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“The Education of Ellen

The Awakening – Chapter 1

One year, I lived in Chicago… and had a great time. As a matter of fact, that was the first time I ever had anonymous sex. It was during the Christmas season and I was walking down Michigan Avenue at about 6:00 or so in the evening. If you’ve never been to Chicago, it’s a beautiful town, especially Michigan “Ave” (they call it “the miracle mile”) especially during the holidays.

Anyway, it was a rare day. There was a light snow falling and it wasn’t very cold; just barely below freezing, which is warm for a “Chi-town” winter. I was looking at an intricate window display in Marshalls, Chicago’s largest department store and all of a sudden there was an audible “sigh” uttered next to me. I looked over into the eyes of this attractive young lady in her early-20’s. She had sandy-blonde hair, pale skin, a beautiful “crest” smile and a smaller, but pleasing bust. Just as a side note, not all men care for buxom ladies. I feel I have some experience in this subject and it has also been my experience that smaller-breasted women have more sensitive nipples, (just saying…)

I knew this, and must have been staring at her chest when she blushed. She didn’t say anything, but I knew — that SHE knew I was staring. We both quickly looked away and returned to the window display. I felt a little guilty and decided to offer an apology. I turned to her and was about to say something and at the same time she had turned to me and was beginning to talk. We both stumbled out immediate apologies for interrupting the other and then… very spontaneously… started laughing out loud. I remember she placed her hand on my winter-covered coat sleeve when we were laughing.

It’s funny how memories can be so vivid once you begin to think about them; but, I remember I said laughingly: “It must be the Christmas season” and introduced myself. “I’m Nick Palmer”, I said and she replied: “I’m Ellen Bowen.” – “Boeing?” I asked. And she giggled and spelled it out for me “B-o-w-e-n, it’s Scottish.

We stood there a few more minutes, laughing and commenting on how beautiful the display was. I suggested we move on down the street to see some more. I have to tell the truth, that was one of the more enchanting hours of my life. We were like kids; I, a 46 year old man and she, a lovely 23 year old “almost-child” to me. We looked, and laughed, and pointed our way down Michigan Avenue. Toward the end we were getting a little chilly and I suggested we go into the Drake Hotel (an elegant, old, “grand” hotel on Michigan Avenue that looks out onto the lake) and get something to warm us up.

It was purely coincidental that I suggested the Drake, it was handy and I had had dinner there at The Palms, before. We chose a table that was next to the windows which gave an absolute perfect view of Lake Michigan in the winter-time. We laughed (I’m a pretty funny guy, I used to do a little stand-up comedy) and talked about many things. She told me she was a budding Civil Engineer and this was her second job. She said she was going home for Christmas and was looking for a Christmas present for her boyfriend before she left the next day. I told her she was a very beautiful woman and that her boyfriend was a lucky guy. She replied: “Why, thank you, sir” and imitated a seated curtsy.

I admit that I was becoming aroused by her beauty and charm and said: “Well, if I was his age, I’d sure give him a run for his money”. She blushed a little and told me I needn’t worry, that I was a very sexy man. That was when I blushed a little. She saw it and began to laugh again. I reached over the table and took her hand and said: “That’s the first time anyone has ever said that to me.” She replied that she didn’t believe it and that a lot of women had fantasies about older men. I looked blank and said, rather astonished: “You’re kidding”; then, after a too long pause, I said: “Do you?”

She didn’t take her hand away and didn’t reply immediately, she just looked right into my eyes, and with her breath a little short and said in a low voice: “Yes, I think I do,” and pulled her hand away. We both looked away and gazed out the window for what seemed a long time. Without looking at her, I said in a low voice: “Would you like for me to see if they have a room available?” She didn’t say anything for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, after what had to be several minutes, she said: “Yes, why don’t you”. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and I shakily went to the front desk and got a room and two keys.

When she came back, one was on my side of the table and one was on hers. I said: “I want you to have one so you can go up separately if you want.” She said we could go up together and took my hand and we walked to the elevators. There were other people in the elevators and as we rode up I reached over and held her hand. It was extremely erotic to me to be holding this lovely woman’s hand and riding up to a room in a strange hotel. I had an erection almost immediately from the touch of her hand and I turned toward her and pulled our hands to my covered erection. She actually inhaled audibly and turned red. The elevator was kind of crowded and we immediately turned away.

We continued to hold hands as we walked to the room. When I got there, I unlocked the door and said: “This is your last chance, ‘Little Missy’ you can still change you mind if you want to”. She looked up at me and gave me a moist kiss on my lips. We didn’t even turn on the lights. We started kissing each other immediately with deep, long, soulful, wet kisses. My breathing grew raspy and I began touching her breasts through her blouse. Her nipples were erect and hard. She moaned as I fumbled to open her blouse. When I couldn’t get her bra undone, she unsnapped it herself from the front. I remember distinctly her reaction as I greedily pressed my mouth to her nipple and began to lightly (but roughly) bite it and suck it alternatively — she gave a moan and her knees buckled slightly. I held her a moment as she regained her stance and then I dropped to my knees.

I was kissing the “V” of her legs through her skirt and I too, was audibly moaning. I was like a drugged animal. All I could think of was tasting her wet pussy and I pushed her legs apart so I could get further into the folds of her skirt. We both started swaying. I began to run my hands upward along the outside of her legs in the attempt to raise her skirt. She sensed what I was trying to accomplish and caught the hem of her skirt and raised it for me.

It is no exaggeration, that I actually saw colors in my mind as I pressed my nose to her crotch and smelled her fragrant pussy. She began to press her hips to my face and pull the back of my head to her pelvis. She spread her feet wider at my urging and I began to eat her pussy THROUGH her panties. She was moaning louder now and I reached up to the top of her panty-band and gently and slowly pulled her panties down while I ate her. When the elastic got to the level of the top of her pubic hair she had her first little spasm of an orgasm! I held her pelvis close to me and pulled her panties fully down and she stepped out of them with her right foot.

I couldn’t contain my animal lust any longer; I put my face up under her dripping wet slit and entered her with my tongue. I buried my face in the “V” of her legs. I put my hands on the twin globes of her ass and pulled her pussy into my mouth. I ate her as if she were the last living morsel of womanhood on the planet. I took her flowing juices and spread them on my face, I enveloped her vulva, I ravished her crotch till she gave out a loud moan and her legs began to shake. Still I didn’t stop, I pushed my tongue in to the hilt and began to swirl it around. She forcefully grabbed my head and thrust her pussy forward into my mouth and let out a shuddering scream and shook.

We stayed in that locked position until she had her last shudder. I began to kiss and lick her weak, trembling thighs and slowly raise myself back to a standing position. And then… I kissed her. I wanted her to taste herself on my tongue. I wanted her to smell her erotic aroma and explore the mouth that had just explored her pussy. I wanted kiss her to the bottom of her soul. I stuck my tongue down her mouth so far I thought it was in her throat. When I took mine out, her urgently found my mouth and probed. She found every inner crevice and stuck her tongue in my mouth as if she was trying to fuck me.

I had just gotten through with taking Ellen to a shattering orgasm by eating her pussy till she came about a ton in my mouth. I remember that we sank to the floor in sexual exhaustion and she was resting her head on my still slightly heaving chest and was stroking my wet dick. She had her face turned away from me and I remember that I was caressing her hair and thinking that — that was probably THE BEST sex I had ever had. Little did I know that, like ol’ Blue-eyes used to say, “The best is yet to come.”

All of a sudden she turned around to face me and said: “That was incredible. Do you always pick up strange women and seduce them like that?” I didn’t answer immediately, my eyes had become accustomed to the dark room and I could see her beautiful face. All I wanted to do at that moment was kiss her as hard and as deeply as I knew how.

I took her face in my two hands and pulled her mouth toward mine. I began by kissing her once, lightly and then nibbling around her mouth and tracing my tongue over her sensitive wet lips. She parted them slightly and my tongue explored a little bit further. I could taste her wet saliva and it had a faint, sweet, sexy taste to it that was making my dick rigid again. I kissed her more intensely and she began to respond. I started exploring her mouth in earnest and my hand reached down and began to caress her breast. I lightly pinched and “toyed” with her nipple while I was kissing her and she began to moan softly into my mouth. By now my cock was brick-hard and I took her hand and placed it on me. She shuddered slightly as she felt the soft skin of my fully aroused member.

I am uncircumcised and consequently my foreskin is very sensitive and erotic. It also collects pre-seminal fluid into a kind of a pool at the head of my penis and can act as a reservoir. I took Ellen’s thumb and showed her how to move it around on the crown of my dick in all that lovely sex-lotion. She moved it around and said: “It’s so smooth, it feels like velvet.” I didn’t reply and kissed her mouth more deeply. I love to REALLY kiss passionately and I was becoming extremely turned on, with Ellen circling the tip of my dick, and me kissing her wantonly while my hand squeezed and caressed her breasts and nipples.

All of a sudden I wanted to see if she was as aroused as I was and needed desperately to touch her pussy. I stopped kissing her and reached further down to her mound. She was sort of across me, on my left shoulder as I reached down and found her “place.” I felt her. She was extremely wet and I loved it. There’s NOTHING I like more than to feel my lover’s wetness, it’s an extreme turn on for me. I like the slick feel and the heady aroma. While I was fingering her, I started kissing her again in long “soul-kisses” and she unconsciously splayed her legs wide so I could gain a greater access.

I put two fingers in her dripping wet gash and she started to moan again and move her hips involuntarily. I took my fingers out and lightly stroked her wet labia as if it were a guitar. I can hear that song in my mind as I think of this. It’s by Roberta Flack and the lines are: “Strumming my face with his fingers, strumming my face with his hands; feeling me softly with his song, killing me softly with his words, killing me softly with his song…” I slightly inserted my thumb into the base of her vagina and rotated in a circular motion there. I could tell Ellen like it because there was a noticeable increase in her vaginal secretions. I stopped kissing her and put my mouth next to her ear and licked it. I then asked her if she liked that (my thumb’s circular motion) and she could hardly speak as she issued a guttural “yessss!”

I continued to stroke and play with her pussy like that for quite a long time. I kissed her often while playing with her crotch and took her hand and placed it on my slowly, stroking hand. She tried to pull my hand further into her wet pussy and she got into a better position for her and spread her lovely, pale legs to the max. I knew what she wanted and began to finger her in earnest. She now had her back resting on my chest and her head tilted back on my shoulder and I was kissing her while my hand moved furiously in her twat. I had my thumb in her opening and my other fingers began to lightly “feather” her exposed anus. She was in absolute ecstasy. I continued this for a while and moved my hand back up to her pussy. She was drenched, which I loved. I put four of my fingers together and moved them slowly through the outer folds of her wet labia. She was ecstatic and beginning to get into the throes of a climax…

There’s nothing quite as exciting as being with a full-grown woman who is on the verge of an orgasm. One of the nice things about it is that it can be controlled. I knew as I was fingering Ellen that I could take her over the edge and let her explode or make her walk a tightrope of sensuality. I’ve had women literally beg me with mist in their eyes to… “Please, don’t stop”, I remember one woman in particular who shoved my hand away and began to writhe and squirm with her hand buried in her pussy as she wantonly took herself over the edge. I have to admit, it’s an extreme “turn-on” to watch her loose sexual control; to see her lose all sense of modesty and lean back, spread her legs as far as they will go and wetly plunge her hand desperately into her own wet, seething pussy and look up at me with an embarrassed facial expression that reads “Please don’t look at me at this critical moment”.

As I was fingering Ellen, I knew I could take her there, I knew I could make her lose control but, I also knew something else. I knew that this child-woman didn’t know about herself. I knew she was a wanton, sexual, multi-orgasmic, “responder”; who, up until her encounter with me, had only had “high school-sex” where her partner was more interested in his delights than hers. I KNEW, from a deep sexual instinct that she could cum all night.

So I decided to take her, at that very moment, over the brink and let her have an “electric-light” climax. I knew she would like the next part even better. I started kissing her mouth eagerly, hungrily. I began to finger her for real now. I removed my thumb and reached in her pussy with my middle finger and found the thing she hadn’t ever known was there, I reached in between her folds and found her “special” area on the ceiling of her vaginal cavity. I can’t find every woman’s, but I was desperately hoping I could find hers. I knew if I touched it she would react, I made intense, small, circular, motions till I finally found that one spot that was her most intimate, that one spot that she had never found herself, that one spot that I could use to bring her to a maddening climax – her “G” spot.

She gave a start, her eyes opened in the darkened room and she peered into mine. I kissed her more intensely and continued my magical manipulations. I massaged her spot once more and she began to moan into my mouth, hips began to move uncontrollably, she issued a new wave of fluid around my already wet hand. I pulled my mouth away from hers and she made an “o” with her lips and unconsciously stuck her tongue in the middle of it. I knew she was there. I knew, as she leaned further away from me that she was beginning to climax. I pulled my hand away from her “G” spot and concentrated solely on her clitoris. It was swollen and extended. I began to rub it in earnest, I began to pinch and pull it as it rose to its max. THEN, suddenly she was there!! She let out a loud “back-of-the-throat” scream, that in an older person, might have caused a stroke. She took both of her hands and gripped the one that was ecstatically torturing her mound and shoved her pussy against it. She came… and came… and came…!

