Are you mourning that you’re 40 years old? – 40 is nothing; – wait till you are in your 50s. Let me share some ideas with you. – I’ve thought about this ‘age’ thing a lot over the years and I’m actually convinced one “buys” into their age… or not! – I just don’t buy it. I’m not in denial about it. I’m an intelligent kid and I understand math and years, blah-blah-blah… but, the real deal is that I truly DO believe almost all the “old” people I’ve met “buy” into their age. – I just don’t.

I spend at least 6 hours a week in the gym. Not because I think I should (which I do), it’s more hedonistic than that… I LIKE to go to the gym, I LIKE to look at the women in tights in there. I LIKE the ‘heady’ atmosphere… A lot of people are preening, trying to get a date, (i.e., get laid.) You can practically smell the sexy aroma in the air… ‘Feel’ the electricity of eager, anxious people involved in sex, business, adventure, i.e., ‘life’.

I do a ‘hot’ Body-Pump class (‘hot’ means we don’t rest, there’s no ‘water-breaks’, we don’t wander around and ‘visit’ with each other) – I keep a shorter weight bar close to me that weighs a little over 5 pounds… on each end is an additional two 10lb plates, and I add a 5lb weight to each end on selected exercises. That means the bar is anywhere between 45 pounds and 55 pounds at any given point. Now, that may not seem like a lot, but it’s what I do my exercises with. These are “rep” classes and all exercises are in the 50 to 60 rep range. – interspersed with pushups, sit ups, “bicycles”, you name it… *THEN*, I go immediately to a serious, cardio, spin-class for an hour. Those two, back-to-back classes are done 3 times a week, AND I mosey over and do an individual routine on Sunday afternoon, (and to look at the ‘eye-candy’.)

My point is NOT that I’m so great, nor am I trying to impress you… my point is that I believe I’m sharing a secret with you – that I stay INVOLVED, and I’ve stayed ‘involved’ all my life… it’s an attitude. I take that ‘involvement’ over to my business life, my personal life, my sex life, even my activity life. I attended an ‘off-road’ motorcycle class because I wanted to learn more about how to ride a motorcycle. I ‘followed up’ on it with an additional class, because I wanted to learn even more. – From time to time, I TEACH individual self-defense classes to people who are interested. And I do it for free… just because I want to…

Here’s the deal… as you get older… do yourself a favor, don’t ‘buy’ that horseshit about getting old… one “accepts” old age, and even agrees to it. I really believe if you don’t ‘buy’ it, it won’t happen to you. I’m not saying I’m never going to die… it’s not a ‘fight’ on my part… Here’s the deal, I don’t care if I die… I care about ‘living’ while I’m alive, and having a good time. Not necessarily hedonistically, but not necessarily far from it either. – I don’t think anyone should take advantage of other people; don’t hurt people; have open and honest communication with the people who are important in your life.

It just seems to me, that the more one participates IN life, the more “life” allows you to participate IN it. – It’s very similar to creating your own reality. If you create a reality of old age… you’ll step right into it. If you don’t, you get to stay out, and “play” some more.

Houlden- (10-10-2015)