Concerning Sexual “Force”

It has been my experience that practically everyone I’ve ever encountered likes to be “forced” to some degree. I mean, I’ve met all sorts of people, the gamut, you might say; and I haven’t met even one who wasn’t into some degree of “power”, (either more, or less). They either couldn’t let themselves go, or they couldn’t reach orgasm, or they openly preferred to have sex under some form of protest. I’m no rapist or anything, and know when someone is telling me they have zero interest. On the other hand, there are lots of people who say “no”, when they definitely mean “yes”.

Let me give you an example, I used to date this woman named Linda… the ONLY way she ever reached orgasm was if she was forced (while she was openly saying “no”). Now you would think, if it was all that unpleasant and negative to her, she wouldn’t have gone out with me anymore. Right? — Wrong… I used to make her blow me in the car, while we were riding down the street. She would always protest, and complain that someone might see us… BUT… she always did it; I mean all the way, me cumming in her mouth, the whole deal.

Frequently, I’d make her spread her legs while we drove around, I’d get her to pull her to pull her dress up, and I’d finger her to orgasm while we drove. I’m not talking about the freeway here, I talking about city streets, red-lights, slow traffic, etc. She’d beg me to stop while I fingered her, but she never pushed my hand away or closed her legs.

One time, we had been to the movies, where I made her give me a hand-job during the show. We went out riding after that, and I stopped at a liquor store and got her a bottle of vodka and some paper cups. I poured her a stiff drink, and played with her pussy or fondled her tits every time we came to a red light. It was getting late and I really wanted some pussy before the night was over, but I wasn’t sure where to go; so as I rode around considering the “right” place, I made her pull her summer dress up so I could play with her pussy while I drove.

We ended up at a secluded park, over behind a thick grove of trees that kept anyone from obviously seeing us. I parked my car and got out to get a thick blanket out of the trunk. I spread it on one of the concrete picnic tables and went back to the car and pulled her out, so she could join me on the table. We sat on the end of the table, legs dangling over the edge, and she assured me nothing AT ALL was going to happen. She was true to her word and resisted all my advances. I poured her another stiff drink of vodka and made her drink it all down.

She was finally getting a little drunk, and as I resumed groping her, she told me to stop, and that anybody could drive right up and see what we were doing. I just ignored her and kept trying to kiss her and play with her tits through the thin fabric of the dress. I eventually got the summer dress she was wearing unbuttoned to the waist and was openly playing with her luscious tits in the cool night air. She kept pushing my hands away, telling me to “stop”, and “what if somebody sees us… anybody could drive up here, etc, etc, etc.”

I kept at her and finally got her dress off her shoulders and then past her hips. I had her practically naked, so I poured her one more drink, pushed her back on the blanket, spread her legs out wide, and ate her pussy through her panties. After her first orgasm, I made her lift her hips, and pulled her panties all the way off. I spread her legs out even wider and practically glued my mouth to her dripping wet gash, (with her protesting all the way). After her second orgasm, I got between her legs, rammed my steel cock in her liquid pussy and started fucking the shit out of her, (much to her protest).

While I was ramming and jamming in and out of her, another car pulled up not too far away with three older teenage boys in it. It was obvious they could see what we were doing. Linda saw them leering at us and tried to push me off and get me to stop. However, I LIKED the audience and just kept fucking her while they watched. I fucked her every way I could think of – in her pussy, in her ass, in her mouth — She had orgasm after orgasm, WHILE the guys in the other car looked on… I even made her suck my dick and finger herself during the course of our fucking…

After I shot a huge load of hot cum as deep in her vibrating pussy as I could get it, I pulled out and caught my breath. Linda immediately started putting her dress back on, and I walked over to the teens in the car and asked them if they would like a little pussy. They all grinned and assured me they were VERY interested. They got out of the car and sauntered back to the table where Linda was sitting on the end, now fully dressed, with her legs close together, and hanging over the edge. She saw the teens I had in tow, and told me she didn’t know what I was up to – but she didn’t want any part of it, and would I “PUH-lease” take her home.

I just ignored her, and told the three teens to go ahead and take out their dicks; and that Linda was a pushover for a hard cock. The first two pulled out your average-sized dick; but the third one pulled out a horse-cock that looked about 8 and 9 inches long; as big around as Linda’s wrist. His big nuts hung low, and looked heavy and full of cum. Linda’s eyes went wide when she saw how big it was, and she glared at me for encouraging them on. I just winked at the guys and said, “Hey, take what you want, but don’t hurt her. She might resist a little, but she loves a good fuck and does it better if she’s liquored up.”

I handed them the remaining vodka, and they each took a long pull, then made Linda finish it off. The first one got up on the end of the table with her, while she tried to scramble away. He pulled her back, and then put his arm around her shoulders and started trying to kiss her. The other one was a little on the small side and obviously smaller. All he seemed to be able to bring himself to do was play with her tits through the dress. She was putting up a pretty good fight of fending them both off; so I pushed the guy with the big dick in between her dangling legs so she wouldn’t be able to keep them together. Linda tried to push him away with one hand, while she tried to keep the other two away with her remaining free hand.

To his credit, the smaller guy on the table with Linda had successfully gotten the top of her dress unbuttoned and off her shoulders. He was openly playing, cupping and fondling her tits, while the first one was still trying to kiss her. The guy with the big dick pushed her dress up to her waist and started playing with her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties.

Linda tried to push his hand away, but then the first guy got up on his knees on the table, put his hand on the back of Linda’s head, and started rubbing his wet dick all around her face, trying to get her to suck his dick. When she turned her head this way and that, trying to push him away, the smaller guy on the other side lowered his head and started sucking, nibbling and biting on her distended nipples.

