I’m ‘Baaaack…’

Hey, sorry about not communicating with you for a while, but here’s the deal… this REALLY IS an actual blog, and I really DO – do things all of you do. Things like: go on vacation, trips, have real-life, every-day experiences, and CERTAINLY have sexual experiences. Sometimes I write on my blog and sometimes I don’t.

Interestingly enough, I GOT a LOT of email from people asking to make my blog more like a diary; a ‘narrative’, you might say. So, I thought about that during my recent sabbatical and decided it was a good idea.

So here’s the deal, I’m going to do more “talking” to you in my blog, a ‘narrative’ you might say. I actually prefer it that way, and to be honest, I LOVE to share my adventures. The title of my blog, “This Erotic Life” really IS true. From my earliest days, (a sexual experience on one side of the street at nine, and a parallel sexual experience on the other side of the street at eleven) set the stage for the “pursuit” of pleasure. When people ask me about my personal philosophy, I tell them I’m a “hedonist”. I’ve got news for you, I think the pursuit of pleasure is a very good thing.

Being a ‘hedonist’ doesn’t mean that one has to ‘take advantage’ of other people. Actually, in my hedonistic pursuit, what I actually did was LIBERATE some people, (both genders) along the way. – I got them to think outside the box and “enjoy” the moment they were actually in.

To me, (as a hedonist) SEX is a very important topic. At the basic level, I think “sex”… and I mean “ALL” sex is fundamentally ‘good’. What that means is… the “friction” part of sex is good; i.e., it “feels” good. – Various women, over the years have told me how “good” it feels to have a hot cock ‘sliding’ in and out of their pussy, ass, or mouth. Guys on the ‘guy’ side of the street have said essentially the same thing. They LIKE the ‘friction’ aspect of a cock in their mouth, or a dick in their ass…

I’ve been a participating student of sex for a long time… and I know for SURE that I liked sucking a guy’s dick back when I was growing up. And, I like it JUST AS MUCH these days. When I was eleven, my aunt introduced me to “girl-sex” and I liked it equally well. I didn’t have much of a dick when I was eleven, so my aunt would positioned me down on my knees, between her legs and I would eat her out… (a LOT.) …. And, she ALSO used to straddle my face and use my face and mouth like her personal dildo… Hey, I LOVED it… I liked the ‘friction’ part, and especially all the ‘juiciness’ involved. Her climaxes while she sat on my face – were MEMORABLE.

I think I’ve been EXTREMELY lucky to have had such vivid experiences on both sides of the street, at such a young age… To me, there’s nothing sexier than eating out a hot pussy… EXCEPT sucking off a hot cock. – I could say it in reverse, and start with, “To me, there’s nothing sexier than sucking off a hot cock… EXCEPT eating out some hot pussy.” See what I mean?; they are almost interchangeable. It’s been that way (happily) all my life. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without pussy… any more than I would want to live in a world without cock.

Then; there’s the “cum” aspect… “CUM” is almost the “life-blood” of all existence. Think about it… the world wouldn’t actually exist if it wasn’t for cum. People have been giving and receiving cum for a LONG time. In the world of “sexuality” it’s not just the transference of genetic material to create another human being…It’s WAY more complicated and involved than that for we Homo-Sapiens. — (The word “homo-sapien” actually means: ‘thinking-man’) and “think” we do. — STAYING with the subject of “cum”… cum, is certainly the “transportation-system” of reproductive sex, for sure. But from a guy-to-guy point of view (since guys don’t reproduce) – cum must be WAY more important than just a conveyance.

I’ve had sex with both girls and guys over a lot of years and RARELY has ANYBODY (from either gender) not expressed a HUGE interest in actual cum. I know for SURE that one of my younger GFs talks about how good it feels in her mouth, her pussy, and her ass… But, she isn’t the only one to tell me that… I dated a middle-age lady named Linda one time, and she said… “I would never tell anybody this, because I wouldn’t want it to get out… but really and truly…(she continued), I like cum so much, that I would suck anybody’s dick if they just simply asked me…” Then, she gave a soft chuckle, and continued, “Wow, if they only knew.”

It’s the same with guys… I seduced this guy named “Timothy” (he didn’t like to be called ‘Tim’) back when I lived in the midwest. He was engaged, a SERIOUS, CHURCH-GOING Christian, and told me FREQUENTLY he had ZERO interest in guys. We worked together at a large corporation, in the computer-area… and one night, we were in the computer-lab working on a major computer-server upgrade. We got to talking about sex (it wasn’t unusual), and I got so turned on, that I decided to “DO” something about “the situation”.

Timothy was sitting on a folding chair about five feet away from where I was standing. I already knew (for sure) that the only people in the building was just the two of us; so, “WTF”, I walked over and positioned myself so I was standing directly in front of Timothy.
I just stood there at first, because I knew that what I was about to do could get me in trouble, maybe fired, and heck, who knows… maybe even in trouble with the ‘law’.

