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My next story is called: “Chet: A Cuckold’s Story”.  The story concerns a husband, Chet, who is hard pressed to say ‘No’, when an aggressive return visitor takes over his house, and forcefully teaches Chet, and his wife Ellen, the ways and secret pleasures of the world of S & M. They learn there is no possibility of refusal to any humiliation he chooses for them. – As always, I look forward to your feedback.

So, with pride and pleasure, I give you…

Chet:  A Cuckold’s Story” –

Chapter 1

I had been with Chet and Ellen once before. I was surprised to hear from him again. The last time we were together I had fucked his wife silly. I assumed that would be the last time we would get together. Then – the phone rang and it was Chet and he asked me what I was doing next Friday night. I replied that I had nothing on my agenda and asked him what he had in mind. He said he and Ellen, his wife, wanted me to come over for a couple of drinks. I asked, “What time?” and told him I’d be there promptly at 7:00.

I smiled to myself. I knew that Chet was a little bit on the passive side, and figured that I knew what he had in mind. I told Chet to tell Ellen, that I was coming to dinner and to be sure to dress up. I told Chet that I would be exploring the relationship between he and Ellen in some detail and that I would feel free to do or ask anything to either of them that I liked. To press home my advantage, I asked Chet to remind me of what Ellen looked like again. I told him to describe her tits and cunt to me in absolute detail so that I could remember them if I shut my eyes. He stammered a bit over the phone, but in a halting voice, he did as I asked. “Ellen has a nice vagina. It is very well shaped and always smells clean for me. It has a light-blond bush which she usually allows to grow without much trimming. It is quick to get wet and has a nice taste”, he said.

I smiled and pressed him further,

“And your lovely wife’s tits, what about those?”

He stammered a bit more and said: “She has 34B breasts with nice nipples.”

I just listened and laughed softly, dismissing him.

Chapter 2

I arrived at their house in time for dinner. Chet opened the door apprehensively. He seemed a bit scared as I entered the house, knowing that I am attracted to his wife and also knowing that I can have her any time I want, and that he cannot stop me. Chet was dressed casually in an open-necked shirt and slacks. I entered the foyer and to let him know immediately how the evening is going to go I cup his testicles and, smiling into his scared but reluctantly excited eyes, slowly and luxuriously feeling him up. His little prick hardens under my caress and I begin to gently jack him a little. Chet begins to breathe a little harder and I slip a finger between his lips and make him suck it as I play with his little cock.

“Now, Chet,” I say a little maliciously, “take me in and re-introduce me to your pretty little wife. I can’t wait to get to know her better.”

I release his prick and withdraw my finger from between his lips. My attentions have left him a little pale and breathing heavily. I smile at him and go in and allow him to present me to his wife. I look her over from head to foot assimilating her clothes and imagining her sexy underwear. Chet knows that Ellen is wet right now with the attention I am giving her. I look at her tits, which are nice and firm, and seem even perkier than normal. Chet can tell that her nipples are already hard.

Chet had obviously asked Ellen to dress sexy for my visit and despite herself, the thought turned her on. I can tell that she is excited by the way she smells, by the hardness of her nipples and the extra sway of her hips as she walks. I even think I can actually smell her cunt a little. Putting all that together, Chet knows that Ellen is extremely excited. He knows that his wife is excited at the thought of a dominant sexy man in the house.

Chet had asked her to pick out something sexy and she has chosen an incredibly tight and short little black spandex miniskirt, which molds perfectly to her ass. She is wearing no panties, just a pair of black seamed stockings and black garters. Her heels are spiked and at least four inches high. Her toes are painted a deep red and they stick out of her open-toed high-heeled shoes. She is wearing a white, sheer tube-top, which does nothing to hide her breasts. It is as if they are on display. Her firm tits are outlined perfectly and her nipples are clearly visible through the sheer flimsy fabric.

She is wearing very hot red lipstick to match her toenails and her fingernails are painted that same blazing color. Her lips are quivering slightly in excitement as she keeps her eyes fixed on me. It is clear that she senses I am running the show and she defers to me seemingly without a thought for her husband.

Chet is still standing there as I take her hand, but instead of shaking it, I pull her to me and give her at first a gentle, and then a demanding kiss. She tries to pull back a little and I hear Chet gasp in protest. I look at him over her shoulder without releasing his wife’s lips and that one look compels his silent acquiescence. I press gently until her lips reluctantly open under mine and I slowly and completely begin to ravish her sweet mouth, slipping one hand down onto her bottom and massaging her full ass in front of Chet’s eyes. I play with her for as long as I feel like, and then suddenly release her and step back. She stands gasping, pale and trembling.

After I have kissed her she is surprised and confused about what to do. Her eyes meet Chet’s for a moment and then I look at him as well, saying: “Chet, get me a drink and fix yourself one as well. Oh, and slip into something a bit more comfortable. Why not put on one of Ellen’s little outfits. Hurry back Chet, I will be getting to know Ellen while you are gone.”

As he turns to go into the kitchen he sees me grope Ellen’s ass as she walks ahead of me. She shudders and tries to move away but my hands roam over her ass despite her feeble protests. Chet hears me talking to her but can’t quite make out the words. He listens tensely for a moment from the other room until he hears me say —

“Chet, are you dressed yet?”

