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This week’s new story is called: “Incest: How Much Actually Goes On.”  The story presents three, different ‘incest’ stories: a mother and her son, Ginger and her son, and Lisa and her daughter, Pam. All three are lusty, carnal, and of course, VERY provocative. – Once again, I look forward to your feedback.

So, with continued pride and pleasure, I give you…”Incest: How Much Actually Goes On” –

Chapter 1

Incest is one of the most talked about subjects in erotic sexuality. I’ve actually had 3 different incest experiences. I had several with my mother. Then, after I left home, I got together with Lisa, who was involved with her daughter, Pam… and also with Ginger, who was having sex with her son, Ethan.

To be honest, I obviously knew I shouldn’t be having sex with my mother; and thought it was pretty unusual to meet ANY other person who was having sex within their immediate family. THEN… to meet two others pretty quickly, well it got me to thinking; and wondering just how common inter-family sex is.

Concerning my own situation with my mom, here’s what happened. The first time we became sexually aware of each other, I was a 16 year old wrestler in high school. My mother and father lived in the same house, but they didn’t actually talk to each other very much. We were a ‘farm-family’ and my father kind of considered my mother ‘part of the farm’ you might say. He DID have sex with her; in fact, it happened every Saturday morning around 6:00am. My room was next to theirs, and I could hear the bed begin to make a light squeaking sound as the sun began to rise. It usually lasted about 3 minutes or so, then I’d hear the rustling of my dad getting dressed and he’d drive off to have breakfast with his buds at a local café.

My mom’s name was Carol and our first time was one Sunday afternoon in the fall. My dad had gone out of town on a fishing trip with some of his friends, so we had the house to ourselves. What happened was that my mother and I were sitting in the living room watching some boring football game. She was a pretty attractive woman, even though she was in her early 40’s, with a plumpish body, medium-sized breasts, and a bit of an ass on her. 

We were on the couch, watching the game. She was wearing a dark blue turtle-neck sweater that covered everything on her top; and tight-fitting farm-jeans from her waist down. I was in my usual tee-shirt and gym shorts (with no underwear.) I was a wrestler, and because of that, I had a pretty muscular body that stood out well. It was actually pretty innocent… starting out. My mom got up to get something off the floor, and when she bent over, I was impressed at what a good looking ass she had. We had always been on friendly terms, so I jokingly said, “Mom, do you know you’ve got a great ass?” She raised up, and even blushed a little. Then she turned toward me and said, “Well, in my day, I DID get a compliment or two…” then she sat back down on the couch to watch the game.

In a minute or two more, I was surprised to hear her say, “You know, you’ve filled out well yourself, wrestling has been good for you.” That was the first time my mother had ever said anything about my body. Then, she added, “I bet the girls are all over you.” Well, to be honest, it really wasn’t true, and I told her so. And I added, “I guess I’m too shy, they don’t pay too much attention to me.”  There was total silence between us. After a few minutes, I told her there was a homecoming dance coming up before long, and she asked me if I was going to take someone. I told her I didn’t think so, because I was too shy, plus I didn’t know how to dance. She perked up at hearing that, and said that she could teach me. 

Well, to be honest, I DID want to learn how, and I immediately liked the idea. So mom turned the TV off, moved the coffee table back out of the way, and pulled me up off the couch. Then, we started to move around together, in slow steps. She said it was easier to learn slow-dancing first, so we danced (more like, ‘moved around’) to several old songs. The thing was, I could feel my mom’s soft breasts through her thin sweater and my worn shirt. It was pretty sexy and I started getting a hard-on. I was embarrassed, (as you might imagine), and tried to move my hips back a little so she wouldn’t know what was happening. That put me in an awkward position and my mom said, “Straighten up” and then she put her hand around my waist to pull my hips in toward hers.

That’s when she felt the hardness of my dick pressing up against her body. I don’t have a giant dick or anything, but it IS a good solid seven inches, and was at full erection from the close dancing we were doing. My mother obviously knew what my situation was and said, “Maybe we had better sit down,” and we did. Both of us were in total silence as we sat on the couch; — then out of the blue, my mother said, “I think the girls are going to like you.” She blushed a little when she said it, and my dick actually throbbed a little at hearing her words. There was more silence between us and then, I surprised myself by saying, “I wish I could take you to the dance.” My mom turned toward me and said, “That’s a sweet thing to say.” Almost immediately, I straightened up from my slumped position on the couch and said, “No really, mom… you’re one of the sexiest girls I know.”

I said it a little too enthusiastically, and my mom and I both knew it.  I saw her eyes glance down toward my shorts and was horrified to see the head of my hard dick peeking out from under the leg of my gym shorts. She immediately stood up and started to walk away toward our kitchen. I couldn’t help myself and by now had a full blown hard on. I stood up and grabbed her hand just as she turned away and pulled her back toward me. She got a little closer and we started to dance again. “We really shouldn’t do this, you know,” my mom said; but I pulled her close to me so I could feel her breasts pressing against me again.

