Prince of the City…

There was a guy in my home town named David B. He was a local ‘Phenom’. He was a rich kid, and his father doted on him. His father actually gave him a shiny Chevrolet convertible on his 16th birthday. David was good looking, well built, had a “way” with people, had a magnificent nine inch cock, and got more pussy than Elvis Presley. Even at seventeen, he was WAY mature for his years. He not only fucked most of the young chicks in town; he even fucked a lot of married ladies. He was special, he knew it, and so did everybody else in town.

He and I were friends, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to ride around with him, when he was on the prowl. One of the reasons I liked doing was because if we picked up a chick, we usually ‘shared’ her. I always got ‘sloppy-seconds’, but that was alright with me. Another reason was… if we DIDN’T find any chicks to fuck, David would drive down to our spot on the river, push the seat way back in the Chevy, unzip his pants, and pull his big cock out. He knew I liked to blow him, so he would just say, “Well, it looks like it’s just you and me tonight, kiddo.” – With that, he’d start slowly jacking his cock, and I’d lean down and suck him off. I generally blew him twice before we left. – Hey, David liked it, and I liked it, (a lot.)

To be honest, most everyone in town would have swapped places with me. It was an actual honor to be David’s friend… PLUS… the ‘fringe-benefits’ were incredible. If some chick knew you were friends with David, your status automatically went up, and you were definitely more likely to get in her pants. Besides his ‘sexual-magnetism’, he really WAS a nice guy; and enjoyable to be around. But I’ve got to level with you; it didn’t matter WHO was in the car, when David pulled his big cock out… the game was over.

There were numerous times I would be in the back seat when Dave was on the prowl. It wasn’t unusual for him to pull into a new spot he hadn’t been to before, just to get some “strange.” – We were in one particular “Mel’s Diner” type of drive through one time, and David looked over at this older, (probably about mid-30s) married lady, who had just stopped in to get a burger. He flashed a ‘Tom Cruise’ smile at her, she smiled back, and he literally suggested that she come over and sit with him while she finished her food. Like I said, he was ‘magnetic’ for sure. So, the lady got out, I’m sure thinking it would be a ‘hoot’ to flirt with a young high school kid, and then go home and fuck her hubby.

Sure enough, she got in… they both laughed and giggled about how great it was to be out on a warm summer evening. David introduced me, as his “friend in the back seat”, and she barely even noticed. When she finished her food, she thanked him for inviting her over and commented on the pleasure of his company. Right before she got ready to get out, David asked her if she wanted to go for a ride with him. She glanced down at her watch, pointed to it, and assured him she had to “get on home, her husband would be expecting her.”

David flashed that Hollywood smile of his again, and reached down to his crotch, unzipped his pants, and pulled  his hardening cock out.  He may not have exactly been ‘John Holmes’, of porno-fame, but he was damn close. When the lady saw his cock, she literally just stared at it. Then, David said again, “You SURE you don’t want to take a ride down by the river?” – I remember distinctly watching her barely lick her bottom lip, then she said, “Uh… let me move my car back out of the way, and lock it.” – When she came back, she got it, slid over next to Dave, and started slowly jacking his cock. Dave nuzzled her even closer, reached inside her blouse, and started playing with her titties. Then, he looked around to make sure no suspicious husbands were lurking about, – and we drove off.

She was one HOT piece of ass. Dave fucked her several times down by the river; then motioned me over to get my turn. She was actually ‘sloshy’ with all Dave’s hot gooey cum inside her cooz. I added mine, and Dave came back to ‘top her off’ one more time. When we took her back to the diner, it was like 1:00 in the morning. As she got out, she turned to Dave asking, “When can I see you again?” Dave just grinned and said, “Oh we come around every now and then, maybe we’ll be here next Friday night.” She got out (smelling like a used whore) and went over to her car. Dave tossed her panties back to me, and told me to “add these to my collection” – I took a long sniff of them, and put them in a purple Crown Royal whiskey bag, (one of many), Dave kept in the back.

I wanted to give you that ‘preamble’ just so you could get a full ‘understanding’ of the sexual attraction this guy had. And, I also wanted to clarify why I sucked David’s cock. – It wasn’t that he MADE ME suck him off at all…. A lot of people —  men / women / boys / girls would have eagerly swapped places with me, in a heartbeat. If someone (girl or boy) at school stopped me in the hall to have a private conversation with me, I KNEW almost immediately what they wanted. They wanted to know what David’s cock was like, and what was it like to “go down” on Dave; ‘how big is his cock?’ ‘I heard he has big balls’, ‘does he shoot a LOT of cum’, ‘I heard he can fuck for hours’. — You name it, they asked it. – Mind you, the people asking where male AND female; (more than one teacher, too…) – Pointedly, if Dave singled you out…. you were “in”.

