“…thank you for the amazing erotic story. I read it yesterday and sure had a hard hard time keeping my mind on my work. Haven’t read any of it this morning but just remembering it from yesterday has already given me that stirring feeling!…” – Rob H.

“…your stories are so detail oriented and make me feel like I am right there partaking in the action. That is definitely the hottest aspect for me. Please keep on writing…” Ben W.

“…that was a hot story.. I read it at work and kept getting a hard on as I was coming back to read more. It sounds like you’ve enjoyed an incredible life. — Yeah man good story, keep on writing…” Barry T.

“…that was fucking hot! I read it all…would love to have known what happened to sean and his wife :P…anyways…the story was a master piece and I bet you have written books of this!…” Jacob D.

“…This was an amazing story.  Very detailed.  I read the whole thing twice.  Your a very talented writer…” Dave P.