This time, we moved a little better with each other and neither one of us minded that my dick was steel-hard and pressing against my mom’s body. As we moved around the room slowly, I reached around her and cupped the cheeks of her ass in my hands. She took a big intake of breath when she felt my hands on her ass, and pressed her pelvis harder toward my body. We were both ‘letting our hair down’ with each other, and knew what we were doing. I was looking down at my mom’s face as we danced, and she was looking eagerly up at mine. Suddenly, to my surprise, I felt her hand on the thin fabric of my gym shorts. I was totally turned on by the realization that my own mother was feeling the outline of my hard dick through the thin nylon of my shorts. “Oh god,” was all I could say as she squeezed my dick, and I squeezed her ass-cheeks in return.

We danced around the room, a few more minutes that way, and then I felt the bare skin of my mother’s hand on the satiny steel hardness of my throbbing cock. I actually shivered from the sexy ‘skin-to-skin’ touch, and unconsciously thrust my pelvis forward a little, toward my mother as she gripped my dick. I… actually… well, we BOTH were gone, and probably couldn’t have stopped ourselves, even if we wanted to. I turned my face down toward my mom’s, and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth was slightly open, and I felt her wet tongue dart into my mouth. We danced a little more like that… my mom’s hand squeezing my cock, and my own hands caressing her ass.

I was practically ready to shoot off in her hand as we danced, and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world to reach up and start playing with her breasts on the outside of her sweater. It was awkward at first, because even as she held on to my dick, she tried to move my roving hands away from her tits. It was almost like a contradiction, with her kissing me, (deeply), holding on to my dick like it was some kind of a ‘sex-rod’ or something, and then, fighting back to keep my hands away from her tits.

By this time, I was WAY turned on and had no intention of not going further. So, I let go of her ass and grabbed the bottom of her sweater and started pulling it up over her head. She struggled to keep my hands down, but, it was futile, and in one swift movement, I had her hands up, her sweater off, and her bra-covered tits pressed close to my chest. It was incredibly sexy to look down and see the tops of my mom’s breasts jiggle as they were caressed by her flimsy bra cups.

I put my arms around her and my hands found the clasp of her bra. I started trying to get it unsnapped when I heard her say softly, “Please don’t.” – But, I was too far gone to stop; and in a second or two more, I had her bra-snap unfastened and her bra-cups fell easily away from her luscious tits. I grabbed her bra and pulled it down and off. Then, I pulled her body close to me and felt her naked tits press against me. It wasn’t but a second more that I had my own shirt off and this time, I felt her naked breasts against my skin.

Gawdddd… I was turned on. My dick was pulsing in my mother’s hand, her sexy breasts were pressing up against me; we danced a very slow dance as if we were one. I reached a hand up between us and tweaked her hard nipples. She groaned when I did it. I cupped her breast and leaned down to take her nipple into my mouth. She put her hand on the back of my head and pressed my mouth hard onto her distended nipple. I could feel her thumb make soft circles on the pre-cum that was leaking out of the top of my dick. The whole scene was super sexy. I kissed and tweaked her nipples a few more times; then reached a little lower and started fumbling with the belt that was encircling her jeans. She knew instantly what I was trying to do and held onto my hands to keep me from doing it. But, I had no intention of stopping, and in a minute or two more, I had her pants undone, and was pushing them down her legs.

She was just standing there in nothing but her panties. She was still holding my dick as my hand cupped her pussy mound. My middle finger lightly stroked the moist crease in her panties as she started a slow jacking motion, up and down on my cock. I wanted more, and guided her over to the couch. We sat down on it, and she immediately put her head in my lap and started sucking on my dick. I was SO fucking horny from all the stimulation; I came almost instantly, and shot a huge load as far into the back of her mouth as I could get it. She lingered at my dick for quite a while, enjoying the slick stickiness of everything she could find there.

It wasn’t long before I was hard again, and this time I pushed her back on the couch and got down between her legs and started eating her pussy. I had her heels up on the edge of the couch and her knees out as far as they would go. I slavered her pussy; I stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as I could get it. I leaned lower and ate her ass… then I went back to where I had been… and ate her pussy for about 15 minutes. She had two quick climaxes, but I never stopped. After I ate her out to one more climax, where her legs were sticking out straight, and quivering, I raised up and shoved my dick forward, impaling it in her cunt. I leaned down and kissed her hard so she could taste my pussy-covered tongue. She sucked my tongue deep into her mouth as I plunged madly in and out of her cunt. I grabbed her legs behind the knees and was practically doing push-ups in and out of her gaping pussy. It was too much intensity for both of us and I let go of a scalding hot squirt of cum… hosing down the inside of her pussy as far as I could get it. I kept fucking in and out of her till my dick wouldn’t stay hard. Then, when it plopped out, I sat down beside her, and neither one of us said anything.

We both knew we had crossed some kind of a taboo-line, and we both knew we liked it. Finally, my mother snuggled up to me a little and whispered, “You know, we shouldn’t be doing this; if anyone finds out about it, we’re going to get in big trouble.” I replied, saying, “Yeah, I know… trust me, I’m not going to tell a soul.” We sat there in silence a few more minutes, and I started getting hard again, (duh, go figure.) My mom put her small fist around my hard cock and started slowly going up and down on it. She must have decided that it didn’t make much difference anymore at this point, and leaned over further,  looked down, and started…

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    • Thanks for the nice compliment, I appreciate it. — H

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