Anyway, we were riding around one day looking for some girls to fuck – when Dave said that he had heard I was seeing Susan C. I told him I was, and that she was pretty hot. He asked me if I had fucked her yet, and I told him I had, in fact, that I had busted her cherry about two weeks previous. He got a big smile on his face and asked me when was I going to have another date with her. I told him that we were going out the following Friday night. Dave gave another big grin and said, “Why don’t you take her down by the river, by our old spot, and I’ll meet you there.” — I knew exactly what he had in mind, and agreed. He dropped me off at my place a couple of hours later, (after I sucked him off of course,) and then drove off.

What actually happened was… after the first time I fucked Susan… she was a little embarrassed about it. She definitely didn’t want to talk about it, and when it came to copping a feel, she literally pushed my hand away. All we did was kiss, ‘make out’ you might say, and if anything started getting out of hand, she would stop, almost instantly, telling me she “didn’t want to do that anymore.” The night I picked her up for our date, I told her I’d like to go down by the river. She knew what I had in mind and said she didn’t want to go. So I just ignored her, and drove on down to the river, to where I usually parked.

David’s car was already there, but a bit secluded, off to the side. Susan said she wanted to go home, so I said “Let’s make out a while, then we can go.” So after Susan and I got settled in a bit, (sweater partially unbuttoned, and skirt pulled up a little) – I tapped the horn a couple of times, and I heard David’s car door open… then shut. It wasn’t but a second or two before he came over to my car, and got in on the passenger’s side of mine. He’s a pretty big guy (about 6’2”, 230) and just easily nudged Susan over toward me. — So, – much to her surprise, all of a sudden, there she was between two horny high school seniors who had no intention of taking ‘no’ for an answer.

She told me immediately she wanted to go home, and I replied just as immediately, ‘no way.’ – She said, “Let me out of the car, then…” So I got out on my side, and Susan slid over and got on out too. When she was out, she started to button her sweater back up, but I moved her hands away and undid what she had started, and spun her around to get her sweater off. Then, I unsnapped her bra and pulled it off too.

Before she could completely comprehend what I was happening, I had her skirt off, and she was standing there in just her panties. She started to cry, so I just reached forward, pushed her panties down and pulled them off. — “Puh-LEEZE take me home” she moaned. “No way, Jose…” was all I said. Then, I added, “Are you going to fuck me and David?” – “No, I am not,” she said sternly. So, I got back in the car, cranked it up, and literally drove off… leaving her standing there in the middle of the road, nude and crying. I only drove around the first bend in the dirt road, just barely out of sight. Then, I had a quick smoke with David. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes, so I turned the car around, and drove back to where I had left Susan.

Susan was still standing there, whimpering. She had one arm up, covering her breasts, and a hand down below, covering her bush, when I pulled up next to where she was standing. I leaned out the window slightly and said, “You ready to give me and David some pussy?” She couldn’t even speak; all she did was just nod her head ‘yes’. — So I got out of the car, and sort of pushed her in so she was back between the two of us. David wasted no time at all. He was all over her. Pinching, pulling, pawing… trying to kiss her, as she kept turning her head away. I joined in, and we pulled her legs out wide, to the point where each of us had one of her legs up on ours. Then, we really poured it on. I was kissing her hard, and mauling her tits, while David jammed his big, thick middle finger in and out of her tight cunt.

Like I said, David had what most people would call a ‘horse-cock’, it was uncircumcised, easily 9 inches long, with big, heavy nuts, and his cock-shaft was at least as big around as Susan’s wrist. — Just as a side-note here, like I mentioned above, – when David and I couldn’t get a date, or pick up a chick somewhere; we would go over to that very same place… and I’d suck him off. It was mainly just our secret, and we really DID try to keep it mostly to ourselves.

But, I’ve got to tell you, when I was sucking that big ol’ cock of his, I was kinda like in another world. I consider myself, both then, and now… ‘mostly heterosexual’, but I’ve got to tell you, when I see the right cock, I get a little goofy about it. On top of it, he had serious, HUGE cum loads. Fortunately, I’m practically a cum-whore, and when he would shoot off… it was like hot, creamy ‘nectar’ in my mouth… I gulped it all down, and usually kept sucking till he got off the second time… I bet I sucked him off a hundred times when we were in high school.