Finally, it was over. She opened her eyes, — embarrassed, and reached up with both her arms and put them around my neck. I hugged her back and we rolled effortlessly over onto the warm carpet and held each other. I pulled her close into the juncture of my shoulder and neck and stroked her hair and let her rest. We actually fell asleep in that position, her on my upper arm and me with my naked leg draped across her legs and my hand softly stroking the wet folds of her pussy. I don’t know how long we were like that but; but soon something stirred us, some outside noise or maybe some inside urging that said “One more time.”

She stirred, I stirred and she looked at me. I reached down and kissed her wetly on the mouth and she laughed and said: “I’ve got to go to the bathroom”, and she got up to find it. I was a little achy myself from being on the floor so long, so the king sized bed looked inviting and luxurious. I pulled the covers back and crawled in. When she came out, she smiled and came over to the bed. I raised the covers and she crawled in. She turned toward me and kissed me. Her mouth was fresh and I knew she had freshened herself in other areas too. She told me that it was getting late and that she still hadn’t bought her boyfriend a present yet and that maybe we should get going. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom myself and crawled over her.

While I was in the bathroom I freshened up as best I could and came back into the room and got in beside her. We began to talk. I wanted to ask her a million questions – where did she grow up, what was her first puppy’s name, did she have any brothers and sisters – the ordinary questions that most people know before they have carnal knowledge of each other. So I asked. I asked her everything I could think of. I wanted to know it all.

She was on her back during this conversation the covers had slipped back a bit and her breasts were exposed. I was propped up on one elbow and I began to casually move my fingers around her nipple and aureole. Her nipple became instantly erect and I knew she was ready for more. I moved my hand to the other breast and circled that one too. She moved a little in protest and said that she really should be going and I took her hand and placed it on my half-inflated cock. She didn’t say anything and I leaned in and kissed her. I kissed her some more and moved her hand down further to my scrotum. I could tell she liked my directing her hand, so I moved it all over my awakening phallus and I could tell she liked the sensation. By now I was very hard and erect. Her fingers made a fist around my shaft and I taught her how to play with the pre-seminal fluid that was leaking from the tip of my organ. I could tell she had never done this before and she seemed fascinated with it.

While I was guiding her hand on me, I began to play with her breasts. I said earlier that I don’t care for overly, large-breasted women and hers were a perfect “C”. I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and began to twist and tease them. I moved to the other breast and did the same. All the while her hand was massaging my hardness and smoothing the leaking fluid around the ever increasing crown of me dick. I knew secretly that this orgasm was not only going to be for her, I knew that this time I needed the same release I had given her such a short time ago. I began to moan slightly as she continued to manipulate me. She didn’t need my hand any more and was beginning to “get into” it on her own. I kissed her more passionately and started to trace my fingers around the outside edges of the hair around her pussy. She spread her legs a little to make it easier and I lingered at the nadir of her crotch. We call it the “taint” in the South, but I was sure this Philadelphia girl had never heard the expression.

I stopped kissing her mouth and moved to her ear and began to nibble at it. I like to tease and I whispered in her ear as I was circling inward on her mound that: “You’re right, maybe we should go.” At that precise moment, my two middle fingers found their way to the folds of her wet pussy and easily slid into her wet slit. She gasped a little and spread her legs a little bit more. I stayed at her ear and began to softly lick it and blow into it. I softly whispered to her that I was going to: “Stop this nonsense” and go shopping with her. I took my two fingers and opened her pussy now and there was a noticeable amount of fluid that seeped out. She held still. I whispered into her ear: “Come on, let’s go” and inserted my middle finger into her wet tunnel. Her hot, wet, moistness felt good on my hand. I pulled my finger out and cupped my hand over the whole of her pussy-mound, and then gently inserted my middle finger back in.

I whispered to her once more and…moved my thumb into her wet opening and began to make a circle. She moaned… I said again: “Come on, let’s get up” and she grabbed my hand to hold it in place. I leaned in to her ear and said: “If you don’t want to go, what do you want to do?” She turned toward me and said: “I want you to…”


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Prince of the City…

There was a guy in my home town named David B. He was a local ‘Phenom’. He was a rich kid, and his father doted on him. His father actually gave him a shiny Chevrolet convertible on his 16th birthday. David was good looking, well built, had a “way” with people, had a magnificent nine inch cock, and got more pussy than Elvis Presley. Even at seventeen, he was WAY mature for his years. He not only fucked most of the young chicks in town; he even fucked a lot of married ladies. He was special, he knew it, and so did everybody else in town.

He and I were friends, and it wasn’t uncommon for me to ride around with him, when he was on the prowl. One of the reasons I liked doing was because if we picked up a chick, we usually ‘shared’ her. I always got ‘sloppy-seconds’, but that was alright with me. Another reason was… if we DIDN’T find any chicks to fuck, David would drive down to our spot on the river, push the seat way back in the Chevy, unzip his pants, and pull his big cock out. He knew I liked to blow him, so he would just say, “Well, it looks like it’s just you and me tonight, kiddo.” – With that, he’d start slowly jacking his cock, and I’d lean down and suck him off. I generally blew him twice before we left. – Hey, David liked it, and I liked it, (a lot.)

To be honest, most everyone in town would have swapped places with me. It was an actual honor to be David’s friend… PLUS… the ‘fringe-benefits’ were incredible. If some chick knew you were friends with David, your status automatically went up, and you were definitely more likely to get in her pants. Besides his ‘sexual-magnetism’, he really WAS a nice guy; and enjoyable to be around. But I’ve got to level with you; it didn’t matter WHO was in the car, when David pulled his big cock out… the game was over.

There were numerous times I would be in the back seat when Dave was on the prowl. It wasn’t unusual for him to pull into a new spot he hadn’t been to before, just to get some “strange.” – We were in one particular “Mel’s Diner” type of drive through one time, and David looked over at this older, (probably about mid-30s) married lady, who had just stopped in to get a burger. He flashed a ‘Tom Cruise’ smile at her, she smiled back, and he literally suggested that she come over and sit with him while she finished her food. Like I said, he was ‘magnetic’ for sure. So, the lady got out, I’m sure thinking it would be a ‘hoot’ to flirt with a young high school kid, and then go home and fuck her hubby.

Sure enough, she got in… they both laughed and giggled about how great it was to be out on a warm summer evening. David introduced me, as his “friend in the back seat”, and she barely even noticed. When she finished her food, she thanked him for inviting her over and commented on the pleasure of his company. Right before she got ready to get out, David asked her if she wanted to go for a ride with him. She glanced down at her watch, pointed to it, and assured him she had to “get on home, her husband would be expecting her.”

David flashed that Hollywood smile of his again, and reached down to his crotch, unzipped his pants, and pulled  his hardening cock out.  He may not have exactly been ‘John Holmes’, of porno-fame, but he was damn close. When the lady saw his cock, she literally just stared at it. Then, David said again, “You SURE you don’t want to take a ride down by the river?” – I remember distinctly watching her barely lick her bottom lip, then she said, “Uh… let me move my car back out of the way, and lock it.” – When she came back, she got it, slid over next to Dave, and started slowly jacking his cock. Dave nuzzled her even closer, reached inside her blouse, and started playing with her titties. Then, he looked around to make sure no suspicious husbands were lurking about, – and we drove off.

She was one HOT piece of ass. Dave fucked her several times down by the river; then motioned me over to get my turn. She was actually ‘sloshy’ with all Dave’s hot gooey cum inside her cooz. I added mine, and Dave came back to ‘top her off’ one more time. When we took her back to the diner, it was like 1:00 in the morning. As she got out, she turned to Dave asking, “When can I see you again?” Dave just grinned and said, “Oh we come around every now and then, maybe we’ll be here next Friday night.” She got out (smelling like a used whore) and went over to her car. Dave tossed her panties back to me, and told me to “add these to my collection” – I took a long sniff of them, and put them in a purple Crown Royal whiskey bag, (one of many), Dave kept in the back.

I wanted to give you that ‘preamble’ just so you could get a full ‘understanding’ of the sexual attraction this guy had. And, I also wanted to clarify why I sucked David’s cock. – It wasn’t that he MADE ME suck him off at all…. A lot of people —  men / women / boys / girls would have eagerly swapped places with me, in a heartbeat. If someone (girl or boy) at school stopped me in the hall to have a private conversation with me, I KNEW almost immediately what they wanted. They wanted to know what David’s cock was like, and what was it like to “go down” on Dave; ‘how big is his cock?’ ‘I heard he has big balls’, ‘does he shoot a LOT of cum’, ‘I heard he can fuck for hours’. — You name it, they asked it. – Mind you, the people asking where male AND female; (more than one teacher, too…) – Pointedly, if Dave singled you out…. you were “in”.

Anyway, we were riding around one day looking for some girls to fuck – when Dave said that he had heard I was seeing Susan C. I told him I was, and that she was pretty hot. He asked me if I had fucked her yet, and I told him I had, in fact, that I had busted her cherry about two weeks previous. He got a big smile on his face and asked me when was I going to have another date with her. I told him that we were going out the following Friday night. Dave gave another big grin and said, “Why don’t you take her down by the river, by our old spot, and I’ll meet you there.” — I knew exactly what he had in mind, and agreed. He dropped me off at my place a couple of hours later, (after I sucked him off of course,) and then drove off.

What actually happened was… after the first time I fucked Susan… she was a little embarrassed about it. She definitely didn’t want to talk about it, and when it came to copping a feel, she literally pushed my hand away. All we did was kiss, ‘make out’ you might say, and if anything started getting out of hand, she would stop, almost instantly, telling me she “didn’t want to do that anymore.” The night I picked her up for our date, I told her I’d like to go down by the river. She knew what I had in mind and said she didn’t want to go. So I just ignored her, and drove on down to the river, to where I usually parked.

David’s car was already there, but a bit secluded, off to the side. Susan said she wanted to go home, so I said “Let’s make out a while, then we can go.” So after Susan and I got settled in a bit, (sweater partially unbuttoned, and skirt pulled up a little) – I tapped the horn a couple of times, and I heard David’s car door open… then shut. It wasn’t but a second or two before he came over to my car, and got in on the passenger’s side of mine. He’s a pretty big guy (about 6’2”, 230) and just easily nudged Susan over toward me. — So, – much to her surprise, all of a sudden, there she was between two horny high school seniors who had no intention of taking ‘no’ for an answer.

She told me immediately she wanted to go home, and I replied just as immediately, ‘no way.’ – She said, “Let me out of the car, then…” So I got out on my side, and Susan slid over and got on out too. When she was out, she started to button her sweater back up, but I moved her hands away and undid what she had started, and spun her around to get her sweater off. Then, I unsnapped her bra and pulled it off too.

Before she could completely comprehend what I was happening, I had her skirt off, and she was standing there in just her panties. She started to cry, so I just reached forward, pushed her panties down and pulled them off. — “Puh-LEEZE take me home” she moaned. “No way, Jose…” was all I said. Then, I added, “Are you going to fuck me and David?” – “No, I am not,” she said sternly. So, I got back in the car, cranked it up, and literally drove off… leaving her standing there in the middle of the road, nude and crying. I only drove around the first bend in the dirt road, just barely out of sight. Then, I had a quick smoke with David. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes, so I turned the car around, and drove back to where I had left Susan.

Susan was still standing there, whimpering. She had one arm up, covering her breasts, and a hand down below, covering her bush, when I pulled up next to where she was standing. I leaned out the window slightly and said, “You ready to give me and David some pussy?” She couldn’t even speak; all she did was just nod her head ‘yes’. — So I got out of the car, and sort of pushed her in so she was back between the two of us. David wasted no time at all. He was all over her. Pinching, pulling, pawing… trying to kiss her, as she kept turning her head away. I joined in, and we pulled her legs out wide, to the point where each of us had one of her legs up on ours. Then, we really poured it on. I was kissing her hard, and mauling her tits, while David jammed his big, thick middle finger in and out of her tight cunt.

Like I said, David had what most people would call a ‘horse-cock’, it was uncircumcised, easily 9 inches long, with big, heavy nuts, and his cock-shaft was at least as big around as Susan’s wrist. — Just as a side-note here, like I mentioned above, – when David and I couldn’t get a date, or pick up a chick somewhere; we would go over to that very same place… and I’d suck him off. It was mainly just our secret, and we really DID try to keep it mostly to ourselves.

