There is a dearth of upscale, erotic material on the web. “This Erotic Life” brings to the intelligent reader, true ‘story-form’, — ‘narrative’ – ‘adventures’ in story-line and subject matter. The majority of adult reading material currently available on the web is written at the 8th-grade level at best; and is tedious to read, and formulaic in thought. “This Erotic Life” is a whispering, seductive reach into your erotic core, and attempts to bring you forward into new areas of stimulation and thought-design.

‘T-E-L’ wants to gain a ‘following’ based on a new sexual awareness inaugurated by the release of the erotic best seller, “50 Shades of Gray.” – ‘This Erotic Life’ is going to ‘raise the bar’ a bit and provoke the web-reader into thinking outside his or her sexual box. The fundamental idea is to stimulate the reader into self-controlled sexual expression; either alone, or with a favorite partner. If your sex life is dull, boring, predictable, or even non-existent… ‘T-E-L’ will be a valued asset on the road toward sexual fulfillment. ‘T-E-L’ will be ‘book-marked’ by the sensual people who KNOW a good time, when they read it, and will keep coming back for more of the “good stuff.”