Anyway, back to Susan… (I’ve now got a big hard-on from just reminiscing about both Susan and David), Like I said, David was all over her. In practically no time at all, he had his big cock out, and he put Susan’s hand on it. Her fingers didn’t even touch her thumb when she put her hand around it. She started whimpering again, and said, “Please don’t hurt me with this….” David had a flask full of Crown Royal in his back pocket, because he knew from past experience, that he sometimes needed it, to give to someone, (female OR male) who wasn’t quite ready to take him on.

He reached around to his back pocket, got the flask out, took a big pull on it himself, then handed it to Susan. That was the first time Susan had ever had any hard liquor, in this case, it was David’s favorite, “Crown Royal”, or “Cap’n Roy”, as he liked to call it. When he handed it to Susan, she wouldn’t take a drink. So, David started twisting her nipple hard, till she took the flask and drank a sip. She coughed and hacked at her first taste of liquor… but, with my glistening finger going in and out of her moist cunt, and David’s hand, mauling her breasts and nips, it wasn’t much longer before she took a couple more larger sips, and things began to get a little easier.

Almost unconsciously on her part, – her hand started going up and down slightly on David’s cock. Then, she relaxed a little, easing her legs a bit wider, and looked down, watching my moist finger as it slid in and out of her wet pussy. She was still practically a virgin, and had only had ‘high school’ sex with me. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine she’d be spread out wide, between two guys, ‘liquored’ up, and holding a big thick dick in her hand. It really was almost too much for her to take in. Three weeks before, she had never even seen a guy’s cock… Now, she was practically a whore, taking on two guys at the same time.

We started working her over good. David pushed his pants and underwear down and off…  Me, I like the voyeur aspect of sex, plus I had a huge attraction to cum, especially David’s. I knew for sure, I was going to eat Susan out, when David got through with his first fuck. So, I moved over out of the way, to give them some room. The first thing David did was pull her head down to his cock so Susan could suck it. She had only sucked mine before, and the astonishment at having her mouth stretched to ‘wide-open’ was a surprise to her. She tried to raise up a little, but David wouldn’t have it, and pressed her mouth down harder, onto his dick. She was actually gagging on his big cock before he let her up to get some air.

Once he got started, he was like a bull in rut… there was no way he could be stopped. I watched him fuck a friend of mine one time, who wasn’t into it at all. He was about two years younger than me, maybe 14 or 15. All three of us were riding around together when David just drove out to a secluded place in the woods. When we got there, I knew what he was going to happen. So, I got out, and watched through the window, as David pulled his big cock out, and made the kid suck it. After he was good and hard, he pulled the kid’s pants and underwear off, pushed him back into the corner of the car, between the seat and the door, then lifted his legs up, and started sliding his dick into his ass… He fucked him hard like that for about ten minutes before he finally shot off deep into his guts. Then, he pulled out, and wiped his dick on the kid’s face. The kid was actually moaning from being manhandled that way. We drove on back to town, and David let me and the kid off at my house.

The kid was a little weepy about what had just happened, but I assured him, it would get better, and easier. He looked up at me a little pale, and said, “huh??” – I just said, “Trust me; you’re going to figure out you like it, and I guarantee you, David is going to want to fuck you again.” – He just swallowed hard, and said, “Does he fuck you?” – I said, ‘sure’… it took me a while, but I definitely learned to like it. – Just like I figured, later on in the week, David said he’d stop by, and take us for a ride. My friend definitely had the chance to say ‘no’, but he got in the car, just like I did. That afternoon, David fucked both of us… and to the kid’s credit, he seemed to enjoy (or at least tolerate) it.

So, when Susan started trying to fight him off a little, because his dick was too big for her mouth, David just picked her up, pulled her legs apart, and then over so she was straddling his lap. His dick wasn’t in her yet, it was in the front, rubbing against her clit. He knew what he was doing when it came to women, and it wasn’t long before Susan was making out with him, kissing him back, hunching her teenage pussy on his thick cockshaft. I had seen David do this kind of thing before, and I couldn’t wait to see Susan’s reaction when she felt his thick horse cock start trying to find its way into her too-small pussy. I had a huge hard-on just waiting for Dave to go for it.

Then, ‘bam’, just like that, Dave lifted Susan’s pelvis up, and used his other hand to hold his dick, as he guided it to the small opening of her wet pussy. Then, she held on to his shoulders as she tried to ‘settle-down’ on his cock. He just barely had his cockhead in when Susan said, “Oh my god, it’s too big…” David said, “Don’t worry, it’ll fit, just relax.” Then, he started lifting his hips, pressing his dick up into her. Susan tried to move up, and out of the way; but David was a very strong guy, and he just held her in place, as he began to fuck his big dick up into her. Susan was shaking her head back and forth, saying, “It hurts, it hurts.” That was practically music to David’s ears. He began to not only push his dick up into her narrow opening, but at the same time, he put his big hands on her shoulders so he could press her down onto his dock.