But, I’ve got to tell you, when I was sucking that big ol’ cock of his, I was kinda like in another world. I consider myself, both then, and now… ‘mostly heterosexual’, but I’ve got to tell you, when I see the right cock, I get a little goofy about it. On top of it, he had serious, HUGE cum loads. Fortunately, I’m practically a cum-whore, and when he would shoot off… it was like hot, creamy ‘nectar’ in my mouth… I gulped it all down, and usually kept sucking till he got off the second time… I bet I sucked him off a hundred times when we were in high school.

Anyway, back to Susan… (I’ve now got a big hard-on from just reminiscing about both Susan and David), Like I said, David was all over her. In practically no time at all, he had his big cock out, and he put Susan’s hand on it. Her fingers didn’t even touch her thumb when she put her hand around it. She started whimpering again, and said, “Please don’t hurt me with this….” David had a flask full of Crown Royal in his back pocket, because he knew from past experience, that he sometimes needed it, to give to someone, (female OR male) who wasn’t quite ready to take him on.

He reached around to his back pocket, got the flask out, took a big pull on it himself, then handed it to Susan. That was the first time Susan had ever had any hard liquor, in this case, it was David’s favorite, “Crown Royal”, or “Cap’n Roy”, as he liked to call it. When he handed it to Susan, she wouldn’t take a drink. So, David started twisting her nipple hard, till she took the flask and drank a sip. She coughed and hacked at her first taste of liquor… but, with my glistening finger going in and out of her moist cunt, and David’s hand, mauling her breasts and nips, it wasn’t much longer before she took a couple more larger sips, and things began to get a little easier.

Almost unconsciously on her part, – her hand started going up and down slightly on David’s cock. Then, she relaxed a little, easing her legs a bit wider, and looked down, watching my moist finger as it slid in and out of her wet pussy. She was still practically a virgin, and had only had ‘high school’ sex with me. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine she’d be spread out wide, between two guys, ‘liquored’ up, and holding a big thick dick in her hand. It really was almost too much for her to take in. Three weeks before, she had never even seen a guy’s cock… Now, she was practically a whore, taking on two guys at the same time.

We started working her over good. David pushed his pants and underwear down and off…  Me, I like the voyeur aspect of sex, plus I had a huge attraction to cum, especially David’s. I knew for sure, I was going to eat Susan out, when David got through with his first fuck. So, I moved over out of the way, to give them some room. The first thing David did was pull her head down to his cock so Susan could suck it. She had only sucked mine before, and the astonishment at having her mouth stretched to ‘wide-open’ was a surprise to her. She tried to raise up a little, but David wouldn’t have it, and pressed her mouth down harder, onto his dick. She was actually gagging on his big cock before he let her up to get some air.

Once he got started, he was like a bull in rut… there was no way he could be stopped. I watched him fuck a friend of mine one time, who wasn’t into it at all. He was about two years younger than me, maybe 14 or 15. All three of us were riding around together when David just drove out to a secluded place in the woods. When we got there, I knew what he was going to happen. So, I got out, and watched through the window, as David pulled his big cock out, and made the kid suck it. After he was good and hard, he pulled the kid’s pants and underwear off, pushed him back into the corner of the car, between the seat and the door, then lifted his legs up, and started sliding his dick into his ass… He fucked him hard like that for about ten minutes before he finally shot off deep into his guts. Then, he pulled out, and wiped his dick on the kid’s face. The kid was actually moaning from being manhandled that way. We drove on back to town, and David let me and the kid off at my house.

The kid was a little weepy about what had just happened, but I assured him, it would get better, and easier. He looked up at me a little pale, and said, “huh??” – I just said, “Trust me; you’re going to figure out you like it, and I guarantee you, David is going to want to fuck you again.” – He just swallowed hard, and said, “Does he fuck you?” – I said, ‘sure’… it took me a while, but I definitely learned to like it. – Just like I figured, later on in the week, David said he’d stop by, and take us for a ride. My friend definitely had the chance to say ‘no’, but he got in the car, just like I did. That afternoon, David fucked both of us… and to the kid’s credit, he seemed to enjoy (or at least tolerate) it.

So, when Susan started trying to fight him off a little, because his dick was too big for her mouth, David just picked her up, pulled her legs apart, and then over so she was straddling his lap. His dick wasn’t in her yet, it was in the front, rubbing against her clit. He knew what he was doing when it came to women, and it wasn’t long before Susan was making out with him, kissing him back, hunching her teenage pussy on his thick cockshaft. I had seen David do this kind of thing before, and I couldn’t wait to see Susan’s reaction when she felt his thick horse cock start trying to find its way into her too-small pussy. I had a huge hard-on just waiting for Dave to go for it.

Then, ‘bam’, just like that, Dave lifted Susan’s pelvis up, and used his other hand to hold his dick, as he guided it to the small opening of her wet pussy. Then, she held on to his shoulders as she tried to ‘settle-down’ on his cock. He just barely had his cockhead in when Susan said, “Oh my god, it’s too big…” David said, “Don’t worry, it’ll fit, just relax.” Then, he started lifting his hips, pressing his dick up into her. Susan tried to move up, and out of the way; but David was a very strong guy, and he just held her in place, as he began to fuck his big dick up into her. Susan was shaking her head back and forth, saying, “It hurts, it hurts.” That was practically music to David’s ears. He began to not only push his dick up into her narrow opening, but at the same time, he put his big hands on her shoulders so he could press her down onto his dock.

Susan was moaning in pain and the beginning of pleasure. Sweat was actually breaking out on her forehead as she tried to concentrate. About half of David’s cock was in her pussy, when she started moving her hips around a bit. It was her first attempt at actually screwing David. It might have been to make it easier for herself, or it might have been an autonomous sexual response from just being fucked. But for whatever reason, she started moving her hips around, and Dave’s big dick slipped in further. Susan actually gave a big intake of breath when she felt it start sliding in more. She was biting her lip, as it went deeper and deeper into her severely stretched hole. Dave reached down and started playing with her throbbing clit to make sure she was getting the full benefit of the pleasure he was giving. That one move alone was all it took; Susan relaxed even more, and David’s cock, all nine inches of it…. went in all the way to the hilt.

David sat easy at first, not moving at all. From the look on his face, he was just enjoying the sensation of having his big cock embedded in a fresh young teenage girl. I took a good look, and he was indeed, embedded to the hilt, and Susan’s vulva looked like it was stretched to the breaking point. Then… it was time for David to go to work. He started moving his hips up and down, nice and slow at first. I had seen him do this dance before. He told me one time it was like a rodeo… he wanted to make sure he was in good and tight before any bucking started. I knew Susan was going to be in for a long, hard ride. David looked over at me and gave a wink, then… he started moving some more, only this time, more vigorously.

At first it was just the usual ‘in and out’, then he started what was for all intents and purposes, a sexual workout with Susan. He thrusts started getting quicker, and in no time at all, he was jamming his hot, bulging cock as deep into Susan’s pussy as he could get it. All Susan could do was endure; she kept saying, ‘nuh, nuh, nuh’ as David jammed in and out of her cunt. I looked at her tits, and he was twisting her nipples as he fucked up into her. Her face was a grimace from the twin pains of a stretched out pussy, and nipples being pulled like taffy. He was fucking wildly into her… He was jabbing up into so hard, her head actually hit the ceiling of the car from time to time. It wouldn’t have surprised me at all to see the head of David’s cock start coming out her mouth… He was really giving it to her; a sexual pounding like you only see once or twice in a lifetime…

The look on Susan’s face was agony and ecstasy… On the one hand she was being sexually brutalized, on the other,  there was the beginning of raw pleasure spreading across her face. David likes it best when his victim gets so turned on, they start fucking him back; and that’s what Susan was beginning to do. David called it the ‘power of the cock’, he knew from many past experiences that his partner would start losing control at some point, and start fucking him. It didn’t take long for Susan, it wasn’t a blink of an eye or anything; the first sign was David taking his thumb and forefinger off Susan’s nips…

Susan unconsciously replaced his with her own. If anything, she was pulling even harder on her reddened tips than David had been doing. Next came the inevitable pelvic thrusts. It wasn’t David fucking HER anymore, it was Susan who was fuckinig David, and I mean hard… She was trying to do to him, what he had done to her… She fucked him hard, twisted her own nipples hard… then she said, “Fuck me, you motherfucker”, “shove it in me hard”, FUCK ME… Harder, goddamit”… she screamed  —  as she crammed her sopping pussy harder and deeper down onto David’s thick love-muscle.

Her hips were like a blur — and she pummeled his cock, over and over she raised up over him till the tip was almost out, then she shoved her cunt back down on his cock to the max. Each time she did it… she shivered and moaned with the pain and pleasure. All three of us knew what was about to happen, David and I both watched the frantic look on her face as the first shiver of orgasm wracked her body. It was an uncontrollable jolt, almost electric as she got jangled by it… more, then more… All of a sudden, she had zero control over her pelvis, it was like her pussy had a mind of its own, and it wanted only to be fucked, – raw!…. She let out a blood-curdling scream and went WAY over the edge…wildly uncontrollable as she tried to get every centimeter of David’s cock as deep into her stretched pussy as she could get it.

David knew this was the ‘magic-moment” and he scalded her steaming pussy with tons of hot creamy cum. Her eyes blinked open wide when the first hot shot hit the back of her stretched vagina. There was just no room for David’s dick, AND David’s cum.. I watched as it came squishing out the edges of her pussy. David reached down and got some of his hot juice on his fingers and brought it up to her mouth. She was like a cum whore, she slobbered her mouth all over his fingers… He kept reaching down, getting glob after sticky glob… and it literally flushed out of Susan’s cunt… She was a cum-receptacle, and she knew it. To her, it was raw greed; she wanted it all; she even dipped her own hand down to get any that David may have missed.

Finally her monster climax was over, she was spent, she settled down onto David’s still hard cock like a worn out rag doll. What she didn’t know was that David was just getting started. He nodded to me, and I went over to his car and got the thick blanket he kept in the back seat for just such occasions. I brought it back to the passenger side of the car and spread it out nice and smooth. There was a full moon out that night, and we could easily see in the pale moonlight. David got out and held Susan in his arms, and then leaned down and placed her on the blanket, face up. I heard her give a faint moan, saying she wanted to go home.

All David did was get his whiskey flask and hold it up to her lips. She tried to turn her head away, but David twisted a bruised nipple till she took a long swallow. Then he said, “Baby, we’re just getting started.” — With that, he got down on his knees, lifted her legs up high, and spread them out wide. Then he grabbed her hips, pulled her forward, and impaled her on his thick cock… She screamed as she felt it go in. But, in no time at all she was fucking him, moaning, screaming for ‘more’, and David definitely gave it to her.

We both fucked Susan till the wee hours of the early morning. I know for sure David fucked her four times, because I counted. I also knew I fucked her three times. She was absolutely dripping with cum. Her tight pussy wasn’t tight anymore. — Between sessions of fucking her, David and I both finger-fucked her, just to keep her revved up. It was no problem at all to make a finger-cone with four fingers and fuck her with it. In fact, she liked it; she had a big drunken smile on her face every time one or the other of us wedged her open.

Finally, it was all over;   – we pulled her up and helped her get her skirt and sweater back on. David kept her panties as a souvenir. He walked over to his car, got in, and drove off.  Susan was sitting beside me, as we drove out of the woods. I took her back to her house, and she went in. I knew she’d be grounded a while for getting in so late. I didn’t call her till late the following afternoon. Her parents were livid and said she couldn’t go anywhere for a year. We both knew they’d lighten up. Susan was kind of the light of their life, and there was no way she would be grounded for long.

It was about a month later before she told me I could come over. Everything was pretty cool, her parents greeted me a little icily, but they were at least cordial. I took Susan over to our favorite ice cream shop, and bought her a chocolate ice cream soda, her favorite. We started talking about what had happened that night; and she told me her pussy was sore for about a week. I gave a nice smile from remembering it, and she knew exactly what I was thinking, and said, “Don’t worry, trust me… it’s never going to happen again.”

We had several casual dates after that, – movies, dinner, walks in the park, etc. One night her parents had already gone to bed and we were making out on the couch. I had my hand up under her skirt, lightly fingering her wet pussy. She was horny as hell, and as I fingered her even deeper, she whispered in my ear that her parents were going out of town in about two weeks, and were going to leave her alone, if she would babysit her thirteen year old, little sister, Ruth Ann… Then, she squeezed my finger with her pussy muscles and said, “Why don’t you see what David has going on, and maybe we all can have a party one night while they’re gone.” – She orgasmed the slightest bit as my finger slipped in to the hilt. “David is going to want to fuck you, you know… maybe even Ruth Ann too.” – “I know” she said, then she added, – “Why don’t you get us a motel room somewhere; I can’t wait to get his big cock back in my pussy.

Two weeks later, I picked up Susan and her little sister. We went to an older, out-of-the-way motel called the Warrior River Motel. I had already gotten a room there, and we were settling in when I heard a car drive up outside. Sure enough, it was David with a big smile on his face, and a big bottle of ‘Crown’ in a paper bag in his hand. I was sitting on one side of Susan on a small, plastic-covered couch. I knew that David wanted her all to himself. So, I got up, and went over to where Ruth Ann was sitting on the bed.