Sex is a powerful thing… Timothy looked up at me, kind of surprised at what was ‘going on’, and when he looked up, I unzipped my pants and pulled (with some effort) my already hardening cock out. It hadn’t been out more than 10 seconds till it was TOTALLY rigid, throbbing, and already leaking some pre-cum, (I was that turned on.)

My cock was probably only six or seven inches from Timothy’s face. He was literally just staring at it. (He told me later it was the first erect cock, from another guy, he had ever seen in his life.) So, I put my left foot up on the edge of the folding chair he was sitting on… and my left hand behind his head… then I pulled his face forward so his mouth was literally directly in front of my leaking cock. Then I put my right hand around my thick dick, and started ‘massaging’ his lips and mouth with the wet end of my dick-head.

Timothy made no move to resist at all…. He didn’t turn his head sideways, or try to pull away… When I pressed my hips forward, he just opened his mouth and let my cock slide in. I fucked in and out of his mouth for maybe 10 thrusts… and then, Timothy started sucking on his own. All of a sudden, he couldn’t get enough cock. I was seriously turned on, maybe even too much, and it didn’t take me long at all to cum. Maybe like two minutes. When I came, it was like a ton, I mean maybe like half a cup. I held on to Timothy’s head to make sure he didn’t pull away. — But get this… it wasn’t necessary at all.

When that first taste of hot cum hit his mouth, he LIKED it… he started voraciously eating it. His nose flared, he started moaning, and he swallowed every hot drop of cum he could get to. He licked and sucked me clean in the process; “balls and all.” It was almost like he was “possessed.” He worked my cock and nutsack over like he had been sucking cock for years. When I pulled out, Timothy had his eyes closed and was actually savoring the last vestiges of my cum lingering in his mouth.

I zipped up, and went back over to where I had been, and sat down on the folding chair there. Neither one of us said anything at first, and in a minute or two, I said, “Well, Timothy… what do you think about giving your first blowjob?” (Hey, not too original, I admit… but I really didn’t know WHAT to say; I still wasn’t positive that he wouldn’t try to get me fired; (at least.)) He waited a minute or two before he said anything (he had always been “thoughtful” like that); and then he said, “I had no idea it would be like that. The sucking part was really good, I really liked it.” Then he added, “But the ‘cum-part’ was the best part. God that was good… no wonder girl’s like it so much.”

Whew, that was good news, and I told him so. He told me I didn’t have anything to worry about at all. I told him I was grateful, and really DID appreciate him giving me such good ‘head’. He said “You’re welcome, I guess…” – Hey, I had cum pretty quickly and was still horny; so I said, “You know, Timothy… no one is around at all, and won’t be coming in till in the morning; we can do it again, if you’re interested.” – He looked over at me; he still had a bit of a cummy-sheen on his lips and said, “Good point, let’s do.”

So this time, (I like ALL the visual aspects and “drama” of sex) I went over to where Timothy was still sitting, and just stood in front of him. He got the message almost instantly. Instead of me unzipping my pants, he reached up and pulled the zipper down. I wanted a leisurely, enjoyable blowjob the second time; so after Timothy unzipped my pants and got my hard cock out… I slipped my shoes off, unbuckled my pants and took everything off… Except for my socks, I was totally naked from the waist down.

We both seemed to like the sexy situation we were in… and I spread my legs out a little wider so my cock was more in line with Timothy’s mouth. Like before, I put a hand behind his head and eased his face forward. Then, this time, I really DID give him a dick-massage, all over his face. But, it was his mouth I wanted, (just as much as he wanted a cock in it) – So, with not too much more ‘foreplay’, I put my cock on Timothy’s lower lip, and he sucked it in.

We both took our time… to savor the situation. I wanted to take it nice and slow, and thankfully, so did Timothy. That second blowjob took about 20 minutes, and I came way back in the back of his mouth. In the process of showing Timothy the finer aspects of sucking a guy’s cock… I also showed him how to ‘deep-throat’. When I came, I was way back in his mouth, but not too far back; I didn’t want to gag him (but, for sure, that CAN be sexy as hell; a dick spurting off, almost as far in as it can go; “gagging” you… can be a huge turn on.” But, I knew for sure, that was too early for Timothy. So I settled’ (SETTLED??) for just a nice slow blowjob, (two more times.)

Finally, I told Timothy I couldn’t cum anymore… he actually looked a little disappointed. We went back to work on the server-upgrade, and finished the job. We went out to our separate cars at about 3:00 in the morning, and I asked Timothy if he would like to come over to my place the following Friday night. He said, he had a date with Dawn (who he later married), and couldn’t make it. So, I reached down and cupped my crotch suggestively, and said, “How about Saturday night?… in fact, that would even be better”.