The two guys in front pulled her hips roughly forward so that her panty-clad pussy was over the edge. The big one rubbed his brick-hard cock all over the stained crotch of her panties, occasionally forcing his dick into her protective panties so that they were wedged into the outside slit of her pussy. The other guy slipped his hand down inside her panties and vigorously fingered her clit, occasionally pulling and pinching it, making Linda cry out.

The three horny teenagers were literally all over her. When she got one to leave her alone (temporarily), one of the other guys would focus in on her – kiss her and try to get his tongue in her mouth. While she struggled with him, the weak guy would play with her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples till she almost whimpered. He was a little bolder from playing with her tits, and swapped places with the guy trying to kiss her. The first guy just lowered his head and started mauling, kissing and biting her tits.

It was incredibly sexy watching them kiss, pinch and feel Linda up. The guy between her legs pulled the elastic leg-band of her panties to the side. He guided his long, thick cock into Linda’s pussy. She let out a low moan as it started going in, and actually squealed as his thick fuck tool went in and stretched her out. He put her heels up on the edge of the table, so his dick would have a better angle; and then, the big-dicked guy just rammed into her to the max. His thick dick stretched her pussy wide and slid in and out of her, over and over.

All of a sudden, Linda couldn’t get enough of the dick at her face. I don’t mind admitting I like to watch, and I sat on the hood of my car and gaped as the three of them worked her over every way they could think of – They were horny teenagers in their prime. They could cum a ton, and be ready to go again in minutes. They each took turns fucking her pussy, filling her with hot, teenage cum. Each one also did a sexy “69” with her, and came in her mouth, while she vibrated in climax, and had thick cum dripping out the corners. They double-fucked her with one in the front, and one in the back, and then rotated each time one or the other would cum… making sure they all had a go at either of her ends.

They put her on top of the guy with the big dick, and he wedged his dick way up into her pussy; then one got in front of her and fucked into her mouth. After she really got into fucking and sucking them, the third guy got behind her, between both their legs and started pressing his dick into Linda’s ass. She actually screamed onto the dick in her mouth as the dick behind her started pounding in and out of her. She had huge, multiple orgasms during all the fucking and sucking… Those kids had been super horny and fucked her raw, till the sun started to come up.

Finally, everybody was fucked out. Linda started looking for her panties and dress, and I told the kids to be out at the park the same time next weekend and we could do it again. Linda assured all of us there was NO WAY she would ever do that again. I just winked at them, and told them not to worry, she’d be there. We all drove away.

Linda was mad at me all week, but when I picked her up on Saturday night, we went to the movies as usual, then to the liquor store, then back out the park. (All the while, she told me to please take her home). When we pulled up, this time, f-o-u-r teens were already there and sitting on the table we had fucked on the previous weekend. I got the blanket out of the trunk and spread it out on the table; but, Linda wouldn’t even get out of the car. So, I handed the vodka to the big-dicked guy, and motioned for three of them to get in the car, (not the smallest guy, because I had an idea for him myself).

They got in with Linda, one on either side, and one in the back. They each took a long drink from the bottle and kept passing it around, making Linda swig down quite a bit in the process. Me and the small guy watched through the windshield and the open side-windows as his three friends drank, kissed, and groped Linda. She put up a lot of protest, but it wasn’t long till the two in front had her completely naked and hungrily sucking on the big guy’s thick dick, while the other fucked her doggy-style. The one in the back reached over and played with her dangling titties and lustily waited his turn.

My guy had his face practically inside the car as he watched the hot action going on in there. I didn’t want to be left out, so I got behind him. As he stared at the sexy action going on in the front seat, I reached around and started rubbing his dick through his baggy pants. He made a slight move to stop me, by grabbing my hand, and turning his head, probably to tell me to stop. I didn’t even wait for him to get the words out. I just whirled him around, lowered my face, and kissed him hard on his open mouth. I stuck my tongue in, and explored his mouth like it was Linda’s pussy.

While I continued to tongue-fuck him, I undid his waist-string, and started pushing everything down. He tried ineffectually to stop me… but I started jacking his already hard cock, then leaned over to his ear and whispered, “If you wanna play, you gotta pay.” I spun him back around so he could watch the hot action in the front seat. Then I used my foot to get his pants all the way off, and spread his legs apart. I rubbed my hard dick up and down the crack of his ass. He tried to move away a little, but I held him firm and started pushing the spongy head of my dick past his snug anal ring. He knew what was coming and clinched tight, trying to stop the invasion. I liked the tight feel on my dick, and shoved into him hard. He groaned out loud when he felt my hot cock slid all the way in.

It was beginning to get chaotic in the car, and it was obvious we all needed some more room, so I told the guys to bring Linda out and get her up on the table. They practically drug her drunk ass outside and pushed her up onto the padded slab. The big guy got up there with her, and then they all looked over at me and saw what I was doing with their bud.

By now, Linda had lost all her inhibitions and resumed voraciously sucking the big-dicked guy off. He wanted more than just a blowjob and turned Linda around and started to butt-fuck her like I was doing to his friend. While she gaped at me long-dicking the small guy… he impaled her from behind. She screamed, and then drunkenly ground her ass back into the huge dick wedged in ass. She leered sexily at me as I fucked the other guy right in front of her. When the guy behind her came, she screamed. I was through at this point too, and pushed him up on the table, and on his knees in front of Linda so he could get his dick sucked.

That night was one incredible night; we all did everything 5 guys and a girl could do. We fucked and sucked Linda every way we could think of, and she watched and fingered her hot pussy as one or the other of the guys got it on with whoever we wanted to, especially Linda and the small guy… Altogether, a VERY sexy evening. Like I said, we dated for 3 years and I had to practically force Linda to do everything we did (her climaxes weren’t forced at all, though.) She was great, I did A LOT of things to/with that woman.)

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