Ruth Ann and I both watched in awe as David sat down beside Susan, and immediately shoved his hand up under her loose skirt. It didn’t take a genius to figure out he was already fingering her. Susan just pulled her skirt up past her hips, spread her legs out nice and wide, and let the inevitable happen. David had her panties off in a flash and was shoving a thick finger up inside her cunt, as he stuck his tongue as far down her throat as he could get it. Almost unconsciously, I put my hand over inside Ruth Ann’s panties and started fingering her as we both watched the porno show going on in front of us.

As David took off his pants, I took mine off. When Susan leaned over to suck David’s cock, I brought Ruth Ann’s warm, wet mouth over  to my own throbbing cock. — That was a memorable night for all four of us. We both fucked Susan AND Ruth Ann… We even got Susan and Ruth Ann to do a hot “69” for us… THEN… the fun REALLY started, (some friends of ours stopped by.)

As always… “Your thoughts?”

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Pragmatic Hedonism…

Hedonism:  “The ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.”

Pragmatism: “A reasonable and logical way of doing things or of thinking about problems that is based on dealing with specific situations instead of on ideas and theories.”

I… declare myself a PRAGMATIC HEDONIST. – Not only do I practice pragmatic hedonism in my everyday-life; I also practice it in my sexual life. Do you know HOW MANY people, both men and women would LOVE to live their life in sexual freedom? Admittedly, I don’t know ‘for sure’… but, other than me, a college-friend, a couple of people I knew in the Midwest, and a handful more…  – Well, WE are it (to my knowledge.

Now, with that being said, a lot of you know me EXTREMELY well… We’ve been communicating private issues to each other since about 2005. I’ve mentioned several times that I’m not only a practitioner & participant of sex… I’m ALSO an academic “STUDENT” of sex. Over the years, and I mean from my teen years forward… I have been VERY interested in WHY we do the sexual things we do, — and NOT just physical; — the MENTAL, and the SOCIAL aspects are equally important.

As to a little background here…  I read the standard ‘high-school’ sexual reference material… both from the high school syllabus AND the ‘under-the-table’ material supplied by my fellow students. The high school educational material was about REPRODUCTION, and NOT about sexual gratification. The material from my peers (just guys, – no girls) was “implied” titillation; consisting mostly of naked (or semi-naked) women; thus… leaving the rest of the titillation to the interpretation (both conscious and unconscious) of the viewer. No one was particularly curious as to WHY we got an erection, it was satisfactory to HAVE the erection and the incumbent ejaculation; (Nothing wrong with that, of course.)

From a female point of view, I ‘asked’ / ‘interviewed’ / ‘explored’ various girls and women about their sexual response / interpretation / evaluation… over the years. — 98% assured me that “sex was just for MARRIAGE and also to have babies.” — The few who DID (reluctantly) talk about sex actually ‘feeling good’; were embarrassed to admit it. Other than the point that the conversations were frequently involved in “foreplay”, and therefore intimacy… I got nowhere in understanding the “mechanism” of sex. I’m sort of a ‘hobby-scientist’, and understanding the “why” of almost anything is important to me.

As I left high school and went on to college, my curiosity grew. Instead of only looking at the pictures of naked women in Playboy magazine; I also started actually READING the articles inside; ESPECIALLY the editorial page, written by Hugh Heffner. His observations and advocacies began to open my mind (instead of just arousing my dick) to the intricacies of sex. That “expansion of knowledge” provoked me to continue the search for a fuller understanding of sex.

Well guess what… there was VERY little. There were tons of books, magazines, and articles on the functioning and (supposed) morality / immorality and reproduction-aspects of sex, but there was practically none on understanding the ‘erotic’ nature of sex. Put another way, very few of us would DARE to use a spoon that was dropped on the floor of a restaurant. And yet, we (collectively)… gleefully put our mouth on the actual penis, vagina, and anus of another person’s body. Admittedly, I’m an eager participant, but to me, (intellectually) that seems strange (and contradictory.)

As vast as the subject of sex is… (i.e., the WORLD has seven BILLION people on it)… zillions of gigabits of visual depiction… and millions of words written about it… there have realistically only been TWO major efforts to UNDERSTAND the mores and eroticism of the various aspects of physical and emotional sex. Alfred Kinsey, of The Kinsey Institute ( came first; — then, several years later, Masters and Johnson (  researched more into the subject. — “And Folks… that’s it”… TWO authoritative studies THAT WERE DONE IN THE 50s and 60s.

Does that seem strange to you? I mean we (collectively) practically REVOLVE around all aspects of sex, and yet there are only two AUTHORITATIVE research organizations delving into the intricacies of sex. Think of the acknowledged interest-level involved: — ‘hetero-sex’, ‘homo-sex’, ‘bi-sexual sex’, ‘inter-family sex’, ‘adult-child sex’, ‘cross-species sex’, – just to name a few. A brief gander into ‘pornographic-sex’ found easily on the Inter-Web  can ASTOUND the viewer with the “inter-loopings” of practically ANY kind of sex one can imagine.

So, what am I getting at here, right? Well… it’s THIS… In my opinion / observation / practice / and research… practically NOTHING is actually understood of (arguably) the most popular subject on the planet… SEX! – I perceive myself as a hobby-‘visionary’ on anthropological, physical, cultural sex. Here’s what I have concluded so far… “SEX IS GOOD” for us. Note that I didn’t say “marital” sex. – Let me repeat, SEX IN GENERAL IS GOOD FOR OUR SPECIES; and NOT just from a reproductive standpoint.

On the other hand, “restrictive” sex, — marital/couple/gender-fidelity (if you will) creates associations that negatively affect ‘bonds’ between people.   —  BUT… UN-restrictive sex, allows freedom within relationships and (more importantly) a greater understanding of ourselves. — I submit that millions of people, couples, societal “groupings” at large… would be happier in their overall lives if they could freely (without psychological / cultural guilt) “sexually-bond” with other consenting individuals. – It’s interesting to note that traditional gender-restrictions, marital-restrictions, more-restrictions, even age and species-restrictions are essentially without merit and actually CAUSE stress, strife, and discord.

As a modest visionary, I already see our American culture “progressing” toward a greater sexual ‘harmony’. — These days, it is without question okay to have a sexually erotic  involvement with other people. In fact, just a casual amount of “google-research” reveals that almost 60 percent of men…  and  45 percent of women will “cheat” at some point in their marriages. And get this: 1 out of every 2.7 couples have actual “affairs” to various continuing degrees.

One more point… in my view, “Uber” is re-inventing the world. ‘Uber’ isn’t ONLY an ‘ad-hoc’ taxi service… I did just a little research on it, and it turns out that “more than 25% of Uber drivers” report that they have sex with their customers. – Therefore, I think… in the very immediate future, older husbands will summon an Uber-driver to come over and service his still-sexually-responsive wife. In fact, I had an actual conversation with a guy recently about this very thing. – I was telling him that I thought the “Uber-concept” was revolutionizing America.

I told him it wouldn’t be long before there were “Uber-Food”, “Uber-errands”, “Uber-dry cleaning”, “Uber-etc.”… Get this, he actually told me that he got an Uber-driver to come over every other Sunday to have sex with his wife. He said not only did she like it; he added that he liked to watch the driver screw her.  — If you think about it, it DOES make sense… Everybody’s happy, the wife got laid, the Uber-driver got paid, and hubby had an erotic experience watching his wife with her legs up in the air, and spread.

In a way, “Uber IS America” — Much like “Burger King’s” motto, “Have it your way.”

Hey, to be honest, I think it’s ALL good, and I really do hope America continues to unbind itself from “the old ways” of sexual activity; and ‘free’ itself into the new ways of sexual gratification. . — What did the ‘Hippies’ say back in the 60s? — “If it feels good, DO it.” – They were right then, and even more right now.

As always… “Your thoughts?”

What do YOU think? Drop me a note; tell me about your experience in the area… Guy or Gal, get it off your chest.

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Linda and Steve

I dated a woman named Linda one time; she was a nurse and we met at the local “Y”, back where I used to live. Linda was a little on the shy side, and was actually reluctant to have sex. To me, when someone is ‘reluctant’, I find it a huge turn-on. As I’ve previously stated, – I actually think everyone likes ‘sexual-force’ to some degree. I don’t mean actual ‘rape’, per se… At least not brutal, harmful, injuring rape. Now, that being said, I have zero problem in taking polite advantage of a person, or a situation.

Just to give you an example, I worked in a large corporation one time, and discovered that a fellow employee, a female, who was also married… was stealing from the company. She had red hair, (which I like,) married, (which I definitely like,) and was also a little shy and timid. When I asked her about it, (in the company break-room) she started trembling, and almost couldn’t breathe. I told her to calm down, that we could work something out. Before I told her what we could “work-out”, I told her that I ‘could’ go to the police and report her. I let that settle in a bit, then I added that… I ‘could’ also turn her in to the company and they would definitely fire her… I saw the anguished look on her face, and finally reassured her that: “But, we don’t have to do that… I’m sure we can work something out, right?” I asked her. She knew I had her, and so she just nodded her head slightly, indicating ‘yes.’ –

So just to make sure she knew what I was referring to, I leaned over close to her ear and said in a low voice, “Tell you what, I could use a little head, when you take your afternoon break, why don’t you meet me out at my truck, it’s the dark blue F-150, parked on the back row, close to that big tree back there.” – I could see the look on her face, and she was close to tears… So I leaned away a little, and said, “Look, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to; it’s ok. It’s really up to you.” –

She looked a little relieved, so I added, “The only thing is, I’ll have to go to the company and tell them what you’ve been doing; if you think about it, it’s actually the right thing to do.” – I leaned back up to my previous position, and we just stared at each other. It was pretty much a staring match for a minute or two; then, the dilemma she was in began to settle in. Finally, she said, “I take an afternoon break at 2:00; I’ll meet you at your truck.” Then she got up abruptly, and walked away.

I was already in my truck when I watched her walk across the parking lot. She saw me, and then looked around to make sure no one was watching, and got in. I immediately unzipped my pants and pulled my hardening dick out. She mumbled something like, “Gawd, I can’t believe you’re making me do this…” I replied with, “Hey, I’m not MAKING you DO anything, it’s your choice; it’s all totally up to you. Don’t do it if you don’t want to.”

Again, we just stared at each other. Then she said, “But, you’ll turn me in if I don’t, wont you?” – I said, “No question about it.” The hatred in her eyes was evident, but I really didn’t care. In fact, the more she didn’t want to do it, – the more it turned me on. I knew for sure it was a ‘make-or-break’ moment so I said in a harsher tone, “Look, I’m tired of fucking around with you, this is your last chance, which will it be, are you going to suck me off, or do I turn you in; it’s as simple as that; make up your fucking mind.”

She stared hard at me, the venom in her eyes was evident. So, I said, “Ok, I’m through with this shit; get the fuck out of my truck,” and I started zipping my pants back up. I really WAS pissed. I mean, who did she think she was? “Get out,” I said… Then she said, “Ok, ok… I’ll do it, let’s get it over with.” – “This is your last chance,” I said as I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. I could tell from the look on her face that she was resigned to the task.

I put my arm up on the back of the seat, and my hand behind her head. She snapped her head away and said, “Don’t touch me.” – I grabbed her head and pulled her face down to my dick and used my other hand to forcefully rub the head of my dick all around her lips and mouth. “Open your fucking mouth, you stupid cunt,” I said. When she heard those words, she opened her mouth and I raised my hips up off the seat, planting the head of my dick in the back of her mouth; then I backed out a little and let her do it on her own.

Sure enough, she did a pretty good job. I rubbed her ass and titties through her clothes while she sucked me off, and when I got ready to cum, I held her head down and shot off deep in her mouth. I didn’t let her raise up till I was through cumming. Finally, I let her go and she raised up kind of hacking and coughing from all the cum in her mouth.

She immediately got some tissues out of her purse and wiped her mouth. Then she said, “The least you could do was not cum in my mouth.” – I replied with, “But, that’s the whole point of a blowjob,” Then I added, “Trust me, you’ll get used to it.” – She said, “You can’t be serious.” – I said, “Like I told you before, it’s really up to you… if you don’t want to, you don’t have to…” – “But you’ll turn me in, if I don’t, right?” – “True, that’s about the size of it.”

She looked angry and frustrated. So, just to reinforce who was in charge, I said… “Before you leave, how about showing me your pussy.” She just stared at me. I said, “Look, I’m not interested in arguing with you anymore; show me your fucking pussy, period.” – So she looked around to make sure no one was close to the truck, then she hiked her tight skirt up above her hips. I told her to turn around toward me so I could see it. She kept looking around in the parking lot, then put a foot up on the bench seat of my truck, causing her legs to spread out wide. I had a full view of her panties, and I could see the obvious dampness there, so I said, “Pull your panties over to the side.”  When she did, I eased my hand over and started playing with her wet pussy. “That’s what I thought, I knew you liked sucking me off.”