“Come over Saturday night and I’ll show you what it feels like to have a dick in your ass,” I said. Timothy’s immediate reply was, “No thanks, I don’t think so.” So, I reached between his legs and started playing with his cloth-covered dick and nuts. I could feel him getting hard, so I said, “Timothy, you said the same thing about blowjobs, that you had no interest in it at all. Guess what; you sucked me off tonight till I couldn’t get it up anymore. Trust me on this… you’re going to like a dick in your ass as much as you like one in your mouth.” – He came over that following Saturday night, and I fucked him several times before he left… He agreed… He DID like a dick in his ass as much as he did in his mouth.

From then on (till he got married and had kids) he sucked me off a lot, and I fucked him a lot. I saw him when I was back in the Midwest not too long ago; and we went over to an out-of-the-way motel and renewed old memories. Timothy was a great fuck; (and a great suck.)

That’s kind of the point of the cum-angle… CUM is the lubricant of life. I don’t think any of us can live without it. Obviously, it’s true from a ‘biological’ point of view, for sure. But what I’m really getting at is the “sexual-elixir” of cum. I bet I’ve had sex with several hundred women over the course of my life (not bragging, just sharing.) I never met even one who didn’t have at least some appreciation of the finer aspects of cum… (To a greater of lesser degree, naturally.)

I haven’t had the same amount of sex with guys, because I naturally lean toward the ‘girl-side’ of life. But, I have had sex with guys (at least SOME kind of sex; like jacking off, blowjobs, or anal), probably about 50 times (I’m guessing of course) – I’m no “dick-whore’ for sure… but I DO like a sexy cock, AND…a sexy “cock-situation.”

Sucking off young guys, like ‘computer-nerds’ who barely have actual sex (mostly, they just beat off over some porn they’ve down-loaded) or married guys, (who strangely enough don’t get ‘enough’ pussy at home) are probably my favorite situations. You’d be surprised at how many times a horny married guy can cum. — Or the look on a computer-nerd’s face when he feels an actual mouth on his cock, or a dick in his ass… is incredible.

So what’s the “common-denominator” in all this?… for EVERYBODY… both ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’? – Well, it’s the cum, of course. Throughout my life from my first taste, I liked it. I’ve never met anybody of either gender who wasn’t a ‘cum-whore’ to “some” degree. And guess what? – I think that’s good.

I know for sure that ‘cum’ keeps me young. Sure, I go to the gym and eat right because exercise and nutrition are obviously important… But, I also go on ‘longish’ motorcycle rides every now and then, to get some strange pussy, and suck some ‘strange’ cock. The “ANTICIPATION” of the sex and cum I get on my trips is almost ‘magical’ and makes me fuck my girlfriend more. A significant plus is… she ALSO likes to hear about my sexy ‘adventures’.

More than once, I’ve called her up and told her all the gory little details of who I just fucked, sucked, or who sucked me off. Get this, she actually goes and relaxes in her favorite ‘sex-chair’, spreads her legs out wide and plays with her pussy while I tell her the intimate details. She ALWAYS has a serious climax when I tell her; – ESPECIALLY about the cum part.

To her own credit, She’s in her mid-40s and she lets two young, teenage guys (who work at a local food store) fuck her when I’m out of town. She says that: “Just like you guys, I like the “young-stuff” too. She also fucks another female friend of hers named Nicole. For sure, I like it just as much when she tells me all about fucking the guys (especially if it’s a three-way)…

She says being on her knees, with a cock in the back of her throat, (she LIKES the ‘gaggy’ part of giving head)… and a cock up her ass; is almost like heaven. She said that when both the guys cum, (sometimes at the same time), she almost has a “sexual-seizure” over it. She said she feels close to the same way when she’s got her face wedged up in Nicole’s pussy, eating her out. — She said that Nicole (who’s married) has “wild” climaxes like she does… (grabbing her hair, and face-fucking her with her pussy).

Over the years, I feel like I’ve learned a LOT about sex in general. From nine, to now, it’s all been good, and VERY educational. What do I think I’ve learned? Well…. There’s very little difference between the genders. Guys like sex with girls, but they almost all have some kind of secret sex with other guys. – Girls are the same way… they obviously like to have sex with guys, but they too… ‘get it on’ privately with various other women in their life.

The REAL ‘common-denominator’ is the actual cum… almost everybody I talked to over the years, used part of the conversation to tell me about ‘the cum’… It could be the amount, the taste, the ‘slipperiness’, the texture, even the ‘smell’; but one thing was obviously clear… It was THE CUM that made all the difference. And you know what, they’re all right… I agree… I’ve eaten a lot of cum, but I’ve also let a lot of other people have some of mine from fucking, sucking, or even jerking me off (which I like a LOT) –

NO ONE, was ever ‘repulsed’ or turned off… they/we… all like the cum part.

So, tell me what you think; – should I continue my narrative with you folks? Let me know.


PS – Oh by the way, here’s the link to some of my work:



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