Linda and Steve

I dated a woman named Linda one time; she was a nurse and we met at the local “Y”, back where I used to live. Linda was a little on the shy side, and was actually reluctant to have sex. To me, when someone is ‘reluctant’, I find it a huge turn-on. As I’ve previously stated, – I actually think everyone likes ‘sexual-force’ to some degree. I don’t mean actual ‘rape’, per se… At least not brutal, harmful, injuring rape. Now, that being said, I have zero problem in taking polite advantage of a person, or a situation.

Just to give you an example, I worked in a large corporation one time, and discovered that a fellow employee, a female, who was also married… was stealing from the company. She had red hair, (which I like,) married, (which I definitely like,) and was also a little shy and timid. When I asked her about it, (in the company break-room) she started trembling, and almost couldn’t breathe. I told her to calm down, that we could work something out. Before I told her what we could “work-out”, I told her that I ‘could’ go to the police and report her. I let that settle in a bit, then I added that… I ‘could’ also turn her in to the company and they would definitely fire her… I saw the anguished look on her face, and finally reassured her that: “But, we don’t have to do that… I’m sure we can work something out, right?” I asked her. She knew I had her, and so she just nodded her head slightly, indicating ‘yes.’ –

So just to make sure she knew what I was referring to, I leaned over close to her ear and said in a low voice, “Tell you what, I could use a little head, when you take your afternoon break, why don’t you meet me out at my truck, it’s the dark blue F-150, parked on the back row, close to that big tree back there.” – I could see the look on her face, and she was close to tears… So I leaned away a little, and said, “Look, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to; it’s ok. It’s really up to you.” –

She looked a little relieved, so I added, “The only thing is, I’ll have to go to the company and tell them what you’ve been doing; if you think about it, it’s actually the right thing to do.” – I leaned back up to my previous position, and we just stared at each other. It was pretty much a staring match for a minute or two; then, the dilemma she was in began to settle in. Finally, she said, “I take an afternoon break at 2:00; I’ll meet you at your truck.” Then she got up abruptly, and walked away.

I was already in my truck when I watched her walk across the parking lot. She saw me, and then looked around to make sure no one was watching, and got in. I immediately unzipped my pants and pulled my hardening dick out. She mumbled something like, “Gawd, I can’t believe you’re making me do this…” I replied with, “Hey, I’m not MAKING you DO anything, it’s your choice; it’s all totally up to you. Don’t do it if you don’t want to.”

Again, we just stared at each other. Then she said, “But, you’ll turn me in if I don’t, wont you?” – I said, “No question about it.” The hatred in her eyes was evident, but I really didn’t care. In fact, the more she didn’t want to do it, – the more it turned me on. I knew for sure it was a ‘make-or-break’ moment so I said in a harsher tone, “Look, I’m tired of fucking around with you, this is your last chance, which will it be, are you going to suck me off, or do I turn you in; it’s as simple as that; make up your fucking mind.”

She stared hard at me, the venom in her eyes was evident. So, I said, “Ok, I’m through with this shit; get the fuck out of my truck,” and I started zipping my pants back up. I really WAS pissed. I mean, who did she think she was? “Get out,” I said… Then she said, “Ok, ok… I’ll do it, let’s get it over with.” – “This is your last chance,” I said as I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. I could tell from the look on her face that she was resigned to the task.

I put my arm up on the back of the seat, and my hand behind her head. She snapped her head away and said, “Don’t touch me.” – I grabbed her head and pulled her face down to my dick and used my other hand to forcefully rub the head of my dick all around her lips and mouth. “Open your fucking mouth, you stupid cunt,” I said. When she heard those words, she opened her mouth and I raised my hips up off the seat, planting the head of my dick in the back of her mouth; then I backed out a little and let her do it on her own.

Sure enough, she did a pretty good job. I rubbed her ass and titties through her clothes while she sucked me off, and when I got ready to cum, I held her head down and shot off deep in her mouth. I didn’t let her raise up till I was through cumming. Finally, I let her go and she raised up kind of hacking and coughing from all the cum in her mouth.

She immediately got some tissues out of her purse and wiped her mouth. Then she said, “The least you could do was not cum in my mouth.” – I replied with, “But, that’s the whole point of a blowjob,” Then I added, “Trust me, you’ll get used to it.” – She said, “You can’t be serious.” – I said, “Like I told you before, it’s really up to you… if you don’t want to, you don’t have to…” – “But you’ll turn me in, if I don’t, right?” – “True, that’s about the size of it.”