She moaned deeply when I started fingering her. I started rubbing her clit, and she started breathing a little harder. I stuck my thumb up in her wet cunt and she gave a faint fucking motion with her hips. I kept thumb-fucking her for several minutes. It was obvious she was WAY turned on, so I pulled my thumb out of her clasping cunt, and stuck it in her mouth, “Here, clean this up for me.” And she sucked my thumb like it was a hot dick in her mouth. She was still sucking on my thumb when I told her, “We better get back to work before someone catches us; you go first, and I’ll wait a minute or two, then I’ll follow you in.”

I intentionally left her sexually frustrated and we both could smell her sexy aroma…. She didn’t say anything as she pulled her skirt back down and got herself together. Right before she got out of the truck, I said, “Hey, when we meet tomorrow, don’t wear any panties, they’ll just get in the way.” She said nothing in reply, just got out of my truck, and slammed the door hard. I watched her walk across the parking lot, her sweet ass was swinging, and I knew for sure I was going to fuck it.

The next day, I had no communication with her at all… I was in my truck at 2:00 and sure enough, the building door opened up and she walked out. She came over to my truck, opened the door, and got in. We didn’t say anything to each other at first, so I said, “Are you wearing panties?” She looked away from me and shook her head, ‘no’. – “Let’s see”, I said. She reached down to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up and past the flair of her hips.

Sure enough, there were no panties. I moved over to the middle of the seat and put my hand on her pussy mound; then I eased my middle finger in between the folds of her labia and started fingering her. Her pussy got wet immediately and she spread her legs involuntarily. She moved her hips forward a little to give me better access, and I pulled my finger out and inserted my thumb. She moaned when I started thumb-fucking her.

I fucked her hard with my thumb every way I could think of… every time she got close to a climax, I’d ease up and not let her get there. Finally, I shoved my thumb in as far as I could get it; over and over…  fucking her hard, over her sexual cliff. She held onto my hand as I fucked her, essentially, fucking my hand with her pussy. All at once, her body stiffened, she leaned her head back, gave a loud scream, and went WAY over the edge, vibrating uncontrollably with wave after wave of sexy shudders. When she calmed down, I took my glistening thumb out of her pussy and put it in my own mouth. “Wow,” I said, “you taste good.”

She was still catching her breath when I said. “You know that motel over on Center street? The one that’s kind of back out of the way?” – “I’ll get us a room Saturday afternoon; my truck will be parked in front of the door, come over there about 3:00.” She looked at me and said, “My husband and I have plans for Saturday afternoon.” – “Break ‘em” was all I said as I got out of my truck.

Sure enough, I was looking out the motel window when I saw her pull up. She was about to knock on the door, when I opened it and invited her in. We sat on the couch, and I was playing with her hair when I said, “You know, I was watching you walk across the parking lot the other day, and you’ve got a very sexy ass.” Then I added, “Do you ever take it up the ass?” – “NO!” she immediately replied. “I don’t even let my husband touch me there.” – “Please don’t do it”, she added. – “Don’t worry, trust me… You’re going to like it… ALL women want to be fucked in the ass; they just don’t like to admit it.”

Then I started unbuttoning her blouse… When I had her breasts free, and said, “Let’s get these pants off.” – That afternoon I fucked her pussy AND her ass… I tried to stretch her out good… She wanted to take a shower before she left, but I wouldn’t let her. She actually smelled like a well-used whore, when she left about 6:00… I did a lot of things with that woman before I got tired of her. It was awesome.

I’m not a ‘bi-sexual’ per -se; more like a ‘poly-erotic’ person. I definitely lean toward the female side of the spectrum. To me, there’s nothing sexier than the heady aroma of a hot woman’s pussy, or looking down to see lipstick covered lips around the head of my dick; even better, getting some ‘lap-time’ eating some juicy pussy, tasting that hot female nectar, and watching (feeling?) my female partner go in and out of orgasm. – On the other hand, a nice cock can turn a guy on too… I’ve told more than one guy, “You don’t have to be gay to enjoy sucking a cock.” When it comes to the guy/cock area, I’m more interested in the “eroticism” of the situation than just the cock.

Let me give you an example; like I said in my opening, up above… – I used to date a lady named Linda. She had a brother named Steve. Coincidentally, they were fraternal twins and were always close in their friendship. I had joked in front of him, every now and then, about how sexy his sister, Linda, was; and I could tell he didn’t exactly see the humor of it. So, one day, out of the clear blue, he called me and asked me if he could come over a chat with me. I assured him my door was always open and to please stop by at his convenience.

Let me digress here and say, I used to be a Ranger in the Army and am very comfortable in practically any measure of self-defense. I taught Karate / hand-to-hand combat / ‘edged-weapons’ when I was in the Army and believe in my heart-of-hearts, that (within reason) I can take care of myself with almost anyone. I still go to the weight room, go to two boot-camp classes a week, and do a fair amount of ‘cardio’ workouts to maintain good health. My point is, Linda’s brother saying he wanted to have a ‘chat’ with me, didn’t disturb me at all.

Sure enough, about an hour later, there was a knock on my door and I figured it was ol’ Steve, so I opened the door, I gave him a friendly greeting, and invited him in. I gestured toward a smaller couch I have in my living room, saying, “Have a seat.”  (As a side note, when I’m home alone, I generally wear a tee-shirt and gym-shorts, with no underwear; – a holdover from my Ranger days when it was common to not wear any at all.) – I sat on the opposite end of the small couch with about two feet between us.

We got comfortable with some chit-chat, I offered him some coffee, which he declined, and I finally said, “So Steve, what’s the occasion, what’s on your mind?” – He paused a bit, took a small intake of breath, and said, “You’ve said some crude comments about my sister several times, and I don’t think you should talk about her that way, especially in front of other people, including me. I kind of take it as an insult, and think you should stop.”  – In reply, I said, “And if I don’t?”  He said, “Well, I’m not necessarily looking for a confrontation with you, but if you can’t be more careful, I’d have to ask you to ‘refrain’ from speaking about her that way.”

“Refrain??” I said.  “You mean you’re TELLING me to stop, is that what you’re saying?”  He said, “Well, I guess so… I mean it IS kind of crude, what you’ve said.” — “How about giving me an example of what you’re talking about.” I replied.  So, he said, “Well, you know how you’ve said several times that she gives you good oral service, I don’t think you should say those things.”

I was getting a little annoyed by the conversation, so I said… “Let me tell you something, Steve… not only does Linda give great head, but when I drop a hot load of cum in the back of her throat, she comes unglued and sucks my dick like a porn star, AND… eats all my cum. She’s also the best fuck I’ve ever had; especially when I’m fucking her in the ass. Don’t get me wrong, fucking your sister’s pussy is great, and all that… but, when I’m slamming it to her in the ass… you should see it, I’m serious… she’s absolutely wild.”

We both just sort of stared at each other. He couldn’t believe the crude things I had just said about his sister, and I could see on his face he was trying to decide what to say in return. So, I decided to take the initiative and see what I could do with him. As we stared at each other, I said, “You know what, Steve… one of the things that really turns her on is just looking at my own dick.”  – Linda and I have sat on this very couch, in fact she sits where you’re sitting now… and all I have to do is pull out my cock, and she gets horny.”

Then, I pulled the baggy leg band of my shorts over to the side, revealing my hardening cock. Steve just stared at it as it got harder and harder. I spread my legs a little wider and slowly jacked my cock while Steve sat mesmerized. In just a minute or so, I was at full length and throbbing. I looked at Steve and said, “You know, that’s the same look Linda has on her face. What you need is a closer look.”

As I finished my statement, I got up, pushed my shorts all the way off, moved over in front of Steve, put one foot up on the edge of the couch, and leaned my dick in close to his face and started jacking my cock. I was about 6 inches from his face as I jacked my cock every way I could think of. I started getting close, and started speeding my hand action up. In just a minute or so more, I was slamming my fist up and down on my dick, and could feel my churning nuts slapping on my fist as I did it.

All of a sudden, I was there… I aimed my dick directly at Steve’s face and shot a huge load of hot cum right dead center, hitting him in the nose and mouth. The next spurt shot all over his eyes and cheeks, the third went to his mouth and lips, and started dripping off his chin. When I was through cumming, I leaned my dick in and wiped the sticky head all around his mouth and lips.  Then, I straightened up, and moved back to where I had been sitting, leaving Steve’s face practically covered in hot, sticky cum.

Steve was practically in shock at what had just happened to him, and brought his hand up to his face and started wiping the cum off. He got all he could and wiped it on his slacks. It took him several times, and he finally got it all. He leaned his head back on the couch a little and said in a low voice, “I can’t believe you just did that.” All I said was, “I’ve got news for you… you definitely seemed to like it, almost as much as your sister does.” – “You son-of-a-bitch”, he said quietly. — “Careful there, Steve…” – “Any more name-calling out of you, and I might not let you suck my dick.”

He looked over at me and said, “If you think I’m going to do that, you’re out of your mind.” — With that, in a quick movement, I straddled his hips, one leg on either side, put a hand behind his head, and with the other hand, started rubbing my cummy cock all around his mouth. He tried to turn his head away to keep me from doing any more. But, I looked down and said, “You’re either going to suck my dick, or I’m going to fuck you in the ass… your choice.”

He seemed to realize the reality of the situation and opened his mouth a little. My hard cock pried it open even more, and my dick slid in, and I started a gentle fucking motion in and out of his mouth. I held on to his head with both hands and face-fucked him for several minutes. Then, I pulled my slick dick out, and told him to lick up and down the shaft and suck my nuts. He did, on both sides. After a minute or two more, I got the head of my cock back level to his mouth and was just about to shove it in when I looked down and said, “Ok, Steve… here we go… show me what you’ve got. Suck it good, because I’m going to give you all I’ve got.”

With that, I shoved my dick in his mouth and started deep-throating him. He was having trouble breathing, so I told him to “breathe through your nose.” He did, and then I wedged my dick as far in his mouth as I could get it. In just a few seconds more, I was jack-hammering in and out of his mouth like it was his sister’s pussy. I fucked his face every way I could for about 5 minutes. I was getting very close, and put both hands behind his head, laced my fingers together, and brought my elbows down, effectively locking his head in a vice… Then, I really face-fucked him. I fucked him hard, fast, and deep.

I was getting ready to cum and I told him to “squeeze my nuts; I’m getting ready to fill you up.” His hand went up to my churning nuts and I felt him squeeze them like he was trying to milk the cum out… Then BOOM… I was there… I was WAY back in the back of his throat when I started cumming. He instinctively tried to pull his head back, and I held on and pumped load after load of hot creamy cum as deep in his mouth as I could get it. His nose was buried in my pubic hair, and my nuts were slapping on his chin as I dropped a huge load deep in his throat. He started gagging, and I just kept pumping.

Finally, I pulled out of his gaping mouth and watched him gasp for air. When he got his breath back, I leaned my sticky dick back in and said, “Clean it up a little, Steve, I don’t want to get anything on the couch.”  He did, he stuck his tongue out and started cleaning the cum off my deflating dick. “Balls too…” I said, and he got those too. When I was nice and tidy, I got off his lap and sprawled out where I had been before.

I was practically exhausted, and stretched my legs out wide in front of me, casually playing with my wet dick and nuts. I looked over at Steve, and he had his head back on the couch, hesitantly licking his lower lip to see if there was any damage there. I said, “Steve, you are a natural-born cocksucker. That was every bit as good as your sister does, when she’s sucking me off.” He looked over at me and gave a soft, “Thanks, I guess.”  Then, I said, “Since you were nice enough to give me a blowjob, I’m going to return the favor and quit making off-color comments about Linda; fair enough?” – He kind of rolled his eyes and said, “Thanks, I appreciate it.” –

I reached down and got my shorts and slipped them back on. Then, I said… “Well, I’ve got some errands to run and have to go out for a while. Tell you what, I’ll be back early this evening; why don’t you come back over around 8:00 tonight, and I’ll show how good it feels to have a hot cock in your ass.”  He immediately started shaking his head, and said… “I don’t think I want to do that.”

I moved over close to him and kissed him hard on the mouth, moving my tongue around inside, tasting some of the cum I had left there. Then, I pulled away and said, “Well, Steve… if you ever have any hopes of sucking my dick again, you better be here at 8:00 tonight. We both know that you liked it; and I guarantee you, you’re going to like a dick up your ass just as much.”

We both stood up, and I started walking him to the door; right before he opened it, I turned him around and kissed him again. As I kissed him, I pushed him down to his knees, and put my dick in his mouth. He immediately started sucking it and I let him do if for about a minute. Then, I reached down and pulled him back up, and kissed him one more time. When I pulled away, I whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry, I’ll give you some more tonight. Trust me, you’re going to be as addicted to my cum as your sister is.”