Chet knows that I am aware of his lingering and he hustles to get the drinks and change. When he returns, he is carrying our drinks and is wearing a peach, baby-doll nightie and panties. Ellen is shocked at his appearance but I don’t give her a chance to think. I tell her that she and I are going out dancing. Chet protests and I sit him firmly on the couch and I take a pair of handcuffs out of my back pocket and put his hands through the wooden arm of the heavy mahogany couch. I then cuff him to it. He is unable to move the heavy couch and is forced to remain in a sitting position.

I tell Ellen to remove my pants and she stares at Chet and then at me, wondering what to do. I tell her that things will go easier if she does as she’s told. She still hesitates so I take her hands and put them on my belt buckle. Ellen falls to her knees and begins to unbuckle my belt and take off my pants. My cock is rock-hard and nicely outlined in my briefs. I have her remove my briefs and she slides them off slowly and reluctantly. My cock sticks out towards her and nearly pokes her in the face. I tell Ellen to bring one of Chet’s credit cards because the night is going to be on Chet and she leaves the room to look for it without comment.

While Ellen is out of the room looking for the credit card, I cross to the couch and sit down beside Chet with a sly smile. He looks up at me with a little fear in his eyes. Although he is sitting comfortably with his hands handcuffed through the mahogany arm of the couch, he can still move fairly freely. I am naked below the waist with my briefs on the floor beside me.

“Spread your legs,” I order brusquely.

He is so frightened that he doesn’t hesitate but separates his thighs until they are widely spread. As I look into his eyes I reach down and cup his balls, squeezing until he gasps with pain. I can see the anguish gathering in the corners of his eyes. I smile down at him and he looks up a little fearful. My smile becomes a little meaner as I caress his balls, moving up to his prick, which despite himself, has stiffened under my attention. As I grin down at him, I begin to steadily jack his cock. I continue to jack him until he begins to gasp and then I slow up. Stimulating him has made my prick begin to stiffen and it is now semi-hard.

“Open your mouth, Chet”, I order bluntly.

He shakes his head indicating reluctance.

“Open your lips or I will have to hurt you,” I say with some menace.

Despite himself, his lips unwillingly open and I feed my half-stiff prick between them and into the reluctantly welcoming warmth of his mouth.

“Now, start sucking and do it properly if you don’t want to get hurt,” I say; and Chet begins to grudgingly suck me off.

My prick rapidly hardens under his attention and, putting one hand at the back of his head and using it to control him; I begin to slowly and deliberately fuck his mouth at the same time reaching for his stiff little prick and start to jack him again. I know that Ellen will be down soon and I make no effort to prolong matters but steadily speed up until his gasping breath around my prick tells me that he has cum in his panties. My prick is now stiff between his wet lips and the regular sucking, together with the brushing of the tip of my stiff organ on his palate rapidly brings me on. I can feel the pressure building in my balls and I make no attempt to hold back my ejaculation. Chet’s eyes widen as he feels the spasm in my prick, but I hold his head firmly, fixing his reluctant lips around my prick as I begin to cum in his mouth. I enjoy the look in his wide eyes as I watch his throat jerk convulsively as he swallows my cum. My prick begins to soften and I slowly withdraw it smiling down at him as I do so.

“Did you enjoy that, Chet?” I asked.

Chet continues to gulp, trying to swallow my cum but a thin trickle of white runs from the corner of his mouth and it is the first thing Ellen sees as she hurries in with his credit card in hand.

“Oh, my God!!” she gasps, looking at Chet’s blushing face.

“Come over here and pick up my briefs,” I tell her. And she tip-taps over on her high heels, her cute bottom twitching from side to side sexily as she walks, bending to pick up my underwear in her little hand. I watch with pleasure as the curves of her body strain the fabric of the rather inadequate sexy, slutty clothes she has to wear.

Her eyes are wide as she wonders what is going to happen. I tell Chet to open his mouth but he won’t do it. I gently slap him across the face with my open hand. This time when I tell him to open his mouth, he does. I look at Ellen,

“Now, Ellen,” I say, “put my shorts into your husband’s mouth”.

With a look of repugnance on her face she forces my underwear into Chet’s mouth and I then put a piece of tape over his lips. My underwear is trapped and held in his mouth. It smells masculine and tastes cottony to him. He gags a bit and then begins to get used to it. I look with pleasure at his bulging cheeks and I enjoy the shock in his staring eyes. I slip my trousers on and take the credit card from Ellen. I spin her so that she is in my arms with her back against me and I slip my hands under her arms and cup her breasts through her thin tube-top. I can sense her reluctance at allowing herself to be mauled in front of her husband but I can also smell her excitement. As I casually feel his wife’s pretty tits, I look down at Chet, who still has a trail of my cum running down his chin.

“Don’t expect Ellen and I back for a while,” I say with a smile as I squeeze and mold the firm flesh of his wife’s tits, “we may go on to a club after dinner and dancing. We’ll see you later.”

As the door shuts Chet kneels in his panties with my underwear bunched up in his mouth and my cum running down his chin wondering what the two of us will do while we are out and what will happen when we return.

Chapter 3

Several hours later, in the early morning, Ellen and I returned… and we began to…

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