She looked angry and frustrated. So, just to reinforce who was in charge, I said… “Before you leave, how about showing me your pussy.” She just stared at me. I said, “Look, I’m not interested in arguing with you anymore; show me your fucking pussy, period.” – So she looked around to make sure no one was close to the truck, then she hiked her tight skirt up above her hips. I told her to turn around toward me so I could see it. She kept looking around in the parking lot, then put a foot up on the bench seat of my truck, causing her legs to spread out wide. I had a full view of her panties, and I could see the obvious dampness there, so I said, “Pull your panties over to the side.”  When she did, I eased my hand over and started playing with her wet pussy. “That’s what I thought, I knew you liked sucking me off.”

She moaned deeply when I started fingering her. I started rubbing her clit, and she started breathing a little harder. I stuck my thumb up in her wet cunt and she gave a faint fucking motion with her hips. I kept thumb-fucking her for several minutes. It was obvious she was WAY turned on, so I pulled my thumb out of her clasping cunt, and stuck it in her mouth, “Here, clean this up for me.” And she sucked my thumb like it was a hot dick in her mouth. She was still sucking on my thumb when I told her, “We better get back to work before someone catches us; you go first, and I’ll wait a minute or two, then I’ll follow you in.”

I intentionally left her sexually frustrated and we both could smell her sexy aroma…. She didn’t say anything as she pulled her skirt back down and got herself together. Right before she got out of the truck, I said, “Hey, when we meet tomorrow, don’t wear any panties, they’ll just get in the way.” She said nothing in reply, just got out of my truck, and slammed the door hard. I watched her walk across the parking lot, her sweet ass was swinging, and I knew for sure I was going to fuck it.

The next day, I had no communication with her at all… I was in my truck at 2:00 and sure enough, the building door opened up and she walked out. She came over to my truck, opened the door, and got in. We didn’t say anything to each other at first, so I said, “Are you wearing panties?” She looked away from me and shook her head, ‘no’. – “Let’s see”, I said. She reached down to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up and past the flair of her hips.

Sure enough, there were no panties. I moved over to the middle of the seat and put my hand on her pussy mound; then I eased my middle finger in between the folds of her labia and started fingering her. Her pussy got wet immediately and she spread her legs involuntarily. She moved her hips forward a little to give me better access, and I pulled my finger out and inserted my thumb. She moaned when I started thumb-fucking her.

I fucked her hard with my thumb every way I could think of… every time she got close to a climax, I’d ease up and not let her get there. Finally, I shoved my thumb in as far as I could get it; over and over…  fucking her hard, over her sexual cliff. She held onto my hand as I fucked her, essentially, fucking my hand with her pussy. All at once, her body stiffened, she leaned her head back, gave a loud scream, and went WAY over the edge, vibrating uncontrollably with wave after wave of sexy shudders. When she calmed down, I took my glistening thumb out of her pussy and put it in my own mouth. “Wow,” I said, “you taste good.”

She was still catching her breath when I said. “You know that motel over on Center street? The one that’s kind of back out of the way?” – “I’ll get us a room Saturday afternoon; my truck will be parked in front of the door, come over there about 3:00.” She looked at me and said, “My husband and I have plans for Saturday afternoon.” – “Break ‘em” was all I said as I got out of my truck.

Sure enough, I was looking out the motel window when I saw her pull up. She was about to knock on the door, when I opened it and invited her in. We sat on the couch, and I was playing with her hair when I said, “You know, I was watching you walk across the parking lot the other day, and you’ve got a very sexy ass.” Then I added, “Do you ever take it up the ass?” – “NO!” she immediately replied. “I don’t even let my husband touch me there.” – “Please don’t do it”, she added. – “Don’t worry, trust me… You’re going to like it… ALL women want to be fucked in the ass; they just don’t like to admit it.”

Then I started unbuttoning her blouse… When I had her breasts free, and said, “Let’s get these pants off.” – That afternoon I fucked her pussy AND her ass… I tried to stretch her out good… She wanted to take a shower before she left, but I wouldn’t let her. She actually smelled like a well-used whore, when she left about 6:00… I did a lot of things with that woman before I got tired of her. It was awesome.

I’m not a ‘bi-sexual’ per -se; more like a ‘poly-erotic’ person. I definitely lean toward the female side of the spectrum. To me, there’s nothing sexier than the heady aroma of a hot woman’s pussy, or looking down to see lipstick covered lips around the head of my dick; even better, getting some ‘lap-time’ eating some juicy pussy, tasting that hot female nectar, and watching (feeling?) my female partner go in and out of orgasm. – On the other hand, a nice cock can turn a guy on too… I’ve told more than one guy, “You don’t have to be gay to enjoy sucking a cock.” When it comes to the guy/cock area, I’m more interested in the “eroticism” of the situation than just the cock.