I turned him around and opened the door for him. He walked just outside the door frame and said, “Don’t count on me coming back; I don’t think I’m going to.” With that, I pulled my shorts to the side revealing my glistening cock, and said, “Sure you will, Steve… sure you will.”

At 8:00 o’clock that night, I was sitting on the couch with Linda, Steve’s sister. There was a knock at my door, and Linda said, “I wonder who that can be.” – “I think I know,” I said… and got up to answer the door.

As always… “Your thoughts?”

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The Entertainment Industry, – (True Story)

You would be surprised at how many people, (both genders, and most age groups) are interested in “exploring” some kind of a career in “Hollywood.” There are young “starlets” galore; budding “Brooke Shields’s” whose stage moms will do ANYTHING to boost their children’s careers (and I mean ANYTHING) – all the way down to the ‘plainer-folk’ of life who think they MAY have a chance, if the right “break” came their way.

Probably because of my hedonistic views and actions, I have made contact with a lot of people in the “entertainment-industry” at large. – My contacts are in movie production, (both traditional AND ‘adult’), TV, communications, and even in the music industry from time to time. I carry business cards with me that support my “entertainment-industry” status… PLUS, it’s absolutely true about my contacts there. (So… ‘dear reader’ get in touch with me if you’re interested; – guy or gal.)

Anyway, the way it got initiated was through an old college bud I’ve stayed friends with over the years. He came to ‘Vegas one time several years ago to ‘take a break’ from Hollywood, and relax. We spent some time together chasing “tail”, and reminiscing about our old ‘college-days.’ — He and I both chased a lot of pussy back in our college days, plus, I blew him every now and then, when we couldn’t get a date… and also because we both liked it. He went on in his career and became a reasonable factor in the movie-production end of the entertainment industry. He really IS one of the Hollywood people you hear about who actually does have the power to say “yea or nay” to someone’s career.

As we talked, he mentioned that he likes to see audition-vids every now and then – and he encouraged me to be his “non-paid” agent in Las Vegas. I told him I already had “plenty on my plate” and that adding one more obligation just wasn’t feasible at that time. He literally said, “I know you like to chase pussy and cock; — so, before you say ‘no’… let me assure you that the “Hollywood-Casting-Couch” is very real. I guarantee you that if YOU like them, so will I — and I’ll consider your recommendation as “gold”, and I’ll see them; just on your ‘say-so’ alone. Naturally, I’ll need some kind of video “screen-test” to show a couple of people on my production staff; but other than that… if you recommend them, I’ll fly them out.”

Then he added that: “The one thing I’m always looking for is ‘the plainer’ folk; – the people who can act in the background; like playing secretaries, waitresses, waiters, “third-tier” level people who fill in the background. That middle-age school teacher from Des Moines is a perfect example of what is in short supply,” he said for emphasis. – Then, he added, “You would think it was the other way around, right?” – “But to be honest, I get photo-portfolios of delicious young starlets every day. What I DON’T get, and NEED is a “Marion, the librarian from Omaha.” He smiled and said, “It takes the ‘Librarians” to make the “stars” stand out.”

He had a bit of a whimsical look on his face, then added, “Hey, I’ll probably fuck them, of course… but, that’s part of the Hollywood scene anyway”; it’s to be expected.” – He said, “You wouldn’t believe how many people fucked Brook Shields before she got her first high-level movie part.”

He smiled at me, and winked… assuring me the ol’ ‘casting-couch’ filtered on down to the agent-level, and that he was sure I would be able to ‘take advantage’ of it. So, after about an hour’s worth of conversation concerning the finer details, I agreed to do it. – About a week later I got the business cards he sent me, — then I went out and bought three higher-level video cams and corresponding sound equipment.

I always carry my entertainment cards with me. If I see a plainer/older prospect (male or female) in the course of my day, say… like at a restaurant or a shop somewhere, (even the grocery store,) I give them my card and tell them the entertainment industry is always looking for ‘interesting’ people, (which is actually true.) Remembering the emphasis my producer friend, put on the point that hot looking young chicks in Hollywood were a dime a dozen, and what they really needed was the “Midwestern” look to function in the background.

Now that you-all understand the concept… several auditions come to mind, but one in particular was a real stand out. She was a plumpish, blond, later-40s lady named Ellen C. who I met at my local gym. I thought she was kind of hot for an older lady, so I made up a ruse, of offering her some help in the gym equipment she was trying to tackle. It was one of those larger, complicated ‘universal’ machines, and she really didn’t have a clue as to how they operated.

After explaining / demonstrating the concept several times, I invited her to take a break and have a “fruit-smoothie” with me at the adjoining café of the gym club. We left the gym and settled in to the outside-patio level of the small café. As we talked, I found her even more attractive, (and appealing), so I handed her my agent-card and explained the situation to her. She asked me if it was “really real”, and I assured her it was. So, after an hour or so of conversation, it was obvious that we both liked each other enough to go to the next level, and we agreed on a time and date for her to come over for the audition, (which is a studio in my home.)

Sure enough, she showed up right on time,  (about 1:00 in the afternoon.)  I fixed us a drink to relax, hers a good bit stronger than mine, and we began to chat. She was on one of my leather couches and was wearing a silver blouse that buttoned down the front, and a fuller skirt that kind of hid her ‘plumpness’. We talked for about 15 minutes and finally I asked her if it was ok, to turn my cameras on, (Two were on a tripod, and one was hand-held.)

She smiled a bright smile and agreed. I didn’t want to waste any time, (no sense in giving her an opportunity to change her mind)  – so, I started shooting her in various fully-clothed poses. After about ten minutes, we got to a point where… in order to go forward… she needed to unbutton a couple of buttons on her blouse. She immediately balked; so I sat the camera down, and said, “Look, Ellen… this is the real world here; you’re not 16 anymore, and if you want this vid to go out to my bud, you’re going to have to start revealing some skin.”

“PLUS…” I added, “if he likes it, and I’m pretty sure he will… you’re going to have to show him ‘what you’ve got’ — She responded with, “Is that the way it really works?” I nodded my head ‘yes’ and assured her it really was the way things actually worked. She asked me if I really thought she had a chance… and I said, “This is your one and only time to show what you’ve got. I guarantee you I will send what we shoot to Burney… if it’s good enough, he’ll fly you out.” – (As a side note, those movie producers are always using other people’s money and have no problem is splurging it around, ESPECIALLY for their own selfish purposes.)

So we just looked at each other, and I decided to take the initiative, and turned on the camera… She saw I was shooting, and then made her own decision. She smiled big for the camera, then reached up and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. From the look on her face, she was an adult, and knew what was expected, and continued to unfasten the rest of the buttons of her blouse.

With no buttons to keep it in place, her blouse slipped open easily, and she let it fall off her shoulders. That whole scene was hastily recorded by me, and it was gorgeous. There she was… in just her bra and skirt. — “Lean back, Ellen”, I said, “let me see some of your legs.” She kept smiling, then leaned back and pulled her skirt up quite a bit. I got down lower on the floor in front of her and started shooting upward toward her face with the cam. “Spread your legs a little, honey…” I said. She did… and pulled her skirt up further on her own. The cam could see her face, her bra, and the edge of her panties, underneath her skirt. “Lean forward a bit, Ellen…” I said… When she did, I held my breath and said, “Let’s go ahead and get that bra off.”

There was a significant hesitation from her. I could tell from the look on her face that she was considering the breadth of her next decision. I could almost look into her eyes and see… the pros and cons of the decision she was trying to make. It took several minutes, (while the cameras continued to roll) for her to make her decision.

Finally, she bit her lower lip and reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra… – but held her cups to her breasts. I could tell this was a big moment for her, so I said, “Ellen, make Burney want to fly you out.” – That was all she needed to hear. She took her bra away, and revealed luscious pink nipples, standing out firmly on a milky bed of pale, quivering flesh. “Pinch ‘em, Ellen,” I said, “Pinch your fucking nipples”… and she responded to the naughty words, – and did.

Like most women, Ellen’s nipples were practically hard-wired to her pussy, and when she started pinching and twisting her nips, she unconsciously arched her back, thrusting her tits further out. She didn’t have 16-year old tits or anything, but they were definitely fairly firm for an older lady. “Pull on ‘em, Ellen, pull your nipples out a little, pull ‘em and twist them some more,” I said. – God, that was all it took, that electric spark raced down to her crotch and fired off in her pussy. She actually squirmed a little as she pinched and pulled on her nips.

“Stand up and take your skirt off, Baby,” I said. And, when she heard those magic words, she got up off the couch, swirled around a couple of times, giving the camera a sexy swoosh. She smiled openly at the cam, then reached behind her back, and unsnapped and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor around her feet. God, she was sexy. I told her to sit back down on the edge of the couch and spread her knees a little. — When she did, I zoomed in on her panties and shot the damp stain that was beginning to spread across her crotch-band.

Me, the camera, hell… the whole fucking world… wanted to see what was underneath that damp piece of cloth.  “Ellen,” I said, “lean back and take your panties off; let’s see that hot pussy of yours.” Those were more magic words, and Ellen leaned back on the couch, hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her panties and shoved them down over the flair of her hips, and then off. She kept her legs together coyly; so I said, “Honey, put your heels up on the edge of the couch and spread your knees out wide. When she did, my camcorder zoomed in on the prettiest, pinkest pussy I had ever seen; especially on an older lady. There were no loose folds anywhere, just nice pink meat, as delicate as a girl scout’s.

I was really lost; I actually didn’t know what to do. I kept shooting her, of course; but my brain, mouth, and my cock were demanding attention. “Play with your pussy, Ellen”, let’s see how wet you can get. She had her eyes closed as a pale, white hand cupped her pussy mound, and her delicate middle finger began to worm its way into the middle of her pink gash. I don’t think she even knew what a hot piece of ass she actually was. As she finger-fucked herself with her middle finger, her other hand came up unconsciously to her breasts. You could almost hear the fireworks going off in her head; twin sensations, deeper thrusts into her cunt, and almost frantic nipple-twisting going on above.

I couldn’t help myself; I had to have a taste. I reached over and got a smaller tripod and quickly attached the hand-held cam to it and aimed it past me, so it could get the whole scene. With three camcorders rolling, and Ellen losing control fast, I got down in front of her spread legs, moved her hand out of the way, and glued my mouth to her slippery wet gash. She actually squealed when she felt my tongue start stabbing around inside her cunt. She spread her legs even further apart and put her hands behind my head and started hunching her pussy all over my face. I pushed her legs up a bit and even further apart, and licked a sexy pathway down to her ass.

As I tongued her puckered pink asshole, she used her own hand to pound out her pussy. She was WAY over the edge, and as the twin sensations roared at her loins… she started actually thrashing on her clit. It was almost as if she was doing battle with herself to literally knock the orgasm out of her. Then, she started squirting… she poured forth… sexy spews of hot pussy juice drenched my face. Ellen had lost all control and was unconsciously hunching an invisible dick, all over the couch. A loud guttural scream and gigantic, uncontrollable pelvic thrusts marked one of the most physical female climaxes I had ever seen.

I fell away… Ellen flopped lifelessly back on the couch, and the cameras continued to roll. I only hoped they had gotten the close up of the violent climax Ellen had just put herself through. Neither of us said anything, we were too lost in fatigue and sexual satisfaction.

Several minutes passed before we both began to come back to our individual reality. I was the first to regain mobility when I went to the bathroom for a quick freshening up. When I returned, Ellen was back fully clothed and sitting primly on the couch. We acknowledged each other awkwardly and I assured her the audition was a success. I told her I would pass it on to Burney with a full recommendation from me. I walked her out to her car and we spoke a little more easily to each other. One more time, I assured her the vid was great, and I was sure Burney would contact her. Before she drove away, I asked her to give me a buzz when she got back in town so I could hear all about her adventure. She assured me she would.

Several weeks went by, and then, right out of the blue, my cell phone gave a jingle. I was hoping it might be Ellen, and sure enough, it was. She sounded bubbly and said the multiple shoots went great. I listened to her exuberance with as much delight as she herself exhibited. I told her it would be great to see her, and suggested we have a celebratory lunch. She agreed, we set a time and place and I hung up the phone. I reflected on Ellen a bit, thinking that not every situation turns out as happily as hers seemed to be; and I was happy for her. The entertainment industry can crush some people, and for others, it seems to help them ‘self-flourish’.

We met for lunch the following week, and Ellen looked “fresh as a daisy” in a colorful summer dress that emphasized her curvy outline. I was pleased to notice she even looked slimmer. ‘What a change’, I thought to myself, as we gave each other a warm hug, and then sat down.

The first words out of my mouth were, “Well, tell me all about it, how did it go?” – She blushed the tiniest bit and told me it went great, underscoring the ‘great’ part. She said she had been in four different productions, two were commercials that would air nationally; one was an independent movie that Burney (I thought it was interesting that she now referred to him by his first name,) was making about “old Las Vegas” and how it used to be.

