moved around so she could feel it press against her thigh. Without saying anything at all, I reached over in front of her, took her hand, and brought it over to my brick hard cock. Then I started squeezing my dick, with her hand.  – I leaned in to her ear and whispered, “We need to get out of here; — you want to take a break from this stupid picnic?” as I said it, I took my hand off hers (she kept squeezing my dick) and reached in front of her and cupped her breast through her blouse, squeezing and tweaking her nipple in the process.

She was a little breathless and said, “My husband will know if I leave.” I replied, “Hey, it may do him some good;  when was the last time he spread you out wide and fucked you good?” She made no reply and I pulled one side of her blouse out of her picnic pants, and eased my hand up inside her blouse, and then, up inside her bra… I was squeezing her breast and tweaking her nipple when I said, “You want me to fuck you on this picnic table, or do you want to go to a motel I know about, not too far from here? –

Then, without waiting for her to answer, I got up from the bench and started walking to the park’s parking lot. I looked back over my shoulder, and sure enough, she was looking around seeing if anyone had spotted her, as she continued to follow a significant distance behind me. I was already in my car when she walked up to my window. She was about to say something when I interrupted her with, “Get in the car, we don’t have a lot of time.” – She looked around carefully one more time, and then, walked around to the other side, and got in.

We went over to the motel and I fucked her for several hours. She was worried about what her husband would say, so I told her to pull her panties down and show him the present I left for him. – She called me the next day saying she DID get into a little trouble with her hubby for leaving the picnic, but she said she “gave him some”, and that seemed to calm him down. I asked her if he ate her out, and she said he did. I asked her if she took a shower before she fucked him, and she reminded me that I told her not to. Then, I asked her if she thought he knew that we had fucked. She said, “I’m pretty sure he did.” – So, before we hung up, I told her to meet me at the motel the following Thursday, that I wanted to fuck her again. She said, “I’m not sure I can get away.” I said, “You want me to ask your husband for you?” She assured me it wouldn’t be necessary. –

Sure enough, I heard tires crunching outside the motel room door, and I knew for sure, it was her. I was already in the nude, and when she softly knocked, I snatched open the door, and jerked her inside. Then I pinned her up against the motel door, lifted her up, and pulled her legs around my waist. She was wearing panties, but I just ripped them up and off in one quick movement and shoved my hard dick right up her wet pussy. I fucked her hard against the door, even rattling it. If someone was walking by outside,  they would have heard. After I came hard in her cunt, I dropped her down to the floor, spread her legs out wide and ate my cum out of her… Then I turned her over and butt-fucked her on the natty carpet of the dingy motel.

I liked looking at her sexy fat ass a lot; so in a moment of inspiration, I reached over to my pants hanging on a chair, pulled my belt out of the loops, folded it in half, and started whipping her fleshy ass. It took her totally by surprise and she moved her hands back to try to block the blows. I told her to, “Move your fucking hands out of the way, I’m going to whip your ass good.” – She did, – then I whipped her ass till there were multiple rosy-red welts all over her ass.

She was moaning a little, so I leaned down and started kissing the rosy welts I had left. It wasn’t long before I was tonguing her fat ass and she was pushing back against my face… I fingered her fat pussy while I ate her ass. She had a HUGE climax from the tongue in her ass and the thumb jammed up her cunt. We stopped to take a break and finally got up on the bed. I noticed her ass before she sat down and lay back beside me. “I take it that’s the first time you’ve ever had your ass whipped, right?” I said.  She looked over at me and said no one would have dared to do that to her. Then I asked her if she liked it. She smiled a sexy smile and said she did. I told her I might do it again if she gave me any problems… she assured me I would NEVER touch her ass again. (Yeah, right.)

After we rested and refreshed ourselves, I stood her up, leaned her forward so her hands were flat on the bed, and started spanking her with my hand. She tried to squirm away, so I sat down on the bed, pulled her over my lap, and spanked her ass good. My hand was red before I stopped. Then I started stroking up and down her ass-crack and her pussy. She was quivering with anticipation when I asked her how she wanted it… her muffled reply was, “in both my holes, fuck me in both my holes.” – (and I did.)

When we took another break, she said she needed to be back at her house before her husband got home. I asked her what time that was.  – “About 6:00”, she said. (I fucked her till about 9 o’clock that night.)  Before she left, I told her to make sure her hubby saw her red ass. – She called me the next day and told me he did.


  1. This made me hot and hard P

    • Hey thanks, I appreciate it. – (it had the same effect on me when I wrote it.)

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