Susan was moaning in pain and the beginning of pleasure. Sweat was actually breaking out on her forehead as she tried to concentrate. About half of David’s cock was in her pussy, when she started moving her hips around a bit. It was her first attempt at actually screwing David. It might have been to make it easier for herself, or it might have been an autonomous sexual response from just being fucked. But for whatever reason, she started moving her hips around, and Dave’s big dick slipped in further. Susan actually gave a big intake of breath when she felt it start sliding in more. She was biting her lip, as it went deeper and deeper into her severely stretched hole. Dave reached down and started playing with her throbbing clit to make sure she was getting the full benefit of the pleasure he was giving. That one move alone was all it took; Susan relaxed even more, and David’s cock, all nine inches of it…. went in all the way to the hilt.

David sat easy at first, not moving at all. From the look on his face, he was just enjoying the sensation of having his big cock embedded in a fresh young teenage girl. I took a good look, and he was indeed, embedded to the hilt, and Susan’s vulva looked like it was stretched to the breaking point. Then… it was time for David to go to work. He started moving his hips up and down, nice and slow at first. I had seen him do this dance before. He told me one time it was like a rodeo… he wanted to make sure he was in good and tight before any bucking started. I knew Susan was going to be in for a long, hard ride. David looked over at me and gave a wink, then… he started moving some more, only this time, more vigorously.

At first it was just the usual ‘in and out’, then he started what was for all intents and purposes, a sexual workout with Susan. He thrusts started getting quicker, and in no time at all, he was jamming his hot, bulging cock as deep into Susan’s pussy as he could get it. All Susan could do was endure; she kept saying, ‘nuh, nuh, nuh’ as David jammed in and out of her cunt. I looked at her tits, and he was twisting her nipples as he fucked up into her. Her face was a grimace from the twin pains of a stretched out pussy, and nipples being pulled like taffy. He was fucking wildly into her… He was jabbing up into so hard, her head actually hit the ceiling of the car from time to time. It wouldn’t have surprised me at all to see the head of David’s cock start coming out her mouth… He was really giving it to her; a sexual pounding like you only see once or twice in a lifetime…

The look on Susan’s face was agony and ecstasy… On the one hand she was being sexually brutalized, on the other,  there was the beginning of raw pleasure spreading across her face. David likes it best when his victim gets so turned on, they start fucking him back; and that’s what Susan was beginning to do. David called it the ‘power of the cock’, he knew from many past experiences that his partner would start losing control at some point, and start fucking him. It didn’t take long for Susan, it wasn’t a blink of an eye or anything; the first sign was David taking his thumb and forefinger off Susan’s nips…

Susan unconsciously replaced his with her own. If anything, she was pulling even harder on her reddened tips than David had been doing. Next came the inevitable pelvic thrusts. It wasn’t David fucking HER anymore, it was Susan who was fuckinig David, and I mean hard… She was trying to do to him, what he had done to her… She fucked him hard, twisted her own nipples hard… then she said, “Fuck me, you motherfucker”, “shove it in me hard”, FUCK ME… Harder, goddamit”… she screamed  —  as she crammed her sopping pussy harder and deeper down onto David’s thick love-muscle.

Her hips were like a blur — and she pummeled his cock, over and over she raised up over him till the tip was almost out, then she shoved her cunt back down on his cock to the max. Each time she did it… she shivered and moaned with the pain and pleasure. All three of us knew what was about to happen, David and I both watched the frantic look on her face as the first shiver of orgasm wracked her body. It was an uncontrollable jolt, almost electric as she got jangled by it… more, then more… All of a sudden, she had zero control over her pelvis, it was like her pussy had a mind of its own, and it wanted only to be fucked, – raw!…. She let out a blood-curdling scream and went WAY over the edge…wildly uncontrollable as she tried to get every centimeter of David’s cock as deep into her stretched pussy as she could get it.

David knew this was the ‘magic-moment” and he scalded her steaming pussy with tons of hot creamy cum. Her eyes blinked open wide when the first hot shot hit the back of her stretched vagina. There was just no room for David’s dick, AND David’s cum.. I watched as it came squishing out the edges of her pussy. David reached down and got some of his hot juice on his fingers and brought it up to her mouth. She was like a cum whore, she slobbered her mouth all over his fingers… He kept reaching down, getting glob after sticky glob… and it literally flushed out of Susan’s cunt… She was a cum-receptacle, and she knew it. To her, it was raw greed; she wanted it all; she even dipped her own hand down to get any that David may have missed.