She paused a bit then said that the fourth was an upper-level adult film themed on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ life of an upscale American wife; “kind of like the “Real Housewives” episodes you see on cable TV, but with more sex added.” She saw my eyebrows go up, anticipating my question. She said, “No, I wasn’t the star, but I WAS part of the featured cast.” I caught the hint and asked her how she would rate the whole adventure. She giggled a bit and said in a hushed voice, “Well I had to fuck about half the people on Burney’s production teams, but to be honest, I kind of enjoyed it.

I’ve always been ‘nosey’ so I asked her what kind of money she made. She smiled a big smile and said “That was the second best part”, she reached into her purse and pulled out a check for fifteen thousand dollars. There was the biggest smile on her face as she handed it over so I could take a look. As I smiled at the check, she added that not only had she been paid well, but Burney was going to use her in several other productions he was planning in the fall.

I handed the check back to her with a big congratulatory smile on my face, and asked her if she felt like she owed a special ‘thank you’ to the guy who introduced her to Burney. She smiled back and said, “I thought you’d never ask.” — We finished our meal, and then went back to my place for desert. I thought it was interesting that she asked me to turn my camcorders on. I guess everyone really does like to be in front of a camera; especially when they’re naked and getting a thick cock shoved up their cunt.

As always… “Your thoughts?”

What do YOU think? Drop me a note; tell me about your experience in ANY sexual area… Guy or Gal, get it off your chest. I LIKE to correspond with people, so send me an email.

I promise I’ll respect your confidence and wont share you experience with anyone. – Here’s my email address:

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Sexual “Force” thesis…

My my…. Thanks for all the nice comments about my previous story. I really appreciate it. – A LOT of you wrote me and wanted to know ‘where’ my concept of ‘sexual force’ originated. Thank you for wanting to know more, I appreciate it.

That previous “force” story was actually true. I got some hints toward the concept when I was growing up. I had a childhood friend named Charles. I was about 12 or so, at the time…. And he was maybe 9 or 10. We were both “latch-key” kids, our parents worked, and we were definitely okay with it. One time, we were “rasslin’” around, the way kids do sometimes… “rough-housing”, you might say, and I ended up on top of Charles, “pinning” him, in wrestling jargon. – So to me, there had to be some sort of ‘prize’… So, literally, right out of the blue, I pulled my loose-fitting shorts over, and said, “Here, suck my dick.” – (It helps to know that I was already sexually-aware at the time.)

Charles was pretty limited in his experiences at that point in his life… and just turned his head away, looking like he was disgusted. – I don’t mind admitting that I’m an ‘alpha’ today, and I was back then also. So, I used my hands and turned his face back and said, “You’re GOING to suck my dick, period.” Just like that. Then, I used my hand to press my already hard dick down to his face and rubbed it across his lips and mouth. He kept squirming around, so I said, “You’re either going to suck my dick, or I’m going to whip your ass.” When Charles heard that… he opened his mouth… I slid my dick in, and he started sucking. – I came pretty quickly, and didn’t pull out till I knew for sure he had it all and swallowed it; (to me… that’s the sexiest part; – both as ‘giver’ and as ‘receiver’.)

Then I got up off Charles and leaned back on the couch… (post-sexual gratification, you might say.) – Charles said, “I can’t believe you made me do that.” And, I said, “Well, you better get used to it, because you’re going to be doing it a lot” – Now, the thing is… from then on… he DID get used to it. Not only that, he LIKED it, and would frequently pester ME to do it again. It was the same way the first time I fucked him… I practically raped him… and after I came, WAY deep up in his ass… he was pissed. But, sure enough… that same week… it was HIM who bugged me about doing “that” again.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a theory on this… like I said, the first clue came from making (forcing) Charles suck me off, and then, fucking him. My theory is this… a lot (like MOST) people need an “excuse” to give themselves PERMISSION to do the things they SECRETLY want to do in the first place. You take that Linda-chick in the story I previously published… she was literally… a VERY ‘hot piece of ass’.  I told her she was frequently. – SHE told me, NOT to refer to her like “that”. I replied that it was a COMPLIMENT, not an insult.

Here’s the thing… she was raised in a pretty strict, religious household… no TV (WAY too worldly) – certainly no movies… baseball games DURING THE DAY (for crissakes)… blah-blah-blah. — When we first started dating, I practically had to hold her head still to kiss her. The first time I touched her breast (THROUGH her blouse, mind you…) she recoiled in horror (almost). – The first time I fucked her, I really DID (in no uncertain terms) rape her. It was definitely against her will… she kept telling me to “stop”, “Please don’t”… through the whole deal. –

BUT… when that second orgasm came…(I was eating her cummy pussy at the time), the look on her face was worth the fight… she went WAY over the edge… unconsciously screaming, hips bucking uncontrollably all over the place… pussy literally squirting… Her eyes practically rolled up into her head… “WHAM BAM, THANK YOU M’AM!!” – When I pulled away, (face totally wet) – I just watched her writhing on the bed and squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. She was totally sexually gone.

After a bit, she got up and went to the bathroom, and freshened up. She came back, fully clothed and sat down on the couch, with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Well, for one, you just raped me; and for two… I trusted you; I can’t believe you did that to me.” So I said, “Linda honey… that was probably the BEST climax I have ever seen a woman have. You were ‘gone’, – WAY over the edge… you were practically the original Eve.” – She said, “Well maybe, I guess… but just so you know… don’t get your hopes up… we are NOT going to be doing that again.”

When she said that… it pissed me off, and I went over to where she was sitting on the couch, and sat down beside her. Then, I turned sideways a bit, and put my hand forcefully up under her skirt and right onto her panty-clad pussy. In just a second or two, I was fingering her pussy and massaging her clit. She was like I tiger, trying to get my hand off of her, and out from under her skirt.– I just ‘bore-down’ more… making sure I “welded” my hand to her cunt. – It didn’t take very long at all… my hand started getting wet, I inserted my middle finger up into her pussy and started fucking her with it.

I KEPT finger-fucking her, over and over and over… while she squirmed, trying to get away. When I felt her start to go into orgasm, I bore down even harder and fucked her pussy with three of my fingers, while I jabbed at her clit with my thumb… All of a sudden, “Boom”… she was there… and she grabbed hold of my forearm and started fucking herself with my hand. She was breathless… wildly orgasmic… hips and pussy fucking my fist… moaning, screaming… sexually just fucking ‘gone’… I took a while, but she finally let go of my arm.

I pulled my hand out from under her skirt, brought it up to my face and took a LONG whiff of her sexy juices, even tasting the pussy-nectar she left on my fingers. She FINALLY got her composure back, pushed her skirt back down and ‘re-arranged’ herself to a comfortable composure. Neither one of us said a thing at first. Several minutes went by and she said, “I’d appreciate it if you’d take me home.” She said it in a “harrumph”, kind of like in a sulk.

So I said, “Hey, I’m not taking you anywhere till you suck me off.” (Just so you know, I LIKE vulgar sexual terminology, it seems to set a ‘tone’) Naturally, she was outraged… “NO WAY!” she said… “I want to go home RIGHT NOW!” – With that being firmly said, I got up from the couch, – then stood directly in front of her. — While she watched, (practically in horror), I unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled my hardening cock out. I was already leaking a fair amount of pre-cum… and the disgusted look on Linda’s face only INCREASED my desire; (sexual-rage, you could say) to shove my throbbing cock right down her fucking throat. –

I put a foot up on the edge of the couch, then reached behind her head with my left hand, and pulled her roughly forward. I then used my right hand to rub my wet cock ALL OVER her face; especially her lips and mouth. She kept trying to turn her head away, but I really am a pretty strong guy, and with a raging hard-on… well, there was NO WAY… she was NOT going to suck my dick. I kept forcing her head back in line with my cock…and pressing in on her lips to get her to open her mouth. To her credit, she kept her mouth practically clinched closed… so much so, that I had to maneuver my hand around to her jaw-hinge to force her mouth open. She struggled mightily to keep her mouth closed, but my strong hand was finally wedged into her jaw… and her mouth was open enough to shove my cock in. –

And ‘shove it in’, I did. I hoped she wouldn’t bite me (just so you know, no one ever has.) Once my dick was fully wedged into her mouth, I started using my hips to fuck my cock in and out of her mouth. All of a sudden, she stopped trying to move her head away, and instead of ME fucking her mouth… SHE started sucking my cock. I didn’t even have to tell her to play with my balls… out of the blue, I felt her hands  on my churning nuts, and she started squeezing them, massaging them… practically forcing them to produce some cum.

I was WAY turned on from the twin actions of previously finger-fucking her, and now, ‘mouth-fucking’ her… and we BOTH knew I was getting ready to cum. I started speeding up my cock-strokes in her mouth, she knew for sure what was about to happen, and then, she really DID start squeezing my nuts to get some of my cum. She was going “mmmfp-mmmfp-mmmfp” trying to get all the cock I had as deep into her mouth as she could get it.

When I looked down, her nostrils were flared open; her eyes were dilated and rolling back slightly… She had a death-grip on my steel cock, and was jacking my nuts, desperately trying to urge my cum out of my fucking cock. We were both ‘goners’. I felt my boiling cum start racing down my cockshaft like a sexual firehose… I started spraying her mouth down good…. The first shot went off deep in the back of her throat. I could feel her nose squashed into my pubic hair when I let go… The next ones, I pulled out a little so I could make sure she got a NICE mouthful… The last spurt came after I pulled out of her fucking mouth and shot it on her face… She had a mouthful of cum and her first “facial” all at the same time. It was glorious.

I looked down at her, and she was in sexual heaven. Her eyes were closed and she was savoring my cum with her tongue; almost like it was some heavenly mixture she had just received. I leaned forward a bit, and used my hand to rub the wet head of my cock all around her face. She literally “received” the dick-massage, relishing the sexy nature of a cummy dick roaming all over her face. —

That was it for me, after a violent cum, deep into the back of her throat, and the aftermath of the facial massage, I was through. I slumped down beside her. It took her a minute or two for her to get her composure back, and then, she got up off the couch and went to the bathroom. When she came back, her face was prim and proper, with fresh makeup on.  She sat down on a chair in the room, as far away from the couch I was sitting on (with my wet cock still out and displayed) – as she could get.

She looked over at me (with her legs and arms crossed protectively over her body) and said, “Well… I HOPE you’re satisfied… you raped me, you forced you penis into my mouth; you degraded me and made me respond to things I shouldn’t be doing… You’re disgusting. –If you don’t take me home right this minute, I’m going to call my father to come get me.” – Hey, I was kinda fucked out anyway, so I put my dwindling cock back in my pants, and zipped up.

“No problem,” I said… and I stood up,  then went over and got my car keys, and motioned for Linda to “Let’s go.” She stood up, and walked angrily toward the door. I opened it for her, and grabbed her ass as she went through. She said, “Stop that!” and squirmed away from my hand violently as she walked out to my car. Neither one of us said a thing as I cranked up and drove away. It was about a twenty minute drive over to Linda’s house, so I said, “Pull your skirt up, I want to finger your pussy while I drive.” – The astonished look on her face was immediate… “I will NOT!” she said.

So, I pulled her over closer to me, and lifted her skirt up, and pushed my hand down between her legs… THEN… I slipped my hand inside her panties and fingered her (wet) pussy while I drove. She said nothing at all. I pulled up in front of her house… parked, then bore down on her pussy a little while we sat in her driveway. – “Stop it,” she said, my father might look out and see us.” – I stuck my middle finger way up inside her pussy, and watched her spread her legs out to accept it. – “I hope he does.” I said. — THEN… I fingered Linda to one more roaring climax. When she finally calmed down, she ripped open the car door, vaulted herself out, and slammed it as hard as she could.

I didn’t call her for several days; then, on Sunday afternoon, I gave her a buzz. I said, “It’s me…” when she answered the phone. She immediately said… “What do you want?” – I said, “You KNOW what I want… What are you doing tonight? You want to go for a ride?” – She paused… there was actually silence on her end of the phone… maybe for 20 or 30 seconds… Finally, she said, “Well, only on one condition… You’ve got to promise me you won’t make me do any of those things we did the other night.” – I said, “No sweat, I promise, seriously.” – “Okay” she said; “Why don’t you pick me up around 6:00.” – I replied with….”Hey, that works for me… Oh, and do me a favor, don’t wear any panties, ok?” – She immediately slammed the phone down.