Let me give you an example; like I said in my opening, up above… – I used to date a lady named Linda. She had a brother named Steve. Coincidentally, they were fraternal twins and were always close in their friendship. I had joked in front of him, every now and then, about how sexy his sister, Linda, was; and I could tell he didn’t exactly see the humor of it. So, one day, out of the clear blue, he called me and asked me if he could come over a chat with me. I assured him my door was always open and to please stop by at his convenience.

Let me digress here and say, I used to be a Ranger in the Army and am very comfortable in practically any measure of self-defense. I taught Karate / hand-to-hand combat / ‘edged-weapons’ when I was in the Army and believe in my heart-of-hearts, that (within reason) I can take care of myself with almost anyone. I still go to the weight room, go to two boot-camp classes a week, and do a fair amount of ‘cardio’ workouts to maintain good health. My point is, Linda’s brother saying he wanted to have a ‘chat’ with me, didn’t disturb me at all.

Sure enough, about an hour later, there was a knock on my door and I figured it was ol’ Steve, so I opened the door, I gave him a friendly greeting, and invited him in. I gestured toward a smaller couch I have in my living room, saying, “Have a seat.”  (As a side note, when I’m home alone, I generally wear a tee-shirt and gym-shorts, with no underwear; – a holdover from my Ranger days when it was common to not wear any at all.) – I sat on the opposite end of the small couch with about two feet between us.

We got comfortable with some chit-chat, I offered him some coffee, which he declined, and I finally said, “So Steve, what’s the occasion, what’s on your mind?” – He paused a bit, took a small intake of breath, and said, “You’ve said some crude comments about my sister several times, and I don’t think you should talk about her that way, especially in front of other people, including me. I kind of take it as an insult, and think you should stop.”  – In reply, I said, “And if I don’t?”  He said, “Well, I’m not necessarily looking for a confrontation with you, but if you can’t be more careful, I’d have to ask you to ‘refrain’ from speaking about her that way.”

“Refrain??” I said.  “You mean you’re TELLING me to stop, is that what you’re saying?”  He said, “Well, I guess so… I mean it IS kind of crude, what you’ve said.” — “How about giving me an example of what you’re talking about.” I replied.  So, he said, “Well, you know how you’ve said several times that she gives you good oral service, I don’t think you should say those things.”

I was getting a little annoyed by the conversation, so I said… “Let me tell you something, Steve… not only does Linda give great head, but when I drop a hot load of cum in the back of her throat, she comes unglued and sucks my dick like a porn star, AND… eats all my cum. She’s also the best fuck I’ve ever had; especially when I’m fucking her in the ass. Don’t get me wrong, fucking your sister’s pussy is great, and all that… but, when I’m slamming it to her in the ass… you should see it, I’m serious… she’s absolutely wild.”

We both just sort of stared at each other. He couldn’t believe the crude things I had just said about his sister, and I could see on his face he was trying to decide what to say in return. So, I decided to take the initiative and see what I could do with him. As we stared at each other, I said, “You know what, Steve… one of the things that really turns her on is just looking at my own dick.”  – Linda and I have sat on this very couch, in fact she sits where you’re sitting now… and all I have to do is pull out my cock, and she gets horny.”

Then, I pulled the baggy leg band of my shorts over to the side, revealing my hardening cock. Steve just stared at it as it got harder and harder. I spread my legs a little wider and slowly jacked my cock while Steve sat mesmerized. In just a minute or so, I was at full length and throbbing. I looked at Steve and said, “You know, that’s the same look Linda has on her face. What you need is a closer look.”

As I finished my statement, I got up, pushed my shorts all the way off, moved over in front of Steve, put one foot up on the edge of the couch, and leaned my dick in close to his face and started jacking my cock. I was about 6 inches from his face as I jacked my cock every way I could think of. I started getting close, and started speeding my hand action up. In just a minute or so more, I was slamming my fist up and down on my dick, and could feel my churning nuts slapping on my fist as I did it.

All of a sudden, I was there… I aimed my dick directly at Steve’s face and shot a huge load of hot cum right dead center, hitting him in the nose and mouth. The next spurt shot all over his eyes and cheeks, the third went to his mouth and lips, and started dripping off his chin. When I was through cumming, I leaned my dick in and wiped the sticky head all around his mouth and lips.  Then, I straightened up, and moved back to where I had been sitting, leaving Steve’s face practically covered in hot, sticky cum.

Steve was practically in shock at what had just happened to him, and brought his hand up to his face and started wiping the cum off. He got all he could and wiped it on his slacks. It took him several times, and he finally got it all. He leaned his head back on the couch a little and said in a low voice, “I can’t believe you just did that.” All I said was, “I’ve got news for you… you definitely seemed to like it, almost as much as your sister does.” – “You son-of-a-bitch”, he said quietly. — “Careful there, Steve…” – “Any more name-calling out of you, and I might not let you suck my dick.”