Finally her monster climax was over, she was spent, she settled down onto David’s still hard cock like a worn out rag doll. What she didn’t know was that David was just getting started. He nodded to me, and I went over to his car and got the thick blanket he kept in the back seat for just such occasions. I brought it back to the passenger side of the car and spread it out nice and smooth. There was a full moon out that night, and we could easily see in the pale moonlight. David got out and held Susan in his arms, and then leaned down and placed her on the blanket, face up. I heard her give a faint moan, saying she wanted to go home.

All David did was get his whiskey flask and hold it up to her lips. She tried to turn her head away, but David twisted a bruised nipple till she took a long swallow. Then he said, “Baby, we’re just getting started.” — With that, he got down on his knees, lifted her legs up high, and spread them out wide. Then he grabbed her hips, pulled her forward, and impaled her on his thick cock… She screamed as she felt it go in. But, in no time at all she was fucking him, moaning, screaming for ‘more’, and David definitely gave it to her.

We both fucked Susan till the wee hours of the early morning. I know for sure David fucked her four times, because I counted. I also knew I fucked her three times. She was absolutely dripping with cum. Her tight pussy wasn’t tight anymore. — Between sessions of fucking her, David and I both finger-fucked her, just to keep her revved up. It was no problem at all to make a finger-cone with four fingers and fuck her with it. In fact, she liked it; she had a big drunken smile on her face every time one or the other of us wedged her open.

Finally, it was all over;   – we pulled her up and helped her get her skirt and sweater back on. David kept her panties as a souvenir. He walked over to his car, got in, and drove off.  Susan was sitting beside me, as we drove out of the woods. I took her back to her house, and she went in. I knew she’d be grounded a while for getting in so late. I didn’t call her till late the following afternoon. Her parents were livid and said she couldn’t go anywhere for a year. We both knew they’d lighten up. Susan was kind of the light of their life, and there was no way she would be grounded for long.

It was about a month later before she told me I could come over. Everything was pretty cool, her parents greeted me a little icily, but they were at least cordial. I took Susan over to our favorite ice cream shop, and bought her a chocolate ice cream soda, her favorite. We started talking about what had happened that night; and she told me her pussy was sore for about a week. I gave a nice smile from remembering it, and she knew exactly what I was thinking, and said, “Don’t worry, trust me… it’s never going to happen again.”

We had several casual dates after that, – movies, dinner, walks in the park, etc. One night her parents had already gone to bed and we were making out on the couch. I had my hand up under her skirt, lightly fingering her wet pussy. She was horny as hell, and as I fingered her even deeper, she whispered in my ear that her parents were going out of town in about two weeks, and were going to leave her alone, if she would babysit her thirteen year old, little sister, Ruth Ann… Then, she squeezed my finger with her pussy muscles and said, “Why don’t you see what David has going on, and maybe we all can have a party one night while they’re gone.” – She orgasmed the slightest bit as my finger slipped in to the hilt. “David is going to want to fuck you, you know… maybe even Ruth Ann too.” – “I know” she said, then she added, – “Why don’t you get us a motel room somewhere; I can’t wait to get his big cock back in my pussy.

Two weeks later, I picked up Susan and her little sister. We went to an older, out-of-the-way motel called the Warrior River Motel. I had already gotten a room there, and we were settling in when I heard a car drive up outside. Sure enough, it was David with a big smile on his face, and a big bottle of ‘Crown’ in a paper bag in his hand. I was sitting on one side of Susan on a small, plastic-covered couch. I knew that David wanted her all to himself. So, I got up, and went over to where Ruth Ann was sitting on the bed.

Ruth Ann and I both watched in awe as David sat down beside Susan, and immediately shoved his hand up under her loose skirt. It didn’t take a genius to figure out he was already fingering her. Susan just pulled her skirt up past her hips, spread her legs out nice and wide, and let the inevitable happen. David had her panties off in a flash and was shoving a thick finger up inside her cunt, as he stuck his tongue as far down her throat as he could get it. Almost unconsciously, I put my hand over inside Ruth Ann’s panties and started fingering her as we both watched the porno show going on in front of us.

As David took off his pants, I took mine off. When Susan leaned over to suck David’s cock, I brought Ruth Ann’s warm, wet mouth over  to my own throbbing cock. — That was a memorable night for all four of us. We both fucked Susan AND Ruth Ann… We even got Susan and Ruth Ann to do a hot “69” for us… THEN… the fun REALLY started, (some friends of ours stopped by.)

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