I wasn’t sure if I should go over, but… “what the heck…” – and did. I knocked on her door; she came to the door and invited me in. I noticed immediately that she was wearing a ‘button-down-the-front’, white blouse, and a pleated, full skirt. I sat down and made some small talk with her parents. They seemed friendly enough, even asking me what the two of us were going to do that particular night. I smiled pleasantly and told them we were going to have a nice dinner down at “Scribbles” (an out-door café, where one can write and ‘scribble’ on the paper table cloth.) —

“Then,” I said, “we’ll probably just walk around the “old-market” area a bit, and take in the sights. I’ll have her home by eleven, I promise.” With that, Linda and I got up… and started walking toward the door. I opened it for her (and noticed she kind of moved her ass the slightest bit, to make sure I didn’t grope her in front of her parents)… Then, we both walked out the door and down the sidewalk to my car. I opened the door “gentlemanly” for her and looked up to see if her parents were watching. Sure enough, they waved, and I waved back.

As we exited the end of Linda’s driveway, I said, “Did you leave your panties off, like I told you too?” She crossed her arms angrily over her chest and said, “YES… but it’s not going to do YOU any good. You’re not touching me anywhere; and I’m not going to do a THING!.” – I just reached over to her bare leg, and pushed my hand up under her loose skirt. Sure enough, she wasn’t wearing any panties… and I fingered her pussy as we drove over to my place. She said, “I thought we were going to ‘Scribbles’?” – I said, “I need some pussy; I want to fuck you first.” — She said, “Well, you’re not going to…” as she got out of my car.

Both dinners were good that night. ‘Scribbles’ was up to its usual fine fare… and Linda’s pussy was the perfect appetizer… (not to mention the ass-fuck she got when I took her back to my place.)

As always… “Your thoughts?”

What do YOU think? Drop me a note; tell me about your experience in the area… Guy or Gal, get it off your chest.

I promise I’ll respect your confidence and wont share you experience with anyone. – Here’s my email address:

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Concerning Sexual “Force”

It has been my experience that practically everyone I’ve ever encountered likes to be “forced” to some degree. I mean, I’ve met all sorts of people, the gamut, you might say; and I haven’t met even one who wasn’t into some degree of “power”, (either more, or less). They either couldn’t let themselves go, or they couldn’t reach orgasm, or they openly preferred to have sex under some form of protest. I’m no rapist or anything, and know when someone is telling me they have zero interest. On the other hand, there are lots of people who say “no”, when they definitely mean “yes”.

Let me give you an example, I used to date this woman named Linda… the ONLY way she ever reached orgasm was if she was forced (while she was openly saying “no”). Now you would think, if it was all that unpleasant and negative to her, she wouldn’t have gone out with me anymore. Right? — Wrong… I used to make her blow me in the car, while we were riding down the street. She would always protest, and complain that someone might see us… BUT… she always did it; I mean all the way, me cumming in her mouth, the whole deal.

Frequently, I’d make her spread her legs while we drove around, I’d get her to pull her to pull her dress up, and I’d finger her to orgasm while we drove. I’m not talking about the freeway here, I talking about city streets, red-lights, slow traffic, etc. She’d beg me to stop while I fingered her, but she never pushed my hand away or closed her legs.

One time, we had been to the movies, where I made her give me a hand-job during the show. We went out riding after that, and I stopped at a liquor store and got her a bottle of vodka and some paper cups. I poured her a stiff drink, and played with her pussy or fondled her tits every time we came to a red light. It was getting late and I really wanted some pussy before the night was over, but I wasn’t sure where to go; so as I rode around considering the “right” place, I made her pull her summer dress up so I could play with her pussy while I drove.

We ended up at a secluded park, over behind a thick grove of trees that kept anyone from obviously seeing us. I parked my car and got out to get a thick blanket out of the trunk. I spread it on one of the concrete picnic tables and went back to the car and pulled her out, so she could join me on the table. We sat on the end of the table, legs dangling over the edge, and she assured me nothing AT ALL was going to happen. She was true to her word and resisted all my advances. I poured her another stiff drink of vodka and made her drink it all down.

She was finally getting a little drunk, and as I resumed groping her, she told me to stop, and that anybody could drive right up and see what we were doing. I just ignored her and kept trying to kiss her and play with her tits through the thin fabric of the dress. I eventually got the summer dress she was wearing unbuttoned to the waist and was openly playing with her luscious tits in the cool night air. She kept pushing my hands away, telling me to “stop”, and “what if somebody sees us… anybody could drive up here, etc, etc, etc.”

I kept at her and finally got her dress off her shoulders and then past her hips. I had her practically naked, so I poured her one more drink, pushed her back on the blanket, spread her legs out wide, and ate her pussy through her panties. After her first orgasm, I made her lift her hips, and pulled her panties all the way off. I spread her legs out even wider and practically glued my mouth to her dripping wet gash, (with her protesting all the way). After her second orgasm, I got between her legs, rammed my steel cock in her liquid pussy and started fucking the shit out of her, (much to her protest).

While I was ramming and jamming in and out of her, another car pulled up not too far away with three older teenage boys in it. It was obvious they could see what we were doing. Linda saw them leering at us and tried to push me off and get me to stop. However, I LIKED the audience and just kept fucking her while they watched. I fucked her every way I could think of – in her pussy, in her ass, in her mouth — She had orgasm after orgasm, WHILE the guys in the other car looked on… I even made her suck my dick and finger herself during the course of our fucking…

After I shot a huge load of hot cum as deep in her vibrating pussy as I could get it, I pulled out and caught my breath. Linda immediately started putting her dress back on, and I walked over to the teens in the car and asked them if they would like a little pussy. They all grinned and assured me they were VERY interested. They got out of the car and sauntered back to the table where Linda was sitting on the end, now fully dressed, with her legs close together, and hanging over the edge. She saw the teens I had in tow, and told me she didn’t know what I was up to – but she didn’t want any part of it, and would I “PUH-lease” take her home.

I just ignored her, and told the three teens to go ahead and take out their dicks; and that Linda was a pushover for a hard cock. The first two pulled out your average-sized dick; but the third one pulled out a horse-cock that looked about 8 and 9 inches long; as big around as Linda’s wrist. His big nuts hung low, and looked heavy and full of cum. Linda’s eyes went wide when she saw how big it was, and she glared at me for encouraging them on. I just winked at the guys and said, “Hey, take what you want, but don’t hurt her. She might resist a little, but she loves a good fuck and does it better if she’s liquored up.”

I handed them the remaining vodka, and they each took a long pull, then made Linda finish it off. The first one got up on the end of the table with her, while she tried to scramble away. He pulled her back, and then put his arm around her shoulders and started trying to kiss her. The other one was a little on the small side and obviously smaller. All he seemed to be able to bring himself to do was play with her tits through the dress. She was putting up a pretty good fight of fending them both off; so I pushed the guy with the big dick in between her dangling legs so she wouldn’t be able to keep them together. Linda tried to push him away with one hand, while she tried to keep the other two away with her remaining free hand.

To his credit, the smaller guy on the table with Linda had successfully gotten the top of her dress unbuttoned and off her shoulders. He was openly playing, cupping and fondling her tits, while the first one was still trying to kiss her. The guy with the big dick pushed her dress up to her waist and started playing with her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties.

Linda tried to push his hand away, but then the first guy got up on his knees on the table, put his hand on the back of Linda’s head, and started rubbing his wet dick all around her face, trying to get her to suck his dick. When she turned her head this way and that, trying to push him away, the smaller guy on the other side lowered his head and started sucking, nibbling and biting on her distended nipples.

The two guys in front pulled her hips roughly forward so that her panty-clad pussy was over the edge. The big one rubbed his brick-hard cock all over the stained crotch of her panties, occasionally forcing his dick into her protective panties so that they were wedged into the outside slit of her pussy. The other guy slipped his hand down inside her panties and vigorously fingered her clit, occasionally pulling and pinching it, making Linda cry out.

The three horny teenagers were literally all over her. When she got one to leave her alone (temporarily), one of the other guys would focus in on her – kiss her and try to get his tongue in her mouth. While she struggled with him, the weak guy would play with her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples till she almost whimpered. He was a little bolder from playing with her tits, and swapped places with the guy trying to kiss her. The first guy just lowered his head and started mauling, kissing and biting her tits.

It was incredibly sexy watching them kiss, pinch and feel Linda up. The guy between her legs pulled the elastic leg-band of her panties to the side. He guided his long, thick cock into Linda’s pussy. She let out a low moan as it started going in, and actually squealed as his thick fuck tool went in and stretched her out. He put her heels up on the edge of the table, so his dick would have a better angle; and then, the big-dicked guy just rammed into her to the max. His thick dick stretched her pussy wide and slid in and out of her, over and over.

All of a sudden, Linda couldn’t get enough of the dick at her face. I don’t mind admitting I like to watch, and I sat on the hood of my car and gaped as the three of them worked her over every way they could think of – They were horny teenagers in their prime. They could cum a ton, and be ready to go again in minutes. They each took turns fucking her pussy, filling her with hot, teenage cum. Each one also did a sexy “69” with her, and came in her mouth, while she vibrated in climax, and had thick cum dripping out the corners. They double-fucked her with one in the front, and one in the back, and then rotated each time one or the other would cum… making sure they all had a go at either of her ends.

They put her on top of the guy with the big dick, and he wedged his dick way up into her pussy; then one got in front of her and fucked into her mouth. After she really got into fucking and sucking them, the third guy got behind her, between both their legs and started pressing his dick into Linda’s ass. She actually screamed onto the dick in her mouth as the dick behind her started pounding in and out of her. She had huge, multiple orgasms during all the fucking and sucking… Those kids had been super horny and fucked her raw, till the sun started to come up.

Finally, everybody was fucked out. Linda started looking for her panties and dress, and I told the kids to be out at the park the same time next weekend and we could do it again. Linda assured all of us there was NO WAY she would ever do that again. I just winked at them, and told them not to worry, she’d be there. We all drove away.

Linda was mad at me all week, but when I picked her up on Saturday night, we went to the movies as usual, then to the liquor store, then back out the park. (All the while, she told me to please take her home). When we pulled up, this time, f-o-u-r teens were already there and sitting on the table we had fucked on the previous weekend. I got the blanket out of the trunk and spread it out on the table; but, Linda wouldn’t even get out of the car. So, I handed the vodka to the big-dicked guy, and motioned for three of them to get in the car, (not the smallest guy, because I had an idea for him myself).

They got in with Linda, one on either side, and one in the back. They each took a long drink from the bottle and kept passing it around, making Linda swig down quite a bit in the process. Me and the small guy watched through the windshield and the open side-windows as his three friends drank, kissed, and groped Linda. She put up a lot of protest, but it wasn’t long till the two in front had her completely naked and hungrily sucking on the big guy’s thick dick, while the other fucked her doggy-style. The one in the back reached over and played with her dangling titties and lustily waited his turn.

My guy had his face practically inside the car as he watched the hot action going on in there. I didn’t want to be left out, so I got behind him. As he stared at the sexy action going on in the front seat, I reached around and started rubbing his dick through his baggy pants. He made a slight move to stop me, by grabbing my hand, and turning his head, probably to tell me to stop. I didn’t even wait for him to get the words out. I just whirled him around, lowered my face, and kissed him hard on his open mouth. I stuck my tongue in, and explored his mouth like it was Linda’s pussy.

While I continued to tongue-fuck him, I undid his waist-string, and started pushing everything down. He tried ineffectually to stop me… but I started jacking his already hard cock, then leaned over to his ear and whispered, “If you wanna play, you gotta pay.” I spun him back around so he could watch the hot action in the front seat. Then I used my foot to get his pants all the way off, and spread his legs apart. I rubbed my hard dick up and down the crack of his ass. He tried to move away a little, but I held him firm and started pushing the spongy head of my dick past his snug anal ring. He knew what was coming and clinched tight, trying to stop the invasion. I liked the tight feel on my dick, and shoved into him hard. He groaned out loud when he felt my hot cock slid all the way in.

It was beginning to get chaotic in the car, and it was obvious we all needed some more room, so I told the guys to bring Linda out and get her up on the table. They practically drug her drunk ass outside and pushed her up onto the padded slab. The big guy got up there with her, and then they all looked over at me and saw what I was doing with their bud.

By now, Linda had lost all her inhibitions and resumed voraciously sucking the big-dicked guy off. He wanted more than just a blowjob and turned Linda around and started to butt-fuck her like I was doing to his friend. While she gaped at me long-dicking the small guy… he impaled her from behind. She screamed, and then drunkenly ground her ass back into the huge dick wedged in ass. She leered sexily at me as I fucked the other guy right in front of her. When the guy behind her came, she screamed. I was through at this point too, and pushed him up on the table, and on his knees in front of Linda so he could get his dick sucked.

That night was one incredible night; we all did everything 5 guys and a girl could do. We fucked and sucked Linda every way we could think of, and she watched and fingered her hot pussy as one or the other of the guys got it on with whoever we wanted to, especially Linda and the small guy… Altogether, a VERY sexy evening. Like I said, we dated for 3 years and I had to practically force Linda to do everything we did (her climaxes weren’t forced at all, though.) She was great, I did A LOT of things to/with that woman.)

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