He looked over at me and said, “If you think I’m going to do that, you’re out of your mind.” — With that, in a quick movement, I straddled his hips, one leg on either side, put a hand behind his head, and with the other hand, started rubbing my cummy cock all around his mouth. He tried to turn his head away to keep me from doing any more. But, I looked down and said, “You’re either going to suck my dick, or I’m going to fuck you in the ass… your choice.”

He seemed to realize the reality of the situation and opened his mouth a little. My hard cock pried it open even more, and my dick slid in, and I started a gentle fucking motion in and out of his mouth. I held on to his head with both hands and face-fucked him for several minutes. Then, I pulled my slick dick out, and told him to lick up and down the shaft and suck my nuts. He did, on both sides. After a minute or two more, I got the head of my cock back level to his mouth and was just about to shove it in when I looked down and said, “Ok, Steve… here we go… show me what you’ve got. Suck it good, because I’m going to give you all I’ve got.”

With that, I shoved my dick in his mouth and started deep-throating him. He was having trouble breathing, so I told him to “breathe through your nose.” He did, and then I wedged my dick as far in his mouth as I could get it. In just a few seconds more, I was jack-hammering in and out of his mouth like it was his sister’s pussy. I fucked his face every way I could for about 5 minutes. I was getting very close, and put both hands behind his head, laced my fingers together, and brought my elbows down, effectively locking his head in a vice… Then, I really face-fucked him. I fucked him hard, fast, and deep.

I was getting ready to cum and I told him to “squeeze my nuts; I’m getting ready to fill you up.” His hand went up to my churning nuts and I felt him squeeze them like he was trying to milk the cum out… Then BOOM… I was there… I was WAY back in the back of his throat when I started cumming. He instinctively tried to pull his head back, and I held on and pumped load after load of hot creamy cum as deep in his mouth as I could get it. His nose was buried in my pubic hair, and my nuts were slapping on his chin as I dropped a huge load deep in his throat. He started gagging, and I just kept pumping.

Finally, I pulled out of his gaping mouth and watched him gasp for air. When he got his breath back, I leaned my sticky dick back in and said, “Clean it up a little, Steve, I don’t want to get anything on the couch.”  He did, he stuck his tongue out and started cleaning the cum off my deflating dick. “Balls too…” I said, and he got those too. When I was nice and tidy, I got off his lap and sprawled out where I had been before.

I was practically exhausted, and stretched my legs out wide in front of me, casually playing with my wet dick and nuts. I looked over at Steve, and he had his head back on the couch, hesitantly licking his lower lip to see if there was any damage there. I said, “Steve, you are a natural-born cocksucker. That was every bit as good as your sister does, when she’s sucking me off.” He looked over at me and gave a soft, “Thanks, I guess.”  Then, I said, “Since you were nice enough to give me a blowjob, I’m going to return the favor and quit making off-color comments about Linda; fair enough?” – He kind of rolled his eyes and said, “Thanks, I appreciate it.” –

I reached down and got my shorts and slipped them back on. Then, I said… “Well, I’ve got some errands to run and have to go out for a while. Tell you what, I’ll be back early this evening; why don’t you come back over around 8:00 tonight, and I’ll show how good it feels to have a hot cock in your ass.”  He immediately started shaking his head, and said… “I don’t think I want to do that.”

I moved over close to him and kissed him hard on the mouth, moving my tongue around inside, tasting some of the cum I had left there. Then, I pulled away and said, “Well, Steve… if you ever have any hopes of sucking my dick again, you better be here at 8:00 tonight. We both know that you liked it; and I guarantee you, you’re going to like a dick up your ass just as much.”

We both stood up, and I started walking him to the door; right before he opened it, I turned him around and kissed him again. As I kissed him, I pushed him down to his knees, and put my dick in his mouth. He immediately started sucking it and I let him do if for about a minute. Then, I reached down and pulled him back up, and kissed him one more time. When I pulled away, I whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry, I’ll give you some more tonight. Trust me, you’re going to be as addicted to my cum as your sister is.”

I turned him around and opened the door for him. He walked just outside the door frame and said, “Don’t count on me coming back; I don’t think I’m going to.” With that, I pulled my shorts to the side revealing my glistening cock, and said, “Sure you will, Steve… sure you will.”

At 8:00 o’clock that night, I was sitting on the couch with Linda, Steve’s sister. There was a knock at my door, and Linda said, “I wonder who that can be.” – “I think I know,” I said… and got up to